Brief mentions of s-uicide throughout the chapter


When Wen Run arrived at Songhai Mansion, it was already after zero o’clock. He opened the door and went in, but unexpectedly found a faint light coming from the study, putting down the suitcase, Wen Run gingerly went over to see, it was Ye Hansheng still in the study working overtime.


He was a little angry, angry at this person that said good night early, but he put down the phone and continued to work overtime. It was simply a case of acting in the opposite way.


He secretly went to the back of Ye Hansheng. Wen Run was about to give him a fright, but found that Ye Hansheng was sleeping on his arm. His outstretched hand suddenly stiffened, and his gentle heart tugged, he turned to him, and saw that Ye Hansheng bent his fingers to support his temples, his eyes closed, and now there was a faint blue and black bruise under his eyes. The computer in front of him was still on, and there were various data reports on the document. The fire that just rose in Wen Run had turned into heartache.


He reached out and gently touched the man’s sharp eyebrows. Wen Run was trying to wake him up and let him go back to his room to sleep, but was caught by a pair of powerful arms.



“Don’t worry about me, why did you come back?” Ye Hansheng just woke up, his voice was still a little hoarse, low and deep as if with a small hook, and every word hooked on his heart.


Wen Run held him a little, and squeezed his cheeks with his fingers, “If I didn’t come back, I still wouldn’t know that you work so late every day.”



The cold and handsome Mr. Ye was forced to pout as he listened to his questioning, but his eyes were tinged with laughter. Tilting his head forward, his pouting lips touched Wen Yun forehead, and he retorted vaguely: “Just …… once today ……”


It was his bad luck that Wen Run caught him on the spot.


Wen Run didn’t quite believe him, but with the man’s loving gaze on him, he didn’t want to continue, in the end Ye Hansheng was juggling so many things, he must be busy, and he couldn’t help, he was just annoyed that he didn’t pay attention to his body.



Letting go, he touched the green and black bruises under his eyes, Wen Run sullenly said: “You will suffer when you are old. I won’t care about you then.”



He looked angry, but his words vaguely depicted a beautiful future with the two of them. Ye Hansheng’s heart was burning. He held him by the waist with both hands and let him sit on his body, kissing him fondly.


Only after a long time did he gasp, “That’s not okay, no matter how old you are, you have to take care of me.”



With a soft hum, Wen Run puffed up his face and poked his well-defined cheek. He used to feel that this man was cold and serious, but now he feel more and more that he was like a disobedient older child who made him worry all the time.



Ye Hansheng knew his mistake, he held his hand and kissed it, assuring him, “This is the last time, okay?”


Wen Run was happy, and his eyebrows and eyes relaxed. He stepped down from his leg and pushed him to the bedroom. “Now go rest.”


Ye Hansheng didn’t dare to say “no”. He gently “hmm” and asked him to push him back to the second floor.


There was only more person at home, but it seemed to add a lot of excitement out of thin air. It was a quiet night, but Ye Hansheng was lying on the bed, he watched him rub essential oil on his palm, and he felt that the hollowness of his absence had been refilled.


Wen Run adjusted the light, and habitually wanted to give him a massage. Ye Hansheng pulled his hand, eyes a little deep, “Don’t massage tonight, sleep with me?”



“!!!” Wen Run’s eyes widened, and his cheeks quickly reddened. Nervousness was written all over his face.


Ye Hansheng laughed lightly, his fingertips rubbed on the back of his hand, “Not doing anything, I just want to hug you, okay?” His tone was originally on the low side, but in such an ambiguous moment, he deliberately lowered it, the husky tail tone hooked Wen Run heart quickly.



“I, I …… I’ll go take a shower first!” Wen Run couldn’t even speak well, he broke away from his hand and fled.


Behind him Ye Hansheng quietly laughed.


After taking a bath and changing into pajamas, Wen Run walked to Ye Hansheng’s bedroom door nervously. He looked like a little rabbit about to come out of the hole and poked his head in. It was a pity that the little rabbit was too shy. He quickly caught him, “If you don’t come in, I will bring you myself.”


“…” Wen Run quickly shrank back and hid by the door. After a long time of psychological construction, he reluctantly walked in.



Ye Hansheng moved a little inside to make room.



Seeing that he was still hesitating beside the bed, he patted the bed and said in a low voice, “Come up.”


Wen Run’s ears were hot, and he twisted his fingers uncomfortably before he carefully climbed onto the bed and laid down flat beside him.


As soon as he laid down, arms reached over to his side and swept him towards him, and Ye Hansheng’s hoarse voice sounded in his ear, “Why are you sleeping so far away? Don’t want to give me a hug?”





Wen Run simply couldn’t answer this kind of question, he could only tightly close his eyes, pretending to sleep.



Seeing his reaction, Ye Hansheng smiled cheerfully, and hugged him, then he adjusted his posture before dropping a kiss on his trembling eyelashes, “holding you to sleep, is more useful than a massage.”


He also didn’t think Wen Run would answer, he consciously raised his hand to turn off the light, and said softly: “Good night.”



The next day, Wen Run was woken up by the heat, he wasn’t very comfortable and struggled, but never broke free from the cage that imprisoned him, but accidentally touched something hard and hot, and woke up at once.


His eyes were dazed, and he saw the man’s strong chest. Wen Run stared for a long time before reacting. He slept with Ye Hansheng last night. He didn’t know what happened. When he fell asleep, he turned into a position where he was half lying on his body with Ye Hansheng’s arm around his waist.


No wonder he felt that the “bed” underneath him was hot and choking.


Ye Hansheng didn’t seem to be awake, Wen Run rubbed his eyes, carefully trying to move his arm, but he couldn’t move. Before he couldn’t react, he heard a low laughter, and the man spoke with a hoarse voice, “good morning”.


Wen Run patted his arm, “Let go, get up.”



Ye Hansheng slept well so his mood was very good, he slowly let go of him, then used his arm to prop up his body. This time the quilt covering his body also slipped down, revealing an extraordinarily obvious difference.



Wen Run only glanced for a moment, and immediately understood what was encountered while he was dazed.


It was now midsummer and hot. Although Ye Hansheng always wore trousers because of leg injuries, the summer pajamas were light and slippery, which made the difference more obvious.


The man, however, seemed unaware, his long and powerful fingers slowly buttoned the button of his shirt that had been rubbed open.


Like he was was burned, he frantically moved his eyes, and couldn’t help but condemn him, “You, cover up!”



“Hmm?” Ye Hansheng was puzzled, “cover what?”


Wen Run: “……”



He stared at Ye Hansheng indignantly, how was this person like this!? He had no shame at all!



Looking down, Ye Hansheng seemed to understand. He glanced at him, “You also have it, it’s a normal reaction. What’s so embarrassing?”


“…” Wen Run was too thin skinned and embarrassed to argue with him on this issue. He got out of bed, and ran away without even wearing his slippers.


Ye Hansheng laughed lightly, “Come back and put on the slippers, don’t run barefoot.”


In response, Wen Run hurried back to put on the slippers again, and ran away quickly.



Ye Hansheng came out of the bedroom only after a while.


Wen Run had finished washing up and changed clothes, when he saw him, his face still turned red, his eyes dodged, he felt that he stayed in the bedroom for so long so he must have done something. Although this was indeed quite normal, but he was still bashful and wanted to run.



Ye Hansheng looked at him with a smile. He didn’t tease him again, “Will you eat breakfast at home or at the company?”


Wen Run didn’t find something wrong with his question. He subconsciously responded, “Eat at home. I’ll make two bowls of noodles.”



“Well, we can go to the company after eating.” Ye Hansheng nodded.


Wen Run realized what was wrong, “I will go to the company with you?”


The man who was washing his hands nodded, “You came back to accompany me?”


Wen Run nodded.

Then he heard him say pleasantly, “Then you can go to work with me.”



Although he vaguely felt that there was something wrong, but Wen Run didn’t think about it for a while, so he nodded haphazardly and went to the kitchen to prepare breakfast.



After the two ate breakfast, Yu Biao came up to pick up the boss, and froze for a moment when he saw Wen Run, then respectfully greeted.



When Wen Run pushed Ye Hansheng downstairs, Yu Biao was already waiting downstairs in the car.



They went to the company together. Fortunately, Ye Hansheng paid attention to Zheng Xuan’s warning and let Yu Biao push him up to the special elevator. Wen Run used the ordinary elevator.


Wen Run didn’t go to the president’s office immediately, but went to Zheng Xuan first. This time he secretly asked for leave to come back. Although he ordered the two assistants not to report, Zheng Xuan would surely know that they had come to the company. It would be better to go to the door and apologize first, so that Zheng Xuan wouldn’t be angry.



Zheng Xuan unexpectedly wasn’t angry, “Okay, since you came, accompany him well, he wasn’t in a good mood these days.”



“What happened again?” Wen Run was puzzled. He had been paying attention to the Ye family since he knew about it. There was no new progress. And there was nothing unusual last night.



“He found Zhou Xu,” Zheng Xuan whispered, “but he committed s-uicide.”


The only thing found was a corpse.



In fact, most of the things related to the Ye family were handled by Ye Hansheng’s uncle’s side, who had made friends with several organizations abroad and had some strength in the country, and was very well informed. After the disappearance of Zhou Xu, not only the police, Gu Sinian’s people were also looking around for Zhou Xu’s trace. But Zhou Xu hid well, surprisingly he hadn’t been found.



After checking, they got a clue, but Zhou Xu had already committed s-uicide.



He hanged himself in the house where he was hiding.


Gu Sinian’s people didn’t touch the body, and only informed the police. The police’s autopsy results ruled out the possibility of homicide. It was a suicide by fear.



The clue was broken.



After the driver Wu Dagui retracted his confession, everything went very smoothly. As long as they could catch Zhou Xu, so that Zhou Xu gave up the mastermind, they could give justice to the dead. But now, Zhou Xu committed s-uicide.


This wasn’t expected by anyone.


Zhou Xu had stayed at the Ye’s house for so many years, but he was single and never got married. He had always been Ye Maokai’s confident. Such a person, there should be nothing that could be used to threaten him. He was so smart and sophisticated. He should know that it was in his best interest to confess his mastermind and fight for commutation.


But he chose to commit su-icide after absconding from the crime.



There must be something inside that they didn’t know, but they could find it at the moment. The clue to the case was so broken. Ye Hansheng didn’t look very good these days. Everyone in the company knew and were cautious and dared not breathe.



Wen Run frowned, “The news hasn’t spread yet?”



Zheng Xuan nodded, “The police temporarily blocked it.”


If the news got out, it would more or less have an impact on their plans. Under his covert manipulation, the public opinion had focused on Qiu Jihe as the murderer, as long as the capture of Zhou Xu went well, everything would lead to the truth. In the meantime, he could also step on Ye Maokai and the Ye family.



But now Zhou Xu was dead. They could only try to find evidence from other directions. The gap in between, if he let Qiu Jihe or Ye Maokai catch a chance, they may be able to come up with a thief shouting to catch a thief reversal drama.



Wen Run thought to himself, no wonder Ye Hansheng looked so tired last night. It turned out that something like this happened.



After saying goodbye to agent Zheng, Wen Run went to Ye Hansheng’s office.


The assistants in the president’s office were very attentive when they saw him coming. Now he was popular. Several of them were his fans. So they came again to deliver tea and snacks just to look at him a few times.



Ye Hansheng’s face was dark. He bent his fingers on the table and knocked, “Go out and close the door.”


The girl who sent the snacks stopped smiling and walked out. Before leaving, she took a worried look at Wen Run, President Ye was in a bad mood today, but he couldn’t scare her baby.


As soon as the assistant went out, Wen Run got up and locked the door. Then he took a piece of fruit candy, tore the package and put it close to his mouth. “Eat some sugar and feel good.”


Ye Hansheng took his finger in and sucked it heavily, “Did you go to find Zheng Xuan? What did he tell you?”


Wen Run propped his elbows on the desktop, his dark eyes stared at him, “He said you were in a bad mood, and asked me accompany you more.”

Ye Hansheng’s gloomy expression eased a bit, “He finally said a few human words.”



Wen Run smiled, reached out and pressed on the frown on his brow: “As long as you do bad things, it can’t be seamless. The clue from Zhou Xu is broken, there will always be other clues. You just haven’t found it yet. Those people, aren’t worth you being angry. They won’t be proud forever.”



“I understand all that.” Ye Hansheng turned his wheelchair to his side and hugged him, “but you weren’t here, when I look at those people, there is no good mood.”


“Then I’ll stay with you all the time from now on.” Wen Run said offhandedly.


Ye Hansheng let go of him with a pleased smile, “Okay, then today you will stay with me, you’re not allowed to go anywhere.”


Although Wen Run originally came to accompany him, listening to these words, he felt like he stepped into a trap. But looking at the man’s smiling eyes, he felt that if it was a trap laid by Ye Hansheng, he would willingly go into it.


He said he would accompany Ye Hansheng, so Wen Run didn’t go anywhere. The two were locked in the office, while Ye Hansheng was handling business. He took a tablet with a headset and played games while eating snacks. He felt like a scoundrel when he fed a candy to the busy man from time to time.


On the contrary, the assistants of the president’s office speculated. President Ye suddenly asked Xiao Wen to come in, what were they talking about for this long?


Several assistants didn’t care to work, their eyes frequently glanced in the direction of the office, and finally someone couldn’t help but send a message in the small group.


[You guys say …… Xiao Wen is okay, right? Just now I went in, Mr. Ye expression is so fierce. TAT]



[Don’t scare my little baby QAQ]


[And it’s been so long …… what can be discussed for so long ah? These days Boss Ye’s face hasn’t been good, he won’t take out his anger on him, Right?]


The assistants made wild guesses in the small group, but they couldn’t figure out what they were talking about. As the women nearest to the president, the president’s office had always been the most informed. But now they couldn’t guess completely.


The chat in the group slowed down quickly. After a while, someone suddenly sent another message:


[In fact …… after so long …… it may also be, office PLAY.]



Others: ????




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