Putting aside the matter of the little secret, Rong Yue felt that the issue of divorce should be dealt with first.


Thanks to the blessing of the confession room, Rong Yue had heard a lot of stories, there were those who cried about being cheated, there were also those who cried that they couldn’t help but be tempted to cheat, from which he could learn that the real world was monogamous, and even before getting married, they also paid attention to the single mindedness.



Barbarian marriage customs and reality wasn’t quite the same, although they were also monogamous, but there was no divorce practice.



After the marriage, they ate together and fed each other, this was the love between most couples.



Speaking of it, it was a bit heartless. When a woman died, the man remarried, and when the man died, the woman remarried. They all lived well and gave birth, but if they couldn’t give birth… They’d just live until one side died.



Everything was for survival.



However, there were people who were obsessed with reproduction, such as Bai Tao’s husband, who tried to kill her because she couldn’t have children.



It didn’t work like that.


As the tribe became more and more stable, the conditions became better and better, the death rate of the people would gradually decrease, and it would no longer be difficult to eat, so the emotional needs would gradually replace the “eating together” as the expression of love, and become the new standard of relationship.



Human beings were more than animals, and relationships were more than just having enough to eat. For example, Guoguo once hated Ah Jiu because he didn’t like to talk. If not for Ah Jiu’s protection at the critical moment, which allowed them to see their true feelings in adversity, they might still be a resentful couple to this day.


Yue Dong also couldn’t coax his wife ……



Rong Yue rubbed his temples with a headache.


What was wrong with these men, didn’t they know to learn from Tian Yang.



…… Wait, learn what from Tian Yang!?



Rong Yue was abruptly startled, scarlet red spreading from his heart all the way to his face and the roots of his ears.



But when he thought about it, Tian Yang was really good at it.



Following him around, cooking and eating with him, and preparing dry food with his own hands. When the night was cold, he hugged him to sleep, and in the morning, he also praised him, and the most common words he said were “I’ll listen to you”.


Rong Yue: “…………”


The scariest thing was that he had gotten used to it!



Imagining Yue Dong also treating him like this, Rong Yue was covered in goosebumps.



Technically, Yue Dong was also a pretty handsome young man, but imagining him slowly approaching …… with deep eyes …… and a teasing bass voice …… slowly said ……



[You are so good looking.]


“Bang”, Rong Yue was stunned and overturned the table.


Too much.


Yue Dong could only be a silly fool who played with dogs and called him sister-in-law! What was in his mind just now! Delete!



At this time, Old Mu spoke hesitantly at the door, “Sacrifice Yue……”



“Oh, come in, what’s wrong?” Rong Yue calmed down a bit and turned the table over to set it right.


Old Mu was holding the branch of the Zero Tree in his hand.


It was given to him yesterday by Rong Yue, who also gave him a scepter from his package.



Old Mu was extremely good at carving and imitating, he was planning to ask Old Woody to help him fix the scepter prototype first.


“Is there a problem?” Rong Yue took the branch and realized that it was exactly the same as before he sent it out.



“Yes …… I won’t hide it from you,” Old Mu fretted, “I don’t know how this branch grew, I used many kinds of tools, yet not even a single scratch was left for it.”






It was true to say, Rong Yue couldn’t even burn this branch with his light, Tian Yang got it down for him.



So even after cutting it down, there was still no way for an ordinary person to carve it?



This [Zero Staff], it seemed that Tian Yang still had to make it himself.



Rong Yue rubbed the smooth surface of the tree, “I know, it’s fine, go and get busy with your work.”


Old Mu answered and was just about to leave when he heard Rong Yue call out to him again.



“By the way old Mu, I want to ask you.” Rong Yue said, “It’s okay if you don’t want to say …… what about your wife?”



Old Mu didn’t expect him to ask him this, although there was nothing he couldn’t say, time had passed and his memories were a little fuzzy.



Sitting on the chair that Sacrifice Yue specially pointed out to him, old Mu slowly spike while recalling, “She died many years ago …… after giving birth to a Xiao Mu, her body was born bad, and she didn’t last through the winter.”



“Alas …… the thing I regret the most is that I didn’t raise Xiao Mu well afterward. If I hadn’t met Sacrifice Yue, I, the incapable one, might, alas ……” Old Mu was somewhat unable to control his emotions and choked for a moment.



Rong Yue remembered their starving and skinny appearance when they first met, and then thought about what he saw a few days ago, the rounded and much more adorable Xiao Mu, and also sighed.



Waiting for Old Mu to calm down, Rong Yue added: “Do you have any thoughts of remarrying?”



“I can also remarry?” Old Mu froze, “But I ……”



He couldn’t speak the words that followed.


Old Mu then realized that they had already lived a good life, and he was no longer the downtrodden old carpenter who couldn’t even feed his son. In the Xingyue Tribe, he had become an “important person” who could talk to Sacrifice Yue by virtue of his craftsmanship.



He could take another wife.



After thinking for a while, Old Mu still shook his head, “Not yet. I’ll consider it when Xiao Mu grows up and gets a match.”



Sending Old Mu away, Rong Yue fell into deep thought.



He had underestimated the progress of civilization’s development. After only a few months of living in abundance, there were actually so many people in the tribe who suddenly had emotional needs.



Apart from tourists who engaged in lewd and indecent behavior towards women, there were only three pairs of formed families.




Many still couldn’t get over their dead wives, husbands, or hadn’t met anyone they like.



At a time when survival was a problem, people had to form units and rely on each other in order to survive. Women depended on men to eat, men depended on women to take care of them as well as to reproduce, and the criterion for choosing a spouse was more based on resources.



But now, even for Yue Dong that had such a patriarchal figure, Li Shui had sprouted the idea of separation.


This was …… simply miserable!



Rong Yue put down his pen and decided to talk to Yue Dong first.



In the grove.



“What? Divorce is what!?” Yue Dong was stunned, and the hand that was petting the dog trembled slightly.


Rong Yue said compassionately, “It means that she doesn’t want to live with you anymore, she wants to kick you out and have kids with another man.”



“How can!” Yue Dong’s voice almost cracked, and he pulled off a handful of hair from the dog, who wailed miserably, as if to say, Yue Dong died, Yue Dong died!



He stood up anxiously, “We had a contract! She can’t go with anyone else! I won’t allow it!”



The more he thought about it, the more angry he got, Yue Dong even let out his hunting pressure: “Which man, I’m going to duel!”



Too stupid, really, Rong Yue seriously doubted that the two dogs on the ground had more intelligence than Yue Dong.



“It’s not a matter of which man, it’s a matter of you treating her badly and her being sad. If you have this kind of energy and know how to protect her and fight others, how could Lu Shui be sad?”


Yue Dong was confused, “How did I not protect her?”


It was worse than talking to a cow. Rong Yue sighed softly, “Let’s do this …… I’ll find time and have a lecture in the tribe.”


He left behind the clueless Yue Dong and walked back, before leaving the forest, he saw a group of young girls who were going to wash their clothes walking across, about seven or eight people.



Rong Yue stopped in his tracks, and when he saw that no one had noticed him, he listened intently to their chatter.


These few young girls were the only young girls in the tribe, except for two who were usually closer to Guoguo that Rong Yue was familiar with, the remaining few were unknown.



Their jobs were mainly washing clothes, picking fruits, and two were learning how to raise silkworms from Sang Lu.



“Who’s that one still chasing after you lately?”



“Aiyaa, don’t mention it, I’m so annoyed… He doesn’t know anything, he’s ugly, and the smell on his body can make beasts run away…”



A burst of laughter.


“Surprisingly, he even said with a feeling of good self, ‘Do you eat sour fruit?'”






“Sour! Sour! Fruit! I can pick a big basket by myself, and what he eats is still my share of it …… Simply!”



“Ugh, so who do you like?”



“I don’t like anyone, I’m doing fine on my own …… Where’s Xiao Hua?”


“I, I actually also …… men are unreliable.”



Rong Yue: “………………”



The young girls laughed and walked away, and Rong Yue drilled out of the grove with a face of vicissitudes.



This couldn’t go on like this!


If they didn’t find partners, how could they implement the family system next year?



If they didn’t find partners, how would they have children?



Without children, how would the tribe develop!



Besides, the barbaric wilderness had few recreational activities, everyone’s emotional needs were still very strong, as long as they were given a chance, there would definitely be someone who was willing to tie the knot!



One of the drawbacks of the tribe now was that men and women were separated at work, and there was no opportunity for contact.



He observed that those who preferred the same gender were still in the minority, so it was necessary to create opportunities for everyone to get to know each other.



A group activity.



As well as …… relationship knowledge lecture, it had to be organized.



Rong Yue thought all the way back to the small wooden building, Tian Yang was waiting for him at the door.



“What’s wrong?” Rong Yue asked.



“The peanut butter is ready.” Tian Yang led him towards the Rift Valley neighborhood, “Ah Jiu and the others are calling for you to try it. Also we caught two more adult bear beasts today, there’s enough meat stored for the winter, maybe even more.”



“What do you think?” Rong Yue asked.



“Make it all into shredded lampshade beef.” Tian Yang: “Take some of it to Melting Snow Valley to exchange for sugar and honey, and black charcoal which is very effective for heating. Large pelts can also be exchanged for some more.”



“I’ll listen to you.” Rong Yue decisively agreed: “From now on, all these will be under your control, don’t tell me anything.”



Tian Yang turned his head sideways and gave him a deep look, seeing this, Rong Yue’s ears turn a little red, and he hurriedly changed a topic.



“How is your water ball technique practice?”


This was a name given by Rong Yue out of bad taste, drawing water flow was called Water Ball Technique, drawing fire was called Fire Ball Technique, and the others were still to be developed.



“Half a bucket.” Tian Yang was concise.



The thick water dragon that was lured that day was like a novice benefit, after going back and trying again later, he wasn’t be able to lure so many at once. The experiment proved that it was essentially the water of the Xingye lake that was lured, the closer it was to the Xingye Lake, the higher the success rate would be.



Of course, more practice also had an effect, a cup to half a bucket was already very good.



Not only that, his control was also greatly improved, Tian Yang reached out and pointed, a thin stream appeared in front of Rong Yue’s eyes, slightly thicker than raindrops. They followed gravity and descended successively, disappearing again after a dozen centimeters or so, appearing at the place where they were and continuing to flow downwards.



Dozens of thin streams formed a marvelous tassel-like mass of water that glistened under the refraction of light.




“Ah,” Rong Yue stopped in surprise, afraid that if he bumped into it, it would be gone.


Tian Yang said behind him, “Go forward, it’s always in front.”



So Rong Yue obeyed and took a step.


The little water clusters were very cute, better looking than a lot of magical special effects in the Xingyue Era. Unfortunately, when they reached the place where they made peanut butter, Tian Yang reached out and dispersed it.


Rong Yue controlled his disappointed expression and steadied his mind.



“Sacrifice Yue!” Guoguo and Ah Jiu were both there, seeing them both they happily greeted them, holding a small wooden plate in their hands, “We followed the recipe and improved it several more times, now it is especially delicious!”




Rong Yue took the small spoon she handed him with interest, dipped a little and licked it.


“!” A completely different flavor from ketchup!



The peanut butter was fine and dense, with a soft texture, and because of the tools there was no way to grind it to the point where there were no particles at all, but instead it added to the flavor.



It was slightly salty, but when you tasted it carefully, you could taste a hint of sweetness, as well as the unique oil flavor of the nuts, which simply gave a sense of satisfaction from the bottom of the heart!



Rong Yue was touched.



How could there be something so delicious!



Even though this sentence had already been said once with the ketchup with fries, he still wanted to say how could there be something so delicious!



Guoguo asked expectantly, “How was it? Is it good?”



Rong Yue quickly nodded, but Tian Yang said, “There are other ways to eat it.”



Rong Yue curiously turned around as two helping tribesmen carried a stone slab.



“Make way, Sacrifice Yue, be careful it’s hot!”



The stone slab was caught on a pile of fire, bared and brushed with a layer of oil before Tian Yang picked up a bowl that was placed next to it.



“What’s that?” Rong Yue bent down to look.



“Twisted seed paste.”



It was thicker than the usual brewed twist soup, and undulating lines could be seen when it was stirred. Tian Yang stirred it twice and poured it onto the stone slab brushed with hot oil, and suddenly, stinging stars of oil splashed up.




“Careful.” He reached out to block Rong Yue’s hair that was hanging down from his lowered head, and Rong Yue straightened up and took a step back.


The sticky twisted paste spread out on the stone slab and became a large cake, and the burnt scent belonging to the paste rose into the air along with the steaming vapor.



Rong Yue inhaled.



Tian Yang took a small stone spatula, scooped up the cake and turned it over again. The side that had touched the stone plate before was slightly yellowed and stained with oil.



After a short two minutes, this big cake was considered baked, he shoveled it up and flung it onto a clean cold stone plate, and then used the spatula to cut it into several pieces of a size that could be grasped in the hand.



Rong Yue could hardly wait, he squatted down and blew for a while, seeing that the heat wasn’t fierce, he reached out and grab it.



“Clip the sauce and eat.” Tian Yang reminded.


Rong Yue almost forgot, smearing the sauce from the small dish delicately, then folding the cake in half.



Wooo! How could this be! So delicious!


The pasta was sugary and gave an already strong sense of satisfaction, not to mention that it was fried in oil!



Coupled with peanut sauce, the flavor of the originally flavorless cake was instantly enriched by three levels!



Rong Yue took small bites and huffed as he finished it, “…… It’s so delicious.”



“Delicious!” Guoguo said with a smile, “I don’t know where Tian Yang got so many ideas, he made them all!”


Rong Yue looked at Tian Yang, then looked at the silent Ah Jiu, then thought about the foolish and unbearable Yue Dong ……



The gap was too big, what kind of collective activities did they need to use to improve their feelings and mutual understanding ah.


“Sacrifice Yue?” Guoguo realized that he was lost in thought and asked curiously, “Is there something wrong?”


Rong Yue: “…… I was thinking, why don’t we organize an autumn tour.”



“Autumn tour?”


“Yes, an autumn tour, to Melting Snow Valley.”



Rong Yue clapped his hands, the more he thought about it, the more he felt that he had made a very wise decision.



“All of them, a round trip for twenty days to help each other and promote unity!” Rong Yue clapped his oil-stained hands, “Maybe they’ll take a liking to each other!”




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