C85 —- [3.24 — Judgement Day]

Jiu Shu’s expression was a bit subtle.

Just when he wanted to say something, he saw many more tentacles growing on the walls.


As far as the eye could see, the entire banquet hall was wrapped in flesh and b*lood, and the elegantly designed decorative walls were filled with vegetation-like growths of flesh and b*lood, to the extent that they were almost completely covered.


Even if many parts were torn away, they would quickly grow back.


And the tentacles of flesh and blo*od that grew out were like waving seaweed.


Taking advantage of the gap between Jiu Shu’s gaze and the Lu Yuan, they used what they thought was a very unobtrusive maneuver to pull out all the fragments of flesh and bone hidden in the sofa that hadn’t been completely exposed.


Then they seemed to think that the number of these fragments didn’t look shocking enough, so they tore up a lot of their newly grown flesh without leaving a trace, mixing it inside.


Pretending that it was the work of Lu Yuan.


“I’m in so much pain, Jiu Shu.”


After doing all this, behind him, the god of doom, who was large enough to cast a thick shadow in front of Jiu Shu, complained to him in a low, aggravated voice.


He seemed to have been truly hurt by Lu Yuan’s actions just now, and now he was in so much pain that he could only let out a wail.


Jiu Shu glanced at the god of doom behind him, his eyes sweeping over the uncontrollable and joyfully knotted tentacles on his body.


He was speechless for a moment.


Standing next to the sofa, Lu Yuan was looking at the tentacles writhing and picking at the debris at his feet.


His facial expression under the bandage was unreadable.


The hand placed on the sides of his body curled up, exerting force until the joints turned white.


He seemed a bit lonely.


The lonely figure contrasted sharply with the god of doom’s poorly-acted, aggrieved look.


“Okay, let’s go.”


Jiu Shu could only remain calm in the face of these two colluding disciplinary targets.


He didn’t say anything more; his expression was normal as he walked towards the outside of the banquet hall.


“I hope we can quickly reach the place where the main body is.”


Jiu Shu spoke in a calm tone, leaving only his two dismayed lovers behind him.


He knew the best option at this point was to let them both calm down.

Jiu Shu didn’t hold hands with them.


Lu Yuan’s pupils dilated slightly, and his subconsciously extended palm landed empty. He then retracted his hand in silence after a long while.


Jiu Shu seemed to be angry.


Realizing this, Lu Yuan was a little flustered.


Although his face couldn’t be seen, his heart almost stopped beating. There was a kind of suffocating feeling that made him breathless.




The bandage on the face felt soaked in liquid.


Lu Yuan was stunned and touched his cheeks.


Then he realized that there were no tears in his eyes.


Raising his head, he saw that on the bloo*dstained ceiling, countless eyes were staring at him.


The vicious eyes seemed to be ready to kil*l him at any time.


The thick bloo*d was dripping down from the eyes as if they were scared.


The carpet and dining table of the room were all soaked in the bad-smelling liquid, and even the flesh-covered walls became wet.


“What are you looking at? You disgusting ghost, Jiu Shu is unhappy; it’s all your fault!”


Lu Yuan turned his head in silence.


Not far away, on the ugly monster made up of flesh and blo*od, all its tentacles had sharp teeth and claws.


It was imposing and gave off a grotesque and twisted feeling of terror.


Each eye looked eerily at Lu Yuan.


Acting as if everything that happened in the room had nothing to do with him.


But behind it, where Lu Yuan couldn’t see, were a few eyeballs turning uneasily.


The tentacles were also wilting and dragging on the ground, pulling at the flesh and blo*od on their bodies in fear.


Handful after handful.


Speculating whether or not his lover was angry with him.


But all of this couldn’t be known by Lu Yuan.


The doom god was well disguised.


But he forgot the spiritual synchronization between the souls.


“What kind of look is this?”


Originally prepared for a furious scolding session, the god of doom immediately exploded when he looked at the blank eyes under Lu Yuan’s bandages; it was as if he could feel some contempt hidden within them.


He hid the tentacles behind him more tightly, and his eyes became more and more gloomy.


Lu Yuan ignored the god of doom.


He lowered his head and crushed a few tentacles under his feet, silent as if he were doing something incredibly normal.


He didn’t care about the threat of the god of doom in the slightest.


The god of doom was so infuriated that his eyes trembled.


Every single tentacle on his body, including the newly grown tentacles in the banquet hall, revealed mouthparts covered in sharp teeth in the direction of Lu Yuan.


They seemed to be ready to tear this despicable person who disrespected a god to pieces.


Lu Yuan looked at this flesh-and-bl*ood monster that was almost as tall as himself; no emotions could be seen in his dark pupils, but in his hand, he held a table knife that he had gotten at some point.


It was sharp enough to slice up any flesh.


Just as the fight between the two was on the verge of breaking out, a stranger’s voice suddenly came from outside the banquet hall.


And Jiu Shu was waiting for them outside.


“Are you the lover of the butcher?”
Outside the door, the dazed Li Sheng looked at the youth standing not far away, his gaze lingering on his snow-white, beautiful face for a moment.


Instantly, he recognized this youth, who had never appeared in his previous life.


Someone who could actually be with a monster like Butcher.


“You didn’t die? What about the butcher? Is the butcher dead?”


Li Sheng looked around and didn’t see the butcher’s figure.


His blo*odshot eyes opened extremely wide, his expression somewhat ecstatic: “He must be dead, haha!”


“Must be!”


“But why is the end still coming?”


Li Sheng muttered to himself somewhat nervously, and his gaze gradually shifted to Jiu Shu.


This tall young man, who was out of place in the hotel, had a face that people couldn’t take their eyes off of.


“Maybe it’s because you’re not dead yet.”


Li Sheng looked at Jiu Shu, his trembling gaze gradually filled with ki*lling intent.


At this moment, the top and bottom of the hotel were all covered in scarlet-colored flesh and blo*od.


The corridors were also filled with misplaced blo*od vessels and swollen and misshapen pieces of flesh, giving people extremely depressing sensory stimulation.


Li Sheng, who appeared somewhat nervous at this moment, was obviously overstimulated by this depressing feeling.


He had been following the doom gods just now, and even though he had been mercilessly knocked to the ground by the doom gods, he hadn’t given up on praying for the gods’ forgiveness.


But the doom gods had been acting strangely.


One moment they were ki*lling each other, the next they were standing still and even covering their faces in gestures of extreme pain.


Li Sheng could see that the doom gods weren’t cured of their madness.


But He was, after all, the god he believed in.


Li Sheng wasn’t going to give up his belief in the god of doom.


So he persevered in trying to get closer to the gods of doom until just now, when the gods of doom suddenly vomited.


Li Sheng still clearly remembered the frightening feeling that scene brought him at that time.


Obviously, they had a human face, but they revealed inhuman strangeness everywhere.


The gods of doom looked extremely gruesome as they expressionlessly spat out the black and red bloo*d and still writhing pieces of meat from their bellies.


The blo*od stained their lips, and their white teeth were scarred.


It flowed down the pale jaws of the doom gods, turning their clothes bloo*d red as well.


Then, the pitch-black eyes of each of the doom gods turned stiffly to look at him, who stood to the side.


They seemed to be wondering why he didn’t make the same pose.


Li Sheng was already so scared that he could only remain frozen on the ground.


His body was trembling, and he couldn’t make a single sound.


In his line of sight, the doom gods’ limbs were also bending unnaturally, making creepy cackling sounds.


It was only when they spat out their last mouthful of bloo*d that they fell to the ground like puppets with broken strings.


Next, Li Sheng saw an even more horrifying scene.


The doom gods, who were still expressionless, opened their eyes one after another.


After seeing everything in front of them, they suddenly let out a terrified scream, as if they had regained human consciousness.


But this brief moment of lucidity didn’t last long.


On the soft and wriggling flesh walls around, those originally quiet flesh suddenly moved.


As the sticky and horrible sound of writhing flesh sounded, a piece of living flesh wrapped these screaming humans.


The people were wrapped in a film of flesh and blo*od.


Li Sheng’s eyesight was very good, and he could clearly see that underneath that film was a complete human body.


The black and red blo*od from before still remained on the pale faces.


After realizing Li Sheng’s proximity, their eyes suddenly opened.


In each eye, there was a strong fear of death.


They were still alive.


And the flesh and blo*od within the corridor became quiet again after doing so.


Returning to their original scarlet and harmless appearance.


Li Sheng, however, no longer dared to come any closer.


He only wanted to get as far away from this horrible flesh and bloo*d as possible.


The doomsday had already come, and in this city that was covered in flesh and blo*od, the only way to survive was to be careful.


Based on the doomsday experience he had from his previous life, he knew that the reason he was spared was probably because he didn’t make a sound just now.


The flesh and bloo*d in the corridor didn’t have eyes and were supposed to judge the location of their prey by sound.


And the screams of those humans just now attracted them.


If the god of doom was still around, these flesh and bl*ood would definitely not dare to be so arrogant.


But the god of doom just suddenly disappeared.


Giving up these human bodies and disappearing.


Li Sheng didn’t know why the god of doom had suddenly disappeared, leaving him unable to even find the object of his prayers.


He could only follow the route in his memory towards the banquet hall on the top floor.


This was because he felt that the change in the god of doom must have something to do with the butcher.


There might be clues inside the banquet hall.


Now, as expected, he found that the butcher was gone.


Only his lover remained.


“Yes, it must be because you didn’t die that the end of the world came.”


Li Sheng twitched nervously.


He remembered the original order given to him by the god of doom, the one to ki*ll the butcher and his lover.


He became more and more sure of his suspicion.


However, looking at this youth with an outstanding appearance, Li Sheng still had some compassion.


Then he clarified to him what was at stake in all this.


“In order to save this world, the butcher needs to die, and so do you.”


Li Sheng said this and took out the dagger he was carrying.


Gripping it tightly, he approached the butcher’s lover.


The beautiful lover didn’t move; he just looked at him faintly.


Li Sheng felt that he must have been frightened.


After all, he was just an ordinary human.


Even if he fell in love with the butcher, it was actually not a particularly heinous crime.


The crime wasn’t punishable by death.


“Blame it on the fact that you fell in love with the butcher; why did you fall in love with that monster?”


If he hadn’t fallen in love with the butcher, he wouldn’t have been put on the death list by the god of doom.

Although Li Sheng was a psychopath, he was actually a man who prided himself on his integrity.


He normally wouldn’t kill people at will, but this was an order from the god of doom.


He simply could not disobey.


Even if this man made his heart flutter somewhat unknowingly.

Inside the banquet hall.


The dark pupils of Butcher, who walked to the doorway, became more and more gloomy.


The god of doom, who followed closely beside him, however, slightly agreed with this statement.


He decided to take one less piece of this human’s body when he split it later.


It was true that he shouldn’t fall in love with a monster like Butcher; he should only fall in love with him.


In the next moment, however, the god of doom had no time to gloat.


“It was the god of doom who asked me to do this; you know the god of doom, right?”


“He is the greatest god of all; He loves humanity; He loves us; but the end is coming.”


“For the sake of all mankind, for the sake of the god of doom, you will die!”




Every eye on the god of doom’s body glared immensely.


The tentacles all exploded and instantly pounced on the human who kept babbling.


He wanted to hurry up and settle this matter before Jiu Shu got angry.


And Li Sheng had yet to realize the danger.


He raised his dagger at Jiu Shu, only to have his bones viciously snapped in the next second.


A pale palm gripped his wrist before the tentacle could reach it, crushing every inch of bone.




Accompanied by the sound of bones breaking, he was sweating in pain.


He let out a suppressed scream because he was afraid of attracting the attention of the flesh and bl*ood in the corridor.


Still, he couldn’t help but break out in a cold sweat when he raised his eyes and saw the owner of that palm.




It was the butcher!


Lu Yuan’s bandage-covered face overlapped with the face of the butcher in his memory.


Aside from the fact that there was no blo*od flowing from his eye sockets and his eyes were still there, both the figure and the aura were generally the same.


Cold and tyrannical to the extreme.


The butcher wasn’t dead. Or had he been resurrected?


Li Sheng couldn’t believe his eyes.


In this apocalyptic atmosphere, the fear that had never disappeared from his memories in his previous life swept over him once again, making him shiver.


The butcher in his memory was always silent.


Tall and strong, even with the bandages wrapped around him, he could feel the powerful muscles, and every time he lifted the butcher’s knife, he would leave behind a large trail of blo*od.


Those flesh and blo*od monsters that he couldn’t resist, even if he fought to the death, wouldn’t survive more than two seconds under the butcher’s knife.


He remembered that in his previous life, he died in the Flesh and Bl*ood City, under those ubiquitous flesh and bl*ood; he didn’t even die under the Butcher.


But the butcher was still the monster he feared the most.


Because in that city, where the god of doom banished the butcher, the butcher was everywhere.


Wherever he and his girlfriend, Li Qi, went, the butcher followed them, swinging his machete without mercy.


The sound of the butcher’s heavy dragging of the machete with his mechanically lagging steps was Li Sheng’s most feared nightmare.


He had thought that the end wouldn’t come in this life and that the butcher wouldn’t become so terrifying.


Now he realized that the butcher had been so terrifying all along.


He was even more terrifying than the one he had encountered in the church before.


It was so terrifying that he couldn’t even raise the thought of resistance.


Only the god of doom could ki*ll this monster completely.


But why hadn’t the god of doom come to save him, to save the world, to expel the butcher?


Li Sheng revealed a look of despair.


But just in the next moment, he saw the light again.


It was the murmuring sound of the god of doom.




Although he couldn’t understand the meaning due to the overly intense tone, he was still moved to tears.


“god, Lord god, you’ve come to my rescue!”


The god of doom finally saw his piety and was going to save him under the butcher’s knife.


This was a great reward for Li Sheng.


But unfortunately, the god of doom didn’t come to save him.


Rather, he was going to ki*ll this human who had denigrated him.


“Huck… god of doom, Lord god?”


Countless tough and soft tentacles transformed into a cage covered with barbed spikes, piercing Li Sheng alive into a hedgehog.


He didn’t die, but blo*od gurgled everywhere.


He felt his bones all over his body being strangled, and he let out an agonizing groan.


Fearfully and blankly, he looked in the direction of the tentacles.


A large, twisted figure was seen.


Something like the figure of the god seen at the end of the world, yet quite a bit smaller than the god of doom.


The hideous flesh and blo*od had tentacles all over, countless pairs of eyes were open, its gazes were ice-cold, and those bizarrely sharp teeth snapped at him.


All of them were shrunken versions of the most insane appearance of the god of doom.


Li Sheng recognized the god of doom.


But he didn’t understand why the god of doom was doing this to him.


“Quickly, quickly ki*ll them, Lord god!”


Li Sheng, who had been stabbed into a hedgehog, humbly and devoutly begged his god.


Reminding him to quickly ki*ll the butcher and his lover.


Wasn’t this exactly what the god of doom had asked for earlier?


Before Li Sheng could finish his words, he was strangled even tighter by the tentacles.


Then, just like those humans who had been swallowed by the wall’s bl*ood and flesh before, he was swallowed alive within the wall.


There was no way to utter a single word anymore.


“No! No!”


Li Sheng’s eyes widened in panic as he desperately struggled, but it didn’t help.


Finally, he experienced the feelings of those people.


They were obviously alive, but could only live in the walls asphyxiated, looking at the outside world through a flesh-colored film.


Everything was covered in a horrible, blood-colored glow.


And in this bloo*d-colored world, he saw the god of doom finally approaching the butcher and his lover.


Was He going to kil*l them?


Li Sheng watched with what was left of his sanity.


The doom god stretched out his tentacles. The tentacles that had cut off a layer of flesh from his body approached that beautiful lover.


Was it going to settle the lover in the same painful way?


Li Sheng thought so with a slight comfort in his heart.


He wasn’t the only one who had been treated like this by the doom god, and this was enough to make his agonizingly tormented soul feel better.


However, the next second, he saw the tentacles affixed to the butcher’s lover’s wrist.


There was no blo*od, no malice.


It even looked like He was showing a bit of coquetry.


How could that be?


How was it possible?


Li Sheng breathed in agony, wondering if he had gone mad.


Was this scene actually happening?


That was a god—a god who had gone mad.


Crazy to the extent that even he, a fanatic believer, could be hurt by him; how could he be so gentle with that butcher’s lover?


Li Sheng didn’t want to believe it; he was convinced that it was an illusion and didn’t want to look any further.


But he couldn’t close his eyes and could only continue to watch everything in the corridor.


The butcher, who should have been fighting to the death, and the god of doom were at peace with each other.


That soft and beautiful lover also had a calm expression in the face of the horrifying face of the god of doom, with a smile on his face.


It was bizarre to the extreme.


Li Sheng was instantly on the verge of collapse as he realized that he had done something wrong.


No, this world wasn’t right at all!


It wasn’t at all like what he remembered, and the god of doom wasn’t trying to ki*ll that lover at all.


Li Sheng remembered the words that his girlfriend, Li Qi, had said on TV earlier.


The god of doom was jealous of the butcher having a lover of his own.


He used to just think that Li Qi was talking foolishly because the god of doom eschewed love and hate.


Even if He loved, He loved all of humanity, not just one person alone.


Now it turned out that he was the one who was wrong.


Dead wrong.


The god of doom had fallen in love with a human, with the butcher’s lover.


It was the most unlikely, yet it had happened before his eyes.


His beloved god.




Bloo*d oozed from the tentacles that the god of doom had circled around Jiu Shu’s wrist.


It seemed to have shed tears of impatience.


“No, I’m not trying to k*ill you!”


“I love you! Jiu Shu.”


The god of doom explained eagerly.

Although he did think about ki*lling all of humanity when he went mad in the past, now that he was reformed, he wouldn’t k*ill anymore.



All of this was that human’s fault!


The god of doom wanted to ki*ll Li Sheng and cut him in pieces, but he couldn’t, due to the fact that Jiu Shu was still in front of him and Jiu Shu had repeatedly said that he couldn’t ki*ll anyone casually.


That was why he didn’t cut Li Sheng’s body into pieces but instead put him into the wall to experience the pain of suffocation.


He would suffer more than any other human, constantly suffocating and recovering as before.


Only this kind of pain could slightly make up for the loss caused by his name being vilified.




Jiu Shu furrowed his brows at the wet tentacles on his wrists and didn’t say anything.


Of course, he knew that the current god of doom couldn’t possibly want to k*ill him.


The male lead, Li Sheng, was most likely insane from a mental breakdown; that was why he acted like that.


However, by letting the god of doom be a little more peaceful at times like now, they could also quickly walk to where the main body was.


The complete fusion of the souls of the targets would be faster.


Thinking like this, Jiu Shu’s beautiful peach blossom-like eyes moved to the god of doom as he said in a warm voice, ”Is that so? I do remember that I seem to have been injured once before in the church.”




The god of doom immediately and slowly retracted his tentacles in a guilty manner.


He didn’t do it on purpose.


He was sinking into madness at the time, and his brain wasn’t working too well, so he didn’t notice that piano string.


However, the god of doom also knew that no matter how he defended himself, he had still hurt Jiu Shu.


Looking at the scar on the side of Jiu Shu’s face that had healed, but traces of it could still be vaguely seen, the god of doom’s bloated body shrank.


There was no more of the arrogant vigor from before.


There was blo*od swirling in each eyeball.


He didn’t know what to do to make amends.


“Okay, it’s actually fine now.”


Jiu Shu sighed, not wanting to settle old scores.


He held onto the oozing tentacles of the god of doom with a soft expression and said, “Just hurry up and go to your original body, as a way to make amends.”




The god of doom perked up slightly but was still a bit depressed.


Jiu Shu had to continue to comfort him.


Lu Yuan on the side had his eyes downcast. Looking at the way Jiu Shu was comforting the god of doom, his fingers trembled and his eyes dimmed.


Then, a warm palm held his fingers.

Lu Yuan paused, then gripped Jiu Shu’s palm in return.


Fond and reluctant to part.


“Let’s go.”


Jiu Shu interlocked his fingers with Lu Yuan, and his other hand was encircled by the god of doom’s tentacles.

It wasn’t troublesome, so he just walked outside like that.


On the corridor, the flesh and blo*od that were still ferocious became peaceful.


Afraid that Jiu Shu would trip, they kneaded themselves into a ball and spread it on a carpet.


Just to make it more comfortable for Jiu Shu to walk.


Within the walls, Li Sheng watched this scene, his eyes dull and blank.

He didn’t know if this world could still be saved; the Butcher and the god of doom actually walked together in such harmony.


This was beyond the scope of his cognition.


Did the Doom god, who was no longer obsessed with ki*lling the Butcher, return to normal or not?

Li Sheng didn’t know.


He just suddenly felt a little creeped out.


Not only because of the physical pain, but also because he realized that the flesh and blo*od of this building were controlled by the god of doom.


That meant that perhaps in his previous life, the flesh and blo*od that had killed him, the flesh and blo*od that had enveloped the world, the flesh and blo*od that had brought the world deep suffering—all of them could be controlled.


It wasn’t at all like what the god of doom had said in his memories: that the end of the world was caused by His breath after He had gone mad, and that He couldn’t control those flesh and blo*od and couldn’t save the world.


The god of doom just indulged in flesh and blo*od to wreak havoc.


He stared coldly at the catastrophe of all mankind and did nothing about it.


Did he really love humanity?


Or would the doom god, who had fallen in love with a human this time, choose to continue standing idly by?


Li Sheng was dumbfounded, not knowing the answer to his questions.


He only saw the butcher walking down the corridor with his lover.


The god of doom was also emotionally down and snuggled next to his lover, being soothed by him.


But where the lover couldn’t see, tentacles on the walls and ceiling appeared from time to time on the Butcher’s side, trying to trip him up and make a fool of him, only to end up just being ripped to shreds by the indifferent Butcher.


And just like that, they disappeared at the end of his sight.


At this time, within H city.


Li Qi was walking with a young reporter.


Together, the two of them carefully dodged the ghastly flesh and blo*od prowling on the side of the road.


“You said you rescued me from the god of doom?”


The young reporter looked confused.


He only remembered that he had been in a muddle for a while until he awoke on the streets just now, and when he opened his eyes, he saw the city strewn with bl*ood and flesh.


The scene, which was comparable to a horror movie, shocked him to the point of speechlessness.


The next moment, he saw those equally bewildered people beside him being captured by the bloo*d and flesh on the side of the road into walls made of large swaths of bloo*d and flesh.


Becoming human decorations.

That horrific scene still haunted the young reporter.

“Yes, it’s the god of doom.”


“The god of doom gave up your bodies, but He still wants to use the bodies as spares, so you see, they were all filled into the walls.”


Li Qi explained somewhat numbly.
Having walked around this city made of flesh and bloo*d for too long, all of her senses were numb.


Only the hope of saving the world sustained her as she continued on.


That was one of the reasons she had saved the young reporter.


In this world of scarlet everywhere, if she didn’t have someone to talk to, she was afraid that she wouldn’t be able to last at all.


Moreover, there were dangers everywhere in this flesh and blo*od city, and one more person would be a better helper.


“god of doom?…”


The young reporter was in a trance, and then he said a little regretfully: “Oh, I think those days were quite comfortable. I am also a devout follower of the god of doom, it wasn’t bad to be controlled by the god of doom all along.”


“At least there was no need to run around to survive.”


The young reporter truly felt this way.


When he recalled those days, he only felt as if he was soaking in warm water, with only happy emotions, and all the suffering in the world seemed to be far away from him.


“…… ” Li Qi glanced at the young reporter and frowned.


She didn’t expect that ordinary people would be so unable to resist the temptation of the god of doom; it was true that even when greed took over a human’s body, it would only intoxicate them.


One wouldn’t even be able to notice the ferocity of it.


“The god of doom is terrifying; I hope you realize that.” Li Qi stopped talking.


Her tired spirit had already made her not want to explain too much.


The young reporter could see Li Qi’s aversion to what he had just said but didn’t take it seriously.


It wasn’t like he wasn’t telling the truth.

If it wasn’t for the fact that this woman had barely saved him, he wouldn’t have said so much to her.


Click-click—the young reporter grabbed the camera in his fanny pack and snapped a picture of the nearby bloo*d-strewn street.


“Okay, I see. It would be great if I could go out. With these photos, I can become famous around the world.”


“I’ll no longer have to run around, looking for ways to survive!”


“Oh yeah, and you said something about the butcher’s lover, didn’t you? Haha! If he’s really resurrected, give me a look when we meet him, so I can take a picture to see what someone who can mesmerize monsters with his beauty is like!”


“Don’t think this place is too simple.”


Li Qi suspected that this young reporter had been occupied by the god of doom for a long time, so his brain wasn’t working well.


The young reporter just laughed and didn’t say anything.


In fact, he didn’t believe in Li Qi’s so-called rebirth claim at all.


In his opinion, this was nothing more than Li Qi’s fantasy.


She was just a mental patient, and it was normal for her to have hallucinations.


And this City of Flesh and Bl*ood was probably proof of the real existence of the god of doom.


The god of doom was the god with the most believers in this world, so as long as the news that the god of doom really existed was publicized, the entire world would be stirred up.


That was the most important thing.


Doomsday or not, the importance of this news was obvious.


As for that butcher’s lover, if he really existed, he wouldn’t mind taking a photo. But he was probably just slightly better-looking than a normal person.


Taking a step back, even if he was really a person who could charm the god of doom, that was just right; he could use that person to study the god of doom.


For example, if he sacrificed him to the god of doom, surely he would be favored by god and have any wish granted.


After all, if one could really move the heart of the god of doom, who detested human emotions, it would definitely make the god of doom lose his mind to a certain extent, instead of doing what Li Qi said, which was to let the butcher and his lover live happily together forever.


Ah, Li Qi, who claimed to be a follower of the god of doom, was simply a pagan and didn’t understand what maximizing benefits meant.



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