C109—- Change Of Weather


The news of the malicious smear of Xie and Zhou’s “unaffected, continue to shoot new movies” spread on the Internet, and the originally fading voice suddenly stirred up a thousand waves on the Internet again.



Everyone thought that they should be honestly “reflecting” at home for a long time, right? The more they bounced around, the more they disliked them, and the more fans “publicly punished” them.



But this time it wasn’t so easy to deal with.



After much consideration and comparison, the producer of “Bo Ying” confirmed that it was their old friend Chairman Cai Yuan, who was working with Zhou Yuhe for the third time after “Seeking Heaven” and “Cat and An Xue”.


Boss Cai was a good judge. He dared to bet on “Cat and An Xue”, and Xie Yifeng sold him a lot of face on the ownership of the production right of “Bo Ying”. Of course, no one behind him was allowed to take the opportunity to step on the two protagonists and the film.


Therefore, without the studio stepping in, the resources in Boss Cai’s hands were mobilized.

“Actors’ vocation is acting. This month, Xie Yifeng and Zhou Yuhe’s other variety resources and advertising resources have been cut off so much, and they rarely show their faces in public. Now you won’t even let people work?”



Similar comments flooded the internet, and some things were like a prairie fire. In addition to the rhythm at the beginning, there were fans and netizens who realized that their behavior was a little too much. Actors should take jobs, but… Whether they watched it later or not, they had the final say.



So, the anti fans decided to build up their strength and wait for the official launch of “Bo Ying”, regardless of the finished product, they would never contribute to the box office and word of mouth.


As for the fact that “Bo Ying” was a same-s-ex movie …… It didn’t get out.



One was that the crew did a good job of keeping it a secret, knowing that if they revealed that the movie they were working on was a same-sex movie, it would cause some more chaos, so they didn’t reveal any information about “Bo Ying” to the public.


On the other hand, after 20 years, who could remember the name of that case? Therefore, as long as Cai Yuan intended to suppress the relevant information of the film, Ji Chen had nothing to do even if he knew that they were shooting a g-ay movie.


Even though the outside world was suspicious, Xie Yifeng and Zhou Yuhe had both turned off their Weibo comments and handed over their Weibo accounts to their agents, determined to go all out in the next few months to give their best to the movie “Bo Ying”.




On the day of the official ceremony, it rained a lot, which wasn’t a good thing in the still superstitious Chinese entertainment industry.


The first wave wasn’t yet over, and then another wave started.


The scheduled venue also had a problem.



Meng Chuan was so angry that he lost his temper on the set, “Why don’t you all read the weather forecast!”



The assistant shivered in fear, “Director, we read the weather forecast before choosing the day, who knew ……”



The weather was so unpleasant, and the venue had problems, it was too evil ……



Director Meng glared at him, “And the alternative plan? You’re still making excuses!”



The assistant was completely silent.



Zhou Yuhe was on the other side memorizing his lines, he smiled and patted the director’s shoulder, pointed to the dim sky and said: “Why do I think this is a good thing? The venue has problems, we can’t shoot the teenage scenes, we can only jump to the youth and middle-aged period, it just so happens that the first scene of the youth scenes is the one with rain? The cost of artificial rainfall can be saved.”



Meng Chuan hit his head. Right! Why didn’t he think of that.


But ……


Meng Chuan looked at Zhou Yuhe: “The teenage Cheng Ying and the middle aged Cheng Ying are completely two people! You’re familiar with the lines in front of you, the character’s emotions are in line, and now we’re suddenly jumping to the youth scenes, can you do it?”



It wasn’t that Meng Chuan was questioning Zhou Yuhe’s acting skills.



But the character transformation was entirely a matter of experience. When an actor was new to the industry, it took a lot of time and thought to inject all of his emotions into the role, and likewise, it took a long time to pull out of the role.


Only those who had been in the acting world for a long time, and had experienced many times in and out of the scene, could switch back and forth between drama and reality, between characters quickly without being affected.


‘Bo Ying’ was a film that tested the actors’ acting skills, and the characters in it all had very rich character layers, especially the three main actors.


Cheng Ying and Cai Bowen in their teenage years, both belonged to the kind of high school students who were from good families and hadn’t yet experienced the trials and tribulations of society and reality, they were clear and natural and vigorous.


Cheng Ying’s name had the word “poppy” in it, and the person was just like his name, he had a deadly seductive aura. He was cold and proud, but he lacked the freshness of a youth, for any actor, it was challenging to pull off such a role.



In order to play a good teenage Cheng Ying, Zhou Yuhe specially lost twelve pounds in a month, he didn’t exercise to lose weight, but got thin through pure starvation, he even ignored skin care, just to perform Cheng Ying’s kind of slim and transparent aura.


The most important thing was that the persona of the teenage Cheng Ying and the youth Cheng Ying was simply very different.



With the exposure of the love between the two, in that very unopened era, it could be said that it was like a thunderbolt to the two traditional families. The family, the school, the neighborhood, including other eyes in society, all used their own pressure to force the two apart, the Cai family moved away from H City.



The Cheng family intensified the suppression of Cheng Ying, as if afraid that he would have ideas he shouldn’t. He had to act according to their wishes, from college volunteering to the smallest things that controlled him every day, and over time, Cheng Ying had become a timid, cowardly, and silent, boring adult.



Such a large span of characters, even Xie Yifeng, may not be able to complete the switch between characters in such a short period of time.



— Of course, the premise was that they didn’t know that in his previous life, Zhou Yuhe had long studied “Bo Ying” thoroughly.



Zhou Yuhe also didn’t explain, he looked at the dark clouds and thunderstorm sky, turned back to the director’s assistant and asked, “Did the weather forecast say when this rain would stop?”



“Last night it said it wouldn’t rain, now that I checked again …..” the assistant took out his phone, “it’ll fall for two days.”



“That’s enough.”



Zhou Yuhe’s hand stretched out the eaves, tiny transparent raindrops fell on his white as snow fingertips, the youth under the rain curtain looked with a light melancholy that didn’t belong to Cheng Ying, that was special to Zhou Yuhe’s temperament, but in Cheng Ying’s costume, it had a different kind of charm.


“You… Don’t be impulsive!” Meng Chuan was a little angry at Zhou Yuhe’s boastful attitude. A director’s most important thing in film shooting was the film effect. Now that Zhou Yuhe was ready for young Cheng Ying, he had to jump to challenge the older Cheng Ying. What if the characters got mixed up or he couldn’t find his state?


If it was the previous Zhou Yuhe, he would have taken this into consideration as well.



But while playing “Martial Arts”, Zhou Yuhe had overcome this difficulty! Holding the character’s emotions precisely in a short period of time was no longer a difficult task for him!



“Director, just trust Yuhe.” Xie Yifeng, who had put on teenage Cai Baiwen’s makeup, came over with a smile. The changes that happened to Hehe during the last filming of “Martial Arts” were made possible with his help, so how could he not be sure if Zhou Yuhe could switch back and forth between two different stages with his current ability.



Meng Chuan glanced at Xie Yifeng, and then at Zhou Yuhe who stood under the eaves, calm and confident, and finally sighed, “Okay, we will contact the venue now, remember, you only have one day to familiarize yourself with the role.”



“Don’t worry.” Zhou Yuhe’s expression was light as always, but it gave people an inexplicable reassuring power.




The temporary change disrupted the shooting plan though.



But Meng Chuan and Cai Yuan’s team was so mature that they had a meeting and planned the new shooting schedule in three minutes.



The lead actress Li Yan, who was scheduled to enter the set ten days later, arrived on set the next afternoon at short notice, just in time to shoot the first scene of the film.



The lead actress Li Yan, was a beautiful-looking woman, in the entertainment industry she was at most a second-tier artist, not because Cai Yuan couldn’t afford to spend money, but Meng Chuan had very strong ambitions for “Bo Ying”, Xie Yifeng + Zhou Yuhe and the configuration could already be described as a divine performance, he certainly didn’t want a “big triangle”. Although her popularity wasn’t high, her acting skills was quite good, she got several nominations for the Queen of the film but unfortunately she never won.


It could be said that “Bo Ying” wasn’t only a turnaround work for Xie Yifeng and Zhou Yuhe, it was also the same for Li Yan.



“This is the Zhou Zhou I told you about, Zhou Zhou this is Sister Li Yan.” Meng Chuan introduced the two to each other.



“Hello Sister Yan, please take care of me.” Zhou Yuhe greeted politely and gently.



“Hi, don’t be polite, we’ll take care of each other.” Li Yan smiled generously, and her easygoing and friendly smile made people feel good.


She wasn’t tall, 162 in height, which could be said to be “exquisite and petite” among Chinese actresses over 170, but it was amazing that she had a somewhat large face, but she still had a dignified temperament.

When he saw Li Yan on the big screen in his previous life, he didn’t think about other aspects besides being amazed by the acting skills of the other party.



In this life, when he saw her in person, he had a feeling that she was the one who had the brightest eyes –


He had to say, Li Yan really fit the setting of the female lead Jiang Si in the drama.


Meng Chuan’s eye for picking actors was really too toxic.





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