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An old photo evoked many memories.


At that time, Zhou Yuhe’s popularity in China could be said to be like the sky, under Ji Chen’s strong promotion, resources always reached him.



But, I.S wouldn’t let him accept the role.


In the beginning, “Bo Ying” attracted his attention.



It wasn’t the excellent script content, but the salary.



The fee offered by the investor of “Bo Ying” was very strange –


It was too high.



The entire cast of the film, combined, wasn’t as high as Zhou Yuhe’s salary.



It wasn’t that I.S inflated the price, but Zhou Yuhe’s price had really reached that level, he usually played the male lead of commercial blockbusters, although literary films had always been popular, production costs and actor funds were limited, it was reasonable not to find Zhou Yuhe as the male lead, but then the other party said as long as he was willing to take the role, his salary wouldn’t be a problem.



The reason for that persistent attitude, Zhou Yuhe didn’t understand then, but now he did.



In order to smoothly shoot “Bo Ying”, the male lead ended up not being Zhou Yuhe.



Only his face, which was similar to Cheng Ying, could make Cai Bowen willingly assist in the creation of the script.



Unfortunately, there were two passionate scenes in “Bo Ying” that couldn’t be deleted, and he was the lover of I.S president Ji Chen, Ji Chen didn’t agree to let accept it in any case, and this matter was left unresolved.



Later …… this was all an afterthought, “Bo Ying” investors spent a lot of effort to impress Cai Bowen, so the film makers chose other excellent actors, the latter achievements, also had little to do with Zhou Yuhe.



Zhou Yuhe returned to the office, looking at Xie Yifeng’s broad shoulders, he couldn’t help but speak: “How long have you had the photo? You prepared for us going public?”



Xie Yifeng looked back at his lover’s touching and heartfelt gaze, then he smiled faintly, turned around and hugged him, put his head against his head and asked, “Do you remember when we had that meeting during the filming of ‘Martial Arts’, I said ‘then it’s good to go public’, in fact, I was not talking about you and Cao Qiyue, but you and me.”



Xie Yifeng’s voice was like an April spring breeze, soundlessly drilling into Zhou Yuhe’s skin, giving him a feeling of being assaulted by warm currents all over his body, and then with a soft thud, something silently exploded in his chest.




The thing he had begged for in his previous life from Ji Chen was on Xie Yifeng now, and it was so easy.



So easy that he felt like he was dreaming.



“But that time wasn’t suitable for public disclosure.” Zhou Yuhe let out a sigh.



At that time the whole world was staring at them, at the studio, and it happened that Xie Yifeng had a new role, if they really went public as he said, he didn’t know how bad it would have been!


“So it’s suitable now?” Xie Yifeng sighed, “This day would have come sooner or later.”



Yes, this day had to come sooner or later.


Zhou Yuhe lifted his head and gave Xie Yifeng a deep look, tightly wrapped his arms around his strong waist, and felt relieved when he heard the sound of his heartbeat passing through his chest.



Since they decided to go public, then they were just experiencing what had to be experienced, what was there to be afraid of?


As long as there was Xie Yifeng, he had no fear.



As long as there was Xie Yifeng.




The news of Xie Yifeng and Zhou Yuhe filming a new movie was very low key, but some media still got wind of it.



“A same-s-ex movie? Zhou Yuhe and Xie Yifeng?” After Ji Chen heard this news, his brow subconsciously wrinkled, he looked a bit gloomy.



“Yes, now those media ran to ask me how we should deal with this news? Should we disregard it or ……” Zhao Hua asked cautiously, since I.S targeted Zhou Yuhe, he felt that the boss was getting worse and worse to get along with.



“Make it public, the more lively the better.” Ji Chen sneered, they weren’t resting at home at this juncture, instead they were running out to receive a drama, a same-s-ex movie? Did they think the negative impact caused before wasn’t enough, and they wanted to add fire? Since they were not afraid of death, he might as well give them a push.



“There is one more thing that you mentioned last time, Zhou Yuhe and the artist with the most similar style, our agents in the artist department have compared them and the most suitable candidate within the company is Yan Yingyi, while the person finally selected by the external market is Fan Junxi.” Zhao Hua added.



If the previous suppression of Zhou Yuhe was only due to personal grudges, then this step really looked like an entertainment company president’s punishment for a runaway artist.



I.S’s style had always been like this, after the suppression, it was better to suppress to the end, but after pushing Zhou Yuhe into the mud, at the same time, he also had to consider the company’s interests.


Once Zhou Yuhe had fallen from the clouds, which was often referred to as flop in the industry, the market for this type of youngster would definitely open up a large area afterwards, and they had to find a way to hold this piece in their hands.



“Send someone to talk to him, the sooner the better, the scandal about Zhou Yuhe hasn’t come down, take this opportunity to get Fan Junxi, you should be able to conclude on a good price, when Zhou Yuhe completely disappears from the public view, the market vacancy will be obvious and he will realize his value, then it wouldn’t be good for us.” Ji Chen calmly said.



For Zhou Yuhe, he was angry from the beginning of being rejected and humiliated, after a period of time he calmed down, although there were still personal emotions in it, it was more of a businessman’s profit-oriented thinking.



Since he didn’t get it, he couldn’t let the other have a good time.



But not good to what extent and how to do it, he hadn’t figured it out completely.



It could be said that at the beginning of the exposure of his love affair with Xie Yifeng, it was a momentary release of anger, now he was working out of the perspective of the company’s interests, but after all this was over? What kind of emotions would he hold for Zhou Yuhe?


He didn’t know, and he was afraid to know.



But now the arrow was on the string and had to be sent.



From another point of view, I.S, a huge ship, was in a critical period of transition to the film and television market. He had gotten a lot of veteran actors and actresses in their prime years, but there was still a big gap in the young actors.



After Zhou Yuhe’s departure, the company’s leadership understood the truth that eggs couldn’t be put in one basket, and wasn’t only prepared to promote Yan Yingyi internally, but also to look for the popular Fan Junxi outside.



As for Xie Yifeng ……



The impact of this incident on him was only temporary, and when this passed, those big directors in the industry would sooner or later find him, wanting to give him resources.


Ji Chen’s eyes always felt like the sea, and there was a growing sense of self awareness in it. Zhao Hua stood in front of his desk and looked at this increasingly incomprehensible man. It was difficult to connect him with the young master who was open, modest and polite to everyone when he first entered the entertainment industry.


Before the film project, the three of them went to see Cai Bowen.



He was a very ordinary “old man”, obviously he was only in his early fifties, but his hair was already white, and his eyes were cloudy, but when staring at Zhou Yuhe, it emitted a ……





He didn’t know whether it was appropriate, but Zhou Yuhe did see the unique clarity of a young person from his eyes.


It was hard to say.


It was hard to say whether Zhou Yuhe saw Cai Bowen in his youth from his eyes, or whether Zhou Yuhe let Cai Bowen return to his youth briefly.


But no matter what, such a look conveyed an important message –


Zhou Yuhe did look like Cheng Ying.



Not all of his features, but the eyebrows and eyes alone.


When Zhou Yuhe first entered the cramped kiosk, there was no extra expression on his creased face, and like every adult who was disappointed and numb to life, he glanced hastily at Zhou Yuhe and continued to shake his old bamboo fan.



Zhou Yuhe also didn’t say anything, he just walked to the shelves and slowly selected, he didn’t know what he was choosing, but he looked serious.



After three minutes, he glanced at the old man from the corner of his eyes and found that his eyes were glued to him.



Zhou Yuhe bought a bottle of cold Co-ke.



This wasn’t an unconscious act, Co-ke had a fairly important role in the script and it was also the reunion of the two after many years, the first thing Cheng Ying bought here.



The old man’s hand was trembling slightly when he got his change, and he couldn’t stop stealing glances at Zhou Yuhe’s face, and his cloudy eyes seemed to have a watery glint.



While collecting the charge, Zhou Yuhe naturally asked, “Old man, is there something on my face?”



The old man waved the old bamboo fan, he had raspy voice that was like broken bellows, “No, nothing, young man, you look really handsome na.”



“Thank you, old man, many people say so.” Zhou Yuhe smiled and walked straight out of the kiosk.



The old man looked in the direction of Zhou Yuhe left, standing in place for a long, long time.



After a long time, the bamboo fan fell, it hit his feet before he snapped back to his senses, trembling and bending down to pick up the fan.



When he straightened up again, there were three young people standing in front of the empty counter at some point.



In the middle of the three, was Zhou Yuhe, who had already left but turned back.



“Old man, the three of us want to make a film, can you help us?”



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