C103—- Ji Chen’s Rage



Meng Churong walked out of the backstage with a lot of anger.


Wandering around, she somehow ended up on the street.


After the concert, it was already almost midnight, and there were very few pedestrians on the street, except for the cold breeze, only Meng Churong remained under the street lamp.


The cold breeze blew her muddled brain into a clear one.


What she just saw in Cao Qiyue’s cell phone wasn’t an illusion.


It couldn’t be a joke between friends, how could she not know the ambiguous atmosphere between lovers?


Zhou Yuhe and …… and Xie Yifeng?


If these two people really had that kind of relationship, it was really great.


The two were now influential in the entertainment industry, Meng Churong felt alarmed, but at the same time, a trace of malice also floated to her heart.




Ji Chen finished the morning meeting, in between lunch, he sat in the office overlooking the city through the floor-to-ceiling windows.


The feeling of the whole city being stepped on by him …… was so beautiful, with a fatal attraction.


Just like that person.


Constantly appearing in his dreams, annoying his thoughts, but in reality refusing to look at him more than once.


It wasn’t that he didn’t attend the same events he did, he often watched him from afar, between the investors and the media, calmly and effortlessly coping with a glamorous aura, that superstar temperament and aura, he was completely different from a few years ago, when the two of them first met on the set.



Who taught him to behave in this way?


Cao Qiyue, or Xie Yifeng?



The answer, whichever it was, was unpleasant.


Ji Chen frowned. He held up his glass to go in the direction of Zhou Yuhe, but he hesitated at the thought of the KTV warning that day and the other’s disgust.


At this time, Zhou Yuhe looked in his direction.


Ji Chen clenched his glass.


Then …… as if he didn’t see Ji Chen, he turned to greet the executive director of a company.



It felt like cold water poured over his head.


Ji Chen smiled to himself and tilted his head to drink the wine in his glass.


Yes ……


“I’m not interested in men, and those words you said before, and the way you acted, actually makes me feel a little sick ……”


He said such words calmly, how could he go meet him?


It was just that his attitude was so different from that in his dream.


His dreams of Zhou Yuhe, his heart and eyes were for him. For his sake, he wouldn’t take the play, movie, endorsement he wanted, just to make him happy; faced with the outside world’s many questions, Zhou Yuhe was always the first to stand up and defend him, no matter how bad the outside world got, their relationship ……


This kind of Zhou Yuhe, why should he appear in his dream?


This kind of Zhou Yuhe, why did he only appear in his dream?


Suddenly, the office door opened.


The dreamy youth actually appeared in front of his eyes with a warm and delightful smile.


Ji Chen couldn’t help but straighten up.



“President Ji, your decision to invest in Martial Arts was really wise, the box office has now broken 1.5 billion!” Zhao Hua, who had been promoted to Vice President, walked into the office with a stack of documents full of surprise.


The light in Ji Chen’s eyes immediately dissipated.


It was funny that he thought about that person so much, even to the extent of hallucinations?


Putting away his thoughts, Ji Chen glared at Zhao Hua like a knife. The other suddenly felt speechless and immediately closed his mouth.


The company’s legal representative and president wasn’t him, so even if Zhou Yuhe was capable, he couldn’t imagine that the biggest investor of “Martial Arts” was actually Ji Chen.


“It was really a big gamble…” Zhao Hua said with lingering fear, the outside world didn’t think much of the film at that time. Bai An had resigned before, and in the middle there were major investors running away with broken capital chains. It was Ji Chen who made up the hole in time before things became big, so that the big tsunami that should have been making a lot of noise turned into a quiet little splash.


“But fortunately the bet was right, wasn’t it?” Ji Chen glanced at him calmly.



He went out to invest in “Martial Arts”, not hoping that it would earn him much money, but he didn’t want to see Zhou Yuhe sad, perhaps, after he knew about it, he would be grateful to him and put down the previous hatred …… He couldn’t even explain to himself why such a strange idea appeared.


It was only the right bet? It was simply a big profit!


That Mike Lee was really a great director, he abandoned the still immature special effects of the country and put more effort on the real scenes. Instead, the scenes were fast and had texture, and the cost wasn’tso high! After this investment, I.S had made up for some of its losses this year!



Zhao Hua was about to praise Mike Lee, who knew that at this time, the office door was suddenly opened eagerly, followed by the president’s assistant’s trembling voice, “Miss Meng, you need to have an appointment. You can’t do this ……”


Ji Chen and Zhao Hua looked at Meng Churong at the same time.



Meng Churong straightened her slightly wrinkled shirt, and her face with delicate makeup carried a hint of wretchedness, “Ji Chen, your company’s receptionist and assistant are really interesting, they actually said to see you, I need to make an appointment foui next week? How come they don’t even know who I am?”


She was the future president’s wife! Ji Chen’s I.S was her I.S. Couldn’t she even come to her own company?



Zhao Hua subtly looked at Meng Churong, he really didn’t know what to say, it wasn’t that they didn’t know who she was, it was because they knew who she was, that’s why they didn’t want to let you in ah Miss Meng ……


Ji Chen glanced at the assistant and Zhao Hua, signaling them to go out.


Only after the assistant closed the door with an apologetic expression was Ji Chen willing to turn his gaze to Meng Churong, “What do you want again?”


Seeing that only the two of them were left in the office, Meng Churong didn’t have so many scruples and walked straight to Ji Chen’s desk and sat opposite him, picking up the pen on the desk and playing with it, “What do you think? Of course it’s the one you care about the most ……”


Ji Chen’s expression changed, he grabbed Meng Churong’s hand playing with the pen and coldly asked, “How do you know …… about him?”


Meng Churong sneered and shook off Ji Chen’s hold, she leaned on the back of the swivel chair and looked straight at Ji Chen, “The day of our engagement party, you drank too much wine, my mother asked me to accompany you to the hotel room to take a break, and then guess, what happened?”


No need to guess, the thought of the two of them in a room together made Ji Chen’s expression darken.



But this didn’t seem to stop Meng Churong from wanting to continue: “You actually held my hand and asked me not to leave, and said you missed me, but in the end, you actually called Zhou Yuhe’s name!”



“Tell me, how did you and that man get together?”


“Shut up! You’d better keep your mouth clean!” If eyes could k-ill, the Meng Churong would have been stabbed into a sieve.


His man-eating eyes made Meng Churong feel a little uneasy, she crossed her arms, “Eh eh eh eh, don’t be so angry, I didn’t come to you today to investigate, nor do I want to blackmail you with this.”


“Then what do you want to do?” Ji Chen coldly asked.


Meng Churong took out a few photos from her handbag, the main characters in the photos were Zhou Yuhe and Xie Yifeng, the two of them wearing masks in the middle of the night, sitting at an unknown street stall looking at each other with affection, the curved corners of their mouths seemed to carry a smile.


The scale of this group of photos was really not much, at most it was a photo of the two embracing, but the atmosphere between the couple couldn’t be mistaken.


In fact, it would have been better if she could have gotten a good picture of their faces, but that damned paparazzi said that these two people were the hope of the show business, he didn’t want Meng Churong to ruin them. They were really low-key and cautious, she hired so many paparazzi, yet she could only get two barely ambiguous-looking photos, she almost told the paparazzi to get lost.


Ji Chen glanced at the picture on the desk and said calmly, “what is this? No one will believe it if you take it out.”



But no one knew that his hand under the desktop had tightened into a fist.


Meng Churong continued: “I know I have limited resources, I can’t take pictures that are incriminating, but this isn’t the point, the point is that look at the Zhou Yuhe you hold in the palm of your hand, he rejected you while accepting Xie Yifeng’s advances, he is an uncompromising b*tch! Two-faced, three-dimensional playboy!”



Ji Chen’s heart shook again, but on the surface, he remained unmoved, he looked at Meng Churong, the corner of his mouth leaked a mocking smile, “In the end, you’re just cynical about his relationship with Cao Qiyue.”


Being poked through the heart, Meng Churong didn’t deny it, “Yes, I just can’t stand seeing him in love with Xie Yifeng while he is in a relationship with Cao Qiyue, and most importantly you, can you stand it? He cheated you, he cheated me, he cheated everyone in the world! He, that dirty homos*xual ……!”



A stack of papers hit Meng Churong’s face, stopping her words.


Ji Chen said sternly: “Don’t forget that you yourself are gay! Even if he betrays me, it’s not your turn to shout here! Get out!”



Meng Churong gave him a humiliated look, and before she left, she didn’t forget to stimulate Ji Chen with her sharp words, like a viper spitting its letters, “You have the ability to drive me away, but do you have the ability to face your own heart? You are such a proud person, will you allow something like him to deceive you? Hahahahahahaha ……”




The office door heavily closed.

Ji Chen put one hand on his forehead, the quiet office seemed like a pressure cooker that was about to explode, the next second, a clatter –


Ji Chen angrily swept all the documents off the table, his chest kept heaving as he looked at the one on the table that didn’t fall, the photo was of the two men staring at each other.



A kind of unspeakable anger burned through his internal organs.




Why lie to him?


Why was it Xie Yifeng!?




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