Change privacy settings   After the director lost his temper, everyone in the crew was shooting quietly, at least no one dared to discuss this matter in the open, after all, there were indeed many people on the scene, and those who were not blind knew that Huo Guangzhi’s horse crash had nothing to do […]


Change privacy settings Wen Run only took two days off, and the next afternoon, he was ready to go back to the set. Ye Hansheng sent him to the airport, although he didn’t say anything, his face was full of dissatisfaction. He had always been a man of few words, he knew that Wen Run […]


Change privacy settings Wen Run swiped through Weibo with relish. The incident of Ye Qiuting accidentally killing someone due to sexual suffocation has become a hot topic online. Especially at that time, Ye Maokai appeared in the hospital with his bodyguard, and his aggressive words of disregarding human life were captured and posted online, adding […]


Change privacy settings   Zhong Ling finished, and apprehensively looked at Ye Hansheng. Ye Hansheng’s expression from the beginning to the end didn’t have much fluctuation, he was just silent, he couldn’t see joy or anger. But Zhong Ling felt that even if Ye Hansheng didn’t feel angry, at least there would be a hint […]


Change privacy settings   The group of assistants fell into a dead calm. If the person in the office was replaced by any of the company executives, they wouldn’t have such a reaction. But the person in the office now was Mr. Ye.   Who was Mr. Ye? Mr. Ye was rumored to have broken […]


Change privacy settings TN: Brief mentions of s-uicide throughout the chapter   When Wen Run arrived at Songhai Mansion, it was already after zero o’clock. He opened the door and went in, but unexpectedly found a faint light coming from the study, putting down the suitcase, Wen Run gingerly went over to see, it was […]


Change privacy settings Wen Run learned about the troubles of Ye’s family half a month after joining the group. Director Yuan was strict. He said good night to Ye Hansheng on WeChat every night before going to bed in addition to filming but he didn’t show anything strange. Earlier he overheard the crew members talk […]


Change privacy settings The third ward of the Prison Hospital.   Wu Dagui had been living here for a month. Looking around at the doctors and nurses, as well as his fellow inmates who were lying in the same ward, he didn’t know how things had turned out this way.     He still had […]


Change privacy settings   Wen Run tightly wrapped his arms around his neck, face buried in the nook of his neck, skin to skin, they were close enough to feel each other’s every heartbeat.   Ye Hansheng embraced his body with force, clearly feeling the wetness on the nape of his neck, he didn’t make […]


Change privacy settings Wen Run of course understood what he meant, “The crew has already started casting, right?”   Zheng Xuan looked at the crew’s schedule, “The important supporting characters are already decided, only the male lead and male second lead haven’t been decided.” The second male lead was the main lead’s brother, they had […]