After Zhu Qing’an finished playing the first full-series plot game, he was instantly hooked on this kind of game. A few days later, he took advantage of Qin Hengyi”s vacation and dragged the other party to play another newly purchased game.



Little Phantom



Qin Hengyi didn’t quite understand his interest, but after all, his lover liked it, so he could only agree.



Falling in love in another world didn’t seem to be a bad thing.




Qin Hengyi put on the holographic helmet according to the instructions of the game, and a few moments later, he appeared in another space.



In front of him was a large area of pure white color.


He gently stepped on the ground, which appeared to be clouds.


An introduction about this world and his identity popped up in his mind.


This world had both angelic and demonic races, his race was an Angel, and his profession was Archangel.


He was now in heaven.


Qin Hengyi: “……”


He said in a mute voice: “Where is Zhu Qing’an?”



[He is a demon.
Where he is now, you need to find him.]



Qin Hengyi didn’t say anything.



Immediately afterward, a small angel flew over with white feathered wings and hurriedly said, “Head Angel. The Demon Race captured in the Holy War have all been sent to Heaven. Please ask the Archangel to judge them.”



Judgment meant being killed.



Qin Hengye frowned, but he suddenly thought of something and nodded, “Take me there.”


The little angel raised its wings and led the way for the man.



They came to the most remote part of heaven, the only place without clouds. It was a desolate and barren land. A place used to place the prisoners of other races.



Many cages half a man high were placed on the small land.


Qin Hengyi approached to take a look.


Inside, there were many Demons curled up.



Those Demons were very thin, as skinny as a bone, shrinking in the cages like a skeleton. Their skin was dark, and their wings were shriveled and bony. They have an unpleasant odor that emanated from their bodies.



Most of the defeated demons were useless and inferior.



Zhu Qing’an was also a demon.



Qin Hengyi couldn’t help but make his rounds. But he was stopped by the demon guards around him: “Lord Angel, you can just go ahead with the judgment. There is no need to approach these filthy demons.”



Qin Hengyi ignored him.



The man narrowed his clear azure eyes and searched carefully.


But more than likely, Zhu Qing’an was not in this group of demons.



Qin Hengyi was about to give up when he suddenly heard a thin, soft cry in a small corner.


An inexplicable sense of familiarity surged in. He froze and hurried over to check.


The sound came from a cage.


Inside lay a demon race female who had died sometime ago.


Beside her sat a very, very small demon cub.



It was about …… just up to a human’s thigh, two or three years old.



The little demon cub looked different from the other demon race.



He was very white and tender, his skin was a few points whiter than the angelic race, and his features were exquisite. At this moment, he was sobbing, his nose and eyes red, bean-sized teardrops rolled down.



Qin Hengyi recognized who this was.


It was Zhu Qing’an.



With that, a small box popped up in his mind.


[The identity Zhu Qing’an is portraying is that of a Cub.]



[Due to the game’s regulations, the player playing the role of a demonic cub must seal their memories in reality and conduct the game in amnesia mode.]



Qin Hengyi hadn’t noticed the last sentence before, and he now froze violently.


In other words.


He had to face a lover who was both strange and familiar.



His lover didn’t know about reality, much less recognize him.



His likes and dislikes were unknown.


Qin Hengye crouched down, his snow-white angelic robes drooping to the ground. The man’s figure was tall and handsome, casting a shadow that completely covered the demonic cub. The man stretched out a finger into the cage.



Startled, the cub curled up into its dead mother’s arms. It cried even harder.


Qin Hengye: “……”


He shook his head helplessly and ordered the guards next to him︰”Take out this cub.”



“What?” The guards froze: “You want to judge him first? He is not a demonic warrior, he may be the child of a certain warrior’s wife……. He should be judged last.”


“Bring him out.”



“Okay ……”


The guards opened the cage and pinched the child’s wings with their hands, handing it to Qin Hengyi.



Qin HengYi looked at the demon cub that was crying uncontrollably with its wings pinched, and somewhat helplessly carried the other over.



The guard was shocked: ”My lord, you can’t hold him! He is a thing of filth! Hurry up and judge him!”



“Quiet.” Qin Hengyi frowned and said in a cold voice. He gently stroked the little cub’s thin back and helped the other to smooth out his crying hiccups, and the little cub quickly stopped crying under the angel’s gentle soothing. The white and clean little face rested on the man’s shoulder, sleeping peacefully.



Only the fluffy little tail behind him was wagging.


The man looked at the cub with great satisfaction and praised, “What a good boy.”


Guard: “……”


What was going on?



The whole heaven and hell knew. This young and handsome angelic man hated to see the demon race living in this world.



The demons he killed could fill a mountain.



Killing a delicate and powerless little demon cub was effortless for him.


What was going on now?



The guard stammered and asked, “You, how did you coax the cub?”



That guard wasn’t the only one who was confused, the group of guards in the annex were all shocked. The demons in the cage also cast surprised gazes at Qin Hengye.



Qin Hengyi sensed the crowd’s dissimilarity as he tucked the little cub steadily into his arms, then after a moment of silence, he absently said, “Coaxing it to be quiet will make it easier to eat it when the time comes.”


The crowd immediately let out a hush.



What the heck.


It turned out that the Archangel wanted to eat the cub.



Qin Hengye carried the cub and returned to his residence.


He carefully placed him on the bed.



The child slept in a daze, his soft body curled up into a ball, his white hand clutched tightly at the man’s sleeve while his face was flushed and his lips were red.



Since Qin Hengyi and Zhu Qing’an had been in love, they had never seen each other …… in such a young appearance.



Too cute.


He stretched out his fingers and poked the child’s soft cheeks.



The little cub confusedly cooed and rolled over, his white tender face pressed against the man’s hand, leaving a trail of water with a milky scent.



Qin Hengyi: “……”


He wanted to gently withdraw his hand, not realizing that this woke up the other.



The child opened his eyes in a daze. At his first glimpse of an unfamiliar blonde man, his figure froze, his eyes quickly reddened, and he wailed. Bean-sized teardrops snapped and fell.



Behind him, a pair of palm-sized feathers shook terribly, but like a chicken’s wings, he couldn’t fly no matter what.


Qin Hengyi frowned.



He didn’t quite know how to coax a crying child. He had no choice but to lean over and gently pat his back, rocking him around and whispering, “Don’t cry.”



“Oooo……” the child sobbed.


The little cub had cried a lot.


Qin Hengyi sighed as he thought.


The little cub was probably hungry.


The holy war had been fought for several days, and this cub may …… not have eaten anything all the time.



On a battlefield like that, how could there be something to eat?


Qin Hengyi hugged the soft little cub and suddenly thought of another problem.


What did the cub …… eat?



Angel cubs could be full just by basking in the sun and drinking dew.


What about demon cubs?



The white child was nestled tightly in the man’s arms, his feathery eyelashes fluttering, his little tail wagged to and fro, a pair of small hands like claws gripped the corner of the man’s coat, his little black wings shook to and fro, and he was hiccupping softly and crying.



The man could smell the milky odor on the child.


Qin Hengyi thought about it, he could only take this little cub to the priest in heaven.



The priest knew everything.







The handsome man in white robes pushed open the huge doors of the palace.



The old man standing in front of the idol praying in the hall stopped his movements, turned his head, and respectfully said, “Your Majesty, is there something wrong?”



Qin Hengyi nodded slightly.



He unfolded his arms and held out the child nestled in his arms: “Help me find out what race of demon this is and how to raise it.”



The old priest frowned as he leaned over, held up his gold-rimmed glasses, and stared at little Zhu Qing’an for a long time.



Finally, his face gradually revealed a look of shock, and finally a look of heartache and helplessness.



He exclaimed.



“Your Majesty! You must not raise him! He is a chimera of the demon race, the most seductive and sinful race in the whole world. ……”



“He grows fast, it will only take a few days for him to grow into a seductive and beautiful teenage chimera.”



“He, he will drain you of your holy water! Ruthlessly!”



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