Chapter 101 – Movie Release

The movie “Martial Arts” was released.


The movie had gained a lot of attention since the beginning of its preparation, Xie Yifeng and Zhou Yuhe were working together again after three years, it was a rare double male lead movie, and it was Xie Yifeng’s first film after he signed with Zhou Yuhe’s studio, and it was his only commercial film in two years. …… Too many topics surrounded the two of them, and Cao Qiyue’s concert was about to start. The studio’s public relations department took the opportunity to promote them all, taking advantage of the attention on them, so the film earned enough attention when it was released.


The quality of the movie was also absolutely guaranteed.


Unlike the current trend of special effects films, the focus was on the quality so Mike Lee used a lot of original scenes during filming, although it was hard for the actors and crew to go back and forth, but this made the film look beautiful, and reduced the duration of a special effects production, so that the film could be released as soon as possible.


It was a pleasure to enjoy on the screen.


Similarly, as a commercial film, the plot of “Martial Arts” was also quite impressive. The story followed the two main characters who swapped identities, and the plot was intertwined, funny and interesting.



The box office of “Martial Arts” easily broke one billion, not only breaking the outside world’s doubts about the box office appeal of Xie and Zhou, but also making the two lead actors earn a lot of money from the box office share, this film alone, was a big step forward from the 150 million betting agreement, according to this trend, completing the betting agreement in three years wouldn’t be impossible.


At the celebration banquet.


Director Mike Lee received the blessings of many media reporters.


“I heard that Xie Yifeng is the actor you wanted to work with most, this was your wish, do you have anything to say?”


At the mention of Xie Yifeng, Mike Lee burst into laughter, he even vaguely seemed like a fan girl fan in love. “Xifeng is really great, and I believe I don’t need to say more. Everyone can see it in the movie. I never imagined that there could be an actor at his age who practiced acting so thoroughly. He is a very mature actor and will definitely go far in the future.”

Several journalists looked at each other and smiled.


Almost all directors who had worked with Xie Yifeng said the same thing, they weren’t surprised anymore.


A reporter who admired Xie Yifeng asked while the iron was hot: “So now that you’ve worked with him once, who is the actor you’d most like to work with next time?”


The smile on Mike Lee’s face suddenly faded.


Several reporters were a bit overwhelmed by the serious atmosphere.


Mike Lee seemed distressed, and he frowned for a while before replying.


“Zhou Yuhe ……”


Such an answer made the reporters freeze.


Didn’t you just cooperate with Zhou Zhou for the first time? Besides, shouldn’t you want to cooperate with Xie Yifeng, your favorite actor? Why is it Zhou Yuhe?


“Why, Director Li?”


Why ……


As if this reporter’s question made Mike Lee remember something.


The original hesitant expression became firm, and he smiled generously.


“If Xie Yifeng is a very mature actor, then Zhou Yuhe …… he is an actor that fills people with ambition!”



The crowd of reporters were confused.


“Director Lee, can you explain to us specifically?”


But Mike Lee just laughed while shaking his head, he wasn’t willing to explain too much.


After dealing with all the reporters, Mike Lee walked alone towards the youth in the crowd, the corners of his mouth slowly hooked up with a satisfied smile.


Making a director full of ambition and want to work with him to create miracles and complete some great works.


That was very high praise.



Such an actor, such an actor with infinite flexibility …… if they really existed, it had to be this person in front of him.


Mike Lee could never forget his amazing performance that night that conquered everyone present.



After it was over, there was no pride, no complacency, just a light smile as he said to everyone,


“Good work.”



And after that, the person who didn’t come back to his senses for a long time was surprisingly him.



“Rong Qian ah, were you deliberately being clumsy?” Mike Lee looked over and over again at the previously shot footage, and felt more and more incredulous.


This was only one night.



It was impossible for an actor to change in one night, this could only mean – he had been out of shape before!


Zhou Yuhe replied with a bitter expression, “Don’t praise me too much, I was so worried about this role that my hair fell out.”


A burst of laughter rang out all around.


Xie Yifeng, who stepped out of the set first, came over, patted Zhou Yuhe’s shoulder affectionately, and turned to Mike Lee, “Yes, director, Zhou Zhou always gives his all in filming, he just hadn’t found his form before.”


Only then did Mike Lee raise his eyes and take a closer look at Zhou Yuhe.


To be honest, this was the first time he had looked at Zhou Yuhe in all these days.


Previously, he had thought that he was no different from the other popular kids, just that his company’s PR department was better at promoting and creating a persona of an actor for him. In fact, the fan circle “can act”, and the acting industry “can act”, was completely different, even if the outside world praised Zhou Yuhe, and his fans joined them, to Mike Lee, it didn’t mean anything.



As for “Cat and An Xue”, in his opinion, it was completely good luck, he encountered a good director and a good script.


But today, Zhou Yuhe proved with his overwhelming strength that he was wrong.


He actually told Xie Yifeng that “he is quite mediocre in my camera, except for his face.”


Now that he thought about it, it was a slap in the face!


But it was a good slap in the face! It was a good hit! He was satisfied!



Although commercial films focused on the rhythm of the plot and the excitement of the scenes, the requirements of the actors weren’t so high.


Over the years, even though he had some arrogance and pretentiousness in his youth, it had been polished, he knew that everything in this industry couldn’t be perfect. Since he chose the box office and wanted investors to invest, he had to make a compromise.

That was why he was able to agree to let Bai An, whose acting skills weren’t up to par, star in his film, and later he didn’t make any objections when the investors decided on Zhou Yuhe.


But who didn’t want their movie to be filled with good actors with excellent acting skills?


Who didn’t want not only good-looking scenes, but also the characters to be shown in a way that moved the heart?



The original feeling of compromise and nothing could be perfect, suddenly changed because of Zhou Yuhe’s enlightenment, Mike Lee couldn’t explain how happy he was.



At this time, he remembered the persona Zhou Yuhe wanted to show him in the morning, and quickly turned around to glare at his assistant, “Where is the book Rong Qian gave me this morning! Where is it! You guys, don’t you take care of the director’s stuff? What have you been eating?”


The little assistant felt incredibly aggrieved.


It was obvious that he hurriedly looked at it in the morning and casually tossed it aside, how could he blame him?


But he didn’t dare to show any dissatisfaction to the director, and could only hurry to pull Zhou Yuhe’s book out from under the pile of costumes.


Everyone turned a blind eye to Mike Lee’s behavior of finding a way for himself.



When the assistant handed over the book, Mike Lee dispersed the crowd and seriously listened to Zhou Yuhe’s comments.


The more he listened, the more alarmed he was.


He wasn’t surprised that the role of Rong Qian was inadequate in the plot, because at the beginning, Mike Lee’s entire focus was on Xie Yifeng as Lin Hansha, he was extremely devoted to him, so he didn’t care too much about ‘Rong Qian’ who would be played by an internet star.



He was surprised that Zhou Yuhe had dissected the role to such a deep level.


And the angle of understanding wasn’t cheesy at all, it was so detailed and profound that it didn’t seem like what a young man in his early twenties could do.


Rather, it was very sophisticated, like an old actor who had been acting for a long time, dry and concise, but every sentence was to the point and thought-provoking.



Under Zhou Yuhe’s adaptation, Rong Qian, a character that originally existed only to highlight the theme, really stood in the spotlight, his worldliness, his small intelligence, his growth, his chivalry, it was all refreshing and impressive!



Just by the fact that he said so, and with that one scene, the scales in Mike Lee’s heart were ruthlessly tipped from Lin Hansha to Rong Qian, who he completely fell in love with!


He even wanted to overturn and reshoot all the scenes he shot two days ago!


As soon as he thought about it, he started doing it right away.


The good thing was that filming started only a few days ago, re-shooting the scenes was nothing at all, and after Zhou Yuhe found the right state, the number of NGs were also much less, it greatly shortened the reshoot time, and didn’t cause any trouble for the crew.


On the contrary, Mike Lee, when Zhou Yuhe was shooting, always had constant inspiration, about Rong Qian, about Lin Hansha, about the whole plot core, Zhou Yuhe’s aura-filled performance was completely vibrant.


That was why Mike Lee said what he did in front of the press.


Xie Yifeng was an actor whose acting skills are perfect. In time, he would definitely become a great actor admired by millions.


And Zhou Yuhe–


Was an actor who could bring infinite possibilities!



He made people feel desire to find more surprises in him that no one else had!


What kind of actor would such a person become in the future?


To be honest, he was also looking forward to it.


Mike Lee raised his glass and walked to where Xie Yifeng, Zhou Yuhe and Cao Qiyue, who was invited, were gathered.


Mike Lee: “Yo, so lively, what are you guys talking about?”


“Director Li,” “Hello, Director Li.”


“You’re just in time, Director Li!” Cao Qiyue smiled brightly, “We’re talking about my concert in this city next week! Both of them are going, do you think you too, would be willing to come?”


Who was Cao Qiyue?


She was the hottest diva in the music industry right now!


In terms of fame and status, Zhou Yuhe had to stand aside.


Being invited by such a promising junior in a sincere tone, Mike Lee’s mood became even better and he promised to definitely go see it.



Cao Qiyue’s concert had been planned since half a year ago, from domestic to foreign, involving 36 cities in 5 countries, this scale, even in the most prosperous time of China’s music market, it was quite significant.


The most rare thing was that the ticket price for such a large-scale concert wasn’t set high.


Generally, people who were as popular as Qiyue, their pride would have reached the sky long ago.


Last year, a rock-and-roll talented girl who took part in a music reality show suddenly became popular on the Internet, and countless people fell in love with the contrast setting of her Loli face and Royal Sister voice. As a result, Shang Yan’s appearance fee rose all the way and surpassed Cao Qiyue, it reached six figures in four months! Even if the music industry had really been around for decades, superstars rarely asked for such a high appearance fee, wasn’t it a joke?


But they were helpless, the Little Loli was really popular. No matter where she went, it quickly got crowded.

They could only endure the sky-high performance fees.


Being famous meant that she could do whatever she wanted, she could be willful and make everyone pay.


However, the truth that prosperity was bound to decline would never change.


Because of the hidden problems, more and more people in the entertainment industry didn’t want to book her for shows, and finally, because she inadvertently dissed Cao Qiyue on a reality show, she triggered public anger and a couple of million fans unfollowed her overnight, from then on, no matter how her popularity rose, and how it fell back, she never recovered.


A newcomer who had just become popular dared to be so arrogant, not to mention others.


Nowadays, the music market was changing too quickly, a singer could become famous overnight because of a song, so it wasn’t uncommon for them to be willful.


But not Cao Qiyue.


She had a casual personality, but she was very humble in this regard.



In her opinion, she was only a half-grown girl in the music industry, and had many shortcomings compared to many of her predecessors who had created classics.


Therefore, even if she was unruly and disorganized, the negative reputation most singers had never appeared on her, and there had never been a stain on her character.


When they heard that she was going to have a concert, the Ministry of Culture looked at the ticket prices, thinking that if she went too far, then they would have to introduce policies to control these singers who made concert ticket prices indiscriminately, but they didn’t expect the ticket prices to be so cheap, it was the normal ticket price level of a first-tier singer, which made the Ministry of Culture dumbfounded.


Of course, this won a lot of praise, but the only thing that wasn’t so good was that the tickets were too difficult to grab.


Now the tickets were being sold for the fourth time, but the enthusiasm of the fans were still undiminished, it sold out almost immediately.


Zhou Yuhe also flirted with the idea that if not for the back door, he wouldn’t be able to see Grandma Cao’s concert in person in his lifetime.


When Cao Qiyue heard that, she was so happy that she rubbed Zhou Yuhe’s head like he was a puppy. “Don’t talk.”


Zhou Yuhe glanced at her new phone on the dresser, “Tsk, you’re so rich, you’re using the latest JOKAD, you even changed your cell phone number, I thought you were an insurance seller that day.”


How could a normal person talk with such an enthusiastic tone?


Cao Qiyue unnaturally took the phone in his hand and played with it, “It’s a new journey and a new atmosphere, I needed to change my phone for this new phase, do you understand, straight man?”



Zhou Yuhe shrugged his shoulders, the meaning was clear: sorry I’m gay, I don’t understand.



“Not to mention that this is my new endorsement ….. right, the phone’s camera quality is quite good, I haven’t tried it, how about I use it on you tw today?”


Sitting on the lounge sofa Xie Yifeng and Zhou Yuhe looked at each other and graciously agreed.


“Come closer, come closer …… you guys are too stiff, haven’t you taken pictures before?” Cao Qiyue said impatiently.



She was directing the two people to adjust their posture, then she suddenly saw Xie Yifeng wink at her, she immediately understood and pointed to the right: “Eh? What is that?”


The thoughtful Zhou Yuhe followed the direction of her hand and looked at it.


At this very moment Xie Yifeng secretly dropped a soft, warm kiss on his ear–


There was a click.


A very loving photo was born.


The picture showed Zhou Yuhe with curious eyes, his original slender eyes were rounded, and he looked very cute with the yellow sweater he was wearing today. Xie Yifeng’s posture was slightly aggressive, one of his hands held the armrest of the sofa on Zhou Yuhe’s side, the other arm was on the wall, “circling” Zhou Yuhe in his territory, he leaned close to Zhou Yuhe’s ear with a hint of naughty smile, and Zhou Yuhe’s ears were red, she didn’t know if it was because the heater was too high or something else.


“You guys planned to prank me?” Zhou Yuhe raised his eyebrows and looked at Xie Yifeng beside him, like he was interrogating him.

Xie Yifeng grabbed his hand and pecked it without explaining anything, but his pitiful eyes were enough to make no one have the heart to blame him.


Zhou Yuhe felt both amused and angry.


This b*stard …… really tested his temper more and more thoroughly.




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