C100– Acting Reversal

The night was as cool as water.

Lin Hansha rolled over lightly from the roof and landed in the room like a feather.


The next second, a dagger moved towards the young man on the couch like a sudden flash of light.


The tips of Rong Qian’s ears moved slightly, and he got down from the couch with great vigilance. As he collapsed on the ground awkwardly, he saw that the dagger had correctly plunged into the original position of his heart, he was drenched in cold sweat.



Looking at the fine sweat on Zhou Yuhe’s face, Mike Lee, who was sitting behind the monitor listlessly, suddenly straightened up, and stared at Zhou Yuhe’s panicked expression.

This guy …


His state was completely different from before!


“You, who are you?!” Rong Qian looked at the dagger, and looked at the pale Lin Hansha, he shrank back, subconsciously revealing his fear of death.


Lin Hansha didn’t respond, but he suddenly wanted to play with this coward, he smiled and quickly removed the dagger.





Rong Qian shiverered in fear.


The details were so well done!



The assistant director standing next to Mike Lee couldn’t help clapping, after seeing Mike Lee look over, he stepped back in embarrassment.


This Zhou Zhou, his performance now and before was like two completely different people!


Previously, his Rong Qian didn’t feel right, now although Rong Qian wasn’t as “righteous”, this kind of meticulous performance as a ‘scared of death scholar’ was very vivid!


It was amazing!




The smile at the corners of Lin Hansha’s mouth became more obvious, he placed the dagger in his hand and weighed it, raised his eyebrows and looked at Rong Qian on the ground, “Are you Lin Hansha?”


Rong Qian couldn’t help but swallow his saliva.


Honestly, this wasn’t the first time he has encountered an assassination since he started pretending to be the Martial Arts Master, but most of them were stopped by other martial arts experts in the courtyard before they entered the inner courtyard, this was the only assassin who entered unnoticed and whose martial arts was so strong.


And looking at the killing intent in the other’s eyes, and his cold and frivolous expression, he was afraid that if he said yes, his head would roll in the next second……


As Rong Qian raised his eyes, his pupils slightly dilated.


It was an extremely small, micro-expression that the camera wouldn’t miss – anyone seeing this scene would think: He’s got a solution!


“Warrior, I’ve been wrongly accused, I am not Lin Hansha!” Rong Qian hurriedly waved his hands, the aura of a gentle scholar and martial arts master that he had in front of the crowd during the day disappeared.


“Oh? Then who are you? You’re not going to tell me that the one who can live in the main courtyard of Hong Shui Villa is some kind of bookkeeper, right?” Lin Hansha slowly squatted down, his slender eyes seriously measured Rong Qian’s expression, the corners of his mouth held a smile, but contained strong malice, he was really curious, this impostor, if he knew that the real Lin Hansha was right in front of him, would he be scared sh!tless?


With a bitter expression, Rong Qian quickly responded, “I’m not a bookkeeper, truth be told, I have very bad luck! I’m just an ordinary honest family’s scholar, on the way to the capital for my exams, I encountered robbers, they not only stole my package, they also took my family’s identity plate! Don’t you think it’s tragic? How can I enter the examination hall without my family’s identity’s plate?


“What’s worse, they retrieved Lin Hansha’s jade pendant from my parcel and said that I’m the Martial Arts Alliance Master, and asked me to take charge of the situation to fight the thieves, otherwise they wouldn’t give it back!”


“Without this money, I can’t even go home, not to mention going to the capital.”


Rong Qian spoke very miserably, his thick eyebrows squeezed into a small “eight” Chinese character, he looked funny and pitiful, and that miserable pale face, with slightly trembling fingertips, the word ‘weak’ radiated from him, if such a person was the real Martial Arts Master, the martial arts alliance would have been in chaos numerous times.

[TN: eight Chinese character —- 八 ]

Lin Hansha held back his laughter, the killing intent in his eyes didn’t diminish, but corner of his eyes revealed his amusement.


When he heard about the master of Hong Shui Villa’s various deeds at the mountain fortress, he originally thought that this impostor wanted reputation, and was greedy for riches, it would be better to get rid of him before it was too late, so that the other wouldn’t use his name to cheat others.


But now, he had something else in mind ……


Such a little guy who didn’t know the sky was high and didn’t know how dangerous the identity of the martial arts alliance leader was.


How about keeping him? It would be more fun.

“Don’t you know what power is behind the bandits in this area of Hongshui Mountain, yet you dare speak shamelessly about the bandits? Have you ever thought that your household identity plate, your silver, not only will you not get it back, your little life is also likely to …… be lost~?” Lin Hansha softly threatened him, the slightly raised tone at the end made his words even more threatening.



He patted Rong Qian’s pale face with his dagger, and the other’s eyes trembled in response.


Rong Qian reluctantly smiled, forcing himself to remain calm: “You’re lying! Warrior Xiao said, Hong Shui Mountain bandits are a group of rocks, as long as I …… the alliance master gave an order, the world’s heroes would rise and end this bandit nest!”

“Ha ha ha ha ha, Xiao Yunqing is something,” Lin Hansha laughed as if he had heard a big joke, his eyes seemed to be mocking him. “Look, I want to kill you in his backyard, which is known an iron drum, like I’m in no one’s land. How can you believe what such incompetent person says?”


Xiao Yunqing was such a famous warrior, but in this person’s eyes, he was nothing? If he was here to seek revenge, he’d have already done it, but he was still with him, chatting ……


In a place where Lin Hansha couldn’t see, but the camera could, Rong Qian’s eyes moved rapidly. He glanced at the arrogant Lin Hansha, and suddenly slapped his thigh, frowned and started complaining, “In the final analysis, it’s Lin Hansha who is to be blamed! He’s the leader of Martial Arts Alliance. What a person! I couldn’t take good care of my package, which made me suffer here for nothing. Master, you don’t know, the people who’ve come to assassinate me these days are really countless ……”

Lin Hansha’s expression had a momentary stagnation, his eyebrows twitched, he wanted to be angry but he could only hold back. Who wanted to ‘find Lin Hansha to seek revenge’?


Seeing him like this, the certainty of the guess in Rong Qian’s heart turned from a three to a seven.


“I don’t know what he wants from that package and my family’s identity plate, it’s been so many days, he hasn’t gone to Hong Shui Villa to clarify it, he just let me ‘be’ him in the open to block the arrows, so they wouldn’t know what he’s doing behind the scenes! Warrior, isn’t this person quite hateful ……”


“That’s enough!” Lin Hansha forcibly interrupted Rong Qian’s words, pacing back and forth in front of the other’s shivering body, seemingly trying to remove the anger in his chest.


This kid, how dare he make up such a story behind his back!


If he really k!lled him today, then wouldn’t he really become the shameless person was talking about?

He used the other in the light as a target, so as to hide his actions in the dark, and then kill the person after using him?


He sneered: “Okay! Since you aren’t Lin Hansha, then finding you doesn’t help,” His hawk-like sharp cold eyes looked around the exquisite and luxurious master bedroom, he slowly spoke, word by word, “This glory and wealth, let’s see how many days you can enjoy it!


After saying that, he left like a ghostly shadow disappearing in the darkness of the night.


“Thank you warrior for not killing me, thank you warrior ……” Rong Qian placed his hands together as he chanted.



By definition, this scene had ended here, but the crowd outside the set watched in fascination, and didn’t notice this.


What they did notice was that Zhou Yuhe was still acting!



After Lin Hansha left the room, Rong Qian first looked at the dark main courtyard to make sure that no one was there, then the expression on his face, from the last second greedy little goon, instantly became calm and composed.


He got up and stood in the same spot for a while.


Once again, he raised his eyes to look in the direction where Lin Hansha left.


Immediately after that, he moved!


He naturally walked to the desk and wrote three words with pale penmanship on the rice paper.


Lin, Han, Sha.



Compared to the original script, which had only left clues and didn’t specify, this scene clearly told the audience that Rong Qian had guessed the identity of the visitor!


The last frame.

The picture was fixed on the gradually furrowed brows of Rong Qian –


And his eyes seemed to have countless clouds lurking in them, people couldn’t see or understand his thoughts.


The director forgot to shout “CUT”.


The assistant director forgot to remind the director to shout “CUT”.


In fact, everyone on set had forgotten that the scene had ended.


They thought that Rong Qian would continue to act until…


Zhou Yuhe smiled and bowed, saying that they had worked hard.


Mike Lee was stunned for a moment.


Then he let out an exhale, “Good …… very good!!!”



Relieved, his tense body fell into the director’s chair.


As if in aftertaste, he put the script rolled into a barrel on his forehead, looked at the ground with unfocused eyes, and repeatedly said “Good performance” and “Rong Qian’s f*cking performance is really good” three or four times.


The other people on set weren’t surprised by the director’s outburst, because everyone was thinking the same thing –


Rong Qian acted really f*cking well!


According to the original plot, Lin Hansha was the ceiling of force in the plot world. He and Rong Qian were very different in force and momentum.

Not to mention that the Rong Qian in the plot was his impersonator. Fake in front of the real thing, no matter what, it had to lower its head.


When the two were together, Rong Qian easily suppressed in all aspects.



Because this role in the plot had a natural disadvantage, so before, no matter how Zhou Yuhe acted, he looked like he was being suppressed by Xie Yifeng.


But this time, he made the feeling of “pretending to be afraid” alive!


No matter how afraid, how cautious, his eyes shined brightly, people couldn’t help but shift their eyes from Lin Hansha to him –


Curious about how Rong Qian would get out of trouble!


And his series of actions after the end of the scene was a godsend!


It both confirmed the viewer’s suspicions, Rong Qian wasn’t as greedy as it seemed, he was extremely smart!


And letting the scene have a reasonable continuation, made it more complete.


This version of Rong Qian, although not as righteous as before, had too much aura!


The contrast between the characters successively, the disregard for his image as he begged for mercy, had become the point of growth of the character Rong Qian!


Originally the dramatic tension showed the absolute weakness of Rong Qian, with the Zhou Yuhe’s interpretation, it blossomed into a stunning highlight, his momentum didn’t lose to Xie Yifeng’s Lin Hansha, the last scene even suppressed him a little.


Making people sure.


This was the hero of the heroes!

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