The old chief insisted on his statement, Rong Yue didn’t say anything, he only smiled and looked at him.   Like a pair of giant eyes that saw him through inside and out, from hair to skin, from skin to bone …… The old chief had to woefully admit that he could not top […]


  Early the next morning, they went downstairs.   Before leaving, Rong Yue intended to go to the chief, asking about the basic information of the herb to remove the magic qi. Yesterday, he asked Yue Dong but he only knew the shape of the grass.     But Rong Yue felt that the old […]


Bonus bonus chap [for the delay] Thanks for the Kofi ✨✨✨Kofi Supporter ✨✨✨✨     Tian Yang had been making shredded beef for a whole day. Rong Yue repented and blamed himself for making such a fuss that he accidentally attracted the big mouth of the freckled man.     Stimulated by the smell of […]


Bonus Chap Thanks for the Kofi ✨✨✨Kofi Supporter✨✨✨     The freckled man who was immersed in this limerick that had never been written before, was driven away, and Rong Yue summarized today’s meeting.   “In the next three months, these are the work priorities of the Xingyue Tribe.”   “First, according to my proposal, […]


  Sacrifice Yue’s tutorial made the night of the tribe quiet.   When the wanderer encouraged others to do evil together, they didn’t join because of other reasons, especially fear!   Almost, really nearly, they would have been turned into a pig, and then cut off in public… God, in a sense, it was more […]


No one in the room understood Tian Yang’s decision, Rong Yue explained, “For every layer of evil, we should use a punishment that goes with it.”     Guoguo wasn’t convinced: “What is the difference between forcing people and killing them!”     “There is.” Rong Yue said gently, “Bai Tao is still alive.”   […]


Bonus Chap Thanks for the Kofi ✨✨✨✨MCJohnston✨✨✨✨✨ The two of them calmed down and returned to the salt cave, one after the other.   Outside, the people of the Ministry of Salt were working hard, while the salt cave was a more difficult place.   It was windproof and cramped. When the weather was hot, […]


The little grasshopper, who was cursing, suddenly felt himself enveloped by a huge shadow.     As he turned around, a tight pectoral muscle appeared in front of his eyes.     He swallowed his curses back, slowly looked up, and saw a face.   A word appeared in the young grasshopper’s mind: ruthless.   […]


Rong Yue looked at them innocently for a few seconds, and turned his head to the left: “Who said that?”   The crowd: “……”   Bao Shu and Bao Di, who were confronting each other in the center of the field, stopped and looked at Rong Yue with puzzled expressions.   “Haven’t seen you before, […]