When A Star Starts As An Extra



Chapters: 250


When Jiang Fanxing was eight years old, he saw handsome men and beautiful women in legal dramas traveling around the world and dating, while also being able to uphold justice. He believed that his handsome and lovely self was born a lawyer!

He applied for a law major in university and became the most beautiful star in the law school, firmly believing that he was the one who aimed to enhance the beauty of the legal profession.


Until he saw the previous senior student who was the school prince returned to the school for communication, Jiang Fanxing was frightened by the fact that he had grown bald and greasy in just two years.


What was the best job to live up to your beauty and make a lot of money? The highly favoured answer was “being a star”.


Jiang Fanxing was very obedient to advice.


The first step when becoming a celebrity was to play a small role.

Work hard, you’ll earn enough money to retire in ten years after using your beauty!

Jiang Fanxing, who claimed to be the strongest newcomer, had a beautiful mental state and bravely became himself when faced with questions from various journalists.


“Of course, entering the entertainment industry is for my dream, my dream is to get rich.”

“Colleagues at work are all stupid, but at least colleagues in this industry are good-looking.”

“My biggest difficulty in entering the industry is going on a diet to lose weight.”

“Destroy that thought, I won’t have a day off for the next three months.”


“I hope the anti fans don’t hesitate. The legal team is ready.”


“My birthday gift would be to stay at home instead of work.”

“My wish is world peace.”

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