C79 — [3.18 — Judgement Day]

Therefore, it was necessary to find a way to deal with Lu Yuan!

The young man’s expression was gloomy.

Behind him, those people who were originally still indulging in publicizing the god of doom also revealed the same gloomy expression as him.

But for some reason, this gloomy expression was mixed with a melancholy loss that he himself didn’t even know.

Especially when they thought about the way Jiu Shu had interlocked his fingers with his other self just now, the low mood almost seemed to overflow.

Compared to his dislike, Jiu Shu’s love for Lu Yuan was always particularly piercing.

It made him inexplicably irritable.

On the other hand.


After entering the elevator, Jiu Shu didn’t look out again.

He just raised his eyes and quietly looked at the god-of-doom flyers that were plastered all over the interior of the elevator.

He didn’t know when they were put up, and the content of each one was similar to the one that the young man had just handed over.

But these flyers were now posted on the walls of the elevator, and they were also thoughtfully posted at eye level with him.

Jiu Shu raised his eyebrows slightly.


Not caring about these flyers, he quietly stood in the elevator.

Lu Yuan also remained silent.

He was tall, and there weren’t too many flyers at his height; most of them were in front of Jiu Shu.

Apparently, he wasn’t the one these flyers were trying to please.

And that wasn’t exactly good news for Lu Yuan.

He lowered his eyes and swept them over the flyers, his eyes growing darker under the bandage.

He could see that these were all tricks played by the false god.

Shameless tactics.

“Let’s go, go back, and rest.”

The elevator quickly arrived, and Jiu Shu voiced out a reminder to Lu Yuan, who was standing in the same spot.

The white palm that was held in the palm of Lu Yuan’s hand also shook.

It made him subconsciously tighten his grip, wanting to keep the warmth and softness in his palm for a little longer.


Lu Yuan returned to his senses, nodded, and obediently followed Jiu Shu out of the elevator.

After walking out of the elevator, there weren’t too many flyers in the corridor.

Of course, it could be that the time was too short to post them.

Just like this, they peacefully walked to the hotel room door.


Looking at the turn of the newspaper stuffed on the doorknob, Lu Yuan’s eyes sank.

The bandage wrapped around his face made it impossible to see his expression, but his fingers clenched into a fist.

Obviously, he was suppressing the negative emotions that almost overwhelmed him.

It was good that Jiu Shu didn’t pay attention to the newspaper that recorded many cases of murder done by a romantic partner.

He gently narrowed his eyebrows, used the door card to open the room, and walked in.

Then, looking at the increasingly silent object of discipline on his side, the young boss’s rosy lips revealed a smile.

Fingers slid gently over his taut palm.

“Not going in to rest? Didn’t you say you were going to give me a good cuddle before?”

The ambiguous tone of his lover was enough to dispel all the uneasiness in his heart.

“… Hmm.”

The tall man looked at Jiu Shu’s smile and froze in fascination for a while before nodding somewhat coyly.

The itching in his palm dissipated the suppressed melancholy in his eyes, replaced by a fascination with and love for his lover.

They were in love with each other, and no one could separate them.

For Lu Yuan, this was enough.

It was enough for him to forget all that suppressed anger from earlier.

Lu Yuan followed Jiu Shu into the room, then hugged the soft body in his arms tightly, kissing and caressing it.

Suppressed gasps echoed in the room.

The door of the room slowly closed with a crisp click, hiding everything in the room.

But through the door panel, one could faintly hear the blush-inducing sounds within the room.

Outside the door, the waiter, who was preparing to stuff newspaper into the doorknob again, hung his head low and didn’t move for a long time.

The formulaic smile on his face was also gone.

There were veins showing on the back of his hand holding the newspaper, and his eyebrows, which mimicked the arched-up look of humans, looked lifeless.

He couldn’t tell what to call his mood at that moment and could only try to put the smile back on his face.

Reaching out, he shoved the newspaper back onto the doorknob.

According to the plan, he should have left by now.

After all, His purpose was just to keep reminding Jiu Shu of the dangers of His other self.

From there, he would be wary of Lu Yuan.

Then he’d finally leave Lu Yuan and be away from that other self who was full of filthy emotions, and then he’d be a believer who was favored by Him.

But for some unknown reason, he remained standing outside the door for a long time.

He was disgusted with human emotions.

Since the moment of His consciousness, He had loathed the noisy voices that appeared in His ears all the time, voices that symbolized the complex emotions and greedy desires of human beings.

Those dirty and filthy emotions were the innate sins of mankind.

They were also enough to drag him into the swirling quagmire of madness.

So he felt that he was supposed to feel disgusted and leave immediately when he heard those voices symbolizing human love and lies inside the door.

But that voice belonged to Jiu Shu.


He raised his foot as if he were about to leave, but eventually stopped.


From a distance, all that could be seen was the tall waiter standing outside the door, his expressionless face showing a bloodless, cold white color in the hallway light.

Even when approaching the room’s cat’s eye, the pupil also appeared dark and lightless, void of any emotion.

The rooms in this hotel were directly reversed for the convenience of the cleaners to observe the situation inside while cleaning.

Therefore, it was possible to peer inside the room from outside the door.

Through the cat’s eye, which distorted the light, the waiter could see the light and shadows in the room.

Then, not knowing what he saw, the waiter’s palm on the door panel clenched violently.

Even if he was scratched by the decorations on the door panel and the wound oozed thick blo*od, he didn’t make a sound.


In the middle of the day, he lowered his head and tore the newspaper in his hand until it was finally pulverized.

His eyes looked increasingly dark and appalling, but the corners of his mouth were subconsciously pursed.

He was obviously expressionless, but it felt almost like aggrieved bewilderment.

Everything inside the door was originally a scene that could be expected.

But when he actually witnessed it with his own eyes, there was still an indescribable feeling that made his internal organs ache as if they were being burned.

He didn’t know what was wrong with him, nor did he know how to get rid of this emotion that he couldn’t understand.

It could only be attributed to the aversion and hatred for Lu Yuan.


Yes, there was no other reason. He just wanted to ki*ll Lu Yuan, the guy who had tainted Jiu Shu.

Jiu Shu was a believer that he valued and shouldn’t be tainted by filthy human emotions.

Although he thought so, the scene he had just seen kept floating before his eyes, especially the corners of Jiu Shu’s eyes that were flushed with carmine red due to his impatience.

Surprisingly, for a moment, he had the thought that it would be good if the person who held Jiu Shu in his arms was him.

The waiter used the palm of his hand to cover his somewhat out-of-control expression, as well as the red color that flushed his cheeks.

No, no, such ugly thoughts must have arisen because of the influence of this human body.

After all, he didn’t have tainted and unpleasant thoughts towards Jiu Shu like Lu Yuan.

He simply wanted Jiu Shu to become his believer.

He was much nobler than Lu Yuan and was much more suitable to accompany that human than he was.

Gathering up the pieces of newspaper on the floor and wiping the blo*od off the door panel, the waiter stood up and left the place without listening any further.

The commotion in the room didn’t cease until late in the evening.

Jiu Shu lay exhausted on the bed, his snow-white spine bearing the marks left by the kisses he had received, embraced in the arms of the tall man beside him.

Lu Yuan kissed Jiu Shu’s temples carefully, feeling a little guilty about his behavior, fearing that he had pushed too hard.

He couldn’t help but fear that Jiu Shu would tire of his body, so he tried to please him as much as possible every time.

But Jiu Shu didn’t seem to be as engrossed as he thought he was.

Perhaps it was because he had been stimulated too much by the false god today, so Lu Yuan became a bit sentimental.

He began to wonder if he would be completely bored someday.

Just like the false god was hoping for.

Jiu Shu opened his eyes, looked at the gloomy Lu Yuan beside him, and somewhat helplessly touched his face.


“I’m also very satisfied and comfortable today.”

Saying that, Jiu Shu kissed his lips under the bandage and arched an eyebrow.

But he’d better not take so long next time.

Then he’d be more satisfied.

Soon it was time for dinner, but today Jiu Shu was too tired to want to leave the room, so he ordered room service right away.

“Okay, dinner will be served for you later.”


The receptionist’s extraordinarily sweet voice came from the other end of the line, and Jiu Shu hung up the phone with slight difficulty in accepting it.

“I can make dinner.”

Lu Yuan suddenly spoke up from the side.

He’d made a stew for Jiu Shu before, which Jiu Shu had raved about, and he wanted to see him satisfied again.

That would make him feel unrivaled satisfaction.

“But I didn’t buy any ingredients today.”

Jiu Shu leaned lazily into Lu Yuan’s arms, resting on his well-developed muscles, and wiggled his palms that were interlocked with his fingers affectionately.


“And cooking is tiring; I don’t want you to be that tired. If you really want to do it, let’s do it together next time.”

Lu Yuan tightened his grip on him, the tips of his ears reddening slightly.


Although he wanted to say that he didn’t feel tired at all, Jiu Shu’s undisguised concern for him still made his heart soften, and he could only accept it.


The room service must have arrived.

Lu Yuan got up and opened the room door.

Then, looking at the waiter pushing the food cart outside the door, his pitch-black pupils paused.

The eyes that were filled with gentleness just a moment ago instantly went cold.

The waiter also raised his head, and he was met with a pair of equally grim eyes and a reluctant smile.

“Lu Yuan?”

Inside the room, Jiu Shu’s soft voice broke the frozen atmosphere that had solidified between the two.

Lu Yuan then stepped aside in silence, allowing the waiter to push the food cart in.

He also returned to the room, where the young boss was gazing at him with a clinging gaze, like he was asking for a hug.

So, Lu Yuan’s expression eased, and he sat back down on the couch and held his lover again.

Compared to his tall stature, his lover’s body could be fully embraced in his arms.


Looking at the intensely affectionate couple in front of him, the smile on the expression of the waiter pushing the food cart seemed to be a bit stiff.

The cold white palm pushing the food cart also slowly tightened.

“Just put it on the coffee table; I want to eat while watching TV.”

Jiu Shu was really a bit lazy today; he leaned back in Lu Yuan’s arms, not wanting to move.

Although his muscles felt a bit hard, they were quite comfortable after a long time.

Saying that, Jiu Shu turned on the TV and started watching the news.

It was late in the evening, and the TV had just started broadcasting the news.

The smiling hostess’s voice was as soft as ever, and she looked dignified and solemn when she was broadcasting the news.

But soon, not long after Jiu Shu turned on the TV, the smile on the face of the hostess seemed to deepen a little.

She looked intently at the camera with a gentle gaze as she began to broadcast some news about the god of doom.

“Recently, welfare organizations dominated by the god of doom Sect are distributing grants to widows and orphans.”

“The teachings of the god of doom sect are to restrain oneself, respect life, and advocate truth, goodness, and beauty.”


A restrained smile suddenly appeared on the face of the young boss, who was watching TV.

Seeing this, the eyes of the waiter who was arranging the plates brightened a bit, and the smile at the corner of his mouth became genuine.

Lu Yuan, on the other hand, was silent as he hugged Jiu Shu, looking at every subtle expression on his face with downcast eyes and not saying a word.


But the arm on Jiu Shu’s waist was slowly tightening.

It was as if he was afraid that his lover would leave him.


The news was a success.

Outside the hotel, the female host located inside the TV building looked at the camera in front of her; her delicate makeup couldn’t hide the pure pleasure on her face.

He knew that his plan would succeed.

It was useless even if Lu Yuan blocked it any more; only He was the most suitable to have Jiu Shu.

Jiu Shu would soon become the most favored believer of his, and he would fulfill all his wishes.

After all, he was a god who favored his followers.

“Okay, commercial break!”

In the recording studio, busy intermission time arrived.

The hostess stopped broadcasting the news with some hesitation.

He actually didn’t want to stop at all.

The thought of Jiu Shu on the other end of the TV, looking at him with unbelievable concentration, made him feel his heart rise with a pleasant sensation that made him not want to stop.

He had to look better to meet Jiu Shu.

With this thought, the hostess began to apply her makeup in earnest.

Each possessed human body had its own specialized abilities, and this body was very good at applying makeup, so it was easy to do so.

Soon, the makeup was made up in a fresh and natural way.

Looking at herself in the makeup mirror, the hostess showed a look of satisfaction.

In the interval of waiting, he couldn’t help but begin to wonder what the current Jiu Shu was doing and if he couldn’t wait to meet up with him again, just like him.


He wished he was the waiter standing beside him.

That way, he could watch him every moment.

The transfer of information between different bodies took time, so he could only wait for the waiter’s body to transfer everything he saw now.

The waiting time was always extraordinarily long.

The hostess sighed, and many of the people in the recording studio coincidentally wore the same lost expression.

It was inexplicably frightening for the few sane people left.

Perhaps it was a coincidence.

The director wiped the cold sweat from his forehead and could only comfort himself with this.

So many people on the TV station have become a bit strange lately.

He went to inquire but found that he was the only one who felt this way, and in the end, he could only attribute it to the fact that he had been working too hard lately and was hallucinating.

Just like now, he actually saw a sneaky young girl break into the recording studio, nervously looking left and right.

The people next to him, who were only showing lost expressions, didn’t even notice the young girl.

“It worked, it worked…”

Li Qi muttered as she carefully avoided the people next to her who were possessed by the god of doom.

He was a god with a not-so-good brain.

This was very obvious when not possessing a human, but after possessing a human, his intelligence was compensated by a human brain, and he looked like a normal human.

However, there were still shortcomings unique to the god of doom.

For example, once he started to wander off thinking about one thing, he would be unable to pay attention to what was going on next to him.

This was a weakness she had only recently discovered.

And with this weakness, she managed to get into the TV building and feel her way into the studio where the broadcast was being taped.

She had to take advantage of this opportunity to succeed in one fell swoop and reveal the truth of everything to the entire city.

With this in mind, Li Qi made her way to the hostess while the video recorder was still on, ready to take a chance and expose her for who she was.

She planned it out and was ready to rush up and tell the truth about the hostess being possessed by the god of doom as soon as the live broadcast was turned on.

Regardless of whether or not Butcher could see this scene, at least he would be able to learn something and might be able to use this to escape from the god of doom.

However, Li Qi’s plan was over before it even started.

The hostess’s smile faded as she looked at Li Qi, who was hiding under the table.

Her gaze was cold.

And behind the hostess were countless faces that were also looking over with smiles on their faces.

Obviously, the god of doom hadn’t been lost in thought for very long, nor was he as oblivious as she thought.

“!” Li Qi’s eyes widened in horror, and before she could flee, she was dragged out by the extremely strong hostess.

“Ahhhhh! NO! god of doom! Your plot will not succeed! Don’t think everyone will be kept in the dark by you!”

Li Qi struggled, pinned to the ground by the staff member with a smile on his face.

“You can’t kill the butcher! The butcher will definitely save the world!”

Li Qi’s upside-down words were obviously not threatening, but they strangely poked at the hostess’s emotional point.

She frowned, her voice icy. “Really? Then why didn’t he come to your rescue?”


The female supporter clearly recognized the woman who had once nearly exposed his identity.

And this time, she didn’t intend to hold back, signaling the others to get rid of this obtrusive human.

“You… I know, I know, I know! You’re jealous of the Butcher, aren’t you? You’re jealous of the Butcher having the sanity you don’t have!” Li Qi yelled before being dragged down.

For once in her life, she was awake, and in connection with everything that had happened before, she instantly realized why the god of doom had suddenly hurt himself in the restaurant earlier.

It must have been jealousy.

But she couldn’t guess what exactly the god of doom was jealous of, so she could only babble something irrelevant.

“gods don’t get jealous.”

The hostess’s smiling face remained unchanged, but those eyes grew more and more sinister.

“god of doom! You boast that you don’t have human love and hate, but if you really don’t, why do you want to ki*ll the butcher?”

“It can’t be that you’re jealous that Butcher has a lover of his own.”

“god, don’t have love and hate!” As if remembering something, the hostess’s emotions inexplicably became a bit agitated.

Looking at the female host’s ghastly expression, Li Qi instantly realized something; her eyes widened, and she stammered, “You, you’re really jealous of the Butcher; are you in love with a human?”


“A god would never fall in love with a human!” The hostess’s expression was unprecedentedly eerie, and her voice sharpened.

It was unknown whether she was retorting to Li Qi or admonishing herself.

Especially the god of doom, who eschewed all love and hate.

He was noble and was the most suitable god to become the god that Jiu Shu believed in.

Much better than that damned fellow Lu Yuan!

“… click.”

In front of the TV, Jiu Shu listened to the voice of the hostess screaming and chewed a piece of hard candy in his mouth with a flat expression.

And in the room, the face of the waiter, who had been smiling, completely lost his gleeful expression.




Wrecked from every angle he tries ಠ⁠_⁠ಠ

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