After saying goodbye, Wen Run’s plane left B city on the same day. [Planting] still had the same topic as the previous season. After spending a lot of time together, the five guests had good feelings towards each other. So during the reunion, they also brought each other small gifts.     Xie Yupan and […]


Wen Run half squatted on the ground, and leaned forward, he was held by Ye Hansheng quite hard, he was able to hold back his shyness at first to comfort Ye Hansheng, but Ye Hansheng kept holding him, five minutes passed, ten minutes passed …… twenty minutes passed, he was still holding him. Wen Run […]


Only a pure and gentle person like Wen Run could get close to the guarded and cautious Ye Hansheng and make him take down his guard a little.   Chen Zhen had a good impression of Wen Run, her profession made her very good at chatting with people, so with a few words, the atmosphere […]


“Did he really ask?” Ye Hansheng slightly leaned forward, carefully measuring Zheng Xuan’s expression, as if he wanted to see whether he was making up a story to deceive him.   Zheng Xuan ignored his gaze, he calmly held the cup of tea and took a sip, “He asked, believe it or not, it’s up […]


From Chen Zhen’s studio, Ye Hansheng went straight back to Songhai Mansion. He wasn’t in a good mood, and didn’t bother turning on the lights when he entered the house, he directly turned his wheelchair to the balcony. The floor-to-ceiling windows of the balcony reflected the colorful neon light from outside, making the silent and […]


Bonus Chapter Thanks for the kofi HeartbrokenMoose 💐💐 Wen Run originally thought that Guo Congfei had long forgotten about this, after all, he said he would go back to the hotel and send the script, but then there had been no response. Wen Run thought he was just talking about it.         He didn’t expect […]


  The two of them walked a little further, Xie Yupan was a lively character, so she couldn’t stay quiet and chatted with Wen Run along the way, and then later when she didn’t know how to talk about Chu Yu, she wilted and said, “We haven’t seen him so far, he’s not out, is […]


  Xie Yupan rushed towards Wen Run rushed, the cameraman panted as he  carried the camera behind her.         “Don’t move.” Wen Run was alert and pointed his gun at her.         Xie Yupan reluctantly stopped in her tracks, her eyes fell over him to the grilled fish, and then looked at him with an […]


Wen Run and Ye Hansheng separated in the hallway, they went into their homes. After three days at the resort, and then back home, they both felt a little empty at home. When they arrived home, it was already noon, after several hours of driving, Wen Run was a little tired, so he took a […]


Wen Run was completely drunk. Although he only had three glasses of wine, the wine Guo Congfei got was very strong, at first he didn’t feel anything, then later the more he drank, the more dizzy he became. Wen Run couldn’t hold up at all. After Ye Hansheng asked him a question, although his response […]