On this trip, Rong Yue’s idea of building a tribe became even better.


At first, he just wanted a place to stay, but now, he wanted to really develop a city, a place that could run according to his wishes, a place that belonged to him.


Planning was especially important.


As the scent of grass filled the fields, Rong Yue asked out of the blue, “Can you teleport yourself?”


Tian Yang: “?”


Rong Yue remembered that Tian Yang had already forgotten what happened in Starfield, and he didn’t remember his power.



He thought for a moment and said, “Do you remember that god-sama from the Paradise Tribe who blew himself up in the end?”



Tian Yang nodded his head, and Rong Yue continued, “That person could light fires out of thin air, and bring in flowing water, which are essentially acts of disrupting space and reorganizing it. You are an Envoy, you can also do it, and you have already succeeded.”


Tian Yang knew about the Envoy, and was surprised at his words, “You can only draw fire and water?”



“According to the forest residents, the stronger the ability, the bigger and more complex the rules that can be changed. Fetching things through the air should be the simplest.” He added, “So I was thinking, it should be possible to move yourself, right? Then you can carry me upwards ……”



Rong Yue pointed to the sky, “Overlook the layout of the tribe.”


Tian Yang responded only after a long time, “You just want to go to a high place?”


Rong Yue nodded hopefully.


“You can build a high platform and get a ladder.”




“I can’t even fetch things through the air right now.”



Rong Yue reveals a you’re useless expression, turned around and walked towards the interior of the tribe. Walking out for a while and realizing that Tian Yang didn’t follow, he looked back, he was still in the same place, feeling something with his eyes closed.


“Tian Yang?” Rong Yue called out strangely, Tian Yang didn’t move. He helplessly said, “I’m just kidding, turn around and let’s build a ladder, there’s no rush.”


Before the words fell, a subtle buzzing sound came from the air, Rong Yue was alert: “What’s that sound?”


Immediately after, a water dragon appeared out of thin air from the top of the head, rolling water circled twice, clattering like a rainstorm sprinkled on the field.


“………… “Rong Yue: “My God …… ”



Obviously, it was only a cup of water that was drawn in Starfield before as well! Why did he become so strong after coming out instead!



Seeing that Tian Yang still seemed to want to continue, Rong Yue shouted, “Stop pouring! The field is flooding!” After saying that, he hurriedly added, “The fire can’t be set either!”



Tian Yang turned to face him with a faint smile in his eyes and extended his hand, “Come here.”


Rong Yue’s heart thumped, walked over step by step and handed over his hand.

The people in the tribe who had learned that the chief and the great priest had returned were scrambling toward the field, and from a distance they saw the two of them standing in the center, what were they doing?


“Sacrifice Yue–”



“Lord Tian Yang–”


The crowd shouted in pieces, their voices filled with joy and excitement, and then they suddenly saw the two adults sway and disappear.





“Look!” The freckled man pointed into the air, “They’re in the sky!”



Tian Yang obviously couldn’t control this whimsical instantaneous training very well, going up to at most three meters at a time, nor could he hover in the air. Rong Yue sat on his arm, wrapping both hands around Tian Yang’s neck, and was led up a little bit by him.


Rong Yue: “Stop! Tian Yang! Stop!”


When he shouted out, the two of them had already “flown” extremely high. The tribesmen looked like black dots, and the fields only took up a small corner of the wilderness.



Tian Yang no longer went upward, the two froze, weightlessness accompanied by the sound of whistling wind, Rong Yue almost screamed!


Looking downward, only to see the Xingyue Lake scattered in small pieces, like the stars in the night sky; the Rift Valley was below, like a small boat, bearing the night sky. And now the tribe, above the stars, had no shape to speak of, small and broken, like a small advertisement on a famous painting.



Rong Yue was inspired.



When this winter passed, he would tear off the small advertisement, and then circle a curved moon in the upper right corner of the Xingyue Lake as the main body of the tribe and the living area.



At that time, as Tian Yang said, he would then choose a good place to build a high viewing platform, which could overlook the panoramic view of the tribe.


Just now ……


“Falling down! It’s falling!” The tribal people coaxed into a flurry, some went to look for grass mats, some rushed up in the vain hope of being meat mats ……


Acceleration made them fall faster and faster, Rong Yue’s brain was blank, just in the nick of time, Tian Yang directly and steadily moved them to the ground.


The crowd was scared out of their wits, and rushed up to ask if it was all right and what had happened.


Rong Yue: “……”


Don’t ask, his legs were weak.


Xingyue Era had flying mounts, but the feeling of sitting on a bird was too far from the feeling of sitting on Tian Yang, this wasn’t flying, this was fucking bungee jumping. Rong Yue covered his stomach and squatted down, his face was very bad.


Tian Yang innocently looked at him as if to say, you asked me to take you.


“……” Rong Yue brushed himself with two holy lights, which made him feel better. Looking at a familiar concerned face, he smiled gently, “It’s okay, let’s go home!”



His hand was naturally held by Tian Yang, Rong Yue originally wanted to scold him twice, but he couldn’t get angry, and finally laughed helplessly, “You’re also too good.”



Tian Yang’s hand tightened.


Back at the tribe, Ah Jiu was waiting quietly at the door.



“It’s been hard work.” Rong Yue said, “Did anything happen while I was away?”


Ah Jiu: “Nothing major.”



“You have to rest before anything happens!” Gougou flashed out from behind Ah Jiu and grinned, “Are you guys tired? The tribe built you guys a new house!”



“Oh?” Rong Yue’s eyes lit up, “Where is it?”


The new house was right behind the small wooden building, a separate one, exquisite and beautiful.


This was still the idea that Rong Yue put forward before he left: using wood and stone to build a house, so that it was stronger than a wooden house, and shorter than a stone house construction time, so that before the winter came, more people could benefit.


The house in front of him was the first experiment.


Old Mu was waiting here, and first excitedly greeted Rong Yue, ” Sacrifice Yue! You have finally returned! I’m really grateful to you for helping me in the first place ……”


“Where,” Rong Yue laughed, “You guys with crafts are the ones who are great.”



This experimental mixed house was the culmination of the wisdom of several carpenters, and basically fulfilled the functional requirements Rong Yue had initially proposed.


Entering the door was the living room, left led into the utility room, then forward to the bedroom, and to the right was the simple kitchen and toilet.


This basically formed a functional division, there was no longer just a space to eat, drink, and shit.


“Very good,” Rong Yue said, “You don’t have to go outside to cook big pots of food in winter anymore, and the food is easy to get cold in a bad environment. The toilet too, saves frail women and children from having to run outside.”



In addition to this, there was a fan hollowed out square between the bedroom and the living room, and above the square there were pillars leading up to the roof.



“A simple fireplace!” Yung Yue poked his head in and looked around, “This is all realized? Have you guys tried it?”


“Tried it!” Old Mu heatedly laughed, “Other than being a bit useless, everything else is pretty good!”


This was the main reason why Rong Yue wanted to make a stone and wood hybrid house, because small wooden huts couldn’t make a fire, and would definitely freeze to death in winter.


And a new house like this would definitely be able to keep a lot of people.


Rong Yue said approvingly, ”Build according to this, build as much as you can, and make the bedroom part bigger first. At that time, even if it’s too late, we can still stuff more people.”


Ah Jiu nodded and added, “You guys rest first, we’ll talk tomorrow.”


“Okay, oh yeah,” Rong Yue: “We brought back another kid, called Mu Ling. Yue Dong and the others have him with them, have you seen them?”



“Don’t worry.”


Ah Jiu was really a reliable person, and Rong Yue did feel tired at this time.


No amount of rest in the wilderness could compare to the peace of mind that the tribe gave. Without realizing it, he had already taken this place very much as home.


But he could hear that the tribe might have encountered some problems again, and Ah Jiu couldn’t make up his mind.



“Thinking about what?” Tian Yang dusted the animal skin spread on the bed and signaled Rong Yue to come up.



“Thinking about what went wrong,” Rong Yue was helpless, taking off his outer robe and replacing it with a short linen shirt, “Every time I come back, I find something wrong, obviously our system is not perfect.”


“This is inevitable.”


Tian Yang let Rong Yue lie down and said lightly, “No system is perfect. As long as the tribe is developing, the system will constantly be modified. When something goes wrong, fix it and don’t think much about anything else.”


“……” Rong Yue laughed in a low voice, “You are more suitable to be the chief than me.”



The following day, the long overdue round table meeting began.


After listening to Ah Jiu’s brief and concise explanation, Rong Yue came to a realization.



Speaking of which, this matter had its beginnings long ago.


When the Xingyue Tribe was initially established, the situation was critical and there was nothing left. Countless injured people and the old and sick were together, so they could only make everyone eat together.



At that time, when everyone had a mouthful of food, they were so grateful to the chief that they couldn’t wait to die in return, and this system of eating a big pot of rice had continued.



But so long past, with the tribe buildings up little by little, people had a house to sleep, had clothes to wear, had food to eat.



The days were better …… so some people wouls be lazy.


Although working in groups was mandatory every day, it was difficult to manage the behavior of cutting corners and procrastinating during specific labor hours.



There was no rule for beating or scolding, after all, they weren’t slaves. Deduction of food, could you really let them starve to death?


Moreover, the tribe was small, they had suffered together, if someone greeted the cooking amas, they couldn’t refuse.


Rong Yue pondered for a moment, knowing that Tian Yang was right.



As long as the tribe was developing, it was inevitable to encounter various problems. There was no one-size-fits-all method, but it was one of the joys of life.



Ah Jiu said, “Also, in January, the Hundred Tribes Gathering will be held in the northern Melting Snow Valley.”



Rong Yue thought of it, “It’s that big rally where you can exchange winter supplies, right? How are we preparing for it?”



Bai Tao said, “The peanuts and the second batch of tomatoes are about to ripen, both sauces are fine. The lampshade shredded beef is good for preservation, we have specially organized twenty people to make this day and night, and with the taste, it will definitely surprise people who are tired of eating jerky.”

These were things that no one else had ever seen before, and Rong Yue felt sure that they could be exchanged for something good. On top of that, they also had Divine Grass. Three whole big bundles.



And because of the presence of Rong Yue himself, a healing plug-in, they were useless to the Xingyue Tribe.


It was simply a divine weapon for exchanging supplies.


In this way, the Xingyue Tribe making a name for itself in this Hundred Tribes Gathering was simply a nail in the coffin.


“There’s still a month left.” Rong Yue said, “Before we go to the rally, we need to initially resolve this matter of grinding labor and fully raise the spirit of the tribe.”



The crowd looked at him expectantly.



“Let’s do it this way.” Rong Yue remembered his previous plan and felt very prescient, “I have two proposals ……”




The first All Tribe Recognition Conference of the Xingyue Tribe was about to begin!


The news had just been spread out, and the entire tribe people were all abuzz: what do you mean by recognition? What general meeting? Did it have anything to do with them?



Bai Tao stood tall and shouted, “It has to do with each and every one of us!”



Yue Dong: “Tomorrow! All groups come and gather in front of the small building before the sun sets! All of you!”


Someone got a nasty chill and whispered, “The last time we were gathered there, it was to see how to incite the guinea pigs ……”


“Dude shut up! Can you stop talking about it!?”



“Alas, forcing a woman gives a moment of pleasure, then you become a pig filled with regret ah ……”


Bai Tao: “It’s a good thing this time! Everyone can relax!”


Yue Dong: “After the commendation meeting, there’s a bonfire party!”





The barbarians didn’t have much entertainment, and everyone enjoyed singing and dancing around the bonfire. As expected, once Lord Tian Yang and Sacrifice Yue returned, there was joy!




In the afternoon, the construction team.


“Hulu!” Old Mu said angrily, “Why are you sitting down again!”



The man named Hulu pulled on his ears and said carelessly, “Ugh, tired, resting.”



“Don’t, don’t, don’t get angry… If you’re always so angry, you’ll die quickly!”


Xiao Mu was carrying a wooden pillar and approached, turning red at the words, he turned around and was about to smash the wooden pillar on his shoulder towards Hulu!



There was a loud thud, scaring Hulu, “What are you doing! Do you want to fight? The chief has said that fighting will be punished, if you dare to hit me, I’ll report you!”


“You shameless man!” Xiao Mu was so angry that his chest rose and fell, “Which day did you do the work, you say!”



Hulu remained half-lying down, “Ugh, I did it, which eye can you see that I didn’t do it?”


“Right now!” Xiao Mu was extremely angry: “You’re sitting now!”


Old Mu hurriedly pulled his son: “Don’t fight, don’t ……”

Hulu: “That’s because there’s a bonfire at night, huh? I need to save some energy so I can ask Sang Lu to dance …… Hey I’m in love with her, she’s practically a fairy. You guys can understand that, right?”


Not waiting for the old Mu to speak, he also preempted: “Speaking of it, in terms of work, Xiao Mu doesn’t do much. You have to guide him. He has such a small body, tsk tsk… he doesn’t even carry much, and still eats well, so it’s not his turn to talk about me, right?”



“Hulu!” Old Mu finally roared: “Get out of here!”


“Okay le!” Hulu joyfully ran away.


The construction team was working overtime to build a house, other people watched the hustle and bustle, and coincidentally sighed.



Some people shook their heads with extreme disapproval, and some people looked at the direction of Hulu running away with flickering eyes.


Old Mu tiredly stroked his son’s head, “Don’t be angry, there’s good food in the evening.”


Xiao Mu nodded his head aggrievedly.


It wasn’t easy to make it to the evening, the people came to the wood building’s open space.



Old Mu listened to Bai Tao’s instructions, and together with a few other carpenters, they put their construction group in a separate square formation.



When the other groups were also in place, they saw that the crowd was categorized by work type and stood in a neat and tidy manner, creating quite a unique atmosphere.



In such an environment, even Hulu didn’t dare to look careless and lazy anymore.


But his thoughts had long since flown to the evening, and he wanted to try to woo Sang Lu today!



Although Sacrifice Yue was the prettiest, and he would blush for half a day just by looking at him, but that was not someone he could fantasize about. After retreating, Sang Lu wasn’t bad, although there were black spots on her face, but he could look last the surface to see the inside, and Sang Lu had a good figure, and at night he didn’t have to see her face ……


His thoughts were wandering in the sky, when he heard Rong Yue’s voice, which was as good as a clear spring, ringing out.



“Xingyue Tribe, the first “labor is the most glorious” commendation assembly, now begin!”



The drum team led by the Freckled man rumbled the drums, the atmosphere was warm and joyful!


The crowd couldn’t help but look at Rong Yue expectantly.


“Next, Tian Yang, the leader of the Xingyue Tribe, will say a few words to everyone!”


The drums sounded again.


In the past, every time there was a meeting, it was always Sacrifice Yue speaking, and Lord Tian Yang, as the chief, had never had a strong sense of existence as Sacrifice Yue..


Today, for him to suddenly speak, everyone was curious.


Only to see Tian Yang with a cold and solemn face, contrasting with Rong Yue’s smile, he looked around and slowly said, “Recently, we found out that there are people in the tribe who don’t work properly.”



As soon as these words came out, a few people in each group were stared at by the people around them.


Hulu was even more shocked by the sight that was rooted in all directions, causing his legs to shiver.


“These people, who promote crookedness, don’t want to put in the effort, they just want to lie down and eat.” Tian Yang paused, his eyes sharpened, “Were you guys like this in your original tribe?”



There was a silence in the room.


Of course it wouldn’t be like that.


Ordinary tribes, minding their own houses, didn’t have building teams, farming teams or anything at all. They had to go out and hunt for food.


In a hunting team, if you didn’t work and you weren’t helpful, you’d soon be expelled and you won’t get any food.


Bigger tribes may still have relief, some tribes, especially in the winter, couldn’t do anything about starving their families.



…… But Xingyue tribe was too good.



The high priest could perform miracles and the chief was very powerful. He went out to hunt, one person topped a hundred people, the whole tribe almost never lacked of food.



And the practice of the planting group, if it was successful, there were more meat substitutes, and survival became easy.


Hulu became terrified.



What did the chief mean by this? Was he going to turn them into guinea pigs too!


Wasn’t he just eating some white rice!


Hulu scared himself so much that he was about to pee in public, and the rest of the group’s slackers were also trembling.


Tian Yang was silent for a moment before saying, “Everyone for the tribe, the tribe for everyone. Only by treating the tribe as your home first will the tribe provide you with a good life.”


He turned his words around, “There are also some people who labor diligently and treat the tribe’s affairs as their own. They do their best for the tribe and deserve to be praised.”


“Today, we are going to give them rewards.”


“!” Huge exclamation marks popped up on the heads of the people on stage.



Tian Yang took a step back, “Sacrifice Yue will present the award.”


“!!!” The exclamation mark got even bigger.


Rong Yue wore a warm and genial smile, holding the list in his hand as he slowly read, “The first person to receive the title of ‘capable laborer’ is – Xiao Mu!”


Amidst the warm applause, Xiao Mu incredulously pointed to himself as the people around him pushed him onto the stage.



Someone shouted incredulously, “Is it possible for stewards and artisans to win the award as well!?”


Rong Yue smiled, “Since coming to the tribe, Xiao Mu has never missed a day of work. He learns carpentry skills from Abba at night and labors with the construction team during the day. Even though he wasn’t strong enough, he did the best he could within his means, had a positive attitude, loved the tribe, and won the appreciation of many.”


Someone shouted sincerely, “Right! He comes the earliest every day!”


“Obviously his Abba is there and never lazy!”


“Unlike Hulu’s great laziness!”




Rong Yue’s smile deepened, and Xiao Mu’s face reddened to the point that he looked like he was about to suffocate.


Everyone gradually quieted down.


What reward would he get? Everyone had food and clothes now, what else was an enviable reward?



Only to see Rong Yue pull out a piece of bark from behind his back, show it to the stage for two seconds, and handing it to Xiao Mu.


“This is a page from a book I wrote with my own handwriting, I give it to you, wishing you healthy growth and becoming a powerful warrior!”


Xiao Mu looked so excited that he was about to cry, and Rong Yue shook his hand for five seconds while saying so!


Gosh! He couldn’t believe he shook hands with Sacrifice Yue! And he even got the “divine text” written by him!


The crowd was insanely jealous of Xiao Mu!


Hulu, who was frozen on the stage, regretted it so much that he wished he could turn back the clock! If he had known that a laborer would be able to stand beside the Sacrifice Yue and shake hands with him, he would have risked his life to work!


But this wasn’t the end of his regrets.



When Rong Yue finished awarding prizes to each group’s labor masters, his expression suddenly darkened.


“Below, is the list of those who were named and criticized.”



Hulu was clearly on the list, and together with a few others, he hung his head to the very front and stood in a row, listening to Rong Yue’s cold and mercilessly harsh criticism like the autumn wind sweeping away the leaves.



“………… Finally, after the roundtable consultation, we have decided to take the following measures.”



After saying that, he gestured for Tian Yang to come.



Tian Yang’s voice was even more intimidating than Rong Yue’s, “The members who were criticized for the first time must reflect on their mistakes in public at the morning meeting. The second time, you won’t be allowed to make a deed in the tribe. The third time, you’ll be expelled from the tribe and never allowed to re-enter.”



For Hulu and the others, this was naturally a bolt from the blue, but for those who were used to them, this was as wonderful as heavenly music.


“Expelled from the tribe!” “Never enter again!” “Expelled from the tribe!” “Never enter again!”


The slogans were loud and inspiring!



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