C84 — [3.23 — Judgement Day]


The god of doom was never one to hold back.

He immediately retorted, “I didn’t say that!”

“You’re lying!”

With that said, the gods of doom in the banquet hall all stared at Lu Yuan with gloomy gazes.

Ready to show Jiu Shu how ridiculous Lu Yuan’s lie was.

On the other hand, Lu Yuan was silent, and after glancing at the gods of doom, he lowered his eyes and stated in a low voice, “Well, I was the one who felt wrong.”

As soon as his voice fell, the gods of doom, who were just about to start a battle of curses, were a bit stunned.

They didn’t know how this guy could soften so quickly.

It wasn’t until Jiu Shu tenderly hugged Lu Yuan that the gods of doom realized why.

“You were never a despicable being; you are my lover.”

Jiu Shu stretched out his hand and gently pressed it against Lu Yuan’s bandaged cheek.

Fine white fingertips rubbed his dark eyebrows, showing incomparably delicate love.

“In my eyes, you are the best lover.”


As a heavy love brain who would only flip-flop and use his status as rhetoric when denigrating his love rival, the god of doom had never seen the tactic of retreating to advance.

His expression couldn’t help but go blank for a moment.

But then he reacted. He opened his mouth, ready to say something, but didn’t know what to say.

He could only watch as Jiu Shu snuggled up in Lu Yuan’s arms to calm him down.

The god of doom was so angry that all the eyeballs all over the banquet hall began to tremble.


The flesh and bloo*d on the entire hotel building trembled with it.

Then, like dominoes, the tremor traveled all the way to the entire city, wrapped in flesh and bloo*d.

Li Qi, who was lying on the side of the road, was awakened by the vibration.

She was in a trance, looking at the strange world of flesh and bloo*d in front of her eyes, and then she heard the thin, grudging murmur of the god of doom in her ears.

It was the horrible murmur of the god of doom’s own body, coming from the center of the city and under the ground.


K*ill Lu Yuan.


It was clearly a spiteful curse, but it inexplicably had a bit of a suffocated undertone.

Li Qi trembled as she climbed up from the ground; she seemed to realize something, and her expression gradually shifted from the original despair to hopefulness.

She actually heard the voice of the god of doom.

The voice that she had only heard in the Flesh and Bloo*d City in her memory had actually appeared.

Li Qi looked around, her eyes sweeping over the dark red flesh.

On the asphalt-paved road, there were bloo*d vessels and flesh wriggling like living creatures, flowing everywhere like an enlarged body of flesh and bloo*d.

Li Qi’s lips trembled with excitement as she watched.

Her previous thoughts were wrong.

This wasn’t the end of the world; this was the City of Flesh and Bloo*d.

Li Qi could tell from her memories that the Flesh and Bloo*d City was different from Doomsday.

Although the Flesh and Bloo*d City was also covered in bloo*d and flesh, she knew that the Flesh and Bloo*d Capital would be filled with various clues given by the god of doom everywhere.

Those were clues that the god of doom had deliberately given to be used to save him.

Li Qi remembered that the god of doom at that time had disguised himself as if he were eager to become normal and requested that she and Li Sheng work together to find all the various clues and keys to open the door in the City of Flesh and Blo*od.

And solving the last clue exposed his true purpose.

To drive the butcher out of the City of Flesh and Blo*od.

Thinking about it now, they were really stupid at that time.

They just followed the clues step by step without realizing why they were doing it.

The process of finding all the clues was actually the process of driving the Butcher out of the Flesh and Bl*ood City step by step and making the god of doom even more crazy.


If this was the Flesh and Bloo*d City, then that must mean that Butcher had also resurrected in the Flesh and Bloo*d Capital once again.

If she didn’t follow the god of doom’s plan this time and did everything in reverse, then wouldn’t she be able to achieve her goal of retrieving the god of doom’s sanity?

Li Qi’s eyes lit up.

She has renewed hope of saving the world.

She was going to change the ending of her former life and stop the butcher from being driven out of the Flesh and Bloo*d City.

And to guide Butcher to the flesh and bloo*d encased door in her memory.

Behind the door was the god of doom’s essence.

The butcher’s meeting with the god of doom’s essence would produce an alternate ending that wasn’t present in her previous life.

An ending that was much better than the end of the world.

As if she had seen that ending, strength welled up in her body, and she tried to support her weak body as she walked forward.

Following this, she remembered to look for the clues left behind by the god of doom in the city.

She had to follow the clues to find where the god of doom’s main body was and open the door wrapped in flesh and bloo*d.

Although this fleshy and bloo*d city didn’t look much like it did in the memories, it was completely like H City.

So the way of finding clues always remained the same.

Every clue left behind by the god of doom had a trail to follow.

But despite that thought, Li Qi knew that the city was full of dangers, and she still needed to avoid the gods of doom that prowled the streets.

Especially since those possessed by the god of doom had also entered the City of Flesh and Bloo*d.

They still walked the streets quietly, as if they didn’t see the weird and grotesque flesh and bloo*d around them.

Each face wore a standardized smile, and it was increasingly creepy to watch.

Li Qi gulped and continued on her way.

Hopefully, she could find some clues.

Of course, it would be better if she could find the butcher.

Memories of the Butcher always came out of nowhere, and Li Qi had no idea how to go about finding him.

But now that she thought about it, the butcher had appeared every time she was about to find a clue, as if he were deliberately blocking her.

It might be the same this time.

Thinking of this, Li Qi suddenly remembered the butcher’s lover she had seen earlier.

She didn’t know if that beautiful young man would be resurrected.

If he were resurrected, would the Butcher still be the cold and heartless Butcher that she remembered from her previous life?

Would that terrifying butcher, whose upper body and face were wrapped in bandages and who was so tall that she could only tilt her head back to see his full appearance, embrace that thin youth as tenderly as he did in life?

Li Qi didn’t know.

She actually felt a little sorry.

After all, the butcher’s lover was unforgettably beautiful.

If he hadn’t been tortured to death by the god of doom, then the Butcher probably would have had a different ending and the world could have been saved.

It was a pity to be targeted by the god of doom.

“god of doom?”

Noticing the vibration in the room, Jiu Shu turned his head and looked at the god of doom, who had been silent for a long time without speaking.

Their expressionless faces had long been drenched in tears, and even the countless eyeballs on the walls were oozing thick bloo*d.


Their appearances looked aggrieved to the extreme.

“I didn’t say that!”

He said so in a muffled manner after a long time.

There was no way he would admit to something he hadn’t done.

“So that line before about devouring another consciousness was true?”


Immediately, the god of doom’s pupils quaked, and he was silent.

Seeing this, Jiu Shu sighed silently and reached out his hand to caress his cheek as he had done with Lu Yuan, but stopped moving.

“It feels a bit awkward; where is your real body?”

The god of doom looked frustrated as he looked at Jiu Shu’s withdrawn hand.
“Under the ground.”

The answer came with an extraordinarily well-behaved look.

It seemed like he wanted to muddle through the previous topic.

His current body was actually half underground in this city and half outside the world.

After all, the main body was too large, and if all of it entered this world, it would lead to the end of the world.

And the god of doom knew that Jiu Shu only wanted to merge his consciousness, not cause the end of the world.


That was why He only came in with a small half of His body to form this city of flesh and bloo*d.

“Isn’t it necessary to find your original body if you want to fuse?”

“…… Yes.”

The god of doom carefully answered each of Jiu Shu’s questions, sneaking a look at his expression as he answered.

He was afraid that Jiu Shu would be angry because of his previous behavior.

Jiu Shu glanced at a tentacle that was about to reach out in front of him on the wall of flesh and blooped next to the couch.

As well as the eyeballs on the tentacle peeking nervously at itself.

“Then take us there.”

With that said, Jiu Shu got up and looked slightly distressed at the large number of doom gods in front of him.

“These bodies of yours; there are too many of them.”

There were fifty to sixty people in a banquet hall, each of them looking at him with burning eyes.

They even stupidly reached out their hands, ready to walk with him hand in hand.

After all, he had always held hands with Lu Yuan.


“I will only hold the hand of one of them.”

Lu Yuan avoided the outstretched hands of these people, indifferent even if they looked aggrieved.

“Actually, I prefer the way you really are to the bodies of these strangers.”

Jiu Shu’s voice was as gentle as water, making the god of doom a little giddy.

His lover liked him the way he really was.

This sentence alone was enough to make the god of doom blush.

He nodded his head somewhat shyly, and then countless bodies were about to raise the knives and forks in their hands to commit sui-cide without hesitation.

If these bodies died, it would be possible to mold a temporary body out of this flesh and bloo*d.

Just mold it according to a human body’s appearance.

“…… Wait, I’m not asking you to k*ill yourself.”

Jiu Shu held his forehead.

“Your flesh and bloo*d are all over the place; just take any one.”

Jiu Shu didn’t want the god of doom to ki*ll anyone.

K*illing was addictive and would only exacerbate his level of mental insanity.

“I know you can change these bodies back to their original form.”

Jiu Shu had long since seen that the cause of the mutation within the city of H over the past few days was the water within the church.

As long as the water was spat out, these people possessed by the doom god would basically be restored to their original state.

“…… Okay.”

The god of doom had never thought of returning these bodies.

As far as he was concerned, the body, after being possessed, was his own.

That was why the first thought when competing for Jiu Shu was also to ki*ll each other.

He had never treated humans, other than Jiu Shu, as individuals with autonomy.

As a god who was still insane, the god of doom had never been able to empathize with humans who were like ants in his eyes.

But Jiu Shu’s request was of the utmost importance to the god of doom.

Since Jiu Shu didn’t want these bodies to die, he would do as he was told.

He wanted Jiu Shu to be happy.

And after seeing that the doom god had given up these bodies, Jiu Shu revealed a smile.

“Very good.”

“Now we can go.”.

Jiu Shu touched one of the newly fabricated bodies of the doom god.
It was two meters tall, and the body made of flesh and bloo*d had no bones to support it, so it could only rely on its belly and feet to wriggle on the floor, leaving trails of bloo*d.

However, compared to pure scarlet flesh, his current body was more like a fleshy slime wrapped in a soft film.


The whitish flesh-colored film reflected soft light under the light, and the veins underneath the film were gurgling with bloo*d.


Like a piece of meat that had been rolled in flour, it gave people a visual stimulation that it was both frightening and soft.

The touch was also warm and slippery, like stroking a layer of moss.

Everything was just as Jiu Shu had predicted.

In the City of Flesh and Bloo*d, due to the synchronization and deepening of the spirits of Lu Yuan and the Doom god, even though the Doom god had given up boarding the bodies of humans, he hadn’t turned into the uncommunicative and crazy look of the past.

The grin on Jiu Shu’s face agitated the god of doom a bit.

He coyly shook his tentacles, and mouths grew out of his body.

He just wanted to act like a human couple, taking the opportunity of warmth to say something to his lover.

In his ears, he heard Jiu Shu continue to exhort in a warm voice, “But be careful not to intentionally devour him when you fuse later, oh.”

The god of doom’s body stiffened, and he realized that he hadn’t fooled him at all.

It was just that Jiu Shu hadn’t focused on it too much.

“I see.”

The god of doom replied in frustration.
He knew that if he agreed on the surface and, behind the scenes, intentionally devoured the other consciousness while fusing, Jiu Shu wouldn’t actually notice it at all.

As long as he followed up with a good enough disguise.

In that case, Jiu Shu would only be his alone.

But he didn’t want to deceive Jiu Shu.

The nature of greed for love and desire, intertwined with fidelity to his beloved, made the god of doom struggle for a while.

Jiu Shu knew what the god of doom was thinking and understood his entanglement.

To Jiu Shu, in fact, the matter of deliberately devouring the consciousness of Lu Yuan wouldn’t happen at all.

This was because Lu Yuan was the god of doom’s sanity, and the god of doom was the residual insanity that remained after sanity was detached.

There was no question of who would devour who after their fusion; they would just be more complete individuals.

Rather, it was better to say that after regaining his sanity, the god of doom would become more like Lu Yuan.

This also had to do with the reason for the god of doom’s madness.

In the original spin-off game, the heroine Li Qi unraveled the reason for the Doom god’s madness step by step from the clues as she searched for them.

The god of doom was originally born out of human distractions.

From the moment of his birth, he was lonely, plagued by the seven emotions of humans, and born to abhor these emotions.

The only way to avoid these annoying feelings was to fall asleep.

Until finally, even slumber couldn’t stop those filthy emotions, and then he chose to sink into madness.

Only madness could make him no longer be tormented by those filthy emotions.

And the only way to go crazy was to take sanity out of the equation.

Although it wasn’t explicitly stated in the game, Jiu Shu knew that the god of doom’s sanity had turned into Lu Yuan.

It was basically equivalent to a human throwing away his brain, leaving only a crazy shell.

After losing his sanity as a body that received the sinful emotions of humans at all times, the god of doom became more and more crazy as a result.

It was impossible to say whether it was the frustrated Lu Yuan that was more miserable after becoming a human or the god of doom that was driven mad that was more miserable.


Jiu Shu stopped his thoughts and raised his head to look at the god of doom, suddenly leaning in close to gently kiss his eyes.

There were many pairs of eyes growing out of the god of doom’s body, all of which were originally looking straight at Jiu Shu, but after being kissed, they squirmed shyly, and their rotation frequency also sped up.

Jiu Shu laughed before turning to look at Lu Yuan behind him.

I reminded him that it was time to go.

At those words, the taller man was stunned, hiding the crushed flesh and bloo*d in his hands to the side. He stood up in silence.

Jiu Shu paused, his eyes looking at the pieces of flesh and bloo*d on the ground at the feet of Lu Yuan.

All of them were the tentacles that had grown out of the walls that were used to peek at him.

Even the eyes had been crushed to pieces.

“Are you sad?”

As he spoke, a large piece of flesh and bloo*d that had been torn alive fell to the ground on the sofa behind him.




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