Bonus Chap Thanks for the ko-fi SharleneMartin ʕっ• ᴥ • ʔっ   Rong Yue didn’t even know who he was angry with.     He never even tried to hide the difference between him and the original owner, a person with normal intelligence would have noticed. He even recklessly used skills that didn’t belong to […]


After Xue Qi left, Rong Yue stood in place and took a deep breath.     The most urgent task was to move Tian Yang to a safer place, after all, the smell of blood was heavy, it would easily attract wild animals.     But Tian Yang was too heavy, with Rong Yue’s current […]


The little girl climbed on the table, opened the lid, only to see that the original evenly sprinkled plate of grass and wood ash, had all been blown by some unknown force, not a grain of dust was left.     Sen Qiang’s expression darkened.     “This is a once in onehundred years evil […]


Rong Yue was woken up by hunger. His stomach had been so empty that he didn’t feel anything, and his arms and legs were weak. Outside came the sound of excited people, accompanied by the rumble of drums and the whine of bone ocarinas. Today was the day the chief’s youngest daughter, Yu Lian, got […]


[Server will be shut down after five minutes, players need to get offline in time. Attention all players, “Xingyue Era” server group ……] The sweet mechanical female voice resounded throughout the entire Wu Man continent, and in the ears of all NPCs, it seemed like an oracle. Rong Yue sat on the throne in the […]