“Drained?” Qin Hengyi frowned slightly.


But he quickly reacted to what this meant, pursed his lips, and didn’t speak.



The old priest was still blowing his beard and shaking his head, yowling to the man, “Don’t raise him, quickly throw him out. He will soon grow up, Your Majesty, you will really be drained, drained – not a drop left.”


Qin Hengyi: “……”



The man hugged the crying cub in his arms tightly, and he said in a faint voice: “I just want to ask what he eats.”



“Alas ……” the old priest stomped his scepter and helplessly said: “If you really want to raise him, you can just raise him in the normal human way. But you must throw him out before midnight in ten days. Otherwise, something bad will happen ……”



“Got it.” Qin Hengyi only kept the previous sentence in his heart. He leaned down, rubbed the head of the child in his arms, and walked out of the sanctuary.



The demon race wasn’t overly sacred like the angel race, they were much more nurturing and grounded.



Qin Hengyi asked the guards to get him a can of milk and a bowl of soft, sticky rice paste.


He put both the food and the child back in the room.



The child sat on the bed, fluttering his wings and tail, his eyes red as he cried, his body was also red from crying, like a soft strawberry ball.


Qin Hengyi gently wiped his tears: “The little cub really love to cry …….”


It wasn’t easy to calm it down. Qin Hengyi got up and went to boil the milk, then poured it into the bottle, shook it evenly, and then prepared to give it to the child to drink.


The milk was very fragrant and sweet, and the little cub drank it gurgling, his mouth full of white milk, and he was so satisfied that his little wings gently fluttered. Soon, a bottle of milk bottomed out, and the child began to doze off bit by bit.


Qin Hengyi could only put him flat, wiped the milk on his mouth, then covered him with a small quilt and started to put him to sleep.



Most children slept quickly after eating, and in a short while, the little cub curled up into a ball and fell asleep.


The man looked at the cub’s white, delicate face and couldn’t help but poke it.


Without realizing it, he saw a pair of tiny horns peeking out from his shaggy black hair.



Black, tender, probably …… just the size of a thumb.


Very cute.



Qin Hengyi took out a small woolen quilt and covered the child with it before leaving.




As an archangel, Qin Hengyi naturally couldn’t play with the little cub all day long.


He rushed to the place where he had placed the demon captives earlier and began to deal with this batch of demons that were about to be judged.


They weren’t like Zhu Qing’an.



They were the lowest and most sinful demons, devoid of basic emotional thoughts, and would only kill and hurt. It was the most powerful weapon of the demon race and the most hated enemy of other races.



They saw the arrival of the archangel and felt fear and panic, tearing their voices as they screamed.



The man didn’t show half a bit of mercy.



In just a moment….


The place where the demon captives were gathered was suddenly ablaze with fiery red holy fire, screams turned into miserable cries, and countless demons were turned into horrifying skeletons and ashes within minutes and seconds, leaving behind an unpleasant black stench, and the odor momentarily swept across the square circle.


The man looked at the demons’ bones and frowned in disgust.



At the same time, a chilling thought occurred to him.


If, he hadn’t found Zhu Qing’an in time.


Would Zhu Qing’an, who was a demon, have been burned alive in the fire as well?



Even if this world was a game.


Qin Hengyi wasn’t even willing to accept anything about the death or separation of his lover.



Qin Hengyi sighed softly as he quickened his pace home.



He pushed open the door, and inside came the thin, soft cries of the cub.



The child had already woken up, and as he couldn’t see anyone, he flopped down on the bed and cried softly. Only when he saw Qin Hengyi return did he stop crying, fluttering his big, beautiful, crystalline eyes to look at the man.



He really loved crying.


Qin Hengyi was helpless, he laughed lightly, walked over and gently picked up the little cub.



The little cub had a very strong milky scent, and the whole cub was like a small ball of milk candy.


The little cub’s head laid on the man’s arm, he saw the man’s blonde hair, and curiously stretched out his hand to pull.


Qin Hengyi: “…………”



“Don’t move, that’s hair.” The man plucked away his tiny fingers.



The child blinked his moist eyes and looked at him curiously. After a long time, the child puffed up his mouth and muttered vaguely, “Rake …… rake ……”.


Qin Hengyi: “???”


His little lover …… was calling him father?


Qin Hengyi patiently corrected: “I’m not your father……I’m your……”



He said halfway, facing the child’s white face, he suddenly stopped.


His little lover was still too small now. It wasn’t suitable to say this.



“Rake …… rake ……” the child muttered while pulling the man’s blonde hair.


The child was very happy, wagging his tiny tail and fluttering his little wings while pulling.



Qin Hengyi’s scalp ached from being yanked at, “……”




Time rolled over into the night.


The archangel unexpectedly didn’t go to the meeting that was held every night, but instead nestled in the house.


Feeding the cub.


Qin Hengyi put a small belly scarf on the little cub, carrying a bowl of steaming millet paste, and was feeding the child one spoonful at a time.



The little cub’s mouth wasn’t big, once he ate a little, a few drops would flow out of the corner of his mouth again, requiring something to wipe it clean.



Qin Hengyi played with him until the evening, before giving the little cub his dinner.


This was his first time raising a cub.


And the one he raised was still his lover.


Although he didn’t know how to raise him.



But looking at his soft and fluffy little lover, slowly eating and drinking, he was still quite happy.


Qin Hengyi found a few small stones from outside and carved them into the shape of various small animals for the little cub to play on the bed.


However, the little cub wasn’t too interested in these, and soon fell asleep in a daze.


After Qin Hengyi had been busy for a while, he also got into bed.


But after a moment. Qin Hengyi noticed that the sleeping posture of the little cub wasn’t very good, and soon he kicked his legs and rolled over.


In case the little cub rolled under him and he accidentally flattened him ……



Qin Hengyi suddenly had this bad thought.


Unable to do anything else, he could only bring a quilt with him and lie down on a blanket on the floor to sleep.


He had thought that he would be able to sleep peacefully. But when he was sleeping soundly, pain suddenly came from behind his back.


“!” The man’s brow furrowed and his eyes snapped open, his entire body instantly alert.



Borrowing the clear moonlight.


He saw the little cub lying on his back amidst a pile of furry fluff, rolling around softly.




Qin Hengwing gave a start as he hastily touched his back.


As expected.



His angelic feathers sprang up.



Every angel had a pair of snow-white feathered wings. The wings of the eldest angel could be as long as three meters wide, and once they flew up, they were like clouds hanging down in the sky.



As Qin Hengyi sat up, the little cub nestled in his wings for warmth also rolled down from it with an unsteady center of gravity, clutching a large handful of snow-white feathers in his hand.


The little cub fell to the carpet, his palms loose and many of his feathers scattered with him. It looked at the angelic feathers like small clouds and smiled, revealing a pair of small white milk teeth.


Qin Hengyi︰”……”



He looked at the feathers on the floor.


The little cub seemed to have done a lot of good while he was asleep.



If it wasn’t for the abundance of angelic feathers, Qin HengYi would have been bald.



The child was still burrowing into the man’s wing one by one, trying to yank down more feathers.



Qin Hengyi sighed softly and picked up the child, his skin was cold.



He instantly realized what was going on.



The temperature of heaven wasn’t suitable for demons to survive, especially at night, it would be icy and cold.


The little cub, was cold.


Only then would he think of hiding in his wings to keep warm, or tugging on some warm feathers to keep himself warm.


It was kind of pitiful.



“Cuddle up and go to sleep.”


The man laughed softly and helplessly, tucking the limp little cub into his warm arms.



“Don’t move around though, it’ll squash you.”



The little cub seemed to understand the man’s words, clutching the corner of the man’s coat, blinking and muttering softly, “Rake, rake rake rake rake rake rake rake rake rake rake rake rake rake rake rake rake rake rake rake rake rake rake rake ……”




Qin Hengyi got up early, rushing to get up before sunrise.


But when he woke up, he didn’t see the cub. The empty room was left with only the milky scent belonging to the cub and feathers all over the floor.


He frowned and hurriedly searched around.


The cub was still very small, how could it run out?


Obviously the door was also closed tightly.



He didn’t come out to attend the morning meeting, and kept searching.



He asked many of the guards in the neighborhood if they had seen a little boy with black hair and eyes, maybe two or three years old.


Unfortunately, he searched all morning and got no answers.



It wasn’t until he came to the place of judgment in heaven that he inquired of one of the guards.


The guard replied thoughtfully, “I didn’t see a boy of two or three years old. But I have seen a young man with black hair and eyes.”


Qin Hengye’s heart tightened.


The Phantom Demon clan, grew extremely fast, but in a few days, they could grow into seductive and beautiful people.


“Where is he?”


“He was taken by the …… people towards the place of judgment there. He doesn’t look like an angelic race. Archangel, what are you looking for him for?” The guard was a bit cautious, as if the boy was something that shouldn’t be mentioned.


Qin Hengyi didn’t answer him and hurried towards the Land of Judgment.


What kind of place was the Land of Judgment.


It was dedicated to judging the demon race.



A sinful place filled with blood. It was the dirtiest place in Heaven.


His little lover had all the characteristics of a demon.



Most likely, after running away, he was taken to the place of judgment by the other angels.



But he clearly hadn’t done anything bad, and was clean as a whistle.



Qin Hengyi came to the place of judgment.



He saw many people gathered around the judgment area, unable to see the demon hanging anywhere.



He heard the whispers of many people.


“I didn’t expect Heaven to have a demon break in-”


“Probably a leak from yesterday’s trial of the demon captives.”


“But luckily it was caught, when will the trial begin? I want to see him scream.”



“What a pretty little demon, it seems like I’ll capture him and raise him at home.”



At the same time, those people also noticed Qin Hengyi’s arrival, and for a moment, they boiled over, making way for the archangel and informing him that there was a demon here, so please proceed with the trial immediately.



The man who was the archangel was dressed in snow-white holy robes, tall and handsome, but with a hint of anger in his cold face. He ordered in a cold voice, “Stop the trial and put down that demon.”



Since the birth of the angelic race. No archangel had ever dared to obstruct a trial about a demon, let alone put down a demon.


This was against the rules of the clan.



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