The young man who had grown up was bound to the cross of judgment. Soon the cross would burst into flames and consume him.



He had only just grown up and knew nothing of the world, let alone that he was evil. He lifted his pretty white face, his eyes were filled with panic, and a light mist in his eyes seemed to be ready to turn into tears.



He didn’t recognize the people who were talking about him.


The teenager only saw a handsome blond man among them.


He felt familiar with him.


Like, he had met him a long time ago.


It was his only anchor in this strange world.


“…… “The beautiful chimera teenager, to the man not far away, cried out, “Save me.”



When Qin Hengyi heard the teenager’s feeble plea for help, he once again ordered, “Stop the trial.”



A guard next to him urged, “Your Majesty! You can’t do this! We can’t tolerate any Demon Clan alive! He deserves to die!”


“When I say stop the trial, stop the trial.” The man’s expression was cold and dark, and his slender hands clenched the guards’ armor so tightly that they seemed to be able to pinch out cracks. His ice-blue eyes, which radiated cold air, stared tightly at the youth on the cross.



“This is something that goes against the rules of the clan. Any angelic race that goes against the rules of the clan, will be judged.”


“He’s a demon, he should be burned to death by fire. Your Majesty, give the order …… to let this demonic man die.”






The man said in a cold voice.



He opened his huge wings, and his snow-white feathers looked like drooping clouds, covering the entire sky and earth within a square circle.



People let out exclamations of surprise, wondering what their archangel was going to do.


Zhu Qing’an was tied to a very high cross, so he couldn’t reach it without his wings.



The huge wings gently waved, rolling up the gale, and at the same time carrying the golden holy light belonging to the angels, pouring down like sunshine.


The man came to the cross in mid-air.


The cross was stained with the blood of countless demons, emitting a strong fishy odor.


His youth was bound in it, his head hanging low, his black hair cascading, and his pale, delicate face full of unmistakable panic.



The teenager raised his eyes, looked at the familiar man, and said feebly: “Mr. ……”



The voice was dry and hoarse, like he hadn’t drunk water for a long time.


Qin Hengyi unfolded his arms and carried him down from the filthy place, embracing him into the warm and holy sunlight.



He clung to the man’s arm, grasping it like a lifesaver. He leaned into the man’s arms and smiled softly, “Thank you, sir.”



The Chimera clan was really stunning to look at.



When the young man smiled, the entire world blossomed like the arrival of spring, and from then on, spring blossomed.


Qin HengYi couldn’t help but kiss the corner of his lips: “Good boy.”



“Mr. ……?” The young man was a bit confused and surprised, he blinked his eyes: “Do you like me?”


Qin Hengyi didn’t say anything.


How could he not like Zhu Qing’an.


No matter where he was. He would always always like it.




At the same time.


Everyone on the ground saw their archangel not only saving the demon being judged, but also kissing him.


It was the biggest taboo of all.



They all froze.



The old priest who was the first to learn that Qin Hengye had adopted the demon was even more remorseful. Stomping his walking stick, he shook his head and sighed: “I shouldn’t have indulged him in adopting the little chimera!”


And now, not even a few days later.


His majesty was seduced by that little chimera and violated the rules of the clan.



Qin Hengyi wouldn’t be able to hold this position as the head angel, and there was a 80% chance that he would also be expelled from heaven.


If he was replaced by an ordinary angel, he would be killed.


But Qin Hengyi was the most powerful of the angelic race, and no one could kill him. He could only be repelled.


Qin Hengyi also knew this.



He glanced at the messy people on the ground and didn’t go back. He hugged the skinny creature tightly and said in a deep voice in the other’s ear, “Let’s elope.”






The youth was puzzled.



But the man had already raised his wings. He could only grip the other’s arm helplessly, while he glanced backward at his small chicken-like wings and sighed softly.



They left heaven.



To the earth where they had never set foot before.



Here, they were no longer angels and demons who were in opposition to each other, but two ordinary people.



Qin Hengyi hid his wings and then covered him with his large coat to hide the tiny wings.



The little horns were small enough to cover with black hair.



The human market was bustling with people everywhere.



Hunters, fresh from hunting in the forest, were selling all sorts of exotic animals.



Mermaids posing as merchants were hawking fine pearls.



Newspaper boys went from house to house selling the latest newspapers.



Qin Hengyi took Zhu Qing’an ‘s hand tightly and went in an inn.



The inn was clean, the only pity was that there was only one bed. And it was a single bed, so if two people were to sleep on it together, they would have to squeeze very close together.



The little chimera didn’t remember the memories of his childhood, and he was curious about everything in the present. He kept tugging at the man’s coat, asking all sorts of questions.



He touched the little wings he had hidden in his jacket, then touched the little horns in his black hair and wondered, “Sir, why do I have these things?”



The teenager’s thin, soft and gentle voice sounded especially comfortable.


Qin Hengyi rubbed his tender and smooth horns with his fingers and laughed softly, “You are a little chimera.”



“What is a little chimera?”


Qin Hengyi: “……”



He couldn’t bear to tell the other party the truth. Fearing that he would turn into a ball of shame.



“Don’t ask so many questions. Rest well.”



Qin Hengyi helped him make the bed and then gave him a soft pillow.



He remembered that the little chimera was a particularly fragile little creature that had to sleep often. He didn’t want the little chimera to hurt his body because of curiosity.



“Ah ……,” Zhu Qing’an hugged the pillow, a little lost.



Qin Hengyi rubbed his head: “It’s very late now, go to sleep. I’ll answer your questions tomorrow.”




The teenager burrowed into the soft comforter, poked out his small head, looked at the man standing in the night, and nodded.


He rolled over and whispered, “Sir, come over to bed too. I’ve warmed up the comforter for you.”


Qin Hengyi︰”……”



The man who wanted to open another room had no choice but to go to bed and sleep with Zhu Qing’an.


The little chimera’s body was fragrant and soft, emitting a milky scent, he laid warmly next to the man.



Qin Hengyi could even feel the little chimera’s shallow hot breath, like a small broom sweeping over his heart.



He didn’t know if it was the race that was naturally provocative. Or was it that he liked him?



Qin Hengyi turned away and tried his best to calm himself down.



But unexpectedly. His neck was suddenly wrapped around by a pair of slim hands.



Zhu Qing’an ‘s head leaned against the nape of his neck, and his voice was seductive: “Sir, I think I’m a little hot ……”



Qin Hengyi looked at Zhu Qing’an’s delicate face and watched the other party’s long and slender eyelashes tremble slightly.





The last line of defense in Qin Hengyi’s brain collapsed.


He was really worthy of being a little chimera-


The man gritted his teeth and inquired in a serious manner: ”What’s wrong? Is the blanket too thick?”


The little chimera shook his head, confused: “I don’t know, I just feel that my body is very uncomfortable …… Well, I want to be soothed.” The young man’s face was rendered unusually beautiful by the moonlight, his long eyelashes and hazel eyes, like a handful of frosting, were waiting to be savored.


The hand he had wrapped around the man’s neck still didn’t let go. His hot breath sprayed on the man’s neck.


Qin Hengyi frowned: “How?”


His temples were pounding.


He felt even hotter than Zhu Qing’an.



“Just kiss me …….”



The young man smiled, revealing snow-white teeth and a pair of sweet dimples at the corners of his mouth. He clung to the man and wouldn’t let go.



Ever since he was conscious.


He had a crush on this handsome man.


He knew from the first moment he looked at the other man.


This person, would protect him forever.


Qin Hengyi couldn’t help himself.



He violently rolled over and hugged the other tightly, heavily kissing the corners of his reddened eyes.



The air became ambiguous for a moment, filled with a restless agitation factor.



Zhu Qing’an’s eyes reddened from the kiss, and he let out a soft muffled sound.



But he didn’t stop, instead he wrapped his arms around the man tighter until he couldn’t catch his breath.



The youth was lying on the bed, his black hair was in disarray and his eyes were mesmerized. He looked at the man’s face and laughed softly in a low voice: “I like it when you kiss me.”


Qin Hengyi︰”……”


–The little chimera.



Was really too good at teasing.



“Good boy.” Qin Hengyi soothed: “It’s not hot now, is it? It’s time to sleep.”



He leaned over, wanting to cover the little chimera with the quilt.



But Zhu Qing’an didn’t settle down, he dazedly rubbed against the man’s embrace, murmuring vaguely: “But ah …… I want something more comfortable, it’s good.”



He looked confused as he spoke.


Qin Hengyi froze, and he really couldn’t help himself.



He kissed his delicate white face and whispered.


“Endure it.”




[You have successfully completed the game Little Chimera Demon!]



Zhu Qing’an woke up in reality with a start, and his memories were instantly restored at this moment, along with many more memories from within the game.


“I like you.”


“I like it when you hug me.”


“If only there was something more comfortable.


“Sir, you are really great.”


Zhu Qing’an: “……”



He tucked in the removed holographic helmet and sat on the sofa in silence for a long time.



Little by little, the roots of his ears reddened.



He, had no face to see Mr. Qin.


He also couldn’t imagine that he would do such a thing.



Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah.



Zhu Qing’an shivered and subconsciously looked around.



Qin Hengyi had woken up long ago, but was nowhere to be seen.


Just in time.


If he saw Qin Hengyi now, he would be eager to jump off the stairs. It was really too humiliating.



He went to the restroom and washed his face with cold water to calm himself down. He changed his clothes and wanted to go out for a walk to avoid Qin Hengyi.



But the moment Zhu Qing’an opened the door, he crashed into a warm and broad embrace.



“Ah …… Mr. Qin?!” Zhu Qing’an’s pupils suddenly dilated, he froze, and said at a loss, “You, you’re awake?”



Qin Hengyi looked at his lover’s overwhelmed appearance, laughed softly, and held out a small cake wrapped in a transparent gift box from behind him: “Yes, just woke up. I bought you a small gift.”



He looked at his lover’s reddened ears and realized it all at once.


Because of what happened in the game, he was shy.



Zhu Qing’an︰”……”


He looked at the little demon doll made of chocolate on the cake and was silent for a long time.



Qin Hengyi wrapped his waist and pushed him back to the corner.


His magnetic low-mute voice, rang in his ear: “I still want you to continue seducing me, little demon.”






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