After all, Shi Fei was young, Wang Pingyang and Tang Xiangyang catching up to him was unlikely. But in the end, Shi Fei was caught, mainly because this was their territory, they had so many students around, Shi Fei couldn’t fight them all ah. In a painting room, Shi Fei was sitting properly, like a […]


Who was Ji Chen? And who was Meng Churong! This news immediately set off a bloody storm on the Internet. Behind every top star stood a group of a considerable number of brain-dead fans, Ji Chen was no exception, their combat power was higher than others. Like Zhou Yuhe and Bai An, they more or […]


“What kind of rival is Lu Wenxing?” “He’s good-looking, we don’t have an advantage standing with him.” Cheng Yuan gave a ‘tsk’. “What’s there to worry about a pretty loser, today is the selection of variety guests, not for a talent show.” “But in case ……” Cheng Yuan interrupted his words. “Last week, Sister Man […]


Above the clouds, the lofty white city gleamed in the sunlight, its rich magic almost turned into substance and shined with golden light. This was the City of Holy Light, the highest temple of the God of Light. In the spacious central square, Qiao Nan slightly closed his eyes, he sat on a high-backed chair […]