Zhong Ling finished, and apprehensively looked at Ye Hansheng. Ye Hansheng’s expression from the beginning to the end didn’t have much fluctuation, he was just silent, he couldn’t see joy or anger. But Zhong Ling felt that even if Ye Hansheng didn’t feel angry, at least there would be a hint of joy.


But Ye Hansheng remained silent,


He was a little uneasy, he swallowed hard a few times, and braced himself to talk about the conditions, “I said the news, it’s enough to send me abroad, right? It’s better to finish the procedure this month. I don’t want to stay in the Ye family anymore.”


Ye Hansheng lifted his eyelids and gave him a faint glance. After a long time, he chuckled, “Sure, I’ll have someone arrange to send you abroad.”


A promise, Zhong Ling breathed a sigh of relief, and remembered what, and tremblingly added: “There is also money ……”


“Three million.” Ye Hansheng didn’t look worried, “A week later, someone will go to you, you can go.”


Afraid of angering him, Zhong Ling didn’t dare to say more, he got up and bowed towards him, then was led out by Zheng Xuan.


In the lounge, Wen Run listened to the whole thing. Although he was shocked at Qiu Jihe’s viciousness, but because he had long known that she wasn’t a good person, he didn’t feel too surprised, he was just worried about Ye Hansheng.


Grasping Ye Hansheng’s hand, he gently embraced him.


Ye Hansheng rubbed against his neck and hugged him tighter, deliberately teasing him, “Why did you suddenly take the initiative? You want me to hug you?”



Wen Run pushed him away to stand up, he was a little annoyed that he was still teasing him at this time, but seeing his obscure eyes, his heart trembled again. Finally, he half squatted down and laid on his lap, half compromising, “Hmm, I want you to hug me.”



The slender, upright teenager’s hands were folded in his lap, his pointed chin rested on top of the folded arms, with his head slightly tilted, plump red lips spat out very seductive words.


He said: want you to hug me.


Whether it was heartache or a desire to comfort him, Ye Hansheng couldn’t resist such a request.


Reaching out and pulling him up, Ye Hansheng hugged him tightly and buried his face in the nook of his neck, hiding all his emotions.


He didn’t grieve for anyone in the Ye family, and didn’t even begrudge having pity. But after learning the truth, he felt that these years was really an incomparable stupid joke. Ye Maokai was too stupid, so stupid that he felt ridiculous.


And his family, who were on the tip of his heart, suffered unexpected hardships due to Ye Maokai’s stupidity.


The person in his arms was clinging tightly to him, and Ye Hansheng was trying hard to adjust the emotions that wanted to break out.



Wen Run felt his chest rise and fall violently, but felt that words were too pale and powerless, and could only hug him back harder and harder, he quietly patted and stroked his back.


Zheng Xuan pushed the door after sending him in and was caught off guard by this scene. Conditionally, he closed the door and locked it again. Zheng Xuan coughed twice in dissatisfaction to remind these two people.



Wen Run panicked and let go of his hand. Ye Hansheng raised his face and coldly looked at him, he noticed the weak struggle of the person in his arms and had to let go.


“I’m going to the bathroom!” Wen Run’s ears burned red, he was too embarrassed to look at Zheng Xuan, and fled out of the office in general.


After only two people were left, Zheng Xuan looked at Ye Hansheng and directly said, “What are you going to do?”


Ye Hansheng wasn’t half embarrassed, he seamlessly switched into a cold president, his eyes were downcast as he thought for a moment, he knocked on the armrest of the wheelchair, said, “reveal the news that Zhou Xu is Qiu Jihe’s lover to the police, let them investigate.”



The relationship between Zhou Xu and Qiu Jihe wasn’t known before, and Zhou Xu was dead. There was no direction for them to investigate.


But now there was a direction, continuing the investigation became much easier.


“You’re not going to tell Ye Maokai about Ye Qiuting?” Zheng Xuan said.


“No need to tell him specifically.” A trace of coldness leaked out of Ye Hansheng’s eyes, “Let him get suspicious himself a little bit, and then look for the truth, isn’t it more torturous than directly telling him the result?”


“If I could, I would like to let him keep raising that waste. Raising a son for someone else for twenty years, I think it will be a big surprise.”


Zheng Xuan was speechless at his words, and added: “What about Zhong Ling’s side? Do you really plan to give him a sum of money so that he can go abroad and get away?” Although Zhong Ling wasn’t involved in the Ye family’s affairs, but he wasn’t a good thing, he looked for Ye Hansheng, because he found that the Ye family’s building was falling and want to find a way out. If he really gave him money and sent him abroad for free, it seemed a bit wrong.


“Arrange for someone to send him to the country.” Ye Hansheng said: “Foreign countries are no paradise, I will ask my uncle to arrange someone to take good care of him.”


Zheng Xuan found this arrangement much more comfortable, and after arranging things in an orderly manner, he warned Ye Hansheng while Wen Run was still not back, “He took a total of two days off, and will return to the set tomorrow afternoon.” The implication was that be a little restrained, don’t think about what you shouldn’t think about.


Ye Hansheng gave a cold snort and didn’t tell Zheng Xuan what had happened to the two so far.

Wen Run went to the bathroom and washed his face and came back, Zheng Xuan was no longer in the office. Ye Hansheng sat behind the desk again, tapping on the computer, busy with the previous documents, he looked calm.


He surreptitiously observed for a while, and felt relieved that he was really not taking it too seriously. He also didn’t mention it again, he sat on the side and continued playing on his phone.


Half a day passed in the company, the two deliberately stayed in the office for a while longer, missed the end of the rush hour, before going home from work together.


Back to the Songhai Residence, Wen Run reported the names of a few ingredients for Yu Biao to help buy back, and then went home with Ye Hansheng to cook. Wen Run wore a lemon yellow apron with Pikachu printed on it and was busy in the kitchen. Ye Hansheng was in the living room discussing things with Gu Sinian. From time to time, Wen Run used small plates with dishes or soup and asked him to taste, their mood wasn’t affected by Zhong Ling.


The Ye family, which was far away from them, experienced a short period of calm and then began to quarrel again.


First, Ye Qiurui found out that her husband was missing, and she began to have regular outbursts. The maids were all called over and asked one by one where he had gone. But how could the maids know where Zhong Ling had gone? The phone wasn’t working either, so Ye Qiurui called people out like crazy to look for him, and only when Ye Maokai came back did she stop.



“What the hell are you doing? Is there not enough chaos at home recently?!” Ye Maokai’s face was like frost, the wrinkles on his face was more and more profound, less than a month after the Ye family had an accident, he seemed to be several years older and his aura was also more profound, “Zhong Ling has legs, how can the maids go to find him!? He will naturally come back after going out. Can he still run away?!”



Can he still run? Ye Qiurei hesitated for a moment, but dared not say anything more. It couldn’t be said that Zhong Ling might have really run away holding onto their handle, right?


“Where are your mother and Qiuying?” Ye Maokai looked at the cold and clear living room and his gaze sank. The maids were all called over by Ye Qiurui, so naturally no one was cooking.



“Mom is feeling a bit uncomfortable, she’s resting upstairs. “Ye Qiurui was worried about Zhong Ling, but she didn’t dare to show any signs on her face.” Qiuting went out to play… ” In fact, she didn’t know where Ye Qiuting had gone again. She had always looked down on this half brother, so she naturally didn’t care much.


“Is it time to run outside! Call him back for me!! “Ye Maokai slapped the table vigorously and angrily said,” With this virtue, how can I trust him with the Ye family in the future?”


Ye Qiurui laughed mockingly, but had to call as instructed. However, the phone rang three times before he answered. Ye Qiurui’s tone wasn’t very good, telling him to come back immediately. But Ye Qiuting stammered and cowered.


“Dad is back, if you don’t come back now, don’t come back later!” Ye Qiurui impatiently gave an ultimatum.


Ye Qiuting’s side, however, seems to have collapsed all of a sudden, he hissed and cried: “Sister you save me, I killed …… I killed …… I don’t want to go to jail … …”


Ye Qiurui was confused, “What did you say?”


Ye Qiuting repeated again, almost hoarse on the other side of the phone. Ye Qiurui was thinking of how to muddle through this first, but found that Ye Maokai had already come over. His face was horribly gloomy and he said coldly, “Give me the phone.”


Ye Qiurui cowered for a moment, not daring to say anything more, and handed over the phone. Ye Mao Kai also didn’t say much, he only asked where he was now.



Ye Qiuting said in the hospital, and then reported the hospital’s address.


When father and daughter drove over, Ye Qiuting sat down on the seat, his face was gray, his eyes were listless.


He was surrounded by a few shabbily dressed men and women, shouting something in an incomprehensible dialect. The men saw that Ye Qiuting didn’t react at all, and tried to pull the man up with their hands.


“Go pull them away!” Ye Maokai’s face looked ugly, “Figure out what the hell is going on!”


The crowd surrounding the bailiff’s dart pulled away and shielded Ye Qiuting. The people surrounding him refused to give up, and angrily wanted to make a move. The person at the head of them saw Ye Maokai and said something else, and all of them suddenly turned around Ye Maokai, and yelled in not quite standard Mandarin, “Murderer! Pay up!”


Ye Maokai’s face was blue, he couldn’t talk clearly with these barbarians, so he asked his bodyguard to carry Ye Qiuting over, kicked him viciously, and said gloomily, “What’s going on? Tell me clearly!”


Ye Qiuting was kicked by him to sit on the ground, he froze for a long time before crying: “I killed someone …… I didn’t mean to ……”


He sobbed and choked and said what happened.


A while ago a friend introduced him to a newly opened club, which not only had princesses, but also young masters, they were all fresh, as long as the customer could afford the price, they did everything.



Ye Qiuting was excited, so he ordered the best looking young master. The other party did a good job and knew many tricks. He tried it once and became a regular here. He had a hidden illness that he couldn’t tell others. Since being tormented by Ye Hansheng, he had become much rougher in bed. Women couldn’t motivate him, only men could give him the pleasure of gaining the upper hand. He often reminisced about the torture he suffered in the underground garage, but he was too cowardly to retaliate. Over time, he vented his anger on his bed mate.



At first he was able to suppress his inner darkness and play with great restraint, but he gave enough money, those young masters were willing to hold him, so he became more and more drifting. This time when something happened at home, he was in a bad mood and came out to play. He also took some stimulants, but accidentally played too much and strangled the person to death.


He reacted when there was still a little breath and panic called 120, but the person was completely cut off on the way to the hospital, resuscitation didn’t save him. The club didn’t dare to take responsibility and directly contacted the boy’s family.


Then the family rushed over from the countryside, looking for him to ask for an explanation.



Ye Qiuting was originally a second generation ancestor who only ate, drank and played, and after being scared out of his wits by Ye Hansheng, his personality became more and more gloomy and cowardly, except in bed, he was weak and at the mercy of others at other times.


Faced with these family members’ reproach, he didn’t even have the courage to call home for help. If it wasn’t for Ye Qiurui who happened to call, it was estimated that they would have known only after he entered the prison.


“You sinful son!” Ye Maokai’s face turned blue them gray, and he couldn’t help but kick him heavily again. It was too hard, he himself also swayed a few times, if not that Ye Qiurui timely hold him, he would fall down on the spot.


With dizziness in his head, Ye Maokai rubbed his temples and gasped, “Take all the people back, don’t make a fool of yourself here!”



The bodyguards helped him to leave, but the family members weren’t happy, speaking in a twisted Mandarin and said angrily, “No one is allowed to leave! Killer, you have to pay for life!”


“How much money do you want?” Ye Maokai said in a cold voice.



The family member in the lead looked at the others and uncertainly compared a number. Ye Maokai said to Ye Qiurui, “Give them the money, don’t let them talk nonsense in front of the media!” He glanced at his youngest son, who had collapsed on the ground, then at Ye Qiurui, and said heavily, “Make sure you take care of it!”



However, it was a matter of human life and the hospital had been in trouble for so long before. There are so many people coming and going, trying to suppress it was almost a nightmare.



That night, someone uploaded the recorded video to the Internet, and soon the topics # Ye family second young murder #, # rich second generation playing SM abused someone to death # quickly scampered on the hot search. The netizens clicked in to see, ooh! Surprisingly, it was acquaintances.


A while ago, the parents were also on the hot search as murder suspects, but the result was that this second generation didn’t want to fall behind and directly surpassed his parents, truly killing someone.



Suddenly, the entire Ye family fell into a vortex of public opinion. Ye Qiuting was quickly taken away by the police, and Ye Maokai was enraged and taken to the hospital. Ye Qiurei and Qiu Jihe were taking care of him in the hospital, and both mother and daughter were protected by bodyguards when entering and leaving, so they dared not easily appear outside.



The Ye family was once again in the midst of a storm, because there was no clue after Zhou Xu’s death, the share price gradually stabilized and there was even a small rise in Ye’s share price, but it once again plummeted.




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