C102— Give Me Back My Phone

At this point, Cao Qiyue had gotten a good picture so she quickly surrendered.




“Okay, okay, I’ll edit it, send it you two and delete it.” Cao Qiyue rolled up her sleeves and started to work, her posture looked very professional.



An artist’s cell phone was a very personal item, it was usually kept well by them and never left to others.



Cao Qiyue was also a very cautious person, otherwise she wouldn’t have been in the industry for so long, their sexuality was still well hidden, that was why Xie Yifeng and Zhou Yuhe agreed to let her take pictures of them.



As she was excitedly editing it, a short knock on the door sounded.



“Are you ready, Ms. Cao? You have 20 minutes to go on stage, so you need to get ready.”



Zhou Yuhe stood up, “We won’t bother you, let’s go sit in the audience first.”



Cao Qiyue put her phone in her clothes pocket, “Okay then, I’ll go out with you guys, otherwise if you two go out alone, what’s the point of leaving your rumored girlfriend in the room?”



She had a good point, so the three of them walked out of the lounge together.



Cao Qiyue went backstage to make preparations, while Zhou Yuhe and Xie Yifeng were led by the staff to the VIP seats in the middle of the concert through the exclusive channel.



The two sat down, they weren’t wearing any props to hide their appearance.



After all, a rumoured boyfriend going to his girlfriend’s concert was really normal, right?



As for Xie Yifeng ……



Didn’t they see Mike Lee sitting next to Xie Yifeng?



It was obvious that Zhou Yuhe invited the crew and cast.


What was so strange?



The lights went out.




The screams of the fans were like waves of tsunami, almost overturning the whole central stadium.



Quiet and soothing music rang out.



As the fans’ screams got louder, Cao Qiyue, dressed in white, descended from the sky on a big white moon, she was holding a hand microphone and wearing a flower garland, she looked like a gentle short-haired elf, her face simply glowed under the soft lighting.



A new round of screams broke out again.



This time, however, the fans quickly quieted down after screaming, and a number of people sang along with the melody of the music.



This was one of Cao Qiyue’s representative tracks, “Flowing Fire”.


Unlike the slow rock of the original song, the concert version of “Flowing Fire” was changed into a soothing piano piece, less fiery but more ethereal, and with Cao Qiyue’s appearance, it was like a fairy coming down to earth.





“July, flowing fire, ha, a wind blowing through, that’s the breath of summer; July, the stars, I really miss the sweet you, in my dreams for a long time you, so strange, I think I am drunk, I think, I am in love with you ……”



Zhou Yuhe was familiar with the melody of “Flowing Fire” and had no trouble at all keeping up with the rhythm in the chorus.



Surprisingly, Xie Yifeng also knew it?



His magnetic voice reached Zhou Yuhe’s ears in a soothing song that wasn’t too loud.



“I think I’m in love with you ……”



When he sang these lyrics, he easily met Zhou Yuhe’s gaze, gentle and loving; and his eyes seemed covered with stars from the sky, romantic and bright; his voice was enough to charm anyone, Zhou Yuhe’s face slowly reddened, and his voice slowly came to a pause.



Fortunately, it was night, so it hid his blushing face under the cover of the darkness, he felt so embarrassed.



“This, this song, you seem familiar with ……”



“Did you forget, Valentine’s Day in 2014, the first time you called me, it was because of this song ‘Flowing Fire’ ah.”




“Although this is a bit abrupt, but I do have something very important that I would like you to help me with today ……”



“What’s with this Valentine’s Day pickup line?”



“Let’s go, the movie theater is over there.”


“Actually, you don’t have to be so polite, you’re the one who tried to convince Lucas, I’m just holding the thread.”



“Anyway, thank you.”



“I also went to the cinema today to see the movie for the first time, how do you think I acted?”



“Of course it was good!”



“You’re being perfunctory.”



“No, I’m serious.”






“Of course, you’re good at everything.”



Memories were like needles and threads, one by one, it threaded up every word in “Flowing Fire”, one by one, pulling out the forgotten memories.



It was so amazing to think about it now.




Zhou Yuhe had no extravagant expectations, he thought he could be a brother for a lifetime like in his previous life, it was still something to be happy about.



He never thought that he would really love him.



It was a dream come true.




It was truly great that he was reborn ……



It was really great to meet this person again ……



Zhou Yuhe’s nose was sore, and he suddenly had the urge to cry.



This time it was Xie Yifeng’s turn to be at a loss for words.



But a good thing happened, at this time, the stage fireworks suddenly lit up from the edge of the stage, the very quiet piano music abruptly changed key, into a light and happy ode of joy.



It turned out that the opening was an intro.



Xie Yifeng eagerly patted Zhou Yuhe’s shoulder and pointed to Cao Qiyue on stage.



The short-haired genie took off the garland, and as soon as she tugged at the hem of her skirt, the long dress instantly turned into a playful short dress. With a simple and fresh smile, she went around the whole stage dancing small steps, singing songs with bent eyes amidst the screams of her fans, dancing perfectly even in high heels.



Under the infection of the light-hearted atmosphere, Zhou Yuhe’s mood also slowly became cheerful.



His heart’s sourness was slowly replaced by a pleasure surrounded by happiness, stuffing his whole heart to the brim.



In this life, he didn’t disfigure himself, he didn’t get entangled with Ji Chen, he left I.S smoothly and did everything he wanted to do.



In this life, Cao Qiyue didn’t die, her career wasn’t destroyed, she left Meng Churong, she could still stand on the stage and shine, becoming the star in the eyes of everyone.




In this life, Xie Yifeng didn’t pass him by, he took the initiative to hold his hand, he resolutely joined his studio, every step in the future, they would walk hand in hand together.



At this moment, after suffering from trials and tribulations, resenting the injustice of fate, Zhou Yuhe was truly relieved, believing that –



Everything was arranged perfectly.





A concert…..



was very physical and energy consuming.



Whether for the audience, or the singer, it was the same.



The concert lasted until eleven o’clock before it was over, and Xie Yifeng and Zhou Yuhe, who were shouting in support of Cao Qiyue, went home early, and Cao Qiyue also dragged her tired body into the lounge like a walking corpse after receiving everyone’s congratulations for the “successful performance”.



She laid down on the sofa, and before she could close her eyes for three seconds, she suddenly remembered the picture, so she sat up from the sofa and turned on her phone to continue her work…



The phone was open and she was ready to continue work.



“Who is it?”



The response she got was still two thuds.



Cao Qiyue impatiently put her phone in her pocket and got up to open the door, not noticing that her phone slipped out of her pocket and fell on the sofa.



The moment she pulled open the door, she froze.



“Meng Churong?”



The person standing outside the door was none other than Meng Churong, who was wearing a delicate face of makeup but dressed in a low-key manner with a tired expression.



Meng Churong pulled the corners of her mouth, seemingly not knowing how to start, she hesitated for a moment, “I came to see your concert today, it was wonderful, congratulations ……”



Cao Qiyue replied nonchalantly, “Thank you, but how did you get in? Didn’t anyone tell you that no one is allowed to enter the backstage area?”



“No one?”



In Cao Qiyue’s eyes, she was now an uninvited guest?



Meng Churong seemed to have forgotten that the two of them had broken up 800 years ago.



As if gambling, she didn’t wait for Cao Qiyue’s consent, so she squeezed into the room first and saw the new cell phone on the sofa at a glance.



“You bought a new phone? Your number also changed? No wonder I can’t reach you lately, am I that tiresome?”



Fearing that she would say something too aggressive and be heard by other staff members passing by, Cao Qiyue had no choice but to close the door calmly, “We broke up three years ago, what are you looking for? I’m tired after the concert, I’m going home later, please go out now.”



Meng Churong, as if stimulated, shouted, “What’s wrong with breaking up? Even if we broke up, we can’t even be friends anymore? Is it a sin to even care about you and give you a call? I know why you’re in such a hurry to leave. You’re just going to meet your new lover, the fame-happy Zhou Yuhe, right?”



Cao Qiyue obviously also became angry, “What are you talking about? Can you stop disgusting me? Hurry up and go!”



With that, she moved to drag her out.



Meng Churong had been sitting on the stage for several hours, how could she compare to the physical exertion of Cao Qiyue who was performing on stage?



She easily shook off Cao Qiyue’s hand, and shouted as if she had something to hold on to, “I’m not talking nonsense! You two are the ones who are disgusting! You’re just buddies, you’d be together if you wanted to be together, you’re not interested in men at all, bullsh!t! It’s all bullsh!t! You two liars are really the most disgusting pair of dogs in this world, Cao Qiyue I despise you, I will always despise you!



Cao Qiyue rubbed her tormented ears, she had no idea what kind of madness came over Meng Churong tonight.



She didn’t scold Meng Churong, let alone defend herself, but directly offered the most damaging hit, “If you think that, I can’t help it.”



Hearing her say that, Meng Churong exploded even more. She angrily swept all the cosmetics off the dressing table.



Cao Qiyue shouted, “You crazy woman!” and rushed up to stop her.



At this time, the cell phone on the sofa suddenly rang.
When Meng Churong saw the caller ID, “Yuhe”, her eyes turned red, and when Cao Qiyue wasn’t prepared, she rushed to the sofa and picked up the phone.






She pressed the hang-up button.



An unprecedented pleasure spread to every cell of Meng Churong.



Zhou Yuhe, how about it, have you now also felt the feeling of being hung up on by your girlfriend?



“Quickly give me my phone!!!” Cao Qiyue let out a stern shout.



“Is there anything untoward in here?”



“What are you talking about? Give it to me!” Cao Qiyue’s face was terrified as she rushed up to grab the phone.



This in turn provoked Meng Churong’s rebellious spirit.



Cao July, this person, was very interesting.



She looked thin and innocent, like a quiet campus goddess.



In fact, she was carefree and spontaneous to death, like a straight man.



The password of her cell phone, bank password, and various social software passwords were all the same, she knew these three passwords.



And this was something that Cao Qiyue herself didn’t notice.



Meng Churong just tried it, she didn’t expect that as she casually entered one of the three sets of numbers, the phone opened with a faint vibration –



It actually opened.



Meng Churong was stunned.



At the same time Meng Churong opened the password of her phone, Cao Qiyue seized the moment she was dazed and fiercely grabbed the phone.



This period was so short that it was no more than half a second.



But with just one glance, she saw the content of the photo, it was shocking enough.



When grabbing the phone, although Meng Churong froze for a short while, the instinctive reaction to stop her was still there. When Cao Qiyue grabbed it, she didn’t know whose hand pressed the lock screen button again, the screen went black, and when it reached Cao Qiyue’s hand it turned back to the way it was without being opened, Cao Qiyue was relieved.



“Get the hell out of here!”



Her phone was moved randomly, this really stepped on her bottom line, not to mention that there were still photos of Yuhe and Xie Yifeng together, she was almost scared to death, and after retrieving the phone, she was even more furious, no matter how Meng Churong resisted, Cao Qiyue used all her strength to push her out of the room.





The door of the room was heavily closed.



“Cao Qiyue! How dare you do this to me! I’m telling you, you’ll regret it for sure!” Meng Churong angrily slapped the door a few times, Cao Qiyue in the room was as tired as a dehydrated fish that she didn’t want to move from the sofa, not caring what Meng Churong was yelling outside the door.



She wasn’t in the mood to edit the picture anymore, she hurriedly sent to Zhou Yuhe and quickly deleted it.



Meng Churong was simply unbelievable!



She ignored her in order to give her a little face, she didn’t expect her to be actually shameless to such an extent, after three years, she still came to fight with her? She was crazy!


Cao Qiyue immediately blocked out Meng Churong completely and kicked her out of her life.




She didn’t know when Meng Churong left.



Anyway, when she heard the assistant knocking on the door to drive her home, Cao Qiyue was shocked and it took her a while to come back to her senses.




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