Listening to his words, Wen Run pursed his lips, feeling a little sweet in his heart, but he still insisted on his ideas. Ye Hansheng wanted to be good to him, and he certainly wanted to do something for Ye Hansheng. He resisted shyness and retorted in a small voice, “but I also want to […]


As soon as Ye Hansheng left, Wen Run immediately got out from under the blanket. The weather at the end of April had warmed up, covering himself with the blanket made him hot. Exhaling heavily, Wen Run rubbed his cheeks again, the heat on his face hadn’t yet receded, and he didn’t know whether it […]


Wen Run’s face was burning red, his eyes were moistened by the intense kiss, and his body trembled slightly. He was at a loss, not willing to call his name again, but he knew that no matter what, he couldn’t break free of his strong arms, it was as if he was trying to melt […]


Lu Zhan loved playing and drinking, Wen Run didn’t dare spar with him, he drank a cup with him and fled. When he reacted, his feet had already fled to Ye Hansheng’s table, and at this time he couldn’t pretend not to see him, Wen Run could smile and try to control his eyes not […]


The gift box wasn’t large, it was rectangular and flat, with a gray ribbon tied with a beautiful bow.   Fingers deftly unwrapped the bow, Wen Run opened the box, inside was an envelope and a paper note. The hard ink envelope was sealed with fire paint, so it was impossible to see what was […]


  All the guests were old acquaintances. Even if there were unfamiliar guests, introduced by Wen Run and Xie Yupan, they soon became familiar with each other.   Because the guests came in the morning, it was still early. It was almost time to prepare lunch. Since they were acquaintances, there was no need to […]


The other people followed his example and went to pluck the seedlings, but with Xie Yupan’s previous experience, everyone moved carefully and cautiously, trying not to pull the seedlings off again, so their speed was much slower.     When Wen Run saw that they had already started, he went to the other side of […]


After saying goodbye, Wen Run’s plane left B city on the same day. [Planting] still had the same topic as the previous season. After spending a lot of time together, the five guests had good feelings towards each other. So during the reunion, they also brought each other small gifts.     Xie Yupan and […]


Wen Run half squatted on the ground, and leaned forward, he was held by Ye Hansheng quite hard, he was able to hold back his shyness at first to comfort Ye Hansheng, but Ye Hansheng kept holding him, five minutes passed, ten minutes passed …… twenty minutes passed, he was still holding him. Wen Run […]


Only a pure and gentle person like Wen Run could get close to the guarded and cautious Ye Hansheng and make him take down his guard a little.   Chen Zhen had a good impression of Wen Run, her profession made her very good at chatting with people, so with a few words, the atmosphere […]