C69— Day 69


After dealing with the Zergs, Caesar calmly lifted his eyes.



Meow was Caesar.



This bad-tempered, big cat that liked to pester people, was actually Caesar.



This knowledge made Shen Tong angry and annoyed.



This big cat, that always relied and jumped on him, rubbing here and there, and pressed him to the ground to lick around.



Originally he didn’t feel anything, but after replacing it with him……



Shen Tong’s temper was good, but in this moment, he couldn’t help feeling a little annoyed.



Moreover, he mistakenly thought that because of genetic defects, the big cat didn’t have a human state and it had been heartbroken for a while, and everyone acquiesced, resulting in Shen Tong not being wary of it, he only saw it as a big cat.


But it was more than a cat.



It could turn into a human, but deliberately concealed it.



Shen Tong pushed away the snow lion.



He regained his memory, but his body hadn’t recovered, he still had short arms and legs, and not much strength. Shen Tong pushed, but then snow lion didn’t move, he pushed again, the snow lion got closer and pushed his head to him.



Pretending that nothing happened.



Shen Tong was used to seeing it this way, if placed in the past, he would hold and pet him, but at the moment Shen Tong didn’t react.



However, he was used to it, but the legion members had never seen it.



They were dumbfounded.



This was their King?



Without orders, the soldiers couldn’t disperse on their own, not to mention freedom of movement, so all of them watched Caesar and Shen Tong.



The snow lion was fluffy, and the fluffy fur itched, so Shen Tong slightly turned his head sideways, avoiding its intimate movements.



Seeing Shen Tong avoid him, Caesar paused but didn’t come forward again, he just stood in front of him.



The snow lion showed no emotions on the surface but it was annoyed.



Even his tail was extremely agitated.



The young man was angry?



The youth had no temper with anyone, but with him, his temperament made frequent appearances.



So it meant he was used to him.



Caesar thought.



He was facing Shen Tong in his animal form. The snow lion was big and Shen Tong was a child at the moment, but when the snow lion looked at Shen Tong, it had to lower its eyes. The smoke gray eyes appeared darker.

Caesar looked at Shen Tong several times and chose to rub against him as if nothing had happened.



This behavior was similar to him rolling away in full view of the public.


It was already kind of sappy.



The soldiers’ eyes were about to glaze over.



Their King, shouldn’t be like this, right?



The comments about him on the Star Network – cold and ruthless, brutal and blo-odthirsty.


In fact, these comments about Caesar were exaggerated, but no matter what, the Caesar they knew was noble and indifferent, he was born as a king, had the capital to look out of the world, and didn’t have to put anything in his eyes.


But this person in front of them.



No, this lion.



This rubbing method, seemed like ……



He looked like an aggressively pampered cat.



No, wait a minute.



This idea was too dangerous.



They never dreamed that they would one day associate the word “pampered” with this Majesty.



It was a word that wasn’t even close to him!



And the cause of all this, was Shen Tong.



All the signs, had shown that this was their empire’s ironclad queen.



For his sake, Caesar went to war with the Zerg race; for his sake, their majesty was different from his usual self, and even in public, he acted……



So cute?



In the face of this situation, the soldiers shouted in their hearts –



The Queen is great!



But they only dared to think about it.



They stood not far away, straightened their backs, and tried to keep their eyes unblinking, but they occasionally glanced at them, and then quickly withdrew their gaze, not daring to stay too long.



When facing the queen, their sire was a pampered lion, but when facing them, their sire was the same cold and ruthless sire.



If they were caught peeking, they might be finished.



Besides, it seemed that their sire had annoyed the queen?



They didn’t want to be punished!



Everyone’s thoughts were very consistent.



Shen Tong didn’t know anything about this, but only furrowed his eyebrows, and blocked the snow lion a few times, “Don’t.”




When th snow lion rubbed against him, he would inevitably put some weight on him, even if Caesar himself had a measure, Shen Tong was still angry, he chose to play on the issue, “so heavy.”



Other reasons, the snow lion may not listen, but now, the snow lion backed up a little.



Smoky gray eyes stared at Shen Tong.



Shen Tong and the snow lion stared at each other.



He was in a bad mood.



This bad, wasn’t only from being deceived, it was more of ……






At first he concealed his true identity, and went in the form of a snow lion to meet with Shen Tong in the spirit world, and later he pretended to come to the capital star, and stayed with Shen Tong day and night, Shen Tong talked to him and also included him in his life, he seriously made a lot of plans.


And Caesar-



Much of his panic, his overwhelming emotions, stemmed from this man.



At the same time, he felt relieved that he was there.



Like the few seconds before the crash landing.



Like the days when he lost his memory.



This feeling was amazing.



But Shen Tong couldn’t understand why.



But there was one thing.



He ……
deliberately made fun of him?



Shen Tong’s eyelashes trembled lightly, staggered to meet Caesar’s gaze, then saw the army not far away.



The team was neatly arrayed and vast.



Shen Tong was stunned.



At this time, the snow lion came over again. It didn’t rub up against Shen Tong, but consciously kept a little distance, blocking Shen Tong’s view tightly, only he could see him.



The snow lion’s gaze was deep.



Shen Tong subconsciously wanted to push it away, his hand reached over, but then stopped.



This snow lion was more than his meow now.



He was also a monarch.



The action of pushing it, was replaced by a light pat, Shen Tong spoke: “I want to go back.”



No matter what, this was still a monarch.



He shouldn’t mess with him in front of his subordinates.



Caesar, however, misunderstood Shen Tong’s move.



He thought it meant reconciliation and immediately pounced on Shen Tong and rubbed him again and again. Shen Tong didn’t push, instead he looked at the soldier’s side with a red face.



Caesar caught Shen Tong’s gaze, and also followed it, the gaze was different from when he looked at Shen Tong, when he stared at the soldiers, his eyes were inexplicably more threatening, so the people peeking at them stiffened, they hurriedly turned back, not daring to move.



As for how surprised these people were by Caesar’s sticky behavior, how many pairs of eyes saw, Caesar didn’t care at all.



He rubbed Shen Tong enough before picking him up and carefully putting him on his back.



The snow lion took a few steady steps and carried Shen Tong outside.



The soldiers cleaned up the mess at Starport.



Shen Tong lowered his head to flatten the snow lion’s cocked mane and sighed softly.



He remembered that he had been carried several times.



Just a few days after he lost his memory.


This big cat ……


No, this sire.


Why on earth would he lie to him?



They returned to the Sky garden.


The garden suspended in the air was magnificent.



Shen Tong walked around. Previously, he was curious about the whole world because of his incomplete mind, and this garden was just a place for him to explore, no different from other things he was curious about, let alone understand its wonders.


Shen Tong couldn’t help but marvel at the technology of this interstellar era.



This sky garden was like an independent suspended island in the air.



When he lived in that era, there was also a sky garden, but it had been lost for a long time, known as one of the seven wonders of the world.



Shen Tong’s mood also calmed down a lot.



The snow stopped, but the temperature outside was still very low.



The snow lion also followed behind Shen Tong, it didn’t long, he finally couldn’t resist, it bit Shen Tong’s scarf, pulled a few times, trying to repeat the trick to lead him back to the room.



Shen Tong wasn’t very cooperative.



“Don’t bite.”



Unable to regain his normal state, the big cat really became a giant big cat, and Shen Tong had to look up at it.



His voice was still soft and non threatening, Caesar looked at him a few times, Shen Tong didn’t allow to bite the scarf, so he didn’t bite again, but directly picked him up, forcefully taking him back to the room, not allowing him to wander around again.



Shen Tong: “……”


He was still angry.



Thinking this way, Shen Tong patted the snow lion’s head, signaling it to put him down.



In the past, this bad-tempered big guy absolutely wouldn’t care, but this time perhaps out of weakness, the snow lion looked at him, then it paced a few steps, and finally placed Shen Tong on the soft carpet.


He didn’t even show a trace of dissatisfaction.



Shen Tong lifted his head and looked at it quietly.



Shen Tong was gentle, even if he was angry, he was also “gentle” angry.



He wouldn’t show his temper with people, let alone be unreasonable.


This time was no exception.



Shen Tong: “You ……”



He spoke softly, almost like the blowing wind, it scattered, in order to hear clearly, Caesar lowered his head, smoky gray eyes focused on Shen Tong, waiting for his next words.



Shen Tong was stunned to see this.



This posture was actually very uncomfortable, but the snow lion maintained it.



No impatience, nor any urging.



It was very patiently waiting for him.



Shen Tong softened.



He originally wanted to stay by himself, but when he saw the snow lion like this, the words didn’t come out, but turned into something else.



Shen Tong wrinkled his brow and asked softly, “What do I have to do to restore my original state?”



Want to restore the original state?



Caesar glanced at him.



This look, small and soft was cute, but it was indeed not very convenient.



He had to recover quickly.



Caesar thoughtfully pondered.



He slowly walked out.


Not long after, the medical personnel who were on standby rushed over.



Shen Tong was taken away, and someone mixed into the medical staff. After many checks, the identities of this batch of medical staff, along with their families, were confirmed beyond doubt, and there was no problem before being allowed to pass.



But even so, to this extent, Caesar also didn’t leave Shen Tong’s side.



He didn’t want to experience another loss.



The foreign minister also followed in.



“Mr. Shen.” When he saw Shen Tong, he said sincerely, “It’s good that you are okay.”



Shen Tong remembered the Foreign Minister, in the past few days, they had played together a few times with toddler puzzle toys, so their relationship was quite cordial. He smiled in response, “Thank you.”



Although he still had the appearance of a cub, Shen Tong, who had recovered his mind, was different.


The naivety and childishness in his expression had dispersed quite a bit.



However, this didn’t prevent him from being cute in the eyes of the Foreign Minister.



When Shen Tong smiled lightly, his two cheeks also showed two small dimples, the Foreign Minister was caught off guard and almost fainted.


“You, it’s okay, don’t ……”


The foreign minister was almost incoherent.



His abnormality immediately attracted the attention of Caesar, Caesar’s gaze hovered back and forth between Shen Tong and the Foreign Minister, and finally he glared at the Foreign Minister in warning, lifting his paw to hide Shen Tong’s face.



To be precise, the snow lion pressed Shen Tong’s side dimple.



This action was childish, but it was also a clear indication of Caesar’s possessiveness –



Not, allowed, to, look.



He couldn’t solve Shen Tong, who was attracting cats, so he had to solve the Foreign Minister.



The smoky gray eyes held displeasure.



The foreign minister stiffened because of his glare, he smiled and withdrew his gaze.



Shen Tong realized and pursed his lips a little helplessly, “…… meow.”



He subconsciously used that name.



But after calling, Shen Tong froze, but Caesar looked sideways, his eyes asking Shen Tong what happened.



Shen Tong came back to his senses and shook his head.



He hadn’t figured out what to do.



Nor was he sure he wanted to forgive him so soon.



Medical staff began to do various tests for Shen Tong.



The results came out quickly, and as expected by the medical staff, the doctor said to Shen Tong, “Your health is in good condition, and all indices have leveled off.”


Shen Tong: “But I haven’t fully recovered.”



Doctor: “Do you mean physically? This is normal.”



He paused for a moment, “It has to do with your spiritual energy. You can control your spiritual energy to let your body recover on its own, and as for the rest, it’s not a big problem.”



Control of spiritual energy?



Shen Tong had seen Caesar use spiritual energy.



Take the most recent time, when he was thrown down, Caesar caught him with spiritual energy, it was as if it was an invisible force.



Shen Tong in the end wasn’t very familiar with spiritual energy, for him, even the existence of spiritual energy was very abstract, let alone controlling it to get back to his original state.



Shen Tong hesitantly asked, “How do I control it?”



“This ……”



The medical staff tried to organize some words to help Shen Tong control his spiritual energy, and Caesar also slowly walked up to Shen Tong at that moment and squatted down in front of him.



His meaning was obvious –



He could teach him.



Shen Tong didn’t want to.



Looking at the snow lion for a few seconds, he explained softly to the doctor: “I’m not too familiar with spiritual energy.”



Caesar: “?”


He didn’t understand?



He had to give a live performance and released his spiritual energy.



The SSS-level spiritual energy was undoubtedly a kind of stone for everyone present. They couldn’t help but submit and also felt fear from the bottom of their hearts, but in reality, Caesar didn’t use his mental energy to attack, he gently lifted Shen Tong, shook him in the air a few times, then put him back on the ground.



The snow lion haughtily lowered his eyes, waiting for Shen Tong to ask for help.



Shen Tong knew his intentions, and he didn’t resist being amused by this big cat’s actions.


It was at this moment that he truly felt that Caesar was his meow.



Even though he had had a moment of doubt before and had seen Caesar turn into a snow lion, Shen Tong had never been able to completely equate Caesar with Meow, but with this act, it finally allowed Shen Tong to find a connection between them.



They had the same pride.



Also the same ……





Still, Shen Tong didn’t agree, but proceeded to ask the doctor, “Can you teach me how to control my spiritual energy?”



The doctor was still immersed in instinctive fear, shivering, and for a moment he didn’t hear what Shen Tong asked, but when Shen Tong’s words fell, Caesar was in a bad mood, causing the spiritual energy emanating from his body to be even more oppressive.



The doctor was so frightened that he could barely stand.



The foreign minister was also dazed.


The foreign minister mistakenly thought that Shen Tong really didn’t understand their majesty’s hint, fearing that Caesar would release more spiritual energy outward, after all, this level alone was too much for them to bear, the foreign minister hurried to make it clear: “Mr. Shen, this …… His majesty’s spiritual energy level has reached SSS level, there is no one in the entire interstellar world who is better at controlling spiritual energy than him.”



The foreign minister laughed harder than crying, “You can let His Majesty teach you how to control your spiritual energy?”



Caesar smiled and reluctantly withdrew his spiritual energy.



The Foreign Minister hurriedly wiped his cold sweat, it seemed he had sucked up to the right person, he looked at Shen Tong blearily.



Shen Tong received his prayers and keenly noticed that the doctor and the foreign minister were not in the right state.



Shen Tong didn’t know that Caesar, a large cat with a lion as its main body, had an absolute ability to suppress ordinary cats. In addition, his high-level spiritual energy would make ordinary cats tremble with fear.



As for Shen Tong, his main form was now a grass, naturally there was no such suppression, and he was Caesar’s match, in his case there was no possibility of attack, so he wouldn’t produce any emotions similar to fear.



Although Shen Tong couldn’t empathize with them, he could see some fear in their eyes, as to where this fear came from, the answer was also self-evident.



Who else could it be but this Majesty?



Why was this Majesty scaring people again?



Shen Tong furrowed his brows.



He thought about it and said in a gentle tone, “His Majesty should be very busy.”



Caesar: “?”



At this moment, Caesar was finally sure that Shen Tong didn’t miss his hint, but deliberately ignored it.



Hadn’t he already lost his anger?


Why did it start again?


Caesar stared closely at Shen Tong.



His gaze was deep and a little hot. Shen Tong knew that Caesar was looking at him, but he still held back from looking at him and lowered his eyes.



It was obvious that he didn’t want to pay attention to him.



Caesar felt helpless.



Caesar had personally conquered the battlefield and also ki-lled many subordinates with dissenting intentions, always decisive, thunderous, but in the face of the sulking Shen Tong, he couldn’t do anything.



After all, he was in his heart, his most precious treasure, he couldn’t let him suffer a single aggravation.



The snow lion flicked his tail a few times in annoyance.



At the same time, his spiritual energy leaked out again.



The medical staff and the foreign minister could only suffer in silence.



The people in the room trembled silently under the pressure of the SSS-level mental energy, fear choked their hearts, and every pore screamed danger.



The Foreign Minister also drifted back to his senses at this point.


Their majesty was angry.


But no matter what, these cats were innocent!


He quickly glanced over to Shen Tong’s side, where their Majesty, who always raised his jaw in arrogance, lowered his noble head and stared fixedly at the cub-like Shen Tong, but the other party never gave a response.



This image made the foreign minister scared and inexplicably happy.





He didn’t let anyone else see catnip!



Now look, it had overturned!




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