Change privacy settings   Putting aside the matter of the little secret, Rong Yue felt that the issue of divorce should be dealt with first.   Thanks to the blessing of the confession room, Rong Yue had heard a lot of stories, there were those who cried about being cheated, there were also those who […]


Change privacy settings At night, the crowd sang and danced, and Xiao Mu and a few others who had gotten prizes were surrounded.   “What kind of bark is that?”   “Show me–”   “That pattern is so pretty! How did Sacrifice Yue get so many of them!”     “Can I live forever if […]


Change privacy settings On this trip, Rong Yue’s idea of building a tribe became even better.   At first, he just wanted a place to stay, but now, he wanted to really develop a city, a place that could run according to his wishes, a place that belonged to him.   Planning was especially important. […]


Change privacy settings   Person picking enthusiast Rong Yue, this time with good luck, picked up the child from the tribe and could bring him back to play with Jiang Liu.   When Mu Ling left, his eyes filled with tears, but he remained silent, thinking that he had been abandoned by the old leader. […]


Change privacy settings   In the mist, a group of people appeared in a mess.   Yue Dong was confused for a while before he felt the heavy weight on his arm …… “Ahhhhhh!” He was terrified: “Sang Lu, how did you get hurt like this?!”   The two dogs barked, cutting through the fog […]


Change privacy settings   Cucumber, no one in the room had ever eaten before.   Rong Yue broke the cucumber into several pieces and distributed them to everyone, and kindly asked the trio, “Will you eat it?”   The trio silently shook their heads in horror.   “Hey,” said Rong Yue regretfully, “It’s a pity, […]


Change privacy settings Bonus Chap   Thanks for the ko-fi ✨✨✨✨BlackFangedDog✨✨✨✨     The promised wildness! How could the end suddenly come!   In the sky torn apart by the monster, flowing fire fell, and Rong Yue ran wildly with his head in his arms, scrambling into a straw shed.   It was clearly made […]


Change privacy settings   Rong Yue wasn’t short of this jerky, and he did have a little interest in the pearls over here.   A place with a preliminary monetary system, near the sea, it made him excited …… seafood! He hadn’t eaten it!   Although the trio was arrogant, there were many people on […]


Change privacy settings   The old chief insisted on his statement, Rong Yue didn’t say anything, he only smiled and looked at him.   Like a pair of giant eyes that saw him through inside and out, from hair to skin, from skin to bone …… The old chief had to woefully admit that he […]


Change privacy settings   Early the next morning, they went downstairs.   Before leaving, Rong Yue intended to go to the chief, asking about the basic information of the herb to remove the magic qi. Yesterday, he asked Yue Dong but he only knew the shape of the grass.     But Rong Yue felt […]