C82 — [3.21 — Judgement Day]

Somewhere outside the banquet hall.


Looking at the blown-up corridor outside the banquet hall, Li Sheng felt that the butcher definitely wouldn’t survive.


He had succeeded!


“god of doom, I’ve succeeded!”


On the corridor covered with red carpet, Li Sheng was looking with anticipation at the several people possessed by the god of doom standing beside him.

He had already detonated the expl*osives according to the requirements of the god of doom, so he could definitely regain the favor of the god of doom now.

This was Li Sheng’s greatest wish.

But before he could open his mouth to pray for the god to forgive him for his previous mistake, the originally smiling gods of doom in front of him seemed to have suddenly changed as if they had become different people, and their expressions became a bit strange.

“Without Lu Yuan, there should only be one person beside Jiu Shu.”

“Yes, there is only one person.”

“It’s me.”

“It’s me.”


The three smiling youths looked at each other, displaying mirror-like expressions.

But after hearing each other’s answers, the smiles on their faces deepened.

Instantaneously, they revealed their deep hatred for each other.

Obviously, when there was the same enemy, they were very united.

But after the external enemy was lifted, the possessiveness and greed in the bones of the god of doom began to go unchecked.

Even if they were of the same consciousness, they couldn’t help but start fighting.


It was unknown who started it, but the smiling youth was easily knocked to the ground.

Then the smiling face had a momentary distortion.

Immediately after that, another one was also knocked down by the other god of doom.

The god of doom who had made the first move had a smile on his face, yet each punch left no room for error.

If it wasn’t for the fact that there were no weapons at hand for the time being, there would have been deep wounds a long time ago.

“There can only be one.”

“That’s why you shouldn’t exist.”

Soon, the five gods of doom around Li Sheng all joined the battle and fought to a standstill.

Li Sheng looked at this scene in dismay, not understanding why they were suddenly fighting.

“Lord god, god of doom? What’s wrong with you? Don’t, don’t fight!!!”

Li Sheng, who wanted to go forward to talk out the fight, was knocked down by a punch from the ice-cold-looking god of doom.

After all, it was the body possessed by the god of doom, and no matter what, it was still stronger than an ordinary human’s physical quality.

Li Sheng was unable to withstand a random strike from the god of doom and instantly fell to the ground.

“Lord god.”

Li Sheng felt completely lost; he didn’t know how to deal with this situation.

There was nothing helpful in his memories at all.

A lot of things in this life were different from what he remembered from his previous life.

Not only the butcher’s destiny, there was also the god of doom.

The power of the god of doom was supreme, and in Li Sheng’s eyes, it had always been unrivaled, and he had never thought that the god of doom would actually fight with his consciousness.

More importantly, the fighting gods seemed to have completely forgotten about his existence.

All he had done was to regain the favor of the god of doom, but now the god of doom didn’t care about him at all, which made Li Sheng extremely miserable.

He raised his beaten and bloodied face, still wanting to say something to the god of doom and pray for forgiveness.

But his voice had long since made the gods of doom, who were obsessed with killing each other, impatient.

One of them looked down at Li Sheng, who was writhing on the ground, with an icy gaze.

Scared, Li Sheng’s face turned white, and he no longer dared to make a single sound.

And at this time, within the city of H.

The same situation was happening in all corners.

Li Qi was curled up in the corner of the street, looking at the gods of doom who were fighting on the side of the road, her eyes numb.

She could no longer see what exactly the god of doom was trying to do.

After all, she was just a mere mortal, unable to understand the minds of the gods.

Let alone a god who had gone insane.

Perhaps this world was hopeless.

Li Qi wore a look of despair.

Thinking of the care that the god of doom showed for that beautiful-looking lover earlier, Li Qi guessed that He had probably split that lover up and eaten him.

That was why he was now idly starting to kill himself.

The crazy god’s thoughts were always extreme.

Li Qi felt that her guess was probably not far off.

Judging from the memories of her previous life, it was always right to use the greatest malice to speculate about the god of doom.

Li Qi still remembered the crazy emotions she had perceived from the fragments of the god of doom after the final revelation that He had brought about the end of the world.

At that time, there were nothing but thoughts of devouring everything in his crazed brain; not a shred of sanity existed.

And the current god of doom was probably similar.

How could the god of doom know how to love someone?

All he could do was k*ill.

Even if he slightly showed what could be called fondness for a human in this life, devouring a loved one was also a manifestation of love.

Thinking of this and raising her head, Li Qi saw the sky of the city turn a faint scarlet color.

Symbolizing the god of doom’s mental state, which was on the verge of collapse at this time.

It was just like the sky before the end came in the last life.

The sky at that time was like this: dark and crimson, eerie and appalling.

After that, the entire world fell.

Just as the god of doom’s teachings said, the god of doom judged the sins of mankind, so after Judgment Day, blood and flesh spread all over the world.

Today might be the second judgment day.

Li Qi stared blankly at the sky above her head, completely giving up her struggle.

There was no more hope; the world was over.

There was nothing more she could do; her fragile and tense mental state made it impossible for her to fight against the horrendous god of doom anymore.

And now the god of doom was no longer something that humans could fight against.


Li Qi covered her mouth and stifled her sobs.

But while crying, she was careful not to attract the attention of those gods of doom on the side of the road.

She also wished for someone to save the world; she died not wanting to go back to those crazy and boring days.

But it was simply impossible.

No one could stop the crazy god.

“Okay, stop.”

Jiu Shu rubbed his throbbing brow.

Out loud, he called a halt to the several people who were chattering and arguing in front of him and were even about to start fighting.


Inside the banquet hall, people with smiles on their faces had the same rejection of each other in their eyes as those outside of H City.

However, the moment Jiu Shu’s voice fell, they collected the malice in them as fast as they could.

The chestnut-haired youth was the first to stop his movements, standing obediently in front of Jiu Shu.

In this way, he demonstrated that he was the most mature and stable person, suitable to take Jiu Shu away with him.

The next few people also stopped successively, just more or less a beat slower.

They couldn’t help but give the chestnut-colored hair a grim look, thinking that this guy was worse than Lu Yuan.

“I’m sorry, Mr. Jiu Shu, for making you laugh.”

The chestnut-haired youth smiled and apologized.

“I’m sorry too; I was just too worried about your personal safety, so I was concerned. It’s really been a long time since I’ve been so impulsive.”

The black-haired youth with a face similar to Lu Yuan also sincerely apologized and revealed a deep and affectionate look in his eyes.

It was as if he had already fallen deeply in love with Jiu Shu, hence his concern.

“Me too; I was too impulsive.”

“Okay, I know.”

Seeing that they were about to start fighting again, Jiu Shu raised his eyes to look at the crowd, his gaze sweeping over the standardized smiles on their faces.

This made the crowd a little excited, thinking that it was Jiu Shu starting to pick the right person.

Then they all puffed out their chests and put on their most handsome and attractive postures to win Jiu Shu’s attention.

At the same time, they also began to push and squeeze their companions beside him without a trace, trying to get more attention from Jiu Shu.

The chestnut-haired youth was clearly the standout.

He managed to squeeze his way to the front row and assumed the posture of kneeling on one knee, extending his hand towards Jiu Shu like the most popular gesture in human society.

Underneath the short, carefully groomed chestnut hair were eyes full of hope, which appeared to shine brightly under the lights of the banquet hall.

And Jiu Shu looked at the young man with chestnut hair in front of him, his dark pupils reflecting a translucent light, and his gaze at the young man appeared focused and ambiguous.

The tips of the chestnut-haired youth’s ears flushed red, and he pursed his lips in some excitement.

However, before he could say the words of invitation, in the next moment, his body on one knee became a little stiff at Jiu Shu’s gentle voice.

“Did you do this?”

“god of doom.”

Jiu Shu’s white fingers were still gently stroking Lu Yuan’s forehead.

His voice was also extremely soft, as if he were afraid of disturbing Lu Yuan.

Inside the banquet hall, however, it seemed deafening, almost shaking every guest attending the banquet into freezing in place.

“What is Mr. Jiu, Jiu Shu saying? Why can’t I understand?”

After a short silence, the chestnut-haired youth replied with a forced smile.

The few people behind him also stiffened for a moment, but they could only pretend to be calm.

“I don’t want to hear lies.”


The atmosphere in the banquet hall became nearly dead silent.


Because Jiu Shu didn’t want to continue listening to their lies, everyone didn’t speak again.

However, for the first time, their gazes undisguisedly focused on Jiu Shu, who was sitting on the sofa.

Not just the few people originally surrounding the sofa, but dozens of other people in the banquet hall also walked over with stiff steps.

Thoroughly surrounding him.

Even the lights could only shed some light from overhead.

Originally, they were able to disguise themselves as strangers who had no interest in Jiu Shu, but now, after Jiu Shu revealed everything, it was impossible to hide.

All of them stared at Jiu Shu with unblinking eyes.

After all, even if one could see Jiu Shu through the vision of the others, it was still not as real as witnessing him with their own eyes.

The tall and slender Jiu Shu appeared more and more eye-catching in the crowd of people.

He looked at the crowd that kept coming around him, the expression on his face still bland.

It was so bland that it even made the crowd a little confused.

“Not afraid?”

The chestnut-haired youth asked in a careful, soft voice, as if he were afraid of scaring Jiu Shu.


The weird smile on his face was the same as the faces of the many guests behind him.

If it were an ordinary person, the moment they saw this eerie smile on the faces of the crowd, they would have been scared to the point of screaming.

Jiu Shu’s response to him was a light smile: “Not afraid.”

The god of doom looked at Jiu Shu’s calm gaze and was stunned for a while before he somewhat happily hooked up the corners of his mouth.

Revealing a genuine smile.

Although he was surprised that Jiu Shu knew about his true identity, Jiu Shu wasn’t afraid of him.

This point was enough for the god of doom.

Jiu Shu wasn’t afraid of him and accepted him.

This knowledge caused Him to feel an unprecedented sense of pleasure.

Even the main body, which was far away from the world, was so happy that its tentacles knotted.

It felt that this was basically approximately equivalent to Jiu Shu liking him back.

However, Jiu Shu’s next words knocked Him back down.

“Restore Lu Yuan to his original state.”

Jiu Shu very naturally asked the god of doom to restore Lu Yuan, who was on the verge of a mental breakdown, to his original state, while the god of doom looked at Jiu Shu in shock.

Like he was watching a heartless man.

Only after a long time did he add somewhat eagerly, “I, can’t you see that I like you?”


The god of doom was somewhat aggrieved as people possessed by Him surrounded Jiu Shu.

Countless pairs of eyes looked straight at him.

Although he was insane, he was aware that those previous actions showed very clearly.

He couldn’t believe that Jiu Shu didn’t feel his affection for him at all.

“Well, I like you too.”

Jiu Shu replied in a warm voice.


The guests in the banquet hall were almost dumbfounded for the most part.

Shocked by Jiu Shu’s unexpected reply, their pupils clenched and their cheeks flushed with an unaware blush.

The god of doom never expected to hear Jiu Shu’s confession of love so soon.

In his most optimistic plans, he hadn’t even wanted to immediately replace Lu Yuan’s position in Jiu Shu’s heart, but had only wanted to change Jiu Shu in a subtle way.

Now it was like a dream come true.

The god of doom looked at Jiu Shu in front of him in a trance, and the heart in each body began to beat in overdrive, so fast that it made Him a little uncomfortable.

But before He could turn back from this deer-in-the-headlights state, in the next second, Jiu Shu said in an affable tone, “Quickly restore Lu Yuan to his original state.”

“Jiu Shu, don’t you like me?”

The god of doom was stunned.

Every face revealed an almost bewildered emotion.


“But you’re the same soul.”

As if unaware, Jiu Shu’s reply was as gracious and soft, even as he sounded like a scum.


The god of doom fell silent; even the smile on his face was hard to maintain under the ups and downs of his emotions, and he could only turn expressionless.

Only their eyes retained the true emotions within.

Resentment and jealousy.

“I don’t agree.” The god of doom lowered his head and refused Jiu Shu’s request.

“Me and Him, you have to choose one!”

Since he liked him too, he must be a good choice compared to Lu Yuan, who was already asleep and not waking up.

He was a god, and Lu Yuan was just an ugly human.

“Hmm, then I choose Lu Yuan.”


The sky of H City became even more gloomy, the rain was scarlet, almost like blo*od was falling.

Crouching on the street corner, Li Qi stretched out her hand and looked blankly at the beads of bloo*d dripping from her palm.

Pattering—the next moment, she was drenched.


As if someone burst into tears, pouring rain fell on H City.


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