“This sacrifice, you are beautiful. You are as beautiful as the morning sun, as the dew on the grass leaves, as pure as the snowflakes, as the stars on a summer night ……”   The freckled man dragged the feet of the man knocked unconscious by Rong Yue, and followed Rong Yue towards the […]


  In the limited memory of Xiao Erguo, Ama Xue Qi was a very nice person.     If you listened to her, you would get something to eat, complete the tasks she set, and get praised and enjoy the envious glances of the other pups.   She never doubted her status, because wherever she […]


The Paradise tribe was wiped out, and that night, they took over the camp and enjoyed their fur beds.   Rong Yue’s skill made both Gongshan leaders afraid.     Although Rong Yue’s “magic skill” made the leader’s thighs heal quickly, the two sides quickly separated and occupied their own tents after greeting each other […]


The Chief of the Gongshan tribe was supported by Yu Lian and followed a few masked men into the large central tent from yesterday.     The lord god from yesterday was still sitting in the thick felt in the center, looking lazy.     “Yesterday I sent a formal invitation to your tribe, and […]


  Yue and Tian Yang weren’t dead?   Why did they suddenly appear here? And they looked as powerful as the gods.     The people of Gongshan tribe found it hard accept at the moment, and everyone in the front row stared with ghostly expressions.     The girl sitting on the mask man’s […]


  The space was large, and the man’s voice was tinged with a hint of indistinctness.     He looked at them from above, his intricate silk clothes were more gorgeous than the high priest of their tribe, giving a steep rise to the feeling that he was very large.     He said, “It […]


  In those years when Rong Yue was pope, he often had the idea of cutting his hair.   But on the one hand, he was used to his appearance, on the other hand, he couldn’t do anything in a world where he lived under the eyes of thousands of people.     Even if […]


Bao Xing didn’t lift her head while eating, making Ah Bei and Ah Zu stare at her in shock.   Guoguo handed them each a skewer of roast meat dipped in tomato sauce, surprising them both.     During the conversation, they learned that Ah Bei and Ah Zu were also sla-ves of the Salt […]


It was easy to say, but not easy to do.     First of all – there weren’t that many tomato seeds.     Rong Yue sorted through his package again for this purpose and confirmed that there were no books about farming.     And in the Xingyue Era, there was also no farming […]


With his staff in hand, Rong Yue almost laughed.   “You allow? Well, I allow you to allow, now ask if he’s willing.”   The young girl grew up pampered, and people around her held her in high regard, not only in their salt tribe, but also in the surrounding small tribes that lived off […]