Among the vampires, it was quite normal for two people to do that kind of thing, just like sucking blood and sleeping, without having to bother about anyone’s eyes. As long as one was in the mood, and saw someone, they could have s.ex on any occasion. It didn’t matter if they knew the person or not.


Vampires didn’t have the so-called shame of human beings.



And the rumor that a drop of essence was worth ten drops of blood was true. There were many vampires who didn’t like blood, most of them could choose to use the liquid mentioned above, one drop was worth ten drops of blood, and they could drink it in two places. It was just a bit troublesome to get it.


When he heard Qin Hengyi propose this sentence, the corner of his lips pulled up in embarrassment.



The clown masked man beside him even shouted excitedly: ”This gentleman! You are simply the Chosen One! You’re lucky enough to be able to drink–” The latter words were blocked by the game system due to the disharmony, and Zhu Qing’an only heard a busy tone.


Even in that case, Zhu Qing’an was still so shy that he was about to explode.



Behind him was a large group of vampires. They were all staring at him with ambiguous gazes, wanting to see his reaction.




The white and clean youth lowered his head, his tightly furrowed brows made him seem aggrieved, his glistening black eyes were stained with water. But it appeared to make him look even more adorable and delicious. Many vampire men were tempted to invite him to “feed” with them.



But this teenager already belonged to Mr. Qin Hengyi.



The masked clown continued excitedly, “We will now arrange for a suitable bedroom! Please wait for a while!”



Zhu Qing’an: “……”


No, he didn’t want to, he didn’t want to.


The blonde man, who had been sitting quietly in his seat, suddenly stood up, came to Zhu Qing’an’s side, and inexplicably touched the other party’s soft black hair.


This familiar action ……


Zhu Qing’an froze violently and stiffened.



The temperament of the vampire Qin Hengyi was completely different from the past. Ice-cold red eyes were full of intimidation, his features were cold, and his body exuded an air that screamed he wasn’t to be messed with.


His fingers without any warmth gently brushed the corner of Zhu Qing’an’s clothes.



He leaned down and took a fine whiff of the scent staining his clothes.





The man’s figure lurched, and his pupils suddenly shrunk.


He didn’t smell the scent belonging to vampires.


Instead, he smelled the uniquely human scent of fresh, tantalizing blood. It was full of life, like a flower about to bud.



The man narrowed his red eyes slightly, raising the corners of his lips in amusement.


Looked like this was a little human teenager who accidentally wandered into the vampire world.


It was funny.


He liked it.


The youth still didn’t sense the danger, and was just nervously clutching the corners of his coat. His face was so red that it looked like a peach about to ripen.



Too innocent.



The man couldn’t help but let out a low laugh, a sexy and husky laugh full of unknown meaning.


He tightly held the youth’s hand and softly said: “You are really interesting.”





Zhu Qing’an: “……”




Instead of going to the clown masked man’s room, Qin Hengyi took Zhu Qing’an back to his ancient castle.


He was going to keep his little dessert captive.


The man’s home was in the East, and an ancient castle in Europe was only equivalent to a small vacation spot.



Even so, the black ancient castle was still frighteningly large, like a large, eerie and dark mountain standing in the deserted countryside.



Qin Hengyi brought Zhu Qing’an to his bedroom.



The large bedroom had tall floor-to-ceiling windows, thick woolen carpets, and a bed big enough to hold several people.



Zhu Qing’an was currently confused and overwhelmed. He touched his pocket’s Blood Hunter’s special weapon, sniffed the garlic odor coming from his pocket, and frowned slightly.



Qin Hengyi didn’t know that the youth was a Blood Hunter, and only thought that the other was a little lamb that had mistakenly entered the tiger’s den.



He surveyed the confused youth and sighed lightly.


It seemed that he was really frightened.



He didn’t bother to strike up a conversation, instead he sat on the side with great interest, wanting to see what this deliciously simple little dessert would do. Scream? Cry?



Zhu Qing’an was silent for a long time, remembering that he was disguised as a vampire at the moment.


He couldn’t reveal himself.



He gathered his courage and turned his head: ”Mr. …… you like me? Then what do I have to do? ……”



The man’s hand holding the wine glass paused.



–This little dessert was really interesting.


He not only dared to pretend to be a vampire to approach him. And also dared to ask this kind of question.



He didn’t know if he was too naive, or if he really had intentions towards him.



The man shook his head helplessly.



However, with his tolerance and generosity as a vampire leader, he kindly didn’t poke through the little dessert’s disguise.



He would like to see what the youth, being a human, would do to him.



Qin Hengyi put down the wine glass filled with blood as he nodded slightly, took off his jacket, and said in a hoarse voice, “Okay, come on.” He sat on the chair, his pale and slender fingers gently tapping on the chair handle, as if waiting for the youth to come on his own.




Zhu Qing’an blinked in confusion.



Qin Hengyi looked at the too innocent youth and was a bit annoyed, he frowned and said helplessly, “Come here.”



Zhu Qing’an︰”……”



–It’s nothing, they’d been in love for so long.



Qin Hengyi was so energetic that he had long gotten used to it.


Zhu Qing’an quietly consoled himself.


The youth blushed, nodded, then slowly raised his eyes and sat down next to the man.


Qin Hengyi raised the corners of his lips, becoming more and more interested in the youth’s behavior.


What a delicious piece of cupcake.




Zhu Qing’an was in a daze not knowing anything.



Just when he thought it was going to end, he heard the man’s low, husky and steady voice ringing in his ears.


“Vampires have to go for at least seven rounds before they can stop.”


If he was also a vampire with a strong physique, then he might be able to withstand it.



But he …… was currently human.


Confused, he finally realized what the consequences of masquerading as a vampire were.




Zhu Qing’an played this game and played to the point of exhaustion before returning to reality.



He never wanted to play this holographic game of two-player romance again.


Every …… time, he was the one who was unlucky.


Zhu Qing’an opened his eyes wide and looked around him with great dissatisfaction.


The man had long since removed his holographic helmet and accompanied him on the bed.



“Awake?” Qin Hengyi looked at his young lover whose face gradually reddened and laughed lightly as he reached out to rub the other’s head: “How did it go, amnesia in the game is okay with me, right?”



The young man’s face turned red and his eyes watered.



He turned his head away, not looking at the other. After a long time, he coldly said, “Get lost.”



He stretched out his long fingers and pointed to the sofa outside the bedroom.



Then he threw a round rabbit pillow to the man: “Go outside, don’t come back.”



Qin Hengyi took the pillow and leaned down to kiss his lover’s forehead: “Do whatever you want. I like it all.”


[The End]


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