Wen Run learned about the troubles of Ye’s family half a month after joining the group. Director Yuan was strict. He said good night to Ye Hansheng on WeChat every night before going to bed in addition to filming but he didn’t show anything strange. Earlier he overheard the crew members talk about “the sharp […]


The third ward of the Prison Hospital.   Wu Dagui had been living here for a month. Looking around at the doctors and nurses, as well as his fellow inmates who were lying in the same ward, he didn’t know how things had turned out this way.     He still had one year to […]


  Wen Run tightly wrapped his arms around his neck, face buried in the nook of his neck, skin to skin, they were close enough to feel each other’s every heartbeat.   Ye Hansheng embraced his body with force, clearly feeling the wetness on the nape of his neck, he didn’t make a sound, he […]


Wen Run of course understood what he meant, “The crew has already started casting, right?”   Zheng Xuan looked at the crew’s schedule, “The important supporting characters are already decided, only the male lead and male second lead haven’t been decided.” The second male lead was the main lead’s brother, they had to wait for […]


  This May could be considered as a big breakthrough month for Wen Run.     The ratings of the first broadcast of the “Jinling Terrace” broke one, and after that the ratings steadily rose, reaching a peak of 1.72. And the simultaneous broadcast of the online version, the cumulative number of plays, ratings and […]


The anti-smoking film was shot in two groups, but together, it was a complete story. Wen Run, Chen Xi and Huo Guangzhi played a family of three in the short film. Wen Run and Chen Xi were a couple, while Huo Guangzhi was the younger brother.     The short film started with the underage […]


Ye Hansheng was no longer the same Ye Hansheng, he not only knew what CP was, he also knew where these CP fans would be active. After blocking the pop-ups, he pulled the progress bar to watch Wen Run’s scenes and made a few comments, then he turned off the video and logged on to […]


  At 8:00 p.m., “Jinling Terrace” was broadcasted on Lychee Channel on time.     The ink painting-like scene was spread out in a distant and vast background music. In the pavilion by the river, two people in white and one in green were playing a game, black and white chess pieces were firm on […]


Listening to his words, Wen Run pursed his lips, feeling a little sweet in his heart, but he still insisted on his ideas. Ye Hansheng wanted to be good to him, and he certainly wanted to do something for Ye Hansheng. He resisted shyness and retorted in a small voice, “but I also want to […]


As soon as Ye Hansheng left, Wen Run immediately got out from under the blanket. The weather at the end of April had warmed up, covering himself with the blanket made him hot. Exhaling heavily, Wen Run rubbed his cheeks again, the heat on his face hadn’t yet receded, and he didn’t know whether it […]