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The promised wildness! How could the end suddenly come!


In the sky torn apart by the monster, flowing fire fell, and Rong Yue ran wildly with his head in his arms, scrambling into a straw shed.


It was clearly made of grass, but it wasn’t ignited by the flowing fire. Rong Yue heard a sound and subconsciously turned around and looked around. There was no one there.


Just as he was wondering, someone suddenly pulled on the hem of his clothes.


“…?” A child looked at him with round eyes.


Rong Yue froze for a moment, shocked: “Tian Yang!”


Although he was far from the current tall Tian Yang, looking at the child’s features, he vaguely saw Tian Yang’s appearance!


Little Tian Yang pointed at Rong Yue, and in the midst of this apocalyptic scene, said crisply, “Big brother, you look good.”


Rong Yue: “…………”


Why should he be teased by a child less than thigh high!


If this was everyone’s inner world, that was different from the stable self, Tian Yang’s was on the verge of collapse. Strange scenes hovered nonsensically, trees flew in the sky, water helped the fire, and everything was going from order to disorder.


Rong Yue was anxious: “Don’t look at me, why don’t you wake up? You’re a good person, don’t be confused in the dream!”


The dumb little Tian Yang lived up to that name, repeating over and over again, “Big brother you are so pretty, you are so beautiful, big brother is the best looking …….”


The ground gave birth to crystal-like pillars, stretching towards the monsters in the sky, and the scene became increasingly psychedelic. Rong Yue tried to wake up Tian Yang: “I am Rong Yue, you are Tian Yang, we have a tribe called Xingyue ……”


Little Tian Yang was still repeating.


“Your original tribe is called Gangshan, and you have a good brother called Yue Dong, ah ah ah you can’t understand the human language -”


Little Tian Yang was stunned, and suddenly, barking rang out.


“!” Rong Yue turned around and saw their dogs appear out of thin air, waving their tongues towards them, Rong Yue opened his arms and crouched down, and was hit by the big dog! He said with surprise: “You also came in!”


It was because animals thought purely!


Little Tian Yang also looked very fond of the dogs and giggled.


Rong Yue looked at them and suddenly realized that this was definitely not an environment that existed only in Tian Yang’s mind! After all, not to mention him, even the two dogs could enter, it must also be real and illusory.


If his spirit and soul were real, Rong Yue thought, then he must be able to open the game panel!


With this in mind, the panel was finally summoned and appeared in front of Rong Yue’s eyes after a few flashes.


Rong Yue took out a spare staff from his parcel and was finally relieved.


His thought was right, since the game interface was still there when his soul came to this world alone, it meant that this panel was connected to his spirit.


With the ability, Rong Yue was less panicked and held up a prayer of golden light, letting it extend infinitely, covering himself, Little Tian Yang, and the two dogs like an umbrella, and stepping out of the small grass hut together.


The flowing fire at some point gradually stopped, the crack in the air stretched a monster head, Rong Yue looked around and found that the fleeing people were all gone, it was silent.


Little Tian Yang’s eyes were just a little more animated, and he tugged the hem of Rong Yue’s clothes: “Big brother, come, come.”


The feeling of being called brother by Tian Yang was a bit sour, but Rong Yue followed him in silence while wondering what exactly Tian Yang’s claim was.


Outside the tribe there was a trodden path, the two dogs were running around happily in front, and Rong Yue was walking behind, holding little Tian Yang’s hand.



“Big brother, look.” Following the direction of Tian Yang’s finger, Rong Yue was startled. Around the sparse erection of gray puffy trees, but in the middle abruptly grew strange plants!


Rong Yue’s mouth was dry and he walked over in disbelief.


The green climbing vines wound around the abrupt wooden shelves. Several yellow flowers were half the size of a palm, but many more had failed, expanding dark green fruits from the roots.


This was a cucumber!!!

Rong Yue looked back at little Tian Yang and roared wildly in his heart, breaking two of them in the other person’s expectant eyes, wiping them with his hand, and stuffing them into his mouth.


There was a click.


Sweet and juicy.



Crunchy texture, belonging to the plant’s fragrance, although there wasn’t much taste, it was extremely thirst-quenching. It was just like the book described! It really was cucumber!


Little Tian Yang also grabbed one in his hand and squinted his eyes with a smile while gnawing.


“Is there anything else?” Rong Yue asked expectantly.


Little Tian Yang thought about it and took his hand to the other side again.


This time, Rong Yue plucked a white radish from the ground.


“!!!” He rubbed the mud clean with his hands and bit down, unlike the taste of cucumber, there was a slight pungency.


Rong Yue was so shocked that he went numb and almost indulged in this beautiful dream.


Unfortunately, this was only an illusion, surely he couldn’t take it away ……


Thinking of this, he tried to put a radish on the ground into the game package.


“?” Rong Yue’s hand was empty.


How did it work?! His heart pounded and he turned around and ran wildly in the direction of the cucumber, with little Tian Yang shouting behind him, “Big brother, big brother–”


After running quite a distance, the cucumber still didn’t appear, Rong Yue calmed down a bit, realizing that everything in this space originated from little Tian Yang’s perception.


So he reached out, spread out, and the thick book of recipes fell in the air and he handed it to little Tian Yang.


“Remember this?” Rong Yue squatted down and asked. Little Tian Yang’s eyes lit up and he seemed to recall something and said, “Big brother told me to memorize it.”


It did seem to be related to the reality memory.



Rong Yue turned over the description page of cucumber: “This, we just ate it, where is it?”


Little Tian Yang thought for a moment, “Well, here.”


Things went incredibly smoothly, Rong Yue got cucumber, white radish, cabbage, and chili green pepper and cumin ……

It was hard to say how delicious it was, but at least it looked exactly the same as what is painted on the book. Rong Yue uprooted everything and threw it into his bag, and also put on several pieces of jewelry that couldn’t fit inside.


As the excitement gradually passed, Rong Yue calmed down.


What did this illusion represent? Did Tian Yang subconsciously want to meet his requirements?


Rong Yue led Xiao Tian Yang and tentatively asked, “Do you know where this is?”


“… Gangshan Tribe.” Little Tian Yang’s eyes wandered for a moment and then replied.


It seemed that this place was also the past in his perception.


As soon as his voice fell, it seemed like the entrance to the tribe again. Rong Yue stopped talking to him about the food and said, “Where are your parents? Where do you live? Do you have any good friends?”


With the questions, people gradually appeared in the empty tribe, although Rong Yue didn’t recognize them, he heard little Tian Yang’s crisp greetings.


After that, they went back to the straw hut.


“This is my home.” Little Tian Yang said, “I don’t have a father or mother.”


Rong Yue froze, remembering that Tian Yang was the surviving son of the former chief, he was a bit remorseful.



Little Tian Yang, however, as if he had opened the box, continued, “My father was stupid, and my mother was crazy. I’m a monster that shouldn’t exist.”


“What nonsense!?” Rong Yue was startled and frowned to stop him, Little Tian Yang lowered his eyes aggressively, “It’s true …… everyone says so.”


Thinking carefully, Rong Yue found that he had really never heard Tian Yang speak about his life.


He shared the recipes with him and wore the clothes he brought to show him, but he knew nothing about Tian Yang.


Had he known, he should have been more attentive ……


Now the first priority was still to bring him out of the illusionary realm, Rong Yue squatted down and asked him, “How old do you think you are?”


“Eight years old.”


“No, you are not eight years old, you are this year ……” Rong Yue paused: “twenty years old!”


Let’s say twenty years old.


Little Tian Yang frowned as the monster hiding in the crack in the sky stretched out its claws again and let out a roar that cracked heaven and earth.


“Wake up Tian Yang! You’ve grown up! And married a wife! Me–!!!” The gale blew up, Rong Yue helf the pillar, so as not to be blown out, and didn’t care to deliberate the words, he shouted with a red face.


Little Tian Yang frowned, holding his forehead: “I …… I …………”


“There is a flower that grows in the void!” Rong Yue changed tactics again and yelled at him directly on target: “A pink flower! No name! Able to remove the demonic energy in the human body, always blooming!”


The devil beast stepped on the earth with one claw, everything around it turned into pieces, the black hair wrinkled body topped the sky, so big that it was difficult to rise up to resist.


“Tian Yang! Think fast! That flower, it’s right in front of you!”


With a bang, the surrounding scene shattered like a mirror, and Rong Yue gasped, standing in front of an expressionless big Tian Yang, with two panicked dogs surrounding his feet.


Rong Yue had some doubts that the surrounding area was still an illusion, because even the floating stone pillars he saw before were gone, leaving only pure emptiness.


Tian Yang blinked and looked up to see a pink flower floating in the air.


That flower flower had peculiar shape, layers and layers of petals stretching together, like a small pink pompom, very cute.


Rong Yue reached out and grabbed the flower and handed it directly to Tian Yang: “Are you awake?”


Tian Yang nodded.


Rong Yue checked the package, and a red pepper appeared in his hand with a flash of white light. He said excitedly, “My chili pepper is still there! Looks like the flower is also real?”


The illusion just now made the black lines on Tian Yang’s chest grow again, with more complex lines that spread to his shoulders.


Rong Yue looked at him nervously, “Eat it?”


“Don’t eat it!”


A sudden voice sounded from the void, two dogs barked, Rong Yue was startled, but saw the surrounding scenery change again!


The two of them were standing on a wooden platform, a group of men and women wearing animal skins surrounded them. They were all unfamiliar faces, and their expressions were more nervous than hostile. The leader of the group shouted: “You can’t eat it, he’s already a demon ambassador! The demon ambassador will lose his memory and mind if he eats the nameless flower!”


Rong Yue was abruptly shocked and snatched down the flower.


“What’s a ambassador? And who are you people?”


Rong Yue was annoyed.


Since coming to Xingye, inexplicable and incomprehensible things came one after another, and all of them were very anti-scientific …… If this went on, in case he really came into contact with gods and demons, how else could he propagate with the people in his tribe to break the feudal superstition and promote socialism!


The leader saw him put down the flower, he relaxed a lot and said kindly: “You guys come down first, a companion is waiting for you.”


The leader, who called himself the chief demon ambassador, led them through a long cave to a valley.

There were many wooden buildings in the valley, much like the small two-story wooden building outside of Xingye, some taller and more complex and complete.


Entering one of them, there was an open room in front of him, where everyone else was actually present except for Sang Luo and the father and son.


“Sister-in-law!” Yue Dong made a bear lunge and was stopped by Tian Yang, and the two collided together.


With a quiet place and someone who could explain the situation, Rong Yue relaxed a lot.


Although he was a little tired, remembering those cucumbers in the package …… chili …… cumin …… he still thought, this trip was worth it!


The trio sat sluggishly in the corner, surrounded by a white linen cloth, a few pathetic grass laid on top.


Looking at them, the woman rolled her eyes: “You didn’t bring back the grass, you’re still quite happy? …… really have not seen the world.”


Several people looked at them in unison.


The chief ambassador was bringing in hot tea, smiled and said: “It’s okay, those herbs, there are still many in our valley. If you guys want them, you can take some out when you leave.”


The trio: “…………”


The woman jumped up, “Wait! What do you mean there’s plenty!?”


The two men were also very excited, and the skinny one of them was injured: “I snatched the grass from a huge beast! It’s obviously very precious, there’s only one plant in the whole wilderness!”


The magic ambassador smiled, “Because you think there is only one plant, so that was only one plant. But ……” he waved his hand, like a trick, grabbed a dandelion-like dwarf grass out of thin air.

Then, the grass sprouted and deformed in his hand, gradually becoming the shape of the man’s desperately struggling grass.


Exactly the same.


The man was greatly stimulated and screamed in terror: “What’s going on! What have you done!?”


Rong Yue pondered.


This ambassador, the posture of reaching out and changing things, was very much like the leader of that heavenly tribe.


The same spacing out.


He was wearing a top, but Rong Yue also saw the extended black lines from his wide cuffs. So, having a black stripe equals a magic ambassador?


Could Tian Yang also do this? Will they perish like the “god” who exploded?


As if he knew what Rong Yue was thinking, the chief smiled over the man’s noise and said, “You can do it too.”


The trio hadn’t yet realized that the illusion was fake, and now they screamed in unison: “How is it possible!?


Fetching things from space, turning grass out of thin air, this was something only god could do, right! A person like this was exciting enough, just think of it as a little divine …… but these few people came in with them, and also took dried meat with them in exchange for pearls, how could it also be!?



Tian Yang closed his eyes, he seemed to sense something, a clear stream of water came from the void into Rong Yue’s cup.


Rong Yue was surprised: “It’s really possible!”


That ambassador turned to Rong Yue, smiled and said, “You also have extraordinary experience, right ……”


Rong Yue smiled graciously, opened his hand, and with a flash of white light, two fresh cucumbers appeared: “This was just changed by Tian Yang, it’s delicious, please eat.”


The trio: “…………………… ……”




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