Change privacy settings Among the vampires, it was quite normal for two people to do that kind of thing, just like sucking blood and sleeping, without having to bother about anyone’s eyes. As long as one was in the mood, and saw someone, they could have s.ex on any occasion. It didn’t matter if they […]


Change privacy settings   Zhu Qing’an loved all kinds of virtual games.   One day, he bought a new game from the mall and asked Qin Hengyi to play with him.     Qin Hengyi glanced at the colorful game disc and laughed lightly: “What? Have you forgotten what you did last time when you […]


Change privacy settings   The young man who had grown up was bound to the cross of judgment. Soon the cross would burst into flames and consume him.     He had only just grown up and knew nothing of the world, let alone that he was evil. He lifted his pretty white face, his […]


Change privacy settings   “Drained?” Qin Hengyi frowned slightly.   But he quickly reacted to what this meant, pursed his lips, and didn’t speak.     The old priest was still blowing his beard and shaking his head, yowling to the man, “Don’t raise him, quickly throw him out. He will soon grow up, Your […]


Change privacy settings   After Zhu Qing’an finished playing the first full-series plot game, he was instantly hooked on this kind of game. A few days later, he took advantage of Qin Hengyi”s vacation and dragged the other party to play another newly purchased game.     Little Phantom     Qin Hengyi didn’t quite […]


Change privacy settings   Qin Hengye’s father paused violently.   Someone from the Galactic Empire?   Who was it?   Qin Hengyi didn’t answer his father’s doubt, he smiled imperiously, ”Compared to the strategic resources of Ms. Hongta’s country, we definitely want the resources of the Galactic Empire more, don’t we? There is a way […]


Change privacy settings Qin Hengyi didn’t know what happened on Weibo, after he bought omega inhibitors, he returned to the military headquarters under the gaze of the paparazzi.   His little omega was still waiting for him.   He opened the bedroom, the rich omega pheromone came on the face, it was a very strong […]


Change privacy settings   Zhu Qing’an finished speaking. It was only then that he slowly reacted to what Qin Hengyi had said before.   A soft omega wasn’t suitable for this kind of food ……   Zhu Qing’an: “……”   Mr. Qin, found out that he was an omega?   His cheeks reddened, then his […]


Change privacy settings   Two months later. Zhu Qing’an’s new life gradually stepped into the right track. He had been steadily rising in the entertainment industry, with all kinds of resources at his fingertips.   One afternoon, Qin Hengyi mysteriously brought back a cardboard box.     Zhu Qing’an looked at the cardboard box, “What […]


Change privacy settings Qin Hengyi had tossed Zhu Qing’an all the way, and when they finally got home, he still wanted to have another round in the bathtub at home. Zhu Qing’an’s back ached, but he could only curse at him with a trembling voice.   Qin Hengyi was a bit aggravated and said vaguely […]