In order to shoot a good “summit battle”, the program team spent a lot of money. Not only was the set built, but they also specially invited the country’s top screenwriting team to write a script for the last three episodes, so that the game would be more emotional. Blizzard Villa. It was a legendary […]


Many people said the variety show was a little too brain-dead. “I watch variety shows to relax, but watching this show almost made my brain twitch, although Zhou Yuhe’s reversal was very cool, but overall, the viewing threshold is still quite high.” “Forgive me for not seeing half of it, it was the beauty of […]


And let’s not talk about how Xie Yifeng’s win came about. The fact that Zhou Yuhe was able to finish all of his cards and get out of the elimination circle was very unbelievable, okay? Zhang Sheng looked at him in surprise, “Zhou Zhou, don’t you still have three cards left?” Player C couldn’t help […]


Zhou Yuhe was in a very awkward situation. On one hand. There were quite a few players who wanted to use him to achieve the goal of advancing directly to the next phase. On the other hand, he urgently needed to get out of trouble. In the eyes of other players, he was also a […]


The treacherous masked man on the electronic screen was the MC, or judge, of the entire variety show. He said in an inaudible electronic voice: “I believe you have all received your invitations, right?” The invitation referred to a card with the show’s introduction and general rules, “The Liar” program team sent it to them […]


2:00 pm. It was the most sleepy time of the day, and all the pedestrians in the airport had tired expressions on their faces. A middle-aged uncle had just come out of the airport exit, he had landed, but it felt like his soul hadn’t yet landed, then he was awakened by a neat and […]


TN: I just found out there isn’t a breed of Cats called civet, jeez, I know nothing about cats, thanks to Avis for letting me know 💐 There were two clips in the whole movie that best reflected Zhou Yuhe’s acting skills. One was the ninth minute at the beginning of the film, when a […]


That was, of course, Zhou Yuhe. From the facial features to other physical characteristics, they could easily see that this was Zhou Yuhe, but when they took a closer look at the teenager on the poster, they weren’t so sure …… The temperament was too unlike. If the TV’s Zhou Yuhe was the ice spring […]


The movie version of “Searching For Heaven” could be said to be raging, as a commercial film of A-class production, the capital was strong, the publicity was simply more than the TV version. Subways, bus stations, TV, Weibo, Douban, …… they used almost all the media, the preview of the broadcast reached a million views […]


“Why is your face red?” Xie Yifeng slightly lowered his head, approached Zhou Yuhe and touched Zhou Yuhe’s forehead with his own forehead intimately, before he could avoid it, he retracted like a dragonfly, and said suspiciously, “Hmm? No fever.” His action was too natural, so natural that it seemed to say that they were […]