Cucumber, no one in the room had ever eaten before.


Rong Yue broke the cucumber into several pieces and distributed them to everyone, and kindly asked the trio, “Will you eat it?”


The trio silently shook their heads in horror.


“Hey,” said Rong Yue regretfully, “It’s a pity, it’s actually quite delicious.”


After sharing the food, they went back to business, Rong Yue asked, “Where exactly were we before? Where is Sang Luo and the father and son?”



“It’s a long story,” the Chief replied, “If they can’t get out of the illusion, they’ll die.”



The trio was startled, and Rong Yue stood up, “Let’s go elsewhere to talk. Tian Yang, come too.”



The Chief took them up to the top floor of this exquisite wooden building.


The staircase rotated in a circular shape, and the structure was exquisite, all supported by mortise and tenon construction, which was ingenious. Rong Yue thought, perhaps it would be more appropriate to call it a tower.


When you got to the top of the building and looked out, there was a calm and beautiful valley of flowers.


“We are also human.” The chief spoke, with a vicissitudes: “But we have demons in our hearts. After being infected with demonic energy, we became half human, half demon, we call ourselves demon envoys.”



How this appellation was passed down, was no longer testable, but the chief was clear about the rules, he said: “Magic doesn’t mean evil, killing, death …… This is actually a state of disorder.”


God chose man to create order and became the antonym of disorder.


So people naturally aspired to an orderly existence, they created logic, made rules, and formed a collective as a tribe.



Rong Yue pondered: “The so-called agreement ……”


“It is also the inevitable path toward orderly development.” The Chief picked up: “For example, you can not just kill fellow countrymen, monogamy, equal value of the exchange of goods …… and many more.”


“The more development, the more stable.”


“And the devil, eager to break the rules, disrupted the orderly into disorder. The lowly wild magical beasts, whose bodies alone look oddly shaped, carry magical qi that disrupts the circulation within a normal person, causing a person to weaken and die.”


“Only a very small number of people …… are born with demons living in their hearts and are eventually able to integrate with the demonic qi and become thinking demon envoys.”


Rong Yue pondered for a moment, thinking: Was this the worldview of this continent?


“What happens when you become a demon envoy?” Rong Yue asked.


The chief: “If you are asking about abilities, I can tell you. The bigger the black tattoo totem is, the stronger the power of disorder represents, and can change the world rules. For example, simple destruction of space, like this brother of yours can also do the spacing …… perhaps like me, can change the shape and efficacy of objects.”


The Chief added after a pause, “Perhaps the strongest, can control time.”


“Then is there any bad side?”


The chief said: “Bad …… We also have. When the power of disorder completely destroys the body of the envoy, they will perish. After all, the envoy can maintain the existence of human form, itself is also a manifestation of order too.”



“One last question.” Rong Yue thought of that exploding statue and felt a little uncomfortable: “How long have you been alive?”




The chief didn’t answer the question, but looked at the sea of flowers in the valley.


“Guest, is the view in front of you beautiful?”


Rong Yue nodded.


“Actually, everything here is imagined by our thoughts.” He smiled.


Xingye Forest was actually not an objectively existing “place”, it was a point of origin, the intersection of magic and god power.


So everyone who stepped in by mistake would be exposed to this mysterious power, reflected in the individual, to examine the scene of their own origin.


The more simple-minded and goal-oriented people were, the easier it was to detach from it. They didn’t even think about whether the place they just walked through was real.



On the contrary, the people who liked to think about the ultimate of the universe, the easier it was to get trapped in the illusion, or those who had fears inside that couldn’t be overcome, would also be seriously injured or even die.


The chief said: “The envoy can live to infinity as long as he controls the balance of power. But the truth is, every once in a while, there are demons who die. Because of the departure of loved ones, they couldn’t find the meaning of living.”


“There was once a very powerful carpenter, the one who built this tall building …… then gave everyone a goal: to create a valley full of herbs to help ordinary people who came in to find medicine to fulfill their wishes.”


In this way, it was indeed a divine herb.


Hearing this, Rong Yue also realized: “Here, ordinary people can’t stay long? And the envoys can’t get out?”


The chief shook his head: “Half right. Ordinary people will be repelled out by the power in about a day or two. The envoys can go out, but why should we go out?”


“It’s a good life to keep here, make beautiful and useful divine herbs, and help more people …….”


He also had unfinished business: envoys were born with a desire to destroy, and going out was alien. Even if there was a half-human component, they weren’t willing to wander like a magical beast without sanity.


With little thought, Rong Yue understood his helpless expression hidden under the words, and sighed.


“There’s no way to get rid of this magic aura …… you say eating that kind of flower will cause him to become stupid, is that what happened?”


“About that …… you guys come with me.”



His brain was suddenly stuffed with a large number of information, Rong Yue pondered while walking.



Simply put, just like the heavenly hearing was with the help of the so-called “divine power”, “magic power” also had a specific form of expression.



A sacrifice was like a person chosen by heaven, who was naturally closer to divine power. On the contrary, the one who could be infected by magic energy but ultimately didn’t die was the existence opposite to sacrifice – the demon envoy.



The human group itself was more orderly than animals and beasts, so the sacrifice was fully integrated into the group. On the contrary, the demon envoys were very incompatible and could only survive by hiding in this crevice.



The advantage, though, was that the less human they were, the less bound they were, and the freer they were while not starving to death.



As a person who came out of the game world, Rong Yue accepted this well.



The camp wouldn’t have been absolutely good or bad, only the appearance of …… preference.


Knowing that this black mark wouldn’t immediately kill Tian Yang, Rong Yue was in a much lighter mood, but the personality change was also a problem, if possible, he still hoped to remove this identity of an envoy, so that Tian Yang could be an ordinary person again.



After walking through the valley of flowers, a white blanket appeared before his eyes. The feeling of briefly entering the void made Rong Yue secretly wary, but in the next moment, the willow darkened.


In front of him was a giant tree.


It was so huge that it was impossible to see where the roots extended to, and he couldn’t see the boundary of the top of the tree even when he looked up.


“!” Rong Yue was suddenly dumbfounded, he looked at the broken staff in his hand, and then at this majestic tree, if he burned it down, he could directly rise a hundred levels ……


He really wanted to burn it!


“This tree is called Return to Zero.” The chief said, “It is the figuration of the point of intersection. The nameless flower you described is the figuration from the leaves of this tree. The function is the same.”




“Erase all power and return it to its original state …… For ordinary humans, it is indeed a good medicine to remove demonic infection.”


Rong Yue muttered, “But for priests and demon envoys, it is poison.”


“Right,” said the Chief approvingly, “you are very smart.”


“How can that be?” Rong Yue said, annoyed: “even after the sacrifice’s awakening, their temperament didn’t change. How come the demon envoy also comes with a personality modifier …… how is this going to be restored?”



The chief listened and looked back at Tian Yang who was silently following behind them.


He was a handsome young man with sharp eyes and a distinguished temperament.


The chief said with understanding, “This is his own problem.”





“There was once a woman …… who became an envoy and also came here.” The chief ambassador showed a reminiscent look: “She was beautiful and wore white …… She was disgusted with her new identity. In the end, even though she knew the consequences, she still chose to erase everything about herself and become a beautiful shell, but also to return to become white.”


Rong Yue admired: This was a warrior who needed to be re selected even after deleting the account!



The chief magic ambassador continued: “Your companion, too, has a similar situation. If you can break the disagreement in his identity, he may be able to become the original him.”



Tian Yang didn’t move a muscle as he stared at Rong Yue.


Rong Yue thought with some frustration, did he really understand Tian Yang?


In the illusion, little Tian Yang revealed his resentment towards his parents. After being poisoned, he also told him many times that he knew Rong Yue didn’t like his current situation… would he dislike him even more if he liberated his personality? What kind of person was Tang Yang that day?


That was it.


Rong Yue steeply recalled when they first met, Tian Yang fell from the clouds, was withdrawn from the marriage, isolated by others, forced to marry a person he didn’t like …… but there was no anger, no outburst, was this evidence that he suppressed himself? Growing up without two parents, could he really be relieved?


Rong Yue murmured, “It’s me trying in the wrong direction.”


Instead of looking for ways to get Tian Yang back to his former self, what he should have done more clearly was to acknowledge and tolerate.


It was his poor consideration.


The chief: “What else do you want to ask?”


Rong Yue came back to his senses: “Ah …… there is more.”



He paused: “This tree, only you can bring us here?”

The demon envoy was surprised Rong Yue was interested in the tree, but he didn’t show any interest: “Both the demon envoy and the priest are sensitive to it.”



Rong Yue closed his eyes, but the feeling was weak.


He realized that he wasn’t a sacrifice that really belonged to this world.


He nodded: “I know. Let’s go back.”


Rong Yue knew that the reason this chief had an answer to his question was because he understood the fact that their memories would be instantly erased once they left Xingye. But he didn’t want to just forget.


The Valley of Flowers was still beautiful, and Yue Dong and the others were teasing the dog.



The father and son managed to break their respective illusions and entered the small building, and Gao Fei finally found his longed-for wife.


The three were embracing and crying bitterly when the separation was destined to come. The wife wasn’t fully transformed and couldn’t leave Xingye for the time being. Gao Fei couldn’t be an envoy, so he would take the nameless flower, then forget the memory of Xingye and leave with his son.


Remembering what the old chief had requested, Rong Yue reported a list of names to the chief, asking if these people were still there, and their loved ones were waiting in agony outside.


The chief froze and said with a bitter smile, “Some of these names …… sound familiar. But they are all gone.”



Except for the lucky Gao Fei, more people, like the old chief, left disappointed after entering Xingye, then came in again with hope, and were disappointed again and again.


The chief pointed to Gao Fei’s side: “His wife is still in the transformation period, otherwise she would have mostly followed him out of Xingye. Even if we encounter difficulties after going out, we won’t know about it. And those people you said are waiting outside, most likely they didn’t find anyone.”


Rong Yue sighed and smiled again, “I am not going to forget.”


The chief took it as a joke and didn’t say anything.


It would take about another day before they could leave. Everyone actively packed herbs, the trio even went directly to the flower valley with bags to pick herbs.



Rong Yue, on the other hand, went towards the wooden platform.


Sang Lu hadn’t yet returned.


Tian Yang said, “Don’t worry, she managed to get out once.”


“Well …… but after all, it is someone who has the hatred of exterminating the clan.” Rong Yue looked for a while, turned back and said, “Forget it, just wait, I also believe her.”



After saying that he looked around and gestured for Tian Yang to come closer.


“!” Tian Yang heard, his expressionless face showed amazement: “……”



Rong Yue showed a wry smile: “We can’t come for nothing, right?”


How could they call it for nothing. Tian Yang thought, your package got larger.



But what Rong Yue wanted to do, Tian Yang had always unconditionally indulged …… even this unreliable thing.


Flower Valley had been daytime, but the envoys still maintained some habits of being a human being, each scattered to rest.



Rong Yue called Yue Dong to wait for Sang Lu, let Tian Yang lead the way, the two went to the zeroing tree again.


No matter how many times he looked, this was a shocking space. Rong Yue reached out and compared: “Can’t reach, even if I step on you, I still can’t reach …… still have to climb.”


Tian Yang stopped him: “First try to burn.”


“Oh yes.” Rong Yue sent out a ball of holy light to the branch directly above him.


There was no reaction.



Rong Yue was disappointed: “Really can’t burn ah ……”


Tian Yang looked at the branch and then at the disappointed Rong Yue and stepped forward.


“Tian Yang?” Rong Yue called him in surprise, but saw Tian Yang’s eyes tightly closed, a cloud of black gas suddenly appeared in his hand, slowly condensed, and after a long time, became a hideous black long knife!


He raised his hand and slashed upward, a terrifying qi energy unscientifically flashed red, rushing towards the branches above his head!


The tree clattered, and then, a smoothly broken stick fell down.


Rong Yue was dumbfounded: you can still do this!



There was nothing to stop the envoy!


This action was like a sudden alarm, suddenly, the zero tree violently trembled, the surrounding air emitted a puff sound!



Rong Yue held the tree stick and shouted, “Run!”


“What the hell!” The chief descended from the sky with his men, surprised to find that the space next to the Zero Returning Tree was cracking, and while attempting to stabilize it, he angrily said, “Go after them!”


The envoys saw a two black dots slowly dissipate in the air in the distance, busy shouting to go to the Valley of Flowers, so they vastly chased.



Rong Yue and Tian Yang and ran wildly, Rong Yue took the time to throw the tree stick into the game package, and for this reason also threw away a dozen cucumbers, rushed into the small wooden building: “Go! Quickly follow me!”


Yue Dong was still guarding the wooden platform, only Bao Di was there, he followed in panic: “What’s wrong! What’s wrong with Master?”



The trio had just carried a pile of grass, and seeing them run, they also inexplicably followed, and not long after, the chasing army of envoys appeared behind them!


The trio: “My God ah ah ah ah -”


Through the tunnel, the wooden platform was close.


Just then, a crack appeared in the air and a man covered in blood fell down!


“Yue Dong!” Not waiting for Rong Yue to shout, Yue Dong also knew, he carried the seriously injured and unconscious Sang Lu, and shouted frantically, “What are you running-”



Several people ran up the wooden platform together, far away, the envoys angrily approached!



It wasn’t yet time for them to be rejected by the forest, but they had Tian Yang! Tian Yang raised his hand, a black hole-like vortex appeared out of thin air, and the crowd couldn’t think much about it as they rushed in one by one.


An envoy shouted from afar: “Don’t run!”


Rong Yue pushed Tian Yang: “Enter!”



The chief couldn’t come out. A trip out was certainly possible, but the price of memory being cleansed was possible, he, as it happened, had the props to resist.



[Happy Time Secret Security Lock] – a small anti-number prop introduced last Spring Festival. If you find someone higher, use it immediately to ensure that the character state is completely frozen for three hours!


Although because someone used it in the arena, which was considered cheating, it was quickly cancelled ……


But Rong Yue happened to have one!


At this moment, the secret security lock was activated and a small golden lock effect hung above Rong Yue’s head.


A wild wind blew in the illusionary world, and Rong Yue was pulled toward the black hole by Tian Yang. He couldn’t help but laugh out loud, and while he was still inside, his hand raised: “Bye -!”



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