C141 – Extra 7-Another Mecha Genius (I)

Since the addition of a child, Duan Hengye and Meng Jinhuai’s lives have become more fulfilling, more grounded, and more noisy. Without realizing it, the child who used to only speak nonsense that no one could understand had finally grown up. And with the age increase, Heyue didn’t only change his “chatterbox” attribute; even in addition to talking to himself, Heyue also started asking “hundred thousand whys.”.

As the child of the Marshal and Professor Duan, Heyue naturally had a lot of talent in mechatronics and other scientific fields. Although he had lost his memories of the past, Duan Hengye could vaguely feel the original owner’s gray experience and mood when he was a child. As the director of the Research Institute, Duan Hengye was very strict about his work and cared about the future of mechas, but that didn’t mean that he wanted his own child to follow the same path as he did, taking on the title and trust of “genius.”.

Aside from Duan Hengye, Meng Jinhuai, who had been on the battlefield since he was a child, of course also hoped that Heyue would be able to stay away from those disputes.


Now that the empire had become stable, the living environment after Heyue’s birth was different from when Duan Hengye and Meng Jinhuai were young. So although there was no special discussion about Heyue’s education, Duan Hengye and Meng Jinhuai had already acquiesced: River Moon didn’t need to learn about mechas from a young age, and he didn’t need to go to the military department for exercise. He only needed to learn the basic sciences like every child in the empire and have a happy and complete childhood.

However, Heyue was destined to be an extraordinary child.

Meng Jinhuai’s daily work and activities were based on mechas, which was a bit too dangerous for a child, so even though Heyue had repeatedly expressed his desire to go up to the mecha to have a look at it, his wish was never fulfilled. However, Duan Hengye was different. As a person who was mainly engaged in research work, although he could pilot a mecha, Duan Hengye’s daily work was done in the laboratory and office. From the moment he became aware, Heyue had always enjoyed following Duan Hengye’s back and watching his research work.

In the beginning, Duan Hengye didn’t care about this. After all, in his eyes, Heyue was a boy, and his work would often use all kinds of mecha models, so Heyue’s interest in these models was naturally a very normal thing. But the change happened in the year when Heyue was six years old.

Just like when he was small, the sentences that he casually spoke all required a response from Duan Hengye. After Heyue had grown up to the age of six, he still liked to stick to Duan Hengye’s side every day. Although he was a bit talkative, his volume wasn’t too loud when Duan Hengye was working, so seeing that Heyue wanted to follow him to work, Duan Hengye didn’t refuse after thinking about it; after all, in addition to being a chatterbox, Heyue was also good at being cute.

In any case, although Heyue was a bit talkative, overall he was a rather introverted child. Unlike his peers, who liked to run around wildly, Heyue could endure loneliness, and there were times when Duan Hengye would bring him to his office and then start to get busy. Whenever he encountered such a situation, most of the time, Heyue would sit alone on the sofa in his office and play with the mecha model that Duan Hengye had given him. If Duan Hengye was answering questions or holding a meeting for the staff of the institute, Heyue would always gently rest his chin on the side of the office, then open his round eyes wide and look towards the adults who were discussing.

A child’s appearance changed over time. Right now, Heyue’s looks are simply a replica of Duan Hengye. Duan Hengye didn’t know that during that period of time, whenever a staff member left his office, they would turn their heads and scream “ah ah ah ah” for half a day in various group chats, and then start updating others on the images they had just seen. There were a lot of staff members at the institute, and many of them were very active on the Star Network. Gradually, some people began to share their recent sights on their own accounts.

Although Southern Star’s side didn’t deliberately hide Heyue, there were only less than five pictures of Heyue that had been released through official channels over the years. The public’s curiosity about the child was getting stronger day by day, so these written descriptions from the institute’s staff then eased everyone’s desire to meet Heyue to a certain extent.

As the young master of Southern Star, it wasn’t an exaggeration to say that from the moment Heyue was born, he had countless fans on the stars, and now, after hearing about the little introverted chatterbox in the staff’s descriptions—on top of that, he looked a lot like Duan Hengye—everyone’s curiosity and love for Heyue grew stronger and stronger day by day.

However, Heyue’s true fame in the interstellar world was due to a later incident.

Duan Hengye had now become accustomed to Heyue staying at the side while he worked, and although his habit of small talk hadn’t changed, the child’s voice wasn’t loud after all. So unless one was careful to identify it, one wouldn’t be able to hear what he was saying. On this day, a mecha design team from the research institute encountered a problem, and in order to solve this problem, Duan Hengye specially held a meeting for their entire team. For the sake of convenience, the location of the meeting was inside Duan Hengye’s office.

This room was actually not too small, but after squeezing in a design team, it was a little less than adequate. When the meeting officially started, the original desk located in the center of the office suddenly disappeared and was replaced by a two and a half-meter-high mecha projection model.


Duan Hengye, dressed in a white lab coat, stood next to the model, and while he spoke, he quickly changed the direction of the model, and together with everyone, he analyzed the connotations of the various structures inside.

But even though Duan Hengye was there, the problems weren’t so easy to solve. As Duan Hengye introduced it, from time to time, there would be researchers asking him questions. Some of these questions were simple and some were complex, but no matter what the question was, Duan Hengye listened very patiently and would carefully answer them after it was over.

“Professor Duan, I have another problem here, that is, the power system inside the mecha; the transmission is somewhat sluggish.” At this time, a staff member was asking Duan Hengye a question, and by the way, he also partially enlarged the mecha model in front of him, showing the specific problematic part to his colleagues and Duan Hengye.

While listening to the staff member, Duan Hengye nodded slightly, noting down the questions he had just asked and preparing to answer them when he finished. But just at this time, Duan Hengye, who was standing in front of the mecha, suddenly felt his clothes being gently pulled a few times.


Although Heyue was young, he was very understanding, and he wasn’t someone who would disturb Duan Hengye’s work. So after feeling the movement at the hem of his clothes, Duan Hengye lowered his head and looked towards his side. Then Duan Hengye saw that the little guy standing at his side was tilting his head and blinking at him. After seeing Duan Hengye cast his line of sight over, Heyue squinted and smiled at him, then finally released Duan Hengye’s coat.

Right now, all of the people in the office were focused on Duan Hengye, so after seeing him lower his head, quite a few people habitually shifted their sights downwards, and then together they looked towards Heyue. Logically speaking, for a child as big as Heyue, suddenly being stared at by a bunch of adults dressed in white was probably a very scary thing, but right now, Heyue’s face didn’t have the slightest hint of fear or discomfort.

In contrast, everyone saw that the usually somewhat introverted and shy Heyue directly dropped the hem of Duan Hengye’s coat after realizing that people were looking at him. Heyue took a step forward as he stood next to the mecha model and said, “Here, there’s a bit of a problem…”

There was a problem here. Before everyone could react to what exactly Heyue was saying right now, they saw the little chatterbox suddenly return to his world. He mumbled and introduced his thoughts, and by the way, he also very skillfully extended his hand and began to change the posture of the mecha model.

What was this situation? Heyue was now answering everyone’s questions? Now, the people inside the entire office stayed there. They looked at Heyue, who was only as tall as Duan Hengye’s leg, and then glanced at the huge mecha model in front of them. Am I dreaming? This was the thought in the minds of all the staff at this moment.

After all, he was Heyue’s father, and the moment he heard him open his mouth, although Duan Hengye was also taken aback, after calming down, he easily accepted the fact that Heyue was a genius in terms of mechas. Although Heyue’s voice wasn’t very loud, as a father, Duan Hengye still listened carefully. Therefore, he knew that a lot of what his son was reciting was indeed related to mecha.

Then something even more surprising to the staff happened. Just when everyone hadn’t reacted to what Heyue was talking about, Duan Hengye actually discussed it with him. After all, Heyue was a child, and although he could see the problem, his judgment on the solution to the problem was still somewhat juvenile. Duan Hengye didn’t ignore Heyue’s opinion, nor did he perfunctorily ignore him as if he were teasing a child, but… He very seriously discussed with Heyue, pointing out his mistakes in the process.

After seeing this scene, the office was quiet, and the staff looked at Professor Duan, who had a cool temperament and a serious look, and then glanced at this replica Professor Duan and suddenly had a premonition that… the next genius of the mecha world might be about to be born under their gazes.



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