C92 — Official Announcement

“Yes, then what?”

Lu Wenxing yawned, nestled in Gu Yanshen’s arms, as he carelessly retorted.

“You ……” Gu Yanshen realized and finally reacted, “did it deliberately?”


Lu Wenxing blinked.. “Otherwise?”


Gu Yanshen felt hit by this huge surprise. He froze for a second, then tightly hugged Lu Wenxing; he couldn’t wait to kiss him.

Lu Wenxing had planned to make it public as early as when the gossip blogs were being antagonistic and finally set the time for Gu Yanshen’s birthday night.

He also talked to his parents and Wen Zheng in advance, and in the middle of the day, he also probed Gu Yanshen’s intentions, but Gu Yanshen didn’t even realize it.

He originally didn’t intend to disclose his Painter S account, but it was only a matter of time before netizens could guess from his previous Weibo posts and uncover his account.

Moreover, he had already exposed Painter S’s account once; it was those netizens who didn’t believe him.


In the end, Lu Wenxing decided to make it public in this way.


Lu Wenxing never concealed his liking for Gu Yanshen, but he could feel that Gu Yanshen was too cautious about this relationship, as if dealing with a fragile item.

Having learned about Gu Yanshen’s childhood, Lu Wenxing could also understand why Gu Yanshen hid his emotions very well and didn’t show any tension towards their relationship.

During their time together, Gu Yanshen clumsily guarded Lu Wenxing in his own way, not wanting Lu Wenxing to notice his uneasiness.

He respected Lu Wenxing’s wishes; if Lu Wenxing didn’t want to announce their relationship to the public, then he would try to hide.

Because his parents’ feelings eventually became each other’s shackles, Gu Yanshen was afraid that his fondness for Lu Wenxing would also become a burden. So, it seemed that in the relationship, the person who took the initiative was Lu Wenxing; in fact, Gu Yanshen was just afraid to make a mistake.

Lu Wenxing clearly felt his uneasiness.

“Liking someone doesn’t require patience and restraint.”

Lu Wenxing cupped Gu Yanshen’s face and pecked his lips.

“It’s true that you’ve never been in love, but it’s okay; it’s my first time too, so don’t mind anyone.”


Several surprises came one after another, and Gu Yanshen calmed down and understood Lu Wenxing’s intentions. Before they were in a relationship, they had a lot in common; they shared a common love, a common idol, and a compatible outlook on most things, so he really didn’t need to be so careful.

Lu Wenxing was very gentle; his gentleness was from words to actions, making people feel comfortable.

The first time the two of them went on a variety show and lived together for a few days, Gu Yanshen felt this way about Lu Wenxing.

Like the warm sun in winter, comfortable and soft.

So, falling in love with him was the same.

“I like you. So, you can do whatever you want based on this liking; you can say it when you’re happy, you can say it when you’re sad, you can be jealous, and you can lose your temper.”

Lu Wenxing spoke seriously; he tilted his head to kiss Gu Yanshen’s lips, like a dragonfly; it was just a touch.

“Only honest feelings can last.”

“I want to have a long-lasting relationship with you.”


Gu Yanshen cupped Lu Wenxing’s chin and lowered his head to kiss him. From gentle to hot, there was no restraint, no need to endure; it was all mixed with surging love; they fell into a deep kiss.

“I’m only afraid that what I give you won’t be good enough.”

Gu Yanshen’s kisses fell again, fine and dense, from his hair to his earlobes and then to his neck. Lu Wenxing pushed him a little and whispered.

“I want to take a bath.”


Being forcibly stopped, Gu Yanshen endured a hard time, and after finding a set of pajamas for Lu Wenxing, he found himself another room to take a shower.

Back in the room, Lu Wenxing was already sitting on his bed, wearing his pajamas, covered with the smell of his usual shower gel.


Under the soft light in the bedroom, all the strands of his hair were soft, and Gu Yanshen was like a big cat inspecting his territory.

Lu Wenxing raised his eyes to Gu Yanshen in the doorway and and said, “You’ve washed up; do you want to……”

The remaining words were kissed and swallowed, then Gu Yanshen’s nose touched Lu Wenxing’s neck. If there was a faint fragrance, it was familiar and seductive. Their hot lips pressed against each other, and the air became scorching.

Gu Yanshen’s fingers were scorching hot, and Lu Wenxing moved uneasily. Gu Yanshen hugged him even tighter, preventing him from having a chance to escape. His fingers slid into the hem of his clothes, wanting to touch his soft skin. In an instant, it was like a spark igniting a prairie fire.


“Xingxing, I want to hear you shout my name.”

Gu Yanshen’s eyes were deep in color, with a surge of emotions in his pitch black eyes. He was no longer satisfied with just kissing and touching his body; he wanted more.

The breath of the two became heavy. Gu Yanshen coaxed Lu Wenxing again, “Xingxing, call me by my name.”


Gu Yanshen ripped off the buttons of Lu Wenxing’s shirt, and the clothes slid messily off his shoulders and onto the floor. Gu Yanshen’s slender knuckles worked their way down from his flat belly, then his shoulder was suddenly bitten, and he stopped moving.

“I want to do it myself.”

Gu Yanshen:????

Lu Wenxing moved to take off Gu Yanshen’s clothes.

“Don’t make a fuss.”

Gu Yanshen’s voice was slightly hoarse as he moved to kiss his fingers, from fingertips to palms, then to his wrists.

He clasped Lu Wenxing’s arm and held him in his arms, his loving kisses falling again.

“Xingxing, is it okay?”

Gu Yanshen’s deep black eyes churned with desire, without any concealment. His blazing gaze made Lu Wenxing’s body stiffen, and he felt flustered everywhere.



The sunlight outside the window poured in. Lu Wenxing only remembered that Gu Yanshen carried him to the bathroom, and the two returned to the bed. Not long after, Lu Wenxing fell into a deep sleep.

He prepared a surprise that Gu Yanshen liked very much, and as he wished, he no longer restrained his love for him.

But Gu Yanshen’s lack of restraint was completely different from the lack of restraint that Lu Wenxing wanted.

Because of last night’s lack of restraint, Lu Wenxing now felt a sore waist when he moved.

Lu Wenxing was held in Gu Yanshen’s arms. As soon as he moved, Gu Yanshen opened his eyes. Sleepiness faded away from his eyes. “What’s wrong?”

“Feeling uncomfortable.”

Gu Yanshen immediately tensed up. “Where is it uncomfortable?”

“My waist is sore.”

Lu Wenxing’s tone carried a complaint, and Gu Yanshen helped him rub his back, his movements gentle and tender.

Although he hadn’t thought he would progress to the last step with Lu Wenxing, he had also prepared, deliberately looking for resources to learn, so he knew that during foreplay he should be as patient and gentle as possible and that he couldn’t be too indulgent for the first time.

The moment the two drew closer, Gu Yanshen was very restrained, gently waiting for Lu Wenxing to adapt.

The first time’s foreplay was particularly long because Lu Wenxing had a great distrust of Gu Yanshen and was afraid that Gu Yanshen would make him hurt.

Lu Wenxing had read the resources given to him by his roommate and knew that he could take the lead. If he felt comfortable, he could continue, and if he felt uncomfortable, he could stop at any time.

Only by taking the lead could he relax.

Gu Yanshen couldn’t argue with him, so the two of them dawdled for half a day. Lu Wenxing’s forehead was covered in fine sweat. They tried several times, but it didn’t go well. Gu Yanshen couldn’t bear it anymore, but he still held onto Lu Wenxing’s waist, afraid that he might accidentally hurt him.


But Lu Wenxing was still a bit angry. He never expected that the first step would fail.

He has always believed that he had strong learning abilities. Yesterday, he suddenly had a slight doubt about himself. The video didn’t seem difficult, but the actual operation wasn’t quite what he thought.

Lu Wenxing wasn’t too happy, and Gu Yanshen had to coax him for a long time. He knew that Lu Wenxing was nervous; in fact, he was also quite nervous, but in order to appease Lu Wenxing, he had to act more calm and collected.

Gu Yanshen pulled Lu Wenxing’s hand and placed it on his shoulder. “If it hurts, you can shout stop, or pinch me. I won’t continue.”

Lu Wenxing’s eyes were flushed with moisture, the ends of his eyes were slightly red, and his tone was quite fierce. “There won’t be a next time if you dare to make me hurt.”

At this moment, Lu Wenxing’s look was the same as last night.

“Don’t touch me.”

Gu Yanshen rubbed his waist without stopping, patiently coaxing him. “What’s wrong?”


“What did I lie to you about?” Gu Yanshen was a little confused.

“You said you wouldn’t continue if I shouted stop.”

Lu Wenxing looked away, as if accusing Gu Yanshen of how excessive he was yesterday. But Gu Yanshen looked at him with an innocent expression and said, “But… you were quite comfortable.”

Lu Wenxing: “……”

“I only continued because you weren’t hurt.”

Lu Wenxing: “……”

It was impossible for the first time not to hurt, but it wasn’t a pain that couldn’t be endured.

Gu Yanshen was quite considerate of his feelings, and that bit of discomfort gradually disappeared under Gu Yanshen’s ‘care’.

By the latter part of the night, Lu Wenxing was already tired; he got up early in the morning and was up late. He was so sleepy that he could barely keep his eyes open, yet Gu Yanshen pulled him to continue.

He patiently coaxed him with his mouth, but his movements weren’t gentle at all.

The consequence of last night’s indulgence was that his waist was particularly sore today.

Especially after seeing Gu Yanshen’s blank and innocent expression, Lu Wenxing couldn’t help but lose his temper.


Lu Wenxing grunted lightly. Gu Yanshen’s technique was very light yet comfortable, temporarily relieving his waist soreness.

Lu Wenxing said, “I take back what I said yesterday.”


“It’s better to be restrained if you like it.” Lu Wenxing purposely bit down on the last few words.

Gu Yanshen: “……”

He was really restrained.

Since it was the first time for both of them, and he was worried that Lu Wenxing wouldn’t feel well the next day, he didn’t make too much of a scene.

“Do you want to sleep a little longer?”

“I’m hungry.”

“What do you want to eat?”

“Clear soup noodles.” This was the breakfast that Lu Xiaofei often made when Lu Wenxing was in B City.


As long as it wasn’t spicy, it didn’t matter. Gu Yanshen got up and washed up to make breakfast for Lu Wenxing.


Lu Wenxing flopped down on the bed and took out his mobile phone.

The explosive post created last night was still hanging in the top few hot searches until today, and when clicked on, the comments were all stacked in the tens of thousands.

[【!!! I knew that Wangfei CP must be real.]

[I’ve cried so much; I’ve been in so many BE pairs; this is the first time I’ve been a HE CP fan, but I still can’t believe it!]

[TN: BE: Bad Ending, HE: Happy Ending]

[I thought I was dreaming but I woke up in the morning and saw that it was still on the hot search list.]

[Going from a fan of Lu Wenxing to Painter S, the result was that he’s the same person, laughing to death]

[Painter S’s post from a while ago was exposing it, but you guys just didn’t believe it.]

[The clown is actually myself.]

[Our boyfriend was just joking.]

[This generation of fans isn’t very good. Painter S and Wenxing were at the same school and level, yet no one guessed it? Why didn’t anyone guess?]


[The funniest thing is the gossip accounts, right? Painter S is suspected of declaring his sovereignty, and the two of them are tearing each other apart.]

[I can laugh at this joke for a year.]

[Wenxing: I didn’t expect it; it’s all me.]

[Does Wenxing know he used the wrong account? Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha]

[I feel like it’s on purpose.]

[Upstairs, that’s the smell of sweetness.]

[Gu Yanshen hasn’t responded.]

-The studio has already expressed their blessings to the two of them. Last night, Weibo collapsed like that. How could brother Yanshen respond?]


[Wenxing’s Weibo post was so accurate that it must have been scheduled. At that time, the two of them were probably together. Who would still post on Weibo?]

Lu Wenxing retreated, and a new hot search appeared on the list.

#Gu Yanshen shows off gifts..

【Gu Yanshen v】 Birthday gift from boyfriend @ Lu Wenxing

The accompanying picture was of a pair of couple watches on their wrists.

Starry sky and the ocean.

[Official announcement!]

[Ah ah ah ah ah, to celebrate Brother Shen’s announcement, I’ll perform a 360° roundhouse kick for you guys.]

[Civil Affairs Bureau: May I ask if you’re tying the knot yourselves, or should I just issue the certificate?]

[This is the first time I’ve seen a real-life CP.]

[Tears, it’s really New Year’s Eve for CP fans.]


Lu Wenxing sent a text to Gu Yanshen.

[ET] Where’s my breakfast?

[.] Do you want to come down to eat, or should I serve it up? [/picture]

[ET] I’ll come down.

After Lu Wenxing washed up and went downstairs, Gu Yanshen poured a cup of warm water for him.


“Drink it before you eat.”

The two sat face to face, slowly and methodically enjoying their morning time, then Gu Yanshen asked, “Will you take a nap after finishing your meal?”

Lu Wenxing yawned, and tears welled up in the corner of his eyes. He nodded listlessly.

Xu Rong’s call was timely; any later, Lu Wenxing would have fallen asleep.


Lu Wenxing’s voice carried a bit of a nasal tone, and Xu Rong, as an agent, first expressed humane concern. “You caught a cold?”

“Nope. Is something wrong?”

Lu Wenxing yawned again and listened to Xu Rong.

“I’ll think about it.”

The call ended, and Gu Yanshen asked him.


Lu Wenshing dove under the covers, finding a comfortable position to shrink in Gu Yanshen’s arms, squinting lazily.

“A love variety show invited us to participate, Sheng Chao should have contacted you.”

“You still haven’t told me…the keychain.”

Lu Wenxing refused to say anything, no matter how much he messed with him, grunting to express his dissatisfaction.

“I’ll tell you if you guess right.” Lu Wenxing yawned and responded perfunctorily.

“Is watching me guess fun?”

Lu Wenxing responded lazily. “It’s fun.”

Gu Yanshen let out a light laugh, reaching out to pinch Lu Wenxing’s cheeks, his chin resting against the top of Lu Wenxing’s head.

“Then I’ll guess even less.”

Lu Wenxing didn’t care if he guessed or not, yawning again and again; he was drowsy and tearful, but unable to sleep for a while.

Gu Yanshen asked again, “Did you accept the script?”

“The less serious one?”



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