Zhu Qing’an finished speaking. It was only then that he slowly reacted to what Qin Hengyi had said before.


A soft omega wasn’t suitable for this kind of food ……


Zhu Qing’an: “……”


Mr. Qin, found out that he was an omega?


His cheeks reddened, then his entire body stiffened. He raised his eyes, looked at the man, and said faintly: “Mr. Qin, do you …… know my gender?”



“……” Qin Hengyi carefully measured the youth who didn’t know what was wrong, he raised the corners of his lips, his youthful alpha pheromone was even thicker: “Your pheromone is about to overflow, milk-flavored. ”



“Mr. Qin ……” Zhu Qing’an remembered what he said to Qin Hengyi before, and became a little flustered.


The man suddenly touched his soft hair: “I know why you told me you’re an alpha, is it because you don’t want to be marked?”


Marked ……


Zhu Qing’an knew what this meant, and his face was very red.


“Good boy, marking doesn’t hurt, this is a game.” Qin Hengyi laughed.


He glanced at the food brought by the soldier, “These type of food are all for alphas, an omega’s weak intestines isn’t suitable for eating these. I’ll take you out to find something to eat?”



Zhu Qing’an: “…………”


At least, he was an Imperial Major.



He shook his head: “No need.” Saying this, he rolled up his sleeves and was about to pick up a bone in his lunchbox that was skewered with fragrant mutton, the thick gravy about to drip out.


Qin Hengyi pulled the food away, “It’s too greasy. If you don’t want to go out, you can …… come to my bedroom. There is milk powder in my bedroom, suitable for an omega.”


Zhu Qing’an: “?


To the bedroom?


Qin Hengyi wanted to take his hand, but suddenly thought of something and picked him up by the waist.


He leaned over the youth’s white earlobe: “People outside think that I am torturing you. So you need to pretend to be tortured …… dying in my arms, unable to move.”



In this world, he and Zhu Qing’an were rivals.


This was something that everyone knows. If nothing major happened, it was better for them not to break this setting.



Zhu Qing’an: “…………”


It sounded a bit strange.



The man bit his earlobe, leaving red marks.



The young omega’s milk pheromones, came to his nose like a tidal wave, inhaling, his lower abdomen suddenly felt hot.



When would it be time to mark the young omega?



“Do as you’re told.”



Zhu Qing’an didn’t dare to say more, his head fell toward the man’s broad shoulders, then both eyes closed.


His eyes and cheeks easily reddened in reality, and it was the same in the game.


The fragile omega youth collapsed motionless in Qin Hengyi’s arms, his eyes reddened and his brows knit tightly, as if he had been severely tortured and was in pain all over. He looked very pitiful.


Qin Hengyi resumed his cold demeanor, hugged his tortured nemesis, and walked out of the office door.


But the guards outside the door sucked in a heavy breath of cold air when they saw the youth in his arms.



…… It was too bad.


Their marshal was a tyrant, and torturing people wouldn’t be done in ordinary ways.


The youth didn’t seem to have suffered any injuries, but his internal organs might have all been damaged and exhausted. Only then would his eyes be closed tightly and his body be this numb.



It was pitiful to become the Marshal’s nemesis.


One of the guards couldn’t bear to see such a beautiful captive die and asked, ” Marshal, do you need him to be taken to a military doctor?”



Their marshal was very cold and heartless: “No need, let him endure the pain slowly.”


Guard: “……”


Qin Hengyi carried the dying youth to the marshal’s exclusive bedroom.



The fingerprint-unlocked door opened automatically, and what met his eyes was a room dressed in pure black.



Zhu Qing’an was nestled drowsily in the man’s arms until he was patted on the cheek, and only then did he wake up in a daze.



This bedroom was only accessible to Qin Hengyi before, causing the room to smell of alpha pheromones, but it was unusually thick.


When Zhu Qing’an regained his wakefulness, he couldn’t help but freeze, and the dry heat that was difficult to douse emerged from the depths of his body.



The inhibitor …… was going to fail?


He was going into heat?


He and an alpha were the only ones in the entire nook of the bedroom.


And the two were lovers.


The perfect venue to carry out a lifelong marking.


He held back his dryness and searched for the man.



Qin Hengyi was taking fresh goat’s milk out of the refrigerator and heating it in the small microwave.


He poured the goat’s milk into a glass and brought it to the youth.


“This is goat milk from ancient Earth, suitable for omegas.” The man laughed softly and brought the hot milk to the youth’s mouth.


Zhu Qing’an: “……”



He kind of wanted to spit at the man’s wording.


But as he sniffed the milk, it seemed quite fragrant.


It was white and there was a thick layer of thick milk.


He couldn’t help but swallow.


“Thank you, Mr. Qin.” Zhu Qing’an took the milk, pursed his lips, and gulped it down.


Qin Hengyi looked at him from the side.



The young alpha was handsome, and the dim little bedroom light reflected on him, lining his features with extra depth, his pair of turquoise blue eyes were like a romantic sea of stars.



After a long time, Qin Hengyi said to Zhu Qing’an, “An An, you’re an omega.”


Zhu Qing’an’s hand holding the milk gave a start and he nodded.



Qin Hengyi …… wouldn’t want to do something, right?



Qin HengYi: “I just received the information from the system. besides being particularly weak, there is also the estrus period. If you don’t take inhibitors during the estrus period, you need an alpha to mark you. Well …… as for how to mark.
It is the alpha that passes through the omega’s reproductive cavity ……”



Zhu Qing’an almost sprayed out a mouthful of milk, he quickly called out: “Alright, Mr. Qin!”


“I won’t tease you anymore, little one.” The man laughed softly as he rubbed his hair, smoothed his back, and coaxed him to continue drinking milk.


His little lover was extremely easy to tease. He was still like this even after becoming an omega.


Qin Hengyi thought for a moment and continued, “However, there is something I must tell you.”


Zhu Qing’an: “?”


“I have a beta fiancée in this world.”


Zhu Qing’an: “…… Oh.”


Qin Hengyi looks at his reddened cheeks and kissed it: “Don’t worry about it. When I mark you …… the whole galaxy will know that the federal marshal has someone.”





Zhu Qing’an violently put the milk on the desktop. His cheeks were very red, his eyes contained glistening watery light, and the corners of his eyes were flushed as he wondered, “Mr. Qin, instead of flirting with me …… here, why don’t you, help me get the inhibitor.”


He hung his head, sniffed his pheromones, and said in a faint voice: “I’m about to go into heat …… Inhibitors, i remember that the supermarket on the left out of the military department, has.”



Qin Hengyi froze: “You don’t want to be marked? As long as you are, you won’t be in heat.”



“Don’t want to!” The youth raised his eyes, pushed his hand forcefully against his own lover, and grunted: “Quickly go buy inhibitors.”


“……” Qin Hengyi rubbed his temples and nodded: “Okay.”


The game wasn’t yet over …… The days ahead were still long.




Federal Marshal Qin Hengyi didn’t bring any guards on this trip, not to mention disguising himself. Instead, he wore a simple civilian outfit to go out.


Those who didn’t know better thought it was some big star.


Unsurprisingly, he was secretly photographed by a group of paparazzi.



Qin Hengyi walked into the supermarket that Zhu Qing’an had mentioned, took down two bottles of omega inhibitors in the sales rack, and paid in front of the shocked eyes of the salesman.


The salesman scanned the light computer while shivering but he couldn’t help but ask, ” Marshal, who are you …… buying this for?”


He remembered that the …… marshal only had a beta fiancée.


There was no omega lover.


The man laughed softly, the corner of his mouth containing a sweet curve: “Bought it for my little omega.”


The paparazzi hiding in the doorway heard the words.


Two minutes later.


The Marshal’s words spread throughout Starnet.




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