C104 —- Make You Regret



Xie Yifeng.




If you know a little about the history of the entertainment industry in the past few years, you’d know that when Ji Chen was still starting in the entertainment industry, Xie Yifeng had an established career and they never crossed paths.







Perhaps they were at the ends of the scale, Ji Chen was known as a natural star in the entertainment industry, while Xie Yifeng was known as a natural actor.





Ji Chen’s family was rich, born with the golden key, born with a halo and resources that people in the entertainment industry couldn’t reach, his path was incomparably smooth.




And Xie Yifeng was his opposite, he debuted at twelve years old, with talent and strength, although he had less resources than Ji Chen, but many people in the industry valued and appreciated him.





The two were similar in appearance, and no one knew when the competition built up, in short, when people come back to their senses, the two were already facing each other.





Zhou Yuhe even lied to him for him.





Ifit was anyone else in the industry, Ji Chen wouldn’t be so angry, why was it Xie Yifeng?






That feeling when the person you hate the most, gets the treasure you want the most, jealousy, anger, resentment …… were doubled.






Ji Chen breathing heavily, his eyes seemed to be dyed red, his mind uncontrollably recalled the dream, that feeling, that unexplained anger, as if his beloved had been snatched away, he wanted to Xie Yifeng to die by a thousand cuts!






He is mine! He’s mine ……! How dare you?






Like a furious lion, Ji Chen let out a low roar from the depths of his throat, he ripped off his tie angrily, striding out of the office.





“Where’s Li Feng!? Get in here!”





The personal assistant whose name was called trembled and immediately hurried into the office like a pug.









Running into Ji Chen at the party wasn’t a rare thing.





What was rare was that he would actually come close to him.





Since the last KTV incident, he never popped up in front of Zhou Yuhe’s eyes as promised, but he didn’t expect this time ……





Zhou Yuhe turned his head to see Ji Chen locking the balcony door, his heart couldn’t help but sink a little.



Forget it.






“Long time no see.” Ji Chen was smiling, the last time he looked disheveled, today he was wearing a straight and stylish suit, in the dark, his handsome and peerless face emitted a charm that made countless people unable to resist, somehow, this time Zhou Yuhe actually felt a hint of danger from him.






“Chief Ji …… this is?”





“Don’t be nervous, I just want to ask you a few questions.” The youth he had been thinking about day and night was right in front of him, Ji Chen took a lot of effort to separate the dream from reality, he took a step forward and stopped before the distance between the two became ambiguous.





“If I say that even though I have tried very hard not to get close to you, tried very hard not to think about you, but I still can’t help but …… like you very much, would you be willing to separate from Cao Qiyue? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to break you up, but rather, can you give me a chance?”






His gaze was very sincere, so sincere that it was almost unlike the one he once knew, the proud, handsome prince.










“No, I think I made it very clear last time.” Zhou Yuhe said indifferently.






Rejected once again, the urgent sincerity on Ji Chen’s face finally cracked–





“Said it clearly? Can lying to me be considered to be clearly stated?”





Zhou Yuhe’s expression changed and his expression immediately became alert, “What do you mean by that?”





Ji Chen let out a bitter smile, took out a stack of photos from his inner jacket pocket and dumped them on the coffee table on the balcony.






His paparazzi resources were incomparable to Meng Churong’s. The stack of photos in front of Zhou Yuhe, although based on Xie Yifeng and Zhou Yuhe’s cautious and low-key style of action, there were still no large-scale images, but it was more intimate than those taken by Meng Churong, now, no matter who saw it, it wouldn’t be mistaken as a normal relationship.





Zhou Yuhe was silent, he looked up at Ji Chen, his eyes were cold, “You investigated me?”






Ji Chen froze for a moment, but quickly found a reason, “I.S has media platform resources, I intercepted this. You know what kind of blow it would be for you if these few photos were made public.”






At that, Zhou Yuhe looked down to the coffee table and did not say a word.





This scene, how familiar.






In his previous life, there was also a paparazzi that came with his and Ji Chen’s photos to blackmail him.






At that time, Zhou Yuhe was very afraid.







Not only was his career in jeopardy, but more importantly, Ji Chen was in the critical period of seizing the position, and once such a scandal broke out, it would undoubtedly be a fatal blow to Ji Chen.





That feeling of powerlessness, fear, despair ……, like a pair of withered hands reaching out from an ancient well, strangling his neck, dragging him to the endless abyss.






That kind of feeling, he had experienced once, he didn’t want to experience it a second time.






Since then, it seemed that openness had become an obsession for him.






Ji Chen had promised him countless times that as long as the company was stable, as long as his performance went up, they would reveal their relationship, he would take him to the Netherlands to register their marriage, he would no longer have to live in the shadow.





But …… it was ultimately nothing but a joke.





Now, the same extremely similar scenario, the strange thing was that Zhou Yuhe’s heart was very calm.





Perhaps, it was because this time standing with him was Xie Yifeng.






This person brought him a sense of security, an unbreakable house to the displaced beggar; a mother’s warm embrace to the newborn baby …… that feeling of peace of mind, it would make him feel, going public was no big deal – –






Although he knew it would be a dead end.






The photo was of Xie Yifeng sorting out his wind-blown bangs, the next second he mischievously messed it up, he was so angry that Zhou Yuhe ran around, trying to beat him, they laughed and hugged each other.





Yes, with Xie Yifeng, what was there to be afraid of?






Not panic, not worry, but a sweet smile, Zhou Yuhe’s smile obviously stung Ji Chen, he grabbed Zhou Yuhe’s wrist and stared into his eyes, “Are you not afraid?”







Zhou Yuhe laughed lightly, “Afraid, and then will you let me go?”






“You can beg me,” Ji Chen looked at Zhou Yuhe with a hopeful light in his eyes, he said in a lowered voice, “beg me to let you go, then leave Xie Yifeng, leave Cao Qiyue, leave those messy relationships and come back to me.”






“I have the best resources, background, network of contacts, I can give you what everyone in the entertainment industry can only dream of, only I can give you …… “Even Ji Chen himself didn’t notice that he said “back to me.”






He knew that what he said was all extraneous, fame and fortune, this man wouldn’t care about that, but he couldn’t think of a better way to say it, love? Love? Zhou Yuhe had never been with him, how can he have that kind of heartfelt feelings? How can he believe that with just a dream, he has fallen in love with him inexorably? This kind of thing he himself felt it was absurd.






Zhou Yuhe raised his eyes to look at him, and at that moment, it was as if he was looking through him, at Ji Chen of the previous life.





“No, what I want, no one can give me, except myself …… I will never, ever put my hopes on others, especially you.”





The same mistake, I will not make again.






His eyes were too calm, so calm that it was like stating a fact, so calm that there was no hint of hesitation, so calm that it seemed like a sharp blade piercing into Ji Chen’s heart.





“You just …… hate me so much?”






Instead of hating, it would be better to say ……






“No,” Zhou Yuhe looked at him, “I don’t have any feelings for you, there is no hate.”






Their past, their feud had long been buried with the fire.






Maybe when he was first reborn he had hatred and resentment towards Ji Chen.






But with the passage of time, he also gradually put it down, what he owed him, Ji Chen had long paid the price of life, now, to him, Ji Chen was just a familiar stranger, his life still had so long way to go, why spend precious time in the past hatred?






It should be spent on the people and things that really mattered.






Unfortunately, Zhou Yuhe was open-minded, but Ji Chen wasn’t.






He would rather Zhou Yuhe hate him, then at least, he would still had a square place in his heart.






But he …… just never put him in his eyes.






The anger named pride burned in his chest.






“It seems that I.S has protected you too well before, you have no idea what kind of industry you are fighting in …… Zhou Yuhe, soon you will know what a stupid decision you made tonight.” Ji Chen said, although he was smiling, the corners of his mouth held a cold intent, his eyes looked as if it was wrapped in a storm.




Zhou Yuhe’s heart gradually sank. He knew that this was by no means an ordinary verbal threat. Ji Chen was the king of IS, he was someone who stood at the top of the industry. Even without these photos, it wasn’t difficult for him to destroy Zhou Yuhe.





Finally Ji Chen walked away without looking back.






The lone tall back looked a little lonely, like a wounded lone wolf.






Zhou Yuhe stood in the same place, the cold night wind scraped on his body.





For a while, his heart was in turmoil.




After a while, he stretched out his hand to sort out the photos on the tea table and carefully put these evidences that would bring them disaster into his arms. Finally, he glanced under the tea table with a flashlight to see if there was anything left.






Yes, Xie Yifeng brought him peace of mind, the courage that rushed to his head when facing Ji Chen – was now blown clean by the cold night wind.






In the end, he was still afraid.






It’s remaining 6 or 7 novels.


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