C11 —– Campus Gladiatorial Arena (IX)



“……” Xia Yihui was dumbfounded.


Remember what? He really didn’t know. What infectious disease? What nuclear bo-mb? He was from S city, how could he not know anything at all?



And ten years ago …… ten years ago he was only 15 years old and hadn’t entered the Institute. If S city was bombed, then he was in a dream pharmaceuticals these ten years?



“Is China hosting the Olympics this year? In S city? “Xia Yihui frowned and asked.


He remembered the day before the accident at the research institute, he happily opened two bottles of draft beer to celebrate the upcoming Olympic Games. Who knew that in the blink of an eye, everything exploded.


If he used the events of the Olympics as a milestone, he should be able to quickly determine the time, right?


“Yes, S city was hosting the Olympics.”



Xia Yihui breathed a sigh of relief, the corners of his mouth just raised, but the middle-aged man said with an unbelievable expression: “But not this year, the Olympic Games in S City was a decade ago, because of the epidemic, the Olympic Games that year wasn’t done. The nuclear bo-mb killed tens of millions of people, the country was in mourning, what Olympic Games could happen?”


Then how was he still alive? Xia Yihui frowned, took a deep breath, forced himself to calm down, and tried to analyze the situation in front of him.


The current situation, he thought the most appropriate explanation should be as follows:


When something happened to the Institute back then, he directly became a vegetable and was unconscious.


During that time, an epidemic broke out in the city of S. As a researcher in biopharmaceuticals, the state must have given priority to saving him.


Not long after he was shipped out, the contagion could not be controlled. In order to prevent the spread of the disease to the whole country and the world, a nuclear bomb was dropped directly on the city of S. It was a permanent disaster.


He was lucky to have survived the nuclear b-omb crisis.


During the vegetative period, because he didn’t know everything that had happened, he had been asleep, so there was no concept of time passing.


Until the escape game opened and the mandatory extraction of human consciousness into virtual space happened. And he was awakened by the game by mistake and was brought in together.



Only this explanation made sense on why he would somehow have less than ten years of memory.



“Inside this game, when others die, they can still go back to the real world. If I die, it could be real brain death!” Thinking of this, Xia Yihui’s expression turned ugly.


Suddenly, a scream interrupted his thoughts. Xia Yihui immediately raised his head to look at the source of the sound.


The middle-aged man’s expression was full of panic. Just now, the watch in his hand flew up in the air and went to Zhang Qingyu’s hand.


“What are you doing? We are all prey now, what are you doing with my watch?!”


Zhang Qingyu docked his watch with the middle-aged man’s watch. After three seconds of silence, the middle-aged man suddenly wailed in pain, and his face went gray with a speed visible to the naked eye.


The remaining time ran out, and the middle-aged man was directly out, without a word to say. Beside him, a bottle of milk and three pieces of bread burst out.


The crowd began to panic.


“Crap, what, what’s the situation?”


“Isn’t Zhang Qingyu a science student? In the third mode, science is the prey ah, why can he take away other people’s time?”


“It’s so unfair! On what grounds?”


“No wonder he leveled up so fast!!!”



“This has nothing to do with leveling up, right, but the point of taking away time alone is indeed like a CHEAT.”



After taking away the middle-aged man’s time, Zhang Qingyu didn’t stop. He looked at the remaining people and with a slight flick of his finger, dozens of watches were grabbed into his hands.


The crowd dared not speak in anger, but only secret hated in their hearts.


The long-armed man looked at Xia Yihui and angrily rebuked, “Didn’t you just say you would let us go?!”


“……” Xia Yihui was also helpless. He didn’t have the idea of sending these people out for the time being, he still had so many questions left to ask.





“Disgusting! You clearly said you would let us go!”


“I knew it was like this, to be stupid enough to trust someone like you. Sure enough, the ones who can mix in the top 10 in the opening can’t be good.”


The crowd didn’t know Xia Yihui’s thoughts, they only thought he had gone back on his word, so they looked at him angrily, all kinds of unpleasant words scolded out.


Xia Yihui felt innocent, he gestured to Zhang Qingyu: “Hey, hey, the one who hurt you is that handsome guy over there, and now the one who wants to harvest your lives is also him. I didn’t do anything, I’m completely the victim, at most i just witnessed the death, is this very bad?”


The crowd stared angrily, not listening to his explanation.


After half a day of thinking and feeling innocent, Xia Yihui simply stood with his arms crossed, ignoring the cold eyes.


After a few curses those people were silent, their faces quickly turned white, their eye sockets sunken, and their eyes gradually lost focus.


Obviously, these people’s time was taken away and were out of the game.


At the corpse side, milk and bread scrambled out, Xia Yihui saw a bottle of medicine inside.


Xu Qing’s eyes were wide open and full of despair. Seeing Zhang Qingyu collect those people watches, he knew it would soon be his turn. When he thought of the things he would have to face back in the real world, he felt chilled.


Hearing the gasps of the people beside him, Xu Qing fell into deep thought. Since he had already made it this far, he was not afraid to lose his mind some more.



Maybe if he levelled up he could get away with it?



He silently recited a ‘sorry’ in his heart, then became ruthless, be picked up the broken glass on the ground, quickly slashed towards a few people who hadn’t yet been robbed of time and cut their necks, blood gushed out.


Those people with blood in their throats could not make a sound, their hearts were chilled, and they only stared at Xu Qing with dead eyes, full of disbelief.


[Killed a total of 4 players, gained 450 experience].
[You have upgraded, current level S6.]


[The player level required for the evolution of your skill Sprint lv1 has been reached. Evolution is about to enhance abilities and add new characteristics.]


[In this copy, your skill will not be available unless evolved.] [Your skill will not be available unless evolved.]
[Please ask if you pay 100 currency to choose evolution?]


Xu Qing was stunned and wildly happy in his heart. Originally, he only wanted to upgrade his level, but he didn’t expect to be able to evolve his skills!


Before Zhang Qingyu could snatch his watch, Xu Qing urged loudly, “I’ll change I’ll change, hurry!”


Xia Yihui took a step back, always ready to bolt.


When he was reading the forum earlier, he had seen people discussing what the lv.1 behind the skill meant.


At that time, someone guessed that the skill could evolve, and this guess was unanimously approved by everyone. But no one in the forum has actually evolved, so we can’t be sure.


But now it was certain that the skills could evolve. And the evolution also required two prerequisites.


— player level and currency.



Thinking about currency, Xia Yihui was a bit helpless. Last game he was happy to upgrade to S3, opened the store, and happily bought a bunch of things.


Who knew the Infinite Escape game was actually so pitiful.


The vast majority of people wouldn’t consider evolving skills. Those who could open the store must be able to buy as much as they could, they’d spend all the currency and weren’t likely to keep it.


From this perspective, it was obvious that those who failed to advance to S3 in the previous round and didn’t open stores have a real advantage!



Buying more food, drinks and defense gear, weren’t as cost-effective as upgrading skills. Because upgrading skills was equivalent to directly improve the combat power.


“Fortunately, I did not buy supplies for that 500, but got a new skill, otherwise it’d be too much of a loss.”



Xia Yihui was distressed by those who hadn’t raised enough money to 500, but were close to 500.


These people were absolutely impulsive, crazy shoppers, and had spent all their money.

Old skills couldn’t be upgraded, and new skills couldn’t be bought. It was like losing a billion ah! He was heartbroken for those people!


While Xia Yihui was stifling his sigh, the electronic sound continued.


[ Your skill Sprint lv1 is upgraded to Sprint lv2.]


At the same time, a line of sprint lv2 skill notes appeared in the air, a line that only the skill holder himself could see.


Xu Qing looked at the line and noticed that the lv2 speed was doubled. He froze, his eyes slowly flooded with blood, and his whole face was written with the word excitement.


With a roar, perhaps fearing death, his body exploded with tremendous function, and with a single step, his entire body shot out like a rocket launcher, rushing towards Zhang Qingyu.


Xia Yihui could almost only see Xu Qing’s residual shadow, and was secretly staggered: once the skill evolved, Xu Qing’s speed had at least quintupled!


Adhering to a mentality of eating melons among the masses, Xia Yihui stood leisurely on the side, looking at how big boss Zhang would deal with Xu Qing.




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