C105 — Publicly coming out of the closet


What Zhou Yuhe was afraid of was the unknown.


In his previous life, even to his death, his se-xuality was well hidden, although there were many rumors in the industry, but no one dared to cross the Ji Chen barrier.



So he had no way to anticipate, what a storm this was.



Unlike the expected overwhelming coverage, the exposure of Zhou Yuhe’s coming out news was only from one media.



But this one was the most authoritative paparazzi media – Fire Entertainment.



In accordance with Fire Entertainment’s previous style, it would certainly send a teaser letter a week in advance, naming ” X star”, and would also include some hidden clues to attract attention.



But this time, Fire Entertainment suddenly released this news on Monday morning without a sound.



Even the headline very simple – “Xie Yifeng, Zhou Yuhe came out of the closet!”


According to their previous style, it would send a notice one week in advance, call the roll “see you next week”, and attach some faint clues to attract attention.


This time, there was no other reason for the “gradual explosion”, because the three words “Xie Yifeng”, “Zhou Yuhe” and “coming out” alone were enough to set off a huge wave!



In front of such explosive news, any modification was superfluous!



Almost instantly, the number of reads of this post went up exponentially at a speed visible to the n@ked eye!


Five minutes!


In five minutes, the entire Weibo hot search exploded!


Who was Xie Yifeng?


Who was Xie Yifeng? Who was Zhou Yuhe?



They both …… came out of the closet?



Goodness ……


The moment they saw this comment, countless people were so surprised that they lost their words, countless people felt that the sky was falling, and many more people – like crazy – attacked the two men’s Weibo pages!



When any phenomenal event blew up, the first to react were the fans.


“It must be a rumor from an outsider, as long as Xie Yifeng doesn’t admit it himself, we will never believe it!”


“Zhou Zhou, come out and respond! The photos were taken out of context, right? You and Cao Qiyue are fine, aren’t you?”



“Please keep all Xie’s fans calm and wait for Xie’s own response, until then fans shouldn’t respond to any posts from passers-by! Please diffuse! [Pray]”




Fans found it completely unacceptable, because there was no sign at all before, and although the two hadn’t said clearly in public that they liked women, but these two …… clearly had no gay aura at all!!!


Everyone was confused.


Male CP was one thing, but when it was real, it was another thing entirely ah!


You should know that most of the CP fans had anti fan attributes, once real life got involved, they were the first to stop being fans!


For a time, the fan circle was in a mess. Even Zhou Yuhe’s fans who prided themselves on their rationality, and the official blog of the support Committee, were paralyzed. Normally methodical and responsive, everyone hoped that Zhou Yuhe and Xie Yifeng could explain as soon as possible.


Fortunately, they didn’t wait too long.



Ji Chen gave Zhou Yuhe a warning, so they were very clear about the situation they would face next, and prepared a statement early, Xie Yifeng himself wrote a statement very sincerely: “The origin of the story between me and him is very early. I didn’t even know it. Out of consideration for both sides, I’m very sorry for not confessing our relationship for a long time, but I don’t regret it, because Zhou Yuhe is really a great person. He is so beautiful that every moment I get along with him is heartfelt happiness. I say these words today in the hope that you can understand my determination. Zhou Yuhe is my bottom line , no one can cross me to hurt him. I don’t need fans who are indiscriminate, use my love as a shield, throw away all judgments on right and wrong, belittle or attack others.
I don’t need such fans.”



Thus statement was so deafening that many fans who were trying to scold Zhou Yuhe stopped at once.


Xie Yifeng’s words were very skillful. In theory, if you save money to buy things for your favourite star, work hard to follow the star, but in the end you stand on the opposite side, and he says “don’t need fans like you”, such words must be very hurtful.



But the coincidence was that Xie Yifeng was not an idol, he didn’t rely on selling a boyfriend persona or selling fantasies for a living, he had debuted for more than the a decade, sweeping the Grand Slam, he won awards with his strength, his business ability was very strong, so his fans were different from many fresh fans, even if there were girlfriend fans, more people were fans of his talent.



What was more, what he said was “I don’t need fans who use their love for me as a shield, who put aside all judgments of right and wrong, who belittle or attack others”, adding a qualification in front of “don’t need such fans”, not necessarily referring to all fans. The fans who were angry instantly had a feeling of being “awakened”.



And then looking at Xie Yifeng’s words to Zhou Yuhe, the unreserved care and love, more people hesitated.



But if Zhou Yuhe’s fans came to tear him up, then they wouldn’t be going against Xie Yifeng!



With such a mindset, many people chased after Zhou Yuhe’s part to see the hilarity, expecting his fans to tear up quite badly internally, and there was no room to run to Xie Yifeng to make trouble.



Zhou Yuhe’s statement was posted.



“I just like Xie Yifeng. If this statement does not make you accept it, then I am here to sincerely say sorry to everyone and that I still like Xie Yifeng when I know what I will lose.”



Zhou Yuhe had a much more humble attitude than Xie Yifeng, because he was an idol.



No matter how good his self-born business ability was, in the eyes of the public, he was a top idol.



Such a stereotype also determined the composition of his fans since his debut.



It also determined that he would be torn to shreds by his fans after such a vocalization.



“Did you really admit it? Don’t, why not be more careful? why not hide it? Do you know how tired I worked, trying to not eat or drink, sleeplessly buying merchandise and hyping you? I now feel that my youth has been eaten by a dog [cry]”



“The sky is collapsing, I bought your posters, now I want to burn it, I can’t let go, but I really don’t dare to love again ……”


“You like him? Have you considered your fans? Have you considered many sisters who see you as a boyfriend? Now you tell us that you have a boyfriend yourself, and you are still the bottom? [goodbye]”


“A lot of passers-by are watching and can’t understand why fans can’t stand it, let me tell you, what do you mean your favorite star likes men, is that you save your money to go to his meet and greet, pamper him, fantasize that he is your boyfriend when his boyfriend is sitting next to him looking at you, what is that feeling? We don’t discriminate against homosexuals, we just can’t accept that Zhou Yuhe is openly in love at this time, and is in love with the same sex, if a star doesn’t take his future seriously, who will take him seriously? Xie Yifeng can talk without a problem, he has the strength of the actor, he debuted more than a decade ago, he’s stable. Without the fans’ love for you, how far can you go on this road?”




The logic of the back pedaling fans was quite powerful and seemed to have given the crowd an outlet to vent their anger and watch the hilarity.


Whether it was Xie Yifeng’s fan, Zhou Yuhe fans, or cp fans, all the people began to accuse Zhou Yuhe of not taking up the responsibility of an idol should, he wanted to have a career, but also wanted to fall in love, wasn’t that cheap?



They began to scold him ‘for the sake of justice’.


And when there was one, there were two.



Once the situation of dissing Zhou Yuhe opened, many unwarranted black material also appeared, not only did he steal the lead role of Fan Junxi, even the lead role of “martial arts” was also stolen …… many many empty things, gossip blogs described it as if they had witnessed the scene, so Zhou Yuhe’s popularity fell to the bottom.



But these things weren’t considered to be any fatal black spots, what really ki-lled people was Cao Qiyue –


The real killer was Cao Qiyue… He was ‘in a relationship’ with her before.



Overnight, people denounced Zhou Yuhe for Cao Qiyue, and “sympathy for Cao Qiyue” and “Zhou Yuhe used Cao Qiyue” also exploded on the top of the hot search list after the coming out hot search.



Cao Qiyue immediately responded, “There was no use, no interference, we’re iron brothers, so I don’t accept any ‘sympathy’.”



Fortunately, at that time, the two denied being in a relationship, plus Cao Qiyue had rumors of homosexuality, it didn’t have any impact on Cao Qiyue, even if someone ran to insult her, Cao Qiyue’s fans stood by her.



“They haven’t said a word about being together from beginning to end, and the interaction between Ah Qi and Zhou Zhou seems more and more like brothers. It’s the media who said they were together. When they didn’t clarify, you people said they wanted to protect the relationship. Now Ah Qi has stood up and clarified. You want others to ‘sympathize’ as well?”



The anti fans were suddenly distracted.




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