Person picking enthusiast Rong Yue, this time with good luck, picked up the child from the tribe and could bring him back to play with Jiang Liu.


When Mu Ling left, his eyes filled with tears, but he remained silent, thinking that he had been abandoned by the old leader. It wasn’t until he walked several tens of meters that he couldn’t help but burst into tears.


At this time the old chief hurried to catch up, Rong Yue said with a smile: “Say goodbye.” And gave the place to the two of them to talk.



Yue Dong was bored: “Sister-in-law, do you feel that the spots on Sang Lu’s face have faded a bit?”



Not to mention the others, even Sang Lu herself was stunned.



This trip, she didn’t know whether she had helped in the forest, but the others were fine, only she was injured, which made her a little angry with herself.



Rong Yue observed carefully: “It really seems to have faded a little ……”



“That’s good!” Yue Dong said: “You’re not ugly, if in the future, it continues to lighten, who dares to say you are ugly?”



Bao Di remembered that Sang Lu was originally from the Salt department, and his emotions were complicated for a while ……



Yue Dong looked at the sullen Tian Yang again and said helplessly, “Those who don’t know would think that the black marks has grown on you.”


Tian Yang, who had black marks and could no longer conceal it : “…………”



At that end, they didn’t know what the old chief said to Mu Ling, when he came over, his expression was finally not so aggrieved.



“Sorry to trouble you.” The old chief said.



“It’s okay. I wish you all the best.” Rong Yue finally said: “I guess today, that pair of father and son, that is, Gao Fei and Xiao Feng will also come out. They’ll probably will stay in your tribe.”



The old chief was surprised at first, and remembered Rong Yue’s miraculous deeds, and said with relief, “Okay.”




Yue Dong knew about the black lines and also heard Rong Yue say something about magic Qi. For them who had gone in without bringing anything but grass, and Rong Yue was able to know a lot of things, he had already been convinced and was completely jealous.


You know, he had also been to Xingye before and hadn’t brought anything out. He didn’t even make any progress after going in again… Was he really stupid!?



Although the magic aura was no longer deadly, in order to keep Tian Yang’s emotions stable and not self destruct, efforts needed to be made elsewhere.



Rong Yue thought, even if he was in a barbaric world, mental health was very important.


On the way back, everyone easily did their own thing. Yue Dong trained the two dogs, Sang Lu looked for new plants suitable for silkworms to eat, Tian Yang taught Bao Ji combat skills, Mu Ling played with mud, Rong Yue ……


Rong Yue was writing a book.


” I’m the Best Today,” a book written with charcoal and thin tree bark.


He made an outline, from the necessity of improving self-identity, implementable programs, the benefits of achieving the goal, and other aspects, to explain the reasons why this thing must be done.


Rong Yue deleted and rewritten, wrote for many days, and finally patted the thick pile of bark in satisfaction.


“…… It’s too thick, when I go back, I’ll have someone study how to make paper.”



At night, Tian Yang and Rong Yue slept together as usual. Tian Yang may be very concerned about this failed trip, these days he liked to hug Rong Yue without letting go.



Rong Yue was strangled by him until he woke up in the morning suffocating, and kicked Tian Yang’s thigh hard.


Tian Yang painlessly opened his eyes.



“Yue …… you are so pretty.”


Rong Yue pulled his arm loose and said seriously, “Thanks, you’re handsome too!”




“Very handsome, very good-looking, very handsome.” Rong Yue reached out and pointed at him, “Do you understand?”


Tian Yang wasn’t without such compliments, he had also been praised by everyone in the tribe, Yu Lian even made a fuss about marrying him …… but at that time, was he as happy as now?


The serious Rong Yue suddenly showed a smile, Tian Yang saw countless flowers blooming behind him.


Rong Yue: “How dull, I complimented you!”



Tian Yang: “……”



Rong Yue also noticed that he felt a bit hot and inexplicably thought that he hadn’t done anything. Primitive humans were easily impulsive.



To prove that this was just a very ordinary compliment, Rong Yue went out to find someone to experiment with.



Praise your companions every day, was the first rule he had formulated to promote tribal harmony!


Early in the morning, Yue Dong had already taken the dogs for a mad dash around the neighborhood and was using the water in the stream to wash himself and the dogs.


Rong Yue came closer: “Yue Dong!”


“Hey sister-in-law!” Yue Dong immediately answered, giggling and jerking a handful of wet hair: “What does sister-in-law want from me?”


Rong Yue said from the bottom of his heart, “You are so handsome!”




Yu Dong panicked, his feet slipped and he fell head down. Coincidentally, he hit a stone, and blood flowed out along the water for a long time. The Big Dog and the Second Dog jumped up in panic and circled around him, as if shouting, ‘No, no, no, Yue Dong is dead.’——



Rong Yue: “…………”




He quickly healed Yue Dong and told him that there was no other intention and that there was no need to make mistakes… After talking for a long time, Rong Yue finally calmed him down.



He went to Sang Lu.



Girls must prefer and be more accustomed to such praise, right?


Sang Lu got up a little later and was picking leaves near the camp.



She picked a basket of leaves a day and chewed them in her mouth as a tasting. She tried no more than ten kinds a day.


It was said that their tribe of silkworms had such skills, through their mouths they could determine whether the silkworms could eat the leaves, would like to eat, and wouldn’t die if it ate.


Sang Lu put the ten leaves in order on a large flat stone, kneeling, eyes closed, as if about to perform some important ritual.


Rong Yue had arrived nearby and didn’t dare to make a sound until Sang Lu slowly tore the leaves and put them in her mouth to chew ……



“Sang Lu.” Rong Yue smiled and walked out, Sang Lu was still chewing leaves, she used her eyes to ask him what the matter was.



Rong Yue looked at her and said gently, “You who are trying hard to test the leaves are emitting a dazzling light, your concentration, hard work, makes you better than normal people. You are so beautiful!”


Sang Lu spat out the leaves and ran away in shock, muttering, “I’m dreaming.”


Rong Yue: “…………”


Rong Yue walked back with self-doubt and saw little Mu Ling digging near the camp.


Mu Ling was a quiet child, after a period of time together, Rong Yue only knew that he liked to play with mud, and held a wooden stick and dug.



Rong Yue looked closer and found that he had sharpened a wooden spike with a thin stone and was burying it in the soil.


“This is ……”



“Trap.” Mu Ling muttered: “So buried in a row, and then set up a barricade in front, the bad guys will step on it.”


“…… awesome.” Rong Yue said, “So the wooden fence in front of the old chief’s tribe, also has such traps?”



“It’s more complicated.” Mu Ling said coolly, “If you need, I can help you.”


Rong Yue praised heartily: “It’s much needed, Mu Ling is wonderful!”



“You’re so young, crafty and stable, you’ll have a great future when you grow up! These days you have grown a little fatter, cute, let me see ……” Rong Yue pinched his face: “Hey, you’re so cute!”



“I’m not cute!” Mu Long angrily shook off his hand: “If you say that again, I’ll be angry!”



Rong Yue was bewildered: “……?”


It was obviously a compliment, but it made him angry, Rong Yue became sure that adolescent boys really didn’t understand ……


Thinking along the way, when he found Bao Di, the other was practicing according to the movements that Tian Yang taught him.


Tian Yang was good at making swords, but other weapons were also proficient, more than enough to point out Bao Di’s spear.



Poking, thrusting, and picking, Tian Yang masterlessly compiled the spear technique into a set of continuous movements for Bao Di to learn and practice for two hours every morning.



The young man wasn’t as flamboyant as his brother, but growing up as the chief’s eldest son, Bao Di did have sharpness in his brow.



He waved his spear, panting constantly, sweat spilled in the air, full of vigor.


Rong Yue was suddenly a little curious, he wondered what he saw when he entered the illusion? But this curiosity soon disappeared, and Rong Yue remembered another thing.


Morning practice was really good! He remembered that the players jokingly said that the assassin’s skill was like “gymnastics”, because he was curious to hear more, he learned that in the player world, children had to do this ” gymnastics” every morning, similar to the morning practice.


They did it together to promote unity and build friendship, perfect for the tribe!



Rong Yue thought happily, he couldn’t help but show a more friendly smile.



He stepped forward and praised Bao Di, “Not bad, powerful, really young talent!”


Bao Di froze, his face reddened: “…… thanks?”


Rong Yue was more relieved to see that Bao Di was not scared off after all. He stepped forward and patted Bao Di’s shoulder.


It had to be said that the son of the leader of the Salt department was also considered to have been raised well from a young age. Bao Di had thick eyebrows and big eyes, a thick face, and although his muscles weren’t as strong as those of Tian Yang and Yue Dong, they were also slender and straight. And because of issuing orders all year round, a faint “leader temperament” had initially formed.


How good ah. He would be kept.



He could stay in their tribe or, become a senior management personnel. Put back to the Salt department and, the two sides could open diplomatic relations …… Rong Yue said with pleasure: “Before I didn’t look closely, today you look really good.”


“……” Bao Di: “Master!”



Rong Yue turned around at the sound of the voice, and saw Tian Yang, covered in a black aura, standing behind them.


Where was he looking? Rong Yue strangely followed Tian Yang’s line of sight …… It turned out to be his own hand on Bao Di’s big arm.


Rong Yue retracted as if nothing had happened: “I’m praising as education!”


Tian Yang’s anger slightly retreated: “What?”



“It’s to encourage everyone to learn to praise others and appreciate the merits of others.” Rong Yue said with a straight face.



“For example, you, looking like this, I thought you were handsome the first time I saw you.” Rong Yue continued to praise: “As a result, you not only look good, your ability is also strong, you take first everywhere, you even grabbed the chief’s daughter to marry, hey, your luck isn’t bad.”



“…… you are also very good.” Tian Yang closed his eyes and opened them again: “I don’t like Yu Lian, she can marry anyone she wants. But not you, I forbid you to like someone else.”



“No one else, huh?”


“Praising others are also not allowed.”





Bao Di listened to their quarrel in a lifeless way, thinking who am I where am I why should I listen to their flirting ……




Sang Lu and Yue Dong didn’t dare to talk to Rong Yue for three days in a row.


But Rong Yue stopped, because when he praised others, Tian Yang got angry. He secretly decided to go back and entrust this work to Little Freckles to take charge.


This long journey, back to the tribe, ended in autumn.


The weather was cooler, and the Xingyue’s tribe cooking smoke curls up. The dogs saw it, barked and ran ahead, the remaining few people also followed and ran.



Tian Yang casually carried Rong Yue on his back and ran through the forest, a golden field suddenly appeared in view.


“Field! It’s a field!” The wind blew Rong Yue and he couldn’t open his eyes wide, but he couldn’t help but point excitedly: “Tian Yang, look!”



The four fields that were there at the beginning had now expanded to five times their size. Some of the later plants were still green, gradually fading away, and the colors are incredibly beautiful, just like oil paintings.



Rong Yue looked at this field almost obsessively.


“It’s so beautiful.” Tian Yang brought him to the edge of the field, not caring to go back to the tribe first, Rong Yue stood in the middle, with his hands spread out.


He felt that standing here was better than standing in an empty temple and sitting on a throne.


No, this was the throne!


He would build an observation deck here, and later let all the people who came to visit, come to admire and praise their fields!




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