The group of assistants fell into a dead calm. If the person in the office was replaced by any of the company executives, they wouldn’t have such a reaction. But the person in the office now was Mr. Ye.


Who was Mr. Ye? Mr. Ye was rumored to have broken the legs of three small artists who crawled into his bed.


Although no one had seen it with their own eyes, it was rumored and the new employees had heard it from mouth to mouth, so it seemed that it was true.



So the assistants really didn’t think anything wrong. They unanimously believed that closing the door and pulling the curtain must be because there was a very important matter to discuss.



But now there was an alien in the group of assistants.



The old senior assistant @ed the new assistant who suddenly told a horror story, and seriously cautioned:[ Mr. Ye is not that kind of person! They must be talking about business.
As for what they’re talking about, that isn’t clear.
Just know that they are talking about business.]


After all, Mr. Ye and Wen Run, weren’t the kind of people who messed with male-male relationships.


The assistant group regained their calm. The door to the CEO’s office was still closed, and time ticked forward. Finally, at noon, the assistant responsible for ordering food for Ye Hansheng repeatedly looked at the door, but there was no movement inside. After hesitating for a while, she nervously knocked on the door,

“Duk Duk Duk.”


The two people in the office didn’t actually do anything. Ye Hansheng’s work was heavy, and although there were several assistants to help with trivial tasks, there were also many documents that required the CEO’s personal approval for such a large company. Although Ye Hansheng had a desire for some stimulating activities, it was obviously not suitable for today.


At most, while Wen Run fed him snacks, he would nibble lightly his fingers in his mouth.

In contrast, Wen Run was much more leisurely. He played games for a while and then went to Weibo. Eating some snacks occasionally was much more enjoyable than Ye Hansheng.


So when the assistant came knocking, he was the one who opened the door.


“What is it?”


Wen Run opened the door and gave a warm smile to the other party.


She didn’t expect him to open the door, the assistant blushed a little and stammered, “Soon, it’s almost lunchtime, I came to ask Mr. Ye if he wants to order food.”


Wen Run looked at the time, it was indeed lunch time, he thought about it, “No need to order food today, we’ll go out to eat.”


“Oh.” The young assistant sight crossed him and saw the president who was still working inside, and wondered why Wen Run didn’t need to ask Mr. Ye’s opinion.


She was just a small assistant, she didn’t dare to say anything or ask anything, nodded and went back to her office.


After sitting dazedly for a while, she reacted and excitedly took out her cell phone to:
[So Mr. Ye and Wen Run’s relationship is so good? !!!!]


[ah I died! His smile was good good good and his gentle voice also sounded good ah! worthy of the man I love]



[@MaeMaeLing, I think you found the wow point!]


[The relationship is so good that maybe there really can be office PLAY!!!]


A wave reignited in the calm assistant group like a dead sea, with heads popping up to ask what had happened. The little assistant mentioned that the two of them were going out to eat, and even added fuel and vinegar by blowing a wave of praises to Wen Run!


[He really looks good! He’s a hundred times more handsome than in front of the camera!!]

[He also matches Mr. Ye very well!!]



Near the end of the day, the assistants weren’t busy ordering take-out, soi they gazed at the office door, so when Wen Run and Ye Hansheng came out, they received a few enthusiastic gazes.


Wen Run subconsciously showed an eight teeth standard smile, nodded towards the assistants, before taking the special elevator downstairs with Ye Hansheng.


Assistants: !!!!



No matter how intense the mental activities of the assistants, Wen Run had gone down with Ye Hansheng. In order to avoid suspicion, when going out to eat, they also deliberately called Zheng Xuan.


The manager, Mr. Livid face, didn’t really want to go.


But looking at his artist and then at his boss, he could only follow with tears in his eyes.



The restaurant for dinner was chosen by Wen Run, a Cantonese restaurant. Wen Run booked a private box, a large round table, Wen Run and Ye Hansheng sat together, while Zheng Xuan sat alone in the other side, looking pitiful.


He was really miserable.



Wen Run still hesitated about Zheng Xuan’s presence and ate his meal in a proper manner. Ye Hansheng saw that Zheng Xuan was a living light bulb, but he couldn’t rush it, so he could only pretend that he didn’t exist and seize the time to have a sweet meal with his boyfriend.


During this lunch, only Wen Run seriously finished eating two bowls of rice.



It was hard to finish a meal, Zheng Xuan immediately wanted to leave. Just as he stood up, the phone rang again, he picked up the phone to see, he sat back down, put away the dog food eaten angry expression, and slightly raised his eyebrow: “Zhong Ling contacted me.”



Ye Hansheng’s movement paused and he looked at him, “he looked for you to do what?”



“He said he wanted to see you, and is now near the company.”


Ye Hansheng leaned back into the back of the chair, hands folded in the small of his back, “At this moment, when he comes over… say I’m not here, let’s explore the bottom line first.”


Zheng Xuan eyes slightly sunk, he continued to chat with Zhong Ling.


Zhong Ling seemed very eager, once he heard Ye Hansheng wasn’t available, he anxiously revealed that Ye Hansheng must want to know the news in his hands.


Zheng Xuan wasn’t slow to hang him: [Everyone who asks for him says the same thing, if you don’t have valuable information, he won’t see you.]


Zhong Ling’s side repeatedly showed “the other party is typing…”, he was obviously very torn and hesitant. It made Zheng Xuan curious as to what he really knew. They had been targeting the Ye family and hadn’t paid much attention to Zhong Ling, the soft son-in-law.



But when he thought about it, he and Ye Qiurui had been like glue for a while, so it wasn’t surprising that he really found out something indirectly from Ye Qiurui.



But curiosity was curiosity, when negotiating, it was always the one who wanted was at a disadvantage, Zheng Xuan couldn’t take the initiative to reveal his weakness.



The phone was placed on the table, and after a long period of silence on Zhong Ling’s side, he sent over another paragraph.


[I know why Zhou Xu committed suicide.]


[But I will only speak when I see Ye Hansheng.]


Zheng Xuan’s relaxed expression instantly tensed when he saw the message he sent over, he turned his phone around and gestured for Ye Hansheng to see it, “See?”


Ye Hansheng’s expression changed slightly. He had always felt that Zhou Xu’s suicide had an inside story, but he couldn’t find out what was fishy about it in a short time. And now Zhong Ling took the initiative to come to the door, but also handed in the name, then it was necessary to meet him.


“See, ask him where he is.”


Zheng Xuan asked Zhong Ling, who said he was at the entrance of the company.



Ye Hansheng thought about it and said, “Wen Run and I will go back first, go and bring him over.”


Zheng Xuan responded, and the three of them moved in two directions. Wen Run and Ye Hansheng went back to the company together. When the two entered the special elevator, Wen Run looked at the red numbers that leaped to represent the floor and hesitated for a moment before saying, “I’ll go sit in Agent Zheng’s office for a while, I’ll go up when you guys are done talking.”


Ye Hansheng slightly froze, then he held his hand, “The office has a rest room, let the assistant prepare snacks and tea for you, you can stay in the rest room.” After saying this, he added, “If you want to listen, you can listen. If you don’t want to listen, you can play games on your own. It’s just that Zhong Ling can’t be aware of your existence for now.”



What Zhong Ling knew, the Ye family was likely to know. Although Ye Hansheng wasn’t afraid, if the Ye family used this matter as a probe, it was likely that Wen Run would be the most injured.


And he didn’t want Wen Run to get involved.


“Okay.” Wen Run pursed his lips and smiled a little, and went back to the office with him.


There was indeed a small lounge in the office, and Ye Hansheng had his assistant send in snacks and fruits, so that Wen Run could play in the lounge, while he sent a message to Zheng Xuan, telling him that he could bring him up.


On the second floor of the parking lot, Zheng Xuan received the message before he took the disguised Zhong Ling up the special elevator.



The two entered the office, locked the door, Zhong Ling took off the sunglasses mask, with a formal and pleasing smile, “big brother ……”


Ye Hansheng coldly glanced at him.



The smile on Zhong Ling’s face froze and he hurriedly changed, “Mr. Ye ……”


“Do you know why Zhou Xu committed suicide?” Ye Hansheng’s harsh gaze swept over him, like a sharp knife, making Zhong Ling sit up and take notice.



He didn’t have much contact with this big brother, and when he and Ye Qiurui got married, Ye Hansheng had already broken up with the Ye family. But he still heard a lot of things about this big brother from Ye Qiurui. Ye Qiurui had always regarded Ye Hansheng as a fierce enemy.


The last heir of the huge Ye family, Ye Hansheng, had withdrawn from the management. The other heir, Ye Qiuting, grew up uneducated and unskilled, he was a second generation rich kid. Only the daughter, Ye Qiurui took the management, and single-handedly held the financial power of the Ye group.


Ye Qiurui thought that only she could inherit the company. But Ye Maokai liked his daughter, but never wanted her to inherit the company, he always wanted to let his eldest son Ye Hansheng inherit. But unfortunately Ye Hansheng didn’t care, and Ye Maokai was used to being strong, plus Gu Siyu’s death was in the middle, this father and son met more than enemies.


Zhong Ling was once very confused why Ye Qiurui must inherit the company. He felt that after taking the shares, Xia Xiaoxiao would not be able to take the shares. He thought it was good enough to take the shares and live life in style. But Ye Qiurui secretly has always looked down on her only brother, and had become paranoid about Ye’s inheritance.

Until one day later, he overheard Ye Qiurui arguing with her mother.


Zhong Ling swallowed and took a sip of the tea before reluctantly calming down. He rubbed his hands nervously and said, “I know. But if I want to go abroad, you need to give me some money to help me divorce Ye Qiurei and send me abroad.”


His expression was somewhat fearful, as if he had been frightened.


It was important to ensure his safety first.


“It depends on whether the information you provide has this value.”


“Yes, there definitely is.” Zhong Ling laughed strangely, “If you know, you will definitely thank me.”


“Tell me, if the information is useful, I will have someone send you out of the country.” Ye Hansheng knocked heavily on the table, “But if the information you provide is wrong ……”


He coldly looked at Zhong Ling, the threat broke for itself.



Zhong Ling shrank back, but not because his heart was weak, he rolled his throat several times, like brewing something, it was long before he spoke: “Ye Qiuting is not Ye Dong’s biological …… Qiu Jihe and Zhou Xu have long been colluding, Ye Qiuting is Zhou Xu’s son.”


Zheng Xuan cup of tea in his hand almost didn’t hold steady, lost his voice: “How do you know? Do you have proof?”


Ye Hansheng was silent, his eyebrows furrowed.


“I have no evidence.” Zhong Ling quickly said: “But in the end, won’t you know after a paternity test?” He seemed to recall something, his features were a little twisted with mockery: “And I only know this because I heard the quarrel with mother and daughter a long time ago. There will be no mistake.”


Absolutely no mistake.


He remembered that day very well. That day was his and Ye Qiurui’s wedding anniversary. He and Ye Qiurui at the beginning wasn’t bad, after all, no man wouldn’t like a beautiful, rich and deeply in love wife. Although he was a little embarrassed to be a member of the family, he was still willing to put in the effort to coax her.


That day, he bought a gift early and came home, hoping to surprise her by hiding in the closet, but all he got was a bickering Ye Qiurui and his mother-in-law Qiu Jihe.


The two seemed to have quarreled over something. Ye Qiurui heavily slammed the door of the room, angry, but spoke in an extremely low voice. She kept telling Qiu Jihe to break off the relationship with someone.


Qiu Jihe didn’t want to. The mother and daughter got into a fight.


The two of them were in the middle of a fight and the man was the butler of the Ye family, Zhou Xu.


He knew Zhou Xu. But because the other side had the trust of Ye Maokai, his status in the Ye family wasn’t low. Naturally, he has never seen the other party and Qiu Jihe dealt with the other.


But from Ye Qiurui’s complaints, he learned that as early as when Qiu Jihe was Ye Maokai’s lover, the two already had a first and last. At that time, Ye Maokai was married and could only keep Qiu Jihe outside secretly. And he himself wasn’t convenient to see his mistress, so he often asked his confidant Zhou Xu to visit her. In such a way, Qiu Jihe became involved with Zhou Xu and even became pregnant with a child.


At that time, Qiu Jihe had given birth to her eldest daughter for three years and hadn’t been pregnant again. She knew that she had to have a son if she wanted to compete for favor, and after getting pregnant again, she secretly went to check the sex of the fetus and decided to hide the baby from the world and give birth to it after she knew that it was a boy in her belly.


With this son, she could completely tie Zhou Xu to her ship, so that he worked for her; at the same time, she could also ask for more benefits from Ye Maokai, and even in order to give her son a proper name, it wasn’t impossible to get into the family.


And Qiu Jihe proved to be ruthless enough and made the right move.



When Zhong Ling first learned of this, he felt that the mother and daughter were disgusting. But he still had to rely on the power of the Ye family, so he could only pretend to know nothing. But he no longer had the heart to coax Ye Qiurui.



If he hadn’t overheard the mother and daughter plotting to kill Zhou Xu again, and afterwards Zhou Xu really died. He wouldn’t have come to Ye Hansheng in a hurry.


Although Zhou Xu said it was suicide, but who knew? Before Ye Qiurui wanted to divorce him, if he threatened her with Ye Qiuting’s life, in case Ye Qiurui’s heart was ruthless, her wanting to kill him wasn’t impossible.


This time, it was Zhou Xu who died for no apparent reason, but next time, it might be him.


The more Zhong Ling thought about it, the more scared he felt, so he decided to take the news to Ye Hansheng for a sum of money, so that he could send himself abroad.


The mother and daughter made him feel sick and scared, especially the mother-in-law who usually cried, thinking of her twisted expression, Zhong Ling’s back was covered with cold sweat, he wouldn’t go back to the Ye family even if he died.




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