The leading boss felt humiliated and didn’t care anymore, he waved his hand and shouted, “Let’s go!”     They kindly asked these little fat sheeps to hand over their food, and they not only refused to listen but also humiliated him, so don’t blame him for not being polite!     It […]


There were too many people in the Xingyue tribe who weren’t capable of fighting, and it was extra important to keep them safe.     After everyone thought for a while, Ah Jiu spoke first.     “There should be a fence.”     Most tribes built fences, mostly made of wood with spikes.   […]


  The three Yang brothers slinked back to their hut.   Hearing the singing and laughing outside, the three of them closed the door and stared wide-eyed at each other.   Yang Da opened the leaf bag, and the smell of barbecue came to his nostrils, it was given by Sacrifice Yue before they left. […]


After level 10, the first thing Rong Yue did was to open his game package.     He was so excited that he didn’t even care that Tian Yang was still sitting across from him, reaching out to the air, a pile of messy things fell from the sky and clattered on the ground to […]


The ability to directly take the life of the prey, this ability was terrifying when he thought about it. But Rong Yue knew that extermination was always not one’s forte.   The skill of the cleric, fundamentally speaking was actually a kind of magic that enhanced or weakened the life force, just because of the […]


“Move and I’ll kill you.”   Rong Yue recognized the voice.   It was the youth who was almost as unharmed as Guoguo, whose name Rong Yue had asked when he delivered the food –   “Sang Mo.”   Of the hundred or so people, many were from the same tribe, only this young man […]


Slogans resounded through the valley, echoing in bursts, and the ribbon-like starry sky above met the earth.     Even in such a terrible valley of death, the atmosphere was tinged with a touch of joy.     Yue Dong threw down the vine rope, Tian Yang first brought up the people with mobility problems […]


Although it was a bit ugly, it could still be used.   Rong Yue also didn’t care so much, seeing that Tian Yang had almost finished roasting the meat, he went over and watched him use the bone knife to cut the outer layer of meat into thin slices, piled on a wide leaf.   […]


The fog cleared, and the sun shone clearly to the bottom of the valley.   Everyone had goosebumps.   The narrow rift valley was about two hundred meters long, about ten meters deep, the rocks were thick black.   In addition to the dense piles of corpses in mountains, they had never seen each other’s […]


It was a rift valley.   The valley was dark and dreary all around, with only a glimmer of light overhead. There was an uncomfortable white mist in the air.   The young girl crouched in front of a stone crevice waiting patiently.   After a while, a scorpion crawled out from the crevice, the […]