Two months later. Zhu Qing’an’s new life gradually stepped into the right track. He had been steadily rising in the entertainment industry, with all kinds of resources at his fingertips.   One afternoon, Qin Hengyi mysteriously brought back a cardboard box.     Zhu Qing’an looked at the cardboard box, “What is that?”   […]


Qin Hengyi had tossed Zhu Qing’an all the way, and when they finally got home, he still wanted to have another round in the bathtub at home. Zhu Qing’an’s back ached, but he could only curse at him with a trembling voice.   Qin Hengyi was a bit aggravated and said vaguely while biting his […]


  As soon as the post was uploaded, the whole network instantly exploded.   Before Zhu Qing’an could check out the comments, the Starnet server was already paralyzed.   He could only wait until the server was repaired before logging in.     “Do you like it?” The man glanced at Zhu Qing’an’s scarlet cheeks […]


  The scent of flowers wafting in outside the window was getting stronger.   The sunlight swirled on the ground.     Zhu Qing’an felt a sudden hot gaze, he opened his eyes in a daze. His vision focused, but when he saw the person in front of him, his eyes lit up and he […]


  [Please wait for me to come home.]   The black and white game interface reflected a pale line of words.   Zhu Qing’an glanced at it and jerked to a halt. He looked at it many times over and over again to make sure he was reading it right.   Qin Hengyi was no […]


The world’s holographic screens were left with only that line of online notification.     After three hundred years of days and nights. The Empire was finally under its true ruler.   Some people who knew about the World Administrator incident, cheered on the spot. Even for those who didn’t know, they vaguely understood – […]


  Zhu Qing’an and Qin Hengyi played in the bathroom until the middle of the night.     Finally, Zhu Qing’an couldn’t help but fall asleep while cleaning up. His head was drooping in the bathtub, clearly at the mercy of the man.   Qin Hengyi helped the dizzy teenager wash his body, smeared the […]


  Zhu Qing’an got a little flustered after saying this.   Qin Hengyi was made by his parents. He was also their child in their eyes.   Equivalent to his brother.     At the beginning, the love they let Zhu Qing’an prove may also be limited to family relations.   What if …… they […]


  He seems to have stepped on a “person” who was taking a nap?   Zhu Qing’an froze then looked down. He saw a small strawman. But this wasn’t like the traditional style straw man, but a robot. A humanoid robot wearing a small lab coat and holding a golden rice wheat in its mouth. […]


Bonus Chap Thanks for the Kofi ✨✨✨✨✨RTL✨✨✨✨✨✨   Zhu Qing’an wanted a box of mooncakes.     The mooncakes cost a thousand interstellar coins, and belonged to the category of daily snacks. But this item had a special function – it could slow down the end of the full moon day, so that the little […]