Zhu Qing’an’s parents. They didn’t live to a healthy old age, nor did they have another lovely child.   There was no way to remember Zhu Qing’an until the end of their lives.   Shortly after Zhu Qing’an entered the hibernation chamber. They went to a laboratory near the battlefield for research, and the […]


But the moment he saw the hot search, he froze.   The other personality of Qin Hengyi, also known as Qin Yuan, was a genius in the business world.   ——Qin Yuan had a Weibo page, but he never published personal information, and at most only forwarded some business affairs. This time, however, he unexpectedly […]


Puzzled, Zhu Qing’an froze for a moment and wrinkled his eyebrows: “How did that door get opened?”   When he entered the game headquarters before, there was indeed a door on the second floor that couldn’t be opened. It looked like something very important was stored inside.   Sami was a little excited: “I don’t […]


Zhu Qing’an clicked on the file.     The next second, his expression became extremely serious.       He took a cursory look at the document, he probably knew what was going on.     The government back then had expected that even if they had the right to rule, after three hundred years, […]


  [An An. You and that guy, did you use up the whole pile of stuff?]     Zhu Qing’an: “……”     He glanced at this paragraph and instantly froze. His white face once again reddened, his red eyes didn’t show what emotions were contained in them.   His fingers pressed against the keyboard, […]


Zhu Qing’an clicked on Weibo, and as expected, he was tagged by the promotional Weibo page.     –The game not only sent out the trailer, but also registered a special promotional page.     The trailer for the horror-suspense 3D TV series “I’m Super Delicious in the Eyes of a Ghost” is officially on […]


The other party retracted his head in shock, looked at the slim young man in front of him with a frightened expression and stammered, “Are you …… sure you want one this big? You can wear it?”     The teenager in front of him, wearing a large mask, revealed half of his cheeks that […]


  Zhu Qing’an looked at the sweetness of the comments and his heart inexplicably thumped faster.   Little prince ah ……     He was his little prince.     He lowered his head, clutching the corner of his coat, he didn’t know where to put his hands. Finally, he shoved the light computer back […]


The part the game chose was when the teenage ghost first summoned the ghost fire for the protagonist.     At that time, the whole city had a blackout, every corner of the city was dark.     The protagonist happened to stay in the suburbs, he was afraid of the dark because of his […]


Weibo’s server had been repaired.     When Zhu Qing’an poked open Weibo, he was confronted with the hot search that was dominated by him and Qin Hengyi.     — Qin Hengyi’s selfie spread all over Weibo in a flash.   [How beautiful!! A godly face! Only such a person can be worthy of […]