Qin Hengye’s father paused violently.


Someone from the Galactic Empire?


Who was it?


Qin Hengyi didn’t answer his father’s doubt, he smiled imperiously, ”Compared to the strategic resources of Ms. Hongta’s country, we definitely want the resources of the Galactic Empire more, don’t we? There is a way to get them without having to go to wa.r, marriage. How can I not try it?”



“The Galactic Empire ……” Father frowned.


The only person who was powerful enough to use the war resources of the entire Galactic Empire was Major Zhu Qing’an.


But there were rumors in both the Empire and the Federation, that they were mortal enemies.


Moreover, when he came here, he heard the soldiers mention a few things.


Major Zhu was tortured to death by his son.


All his organs were broken.


He rubbed his temples and shook his head helplessly: “Do what you like. Just don’t let the Federation fall.”


Saying so, he stood up and left coldly.




Qin Hengyi originally wanted to go back to his bedroom to see Zhu Qing’an, but remembered that he had some business to deal with at the military department, so he could only turn back to his office.


He spent more than two hours dealing with the military affairs, and then opened the marriage registration website of the Federation.


He looked into the rules of marriage in this country in detail.


Marriage wasn’t restricted to any country, but to Imperials from countries hostile to the Federation.


AO was the first to register for marriage. BO, AB, and finally same-sex couples.


But the marriage must have the consent of both parties, they had to sign a good marriage contract, and then take it to the Civil Affairs Bureau to get a license.


Qin Hengyi looked at it, and the corners of his lips subconsciously rose.


He printed off the marriage contract and hid it in his pocket, then quietly walked out of the office.


The guard at the door, seeing his marshal in such a good mood for the first time, coupled with the fact that he and the marshal were quite familiar with each other, couldn’t help but ask, “Your Majesty, why are you in such a good mood today?”



As far as he remembered, the marshal either had a cold face or a frown on his face.


Qin HengYi didn’t say much, he just smiled lightly: “Nothing.”


Guard: “……”


“Right.” The guard remembered something and quickly asked, “Where is the body of Major Zhu, Zhu Qing’an ……? I didn’t see you go to the cleanup team? You have to throw away the corpse Marshal.”


Qin Hengyi︰”……”


He was silent for a moment and said in a deep voice to the bewildered little guard: “Don’t talk nonsense. He is not dead.”


After saying that, he left.


Guard: “He’s not dead?”


He’s not dead?


Then, for such a long time …… Major Zhu Qing’an was in the marshal’s room?


How did the two rival strongest alpha’s share the same room?



Qin Hengyi walked all the way back to his room. At the same time, he didn’t forget to go to the cafeteria to receive a food customized specifically for an omega.


He took the lunch box under the surprised and bewildered gaze of the cafeteria chef.


His little omega, must be starving.


Qin Hengyi thought, his pace couldn’t help but quicken.


He pushed open the bedroom door, and the omega pheromone inside the door, still existed. It was floating around, like soft and light little clouds.


The omega youth had long since woken up and was sitting on the edge of the bed waiting for Qin Hengyi’s return.


He was wearing Qin Hengyi’s oversized pajamas, the wide fabric was loose, causing certain white parts of him to be exposed.


His head was buried in the collar, seemingly enjoying the pheromones left on the fabric by alpha, sniffing the whole thing in a daze.


Qin Hengyi put the lunch box on the table and called out softly, “AnAn, it’s time to eat.”


An omega’s intestines and stomach were weak, so he had to eat properly.


“Mr. Qin?”


Zhu Qing’an came back to his senses, he stood up and ran to Qin Hengyi: “You’re back?”


“Uh-huh.” The man nodded, as he spoke, he unwrapped the lunch box for the little omega.


Most of what an omega ate couldn’t be too greasy or else he would get a tummy ache. And it had to be nutritious.


The cafeteria, under his orders, ran to the outer planets and caught a few Buka rabbits and came back with rabbit porridge stew.


The fragrant, soft and smooth rabbit meat was cooked softly. Soaked in soft white rice with distinct grains, wrapped in large red honey dates and wolfberries. It was both appetizing and delicious.


Zhu Qing’an looked at it and couldn’t help but swallow his saliva.


He raised his head and asked carefully, “Mr. Qin, can I eat it?”


“Of course.”


Zhu Qing’an eagerly tucked into the bowl.




The food was eaten quickly.



But Qin Hengye didn’t let Zhu Qing’an leave.


He wanted Zhu Qing’an to sign a marriage agreement with him.



At this time, Zhu Qing’an didn’t know what Qin Hengyi was going to do, and looked at the other, a little puzzled: “What’s wrong? Mr. Qin?”


“……” Qin Hengyi laughed then took out a folded piece of paper from his pocket and spread it on the desk.


Zhu Qing’an went over to look at it. At the first glance, he saw the obvious large black letters.


[Galactic Federation Specialized Marriage Agreement.]


“This ……?” Zhu Qing’an’s face instantly turned red. He was at a loss for words as he stared at his legal husband, “Haven’t we …… already gotten married? Why do we need to tie the knot again?”



Qin Hengyi smiled and rubbed the omega’s unusually soft black hair: “I have a beta fiancée. If I don’t marry you, I’ll have to stay with her. An An, I like you, I don’t like anyone else.”


Zhu Qing’an: “…………”


His face reddened, but he still had to pretend to be calm and stammered, “Oh ……”


Qin Hengyi shoved the pen into his hand: “Sign it.”


Zhu Qing’an didn’t dare to look at the agreement and hurriedly wrote his name.


But without realizing it, he still glanced at the words on the agreement.



[Two surnames are married together, and a marriage agreement is made. The marriage will last forever, and they will be named after each other. Looking at the scorching peach blossoms, the livability and homeliness of this day, and the continuous growth and prosperity of the future. I hereby make a promise and write it to Hong Jian, so that the agreement can be recorded in the mandarin tree.]


The Galactic Federation was a very traditional country.


Some of the most distant customs and writings of ancient Earth had been left in the present.


This was something that couldn’t be seen in the real world.



Zhu Qing’an saw what this sentence meant.


His face turned even redder.


The man didn’t tease him, but took his pen and signed together.


Next, as long as the two of them went to the Civil Affairs Bureau together to hand in this agreement, they could receive a license.


But Zhu Qing’an’s current situation was a bit difficult.


The rumors outside were that he was dead through and through. The Galaxy Empire was also lowering its flag at half-mast in mourning.


No one could have imagined that Zhu Qing’an was being spoiled with good food and drink.



However, Qin Hengyi still chose to take Zhu Qing’an out.


Since Zhu Qing’an was his lover, he had to clear up all misunderstandings for the other party.


Zhu Qing’an was not his nemesis.


He was his lover.




Although Zhu Qing’an was an omega, he had just taken an inhibitor and his pheromones weren’t strong. It was perfectly fine to go out.


Even so, Qin Hengyi still wrapped him round.


The omega’s neck and half of his cheeks were buried in the soft fluffy scarf. Wearing Qin Hengye’s beige coat, which was ankle-length and almost fell onto the black leather boots. He was like a full and soft glutinous rice ball.


Qin Hengye kissed Zhu Qing’an’s fair cheeks and complimented, “Very pretty.”


Zhu Qing’an clutched the corner of the man’s coat: “If you want to go, hurry up.”


The Civil Affairs Bureau was a bit far from the military department.


Qin Hengyi didn’t want to let omega walk, so he could only drive the marshal’s special airship to carry the other party.


His airship was very conspicuous, flying in mid-air, there were many sharp-eyed people who recognized it at a glance.


They all thought that Qin Hengyi was going to be busy with some military affairs, but looking at it, Marshal Qin Hengyi …… was flying in the direction of the Civil Affairs Bureau!


Not more than five minutes.


Everyone saw a huge black airship stop in front of the Civil Affairs Bureau.


The handsome and powerful man walked out from it.


Everyone was instantly buzzing, poking their heads out to see who the person marrying the marshal was.


If it wasn’t for Qin Hengyi’s accompanying guards stopping them, the people who rushed to see the gossip would have long ago trampled the Civil Affairs Bureau flat.



They didn’t see the delicate and skinny Miss Hongta.



Nor did they see the recently popular voluptuous actress Phil. Much less did they see the Marshal’s first scandalous lover.



They only saw a thin and slender figure, wearing a beige coat, being wrapped around the waist by a man walking down from it.


They didn’t get a good look at the face, only a section of a very white neck and a faint whiff of milk-flavored omega pheromones.


Everyone took out their light devices and searched the internet for any big names that were in possession of milk-flavored pheromones.



Food type pheromones were rare.


The ten people in the Empire who possessed milk-flavored pheromones were all married.


They could only cast their search towards foreign countries.




They found a very suitable candidate.


Zhu Qing’an.


Zhu Qing’an was the major of the empire, controlling most of the military department. He was an alpha, but he was jokingly called “the alpha that doesn’t look like an alpha.”


His pheromone was milk flavored, soft and sweet, just like an omega pheromone. And he was very good looking, better looking than all omegas.


But …… Zhu Qing’an.


Wasn’t he dead?


He was killed by Marshal Qin Hengyi.



The two were also deadly rivals who would rub sparks together at the touch of a button.



It could never be him.


Everyone was even more puzzled.


The door of the Civil Affairs Bureau slowly closed, and they were unable to check who the other party actually was.




Civil Affairs Bureau registration was by machine.


Zhu Qing’an wasn’t afraid of being exposed.


They submitted their marriage agreement to the machine, and after the machine reviewed it successfully, they were invited to take wedding photos.



Zhu Qing’an had already taken wedding photos with Qin Hengyi once, but he was still as nervous as if it was his first marriage.



However, with Qin Hengyi’s reassurance, the wedding photos were taken smoothly.


The small wedding book was also done.


Zhu Qing’an cherished the little book and put it in his pocket.



“Your and my marriage information is recorded forever in the empire’s electronic files.” The man kissed Zhu Qing’an and laughed softly, “Should we publicize it?”


“Mr. Qin ……”


Qin Hengyi thought for a while and said in a light voice: “It’s better to publicize it. Tell everyone that you and I are married.”


He didn’t want to let those people think that Zhu Qing’an dead, and think that he was killed by him.



Zhu Qingy blushed as he muttered, “As long as you like it.”



The man was overjoyed, he picked up the thin and light omega, carried him in his arms, and left the Civil Affairs Bureau gate in big strides.




Six o’clock that night.


Qin Hengyi’s Starnet account, which he hadn’t logged on in years, had a new post.



Marshal Qin Hengyi︰Married. The other party is Zhu Qing’an of the Galactic Empire. My little omega#Rose#]



As soon as the post was sent out.


The network instantly exploded.



They could never have imagined.


The two people who were supposed to be arch rivals had gotten married.


And. Zhu Qing’an …… was actually omega.


Omegas had always been delicate and timid, moving and tearful, but being in charge of most of the empire’s military and government, or being the only marshal who could fight against Qin Hengyi, Zhu Qing’an completely subverted their image of the omega.


However, since the two of them were able to find happiness with each other.


They could only give their blessing.


After this day.


Zhu Qing’an brought Qin Hengyi to visit the Galactic Empire.



One more day.


The century-long wa.r between the Galactic Empire and the Galactic Federation came to an end.




The world was peaceful and joyful.



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