In the mist, a group of people appeared in a mess.


Yue Dong was confused for a while before he felt the heavy weight on his arm …… “Ahhhhhh!” He was terrified: “Sang Lu, how did you get hurt like this?!”


The two dogs barked, cutting through the fog and waking up the crowd one after another.


Tian Yang picked up a less damp dead wood and used a flint to light it several times, finally lighting a torch.


“……” Yue Dong nodded to the people: “Where is sister-in-law? Gao Fei and Xiao Feng are also not here!”


The woman in the trio snickered: “They’re dead.”



Immediately afterwards, she felt a terrifying pressure coming down from overhead, crushing her breath!


“If you can’t talk, don’t talk! Don’t you want your mouth?” Yue Dong angrily roared, but when he and Tian Yang looked at each other, there was hidden worry in their eyes.


Yue was so strong, why was it that he was missing!


Sang Lu, who was in Yue Dong’s arms, had her back torn from shoulder to waist and had a big cut. He couldn’t see the minor injuries in other places clearly, but blood dripped down and needed to be dealt with quickly.


Tian Yang: “You guys go first, I’ll find Yue.”


Although he remember what happened in the Xingye forest, he remembered the tribe outside. Yue Dong made the dogs turn twice and pointed in a direction, “Wait until you find Yue, then you’ll go that way. Remember the direction.”


Tian Yang nodded, watched them leave.


He looked down, the pattern on his chest not only did not disappear, but grew even larger, like a flower tattoo with a strange style. He had a moment of disappointment, but quickly put it away, now finding Yue was the most important thing.


Tian Yang intuitively knew that Yue wasn’t inside the forest, after all, no matter where he went, he couldn’t leave Yue behind and go off alone.


Along the direction of the right angle between the tribe and the Xingye forest, Tian Yang held a torch and began to search. With a myriad of emotions churning in his heart, he kept moving forward.


He didn’t know how long it took, but Tian Yang felt like he was back at square one.


The ground held footprints that Yue Dong and the others had made. He paused in his steps, frowned and thought for a while, and turned another direction to move forward.


“!” Not far, he almost stepped on something soft, crouched down and found that it was Yue lying there!

Yue was silent, and his eyes weren’t tightly closed. When he picked him up, his whole body was soft, like a body that had lost its soul.


Tian Yang instantly felt his scalp tingling, feeling like his heart was going to jump out, his sanity quickly burned into ashes, he trembled, then carefully put his ear close to the mouth and nose of Rong Yue ……



The clear and shallow breath hit his ear.


Tian Yang half remembered that he also had to breathe, the feeling of loss and recovery made a crack in his emotions.


Still alive, Yue was still alive.



But Yue’s current state was very wrong, definitely not ordinary sleeping or unconscious. He gathered Yue’s soft body even tighter and walked quickly towards the tribe where Yue Dong and the others were headed.


Rong Yue found that he had entered another strange space.


Green zeros and ones flowed down like a waterfall all around, and he stood in the middle, bewildered and at a loss.



His memory gradually returned, and Rong Yue remembered that he had used the lock prop on himself.



Three hours to lock all status, so, was this the place he was locked up!


Fortunately, the game panel could be called out.


Above the panel hung a golden lock.


[ID: Rong Yue]
[Profession: Magus] [LV.37] [Title: Guardian of Olivia]


His line of sight went down to the skill icons.
[Holy Light lv.34] [Springback lv.17] [Sacred Prayer lv.28]


The rest were gray unlit skills: [Sacred Sword] [Hymn] [Spread Wings] [Oracle].


The equipment interface could also be opened, except for the jewelry that he wore on his body because the package couldn’t fit, only the wooden staff he grabbed in his hand was shown – [Staff – unnamed]


Rong Yue sat in silence, waiting for three hours to pass and closed his eyes, but someone spoke in his head.


“Player Rong Yue.”


He opened his eyes abruptly, “Who!”


The voice sounded like the mechanical voice of the Xingye Era’s newbie guidance system, Rong Yue was alert.


“You have not become a normal player.” This mechanical voice said, “You have not upgraded.”


Not knowing whether the voice was following some kind of program or was self-aware, Rong Yue cautiously replied, “I obviously upgraded.”


The mechanical sound reflected for a moment: “Your priority is first, not an upgrade activity. It does not comply with the player behavior settings.”


“Indeed,” Rong Yue admitted, “I’m not playing this place as a game. After all, this is not a game world.”


He hedged his words as if nothing was wrong, trying to get more hints from the mechanical voice.


Yet the mechanical voice seemed to have no intention of controlling his behavior, and if it weren’t for this lock, he wouldn’t even have come to this space.


“Non-game world. Verdict established. Player Rong Yue, modify the game’s core objective.” The mechanical voice sounded again, “Player Rong Yue’s goal: Build Olivia.”


Olivia was the main city where the temple was located, and because the ruling power was the church, Rong Yue’s world title was [Guardian of Olivia].


Without thinking, Rong Yue said, “It’s not Olivia, it’s the Xingyue Tribe.”

“Modify goal. Player Rong Yue’s goal: Build the Xingyue Tribe.”


Realizing that he had some control over this space, Rong Yue tried to lift his staff: “Unnamed is too ugly, change the name to …… Staff, Invincible?”


“Modify equipment name: Get new equipment, [Staff – Invincible].”


Rong Yue: “…… Do you have self-awareness or not?”


The mechanical voice didn’t answer for a long time.


The waterfall made of 0 and 1 still flowed incessantly, and Rong Yue realized that this might be his original body.


But now, he had the autonomy to handle his own target.


Three hours of idleness, Rong Yue turned out the contents of the package and sorted it out.


The plants that were so beautiful that they looked exactly like the photos, Rong Yue uprooted a few of each. Vegetables were cucumber, white radish, cabbage and green pepper. Condiments were chili, cumin.


After all, they were creatures of Tian Yang’s imagination, and Rong Yue didn’t expect them all to have the same taste as in the real world, but by planting them and improving them from generation to generation, they may be able to cultivate a taste that they themselves find delicious.


In addition to these food, there was also the most important thing, the branches of the zero return tree.


The break and bark were on the white side, it was beautiful, and the one Tian Yang cut down was straight and emitted a cool aura. The things in this world were laid out in packages that didn’t show the name, and this branch didn’t either. But when his hand held it, he could feel its vibrancs, its characteristics were also present, it should not be ruined.


“That one is called cucumber, white radish, cabbage ……” Rong Yue said in a mechanical voice, finally touching the branch in his hand: “This one is called, the branch of the return to zero tree.”


The light of 0 and 1 flashed, the name was re-edited, and Rong Yue found that it could indeed be done.


“Then can my level be changed?” Rong Yue said, “Now, I, am level one hundred!”



The mechanical voice didn’t respond for half a day, and the level bar didn’t move. Rong Yue tried again to unlock the skill Hymn, and other commands, and again got no results.


It seemed that his authority wasn’t enough.


Maybe when he got to level one hundred, he would be able to really control himself.


He looked down at the branch in his hand.


The previous act of cutting the tree was too reckless, Rong Yue had to admit that he had only wanted to try to see if he could interact with the so-called “world origin power”.


Despite saying that when this was the real world, occasionally he would still make some game thinking mistakes.


For example, if an item had a plot at a glance, he instinctively wanted to trigger the plot. Because if it really couldn’t be triggered, then he couldn’t.

The result was obvious. He couldn’t move that tree, just like a brave warrior who hadn’t taken on a mission walked to the dragon’s cave. The dragon said, ‘You’re not welcome in this instance.’.



He didn’t expect that Tian Yang moved without waiting for his instructions, and it worked!


Rong Yue sighed: “You are the main character of this world, right ……”



If what the magical ambassador said was correct, the zero return tree was the forceful balance of two forces colliding, then as long as the force remained, this balance would not be broken.


As they would use nameless flowers or leaves, this branch, was almost equivalent to hundreds and thousands of nameless flowers? So it wouldn’t break the root of that tree, the vibration must be because they cut too many at once.


Next time there was an opportunity, he’d apologize to that Chief ambassador.


Three hours passed slowly, and Rong Yue gradually felt a wave of sleepiness …… he was woken up by the old chief’s shouting.


“How can there be so many! How on earth did you get so many of them! …… You can trade these grasses with us for food, God, you are really lucky people ……”


“No no, one grass one dried meat, no more!”


“…… Okay, you guys brought back so much anyway ……”


Rong Yue felt his eyes were sore, it just opened, when he felt a warmth in his palms.


Tian Yang was sitting cross-legged beside him, holding his hand in his palm, like a giant dragon guarding a treasure. He lowered his head and asked, “Awake?”


“……” His memory was a little confused but not like it was lost. Rong Yue hmmed and sat up with the help of Tian Yang.



“You have to go see Sang Lu,” Tian Yang said, “She is seriously injured.”


“!” Rong Yue almost forgot and was busy trying to stand up when he stumbled on his feet.


What happened, was this a side effect of the lock? It felt like the body wasn’t his ……


Tian Yang picked up Rong Yue and headed out, despite the worry, he knew that Sang Lu’s situation was more dangerous. Rong Yue held his shoulder with one hand: “Where is my staff?”


“I picked it up.” Tian Yang replied, “And put it in the room where Sang Lu is.”


As soon as he entered, the smell of blood hit him.


Rong Yue sat down on the edge of Sang Lu’s bed with soft legs. Her clothes had been taken off and she was lying on her back facing upwards, blood from the wound still slowly oozed out. Yue Dong, Bao Di and the dogs were guarding the side.


“Sister-in-law, you’re finally awake!” Yue Dong: “If something happened to both of you, it would be the end!”


None of the outsiders were present, Rong Yue took the staff handed to him by Tian Yang and chanted the sacred prayer. Outside, the old chief and the trio were still tussling about a herb for how much dried meat, but a tense atmosphere pervades the house.


Perhaps the illusion was part of the knot, Rong Yue felt more flexible and used his skills naturally. As if this was no longer a “game” given to him, written in code, but his innate, truly his ability.


The hideous wounds recovered with the naked eye, and the mouth of Bao Di, who saw such a spectacle for the first time, opened wide, and he almost fell.


The skill ended, Sang Lu’s weak breathing became strong, and her face was visibly red.


Yue Dong and Bao Di went forward, turned the person over, covered with animal skin, Yue Dong said nervously: “Now she’s asleep, right? When will she wake up?”


Rong Yue: “It should be soon.”


Just after the words, the old chief, who had won a big victory after tussling with the trio, pushed the door in: “Divine grass cannot cure external injuries. Don’t persist anymore! Everyone has their own destiny, and entering the Xingye forest gurantees a few people’s death. It’s good to be able to come out as a whole. Don’t be too sad, I’ll prepare a better cemetery for you ……”


Sang Lu sat up confused, blinking at the door.


The old chief: “???”


The old chief was shocked: “How did she live!”


“You can keep the cemetery for yourself,” Rong Yue was amused: “I have a message, do you want to hear?”




Rong Yue gave a brief rendering of the ambassador’s words and told the old chief.


The two stood in front of the bone forest, the old chief shed tears.


Not every wait had a result and meaning. Even if the reality was cruel, one still had to accept such a result.


“Do you still want to wait? Or change the place to live? The dampness here is too heavy, it’s not good for your health if you live here for years.”



The old chief sighed, “Forget it, our tribe has been here for so many years, we are used to it. Besides, it will give people coming and going a place to stay, so they don’t starve to death before they enter the forest.”


“Is it worth it?” Rong Yue asked, “A certain distance away from here, the memory of this tribe will also be slowly forgotten, no one will remember your help, and kind reminders.”


The old chief said, “It’s okay, we remember.”


Rong Yue also stopped persuading.



“If one day you can’t stay any longer, you can come to our Xingyue tribe.” Rong Yue said, “We may not be famous now, but in a few years, once you go out, our name will be everywhere.”


“…………” the old chief said with difficulty: “OK.”


He thought for a moment and then said, “Can I ask you one more thing?”




“The child whose parents went in and never came out, he is still small, can you take him away.”


Rong Yue: “The little wooden boy? The skinny one?”


“Yes,” the old chief said, “he eats very little ……”


“No problem.” Rong Yue said readily, “But I also have a condition.”


The old chief gestured for him to speak, and Rong Yue smiled, “I want to know how your second floor was built.”



Based on the towers where the ambassadors were, Rong Yue guessed that many, many years ago, a particularly powerful carpenter had come here. He stayed outside for a while, left the small two-story building, and then entered the forest to become an ambassador, and spent a long time building the exquisite and wonderful tower.


With such a building, it could simply raise the level of technology of the barbarians by a few hundred years up.


The old chief hesitantly said, “But we don’t know how to build it, it was there a long time ago …… right.”


It was a small wooden model of the very same round tower that the chief ambassador had taken him up there! The old chief turned him out from the room full of clutter, handed it to Rong Yue and said, “This seems to be left behind by that person too, but unfortunately it’s not much use ……”


Rong Yue was dazzled!


It looked very strong, obviously not with glue and nails and stuff, it was just the inlay structure, but it was firmly stuck together.


When he brought it back, old Mu and others would study it, maybe they can really build it!


Rong Yue grabbed it lovingly and said cheerfully, “Deal, that child, I’ll be sure to feed him fat!”


He was in a good mood and said that he felt that the tribe was losing money, “Do you guys want to see the moon?”


The small tribe lit a bonfire.


People made seaweed-like swaying gestures, hidden in the fog.


Suddenly, a white light descended from the canopy, and everywhere it passed, the fog all disappeared in three seconds!



The bright moonlight sprinkled to the earth, they looked up, some surprised and crying, some closed their hands to worship the moon, some shouted god’s miracle ……


Rong Yue stood at the second floor railing blowing the wind, the sound of footsteps came from behind him.


“It’s faster than before.” Tian Yang said.



“Haha,” Rong Yue laughed: “The holy light upgraded well. I am the little fog remover.”


When the moon was full, the white moon was so big and bright that no stars could be seen around.



Tian Yang asked, “Do you remember?”


“Hmm?” Rong Yue was surprised at his perceptiveness, and then smiled with relief: “Yes. I cheated and remembered what Xingye looked like.”


“What was Xingye like?”


Rong Yue thought for a moment, “The way you look in your heart.”


His long white hair was blown by the night wind, and Rong Yue asked, “Tian Yang, one lives but a few decades, have you thought about what you want to do?”


Tian Yang was blank for a moment and whispered, “What others do, what I do.” He added, “But now, what you do is what I do.”


“It’s not like that.” Rong Yue turned around and looked at him with bright eyes, “You didn’t understand.”


To be born as a human being, one must live for oneself.


If you don’t even love yourself, how can you have the ability to love others?


But Rong Yue didn’t say it, he only said softly: “But it’s okay, I’ll teach you.”




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