The video wasn’t mosaicked, there were photos and names, netizens would soon find out everything.


The people who were talking were real, and many of their friends around them could testify to their experiences.


After the video came out, many victims around the family or best friends had come forward, accusing Xu Tianshen of his crimes.


They all knew best how their friends came out of the pain after being cheated of their feelings.


So many people testified together, so many netizens researched, it was impossible to fake.


[This man is simply a master in love. He has been deceiving women since middle school and has been sleeping with women since middle school.
In middle and high school, he relied entirely on deceiving girls for money to make a living, and in college, his tuition fees were still obtained from a wealthy woman.
The key is that he spent the money of the wealthy woman and also socialize with multiple women at the same time. When socializing, he was extremely affectionate and extremely heartless when breaking up.]


[Pregnancy and abortion are common, there is a woman in college that gave birth to a daughter for him, she was expelled from school, and now the child is almost ten years old, he didn’t once go to see them and didn’t even give the other a cent of alimony.]

[This man is really a scumbag. He ruined my outlook. Suddenly, I don’t blame my ex boyfriend. Compared to such scumbags, my ex boyfriend is still a person.]


“Crap, this man simply let me redefine the scum again.”


[Let me show you an epic scumbag!!!]


[This kind of man should have been hit and killed by a car when he went out. Why didn’t God send a thunderbolt to kill him? He’s living to harm others!]

“I am a man, I despise this kind of man, really a shame.”


“Sister Wei Ru hit well, this kind of cheap man should go to hell, why did not give him a life scissors kick at that time.”


“Look at this style, sister is specially trained? Request to tell which coach.”



“Fortunately, sister Wei Ru has learned some self-defense, this kind of man should be beaten to death. The scum still thought he could take advantage of again, he met a tough opponent.”


“I heard that Xu Tianshen also sued designer Wei, sister don’t be afraid, we’ll crowdfund to hire you the best lawyer, let’s get rid of this little deflated grandson.”


“Good valiant sister, love love love. May I ask sister do you have the intention of breaking up with President Fang? I am just over twenty years old and am studying at ……”


“Press the one upstairs to death, a bunch of single dogs, move aside.”


At the same time as Xu Tianshen was scolded, many people were attracted to Wei Ru’s circle. In addition, Wei Ru’s high education, beautiful appearance, and outstanding abilities made her the dream lover of men and a role model for women.

Even many people went to Aite @ Fang Haozhou, and the pile of messages under his Weibo account were all: The hatred of Fang Haozhou taking my wife is unbearable.


Faced with numerous messages from people, Fang Haozhou posted another Weibo message: ‘Mine.’



“So domineering? I tasted the momentum of breaking mountains and rivers from this word.”



“So boyfriendly, I just locked this pair of CP.”


“Look at this boyfriend, he stood up to protect his girlfriend and made a domineering declaration, I brainstormed 200,000 words for a romance novel.”


“So sweet ah ah ah ah.”


Some people here knocked up the sugar of Fang Haozhou and Wei Ru, but over there, Xu Tianshen wasn’t so good.


Netizens had no trouble finding him, and soon found that many of this man’s usual design works actually had suspicions of plagiarism in his hanfu designs.


He was also very smart, the involved partied were all small designers, or not very famous hanfus, even if they knew that their designs were plagiarized, there was nowhere to complain, there was no way to fight with such a large company.


Xu Tianshen’s behavior had also affected his company, Qiluoge, and many people scolded the company, thinking that the company that would recruit such scum into it must not be good either.


The works were plagiarized, and many people thought it was impossible for Qiluoge not to know about it.



The previous Lan Lianfang was implicated because of Wei Ru, this time Qiluoge also tasted the feeling of being scolded.


The company was afraid of the impact and quickly issued a statement of firing Xu Tianshen, and said that the company only cared about the work, and didn’t care about the personal affairs of employees, as for the plagiarism of things they also didn’t know.


Xu Tianshen, who was still in the hospital receiving treatment, didn’t expect that he hadn’t even been discharged from the hospital yet he became a street rat, and lost his job.


Shi Fei sat at home, watching as the wind on the internet shifted back and forth. The netizens had originally cursed him the most, but now no one mentioned him, as if there had been no such thing as cursing him before.



Fortunately, he wasn’t interested in getting angry with those keyboard warriors, otherwise he would have died of anger.



He got up and went to the kitchen, poured himself a glass of milk, with Fang Haozhou there, he didn’t need to take action to get things done.


He continued to do his work and write songs.


Not long after, Fang Haozhou called, “The business of Qiluoge is under attack. In less than an hour, 70% of the previously negotiated orders have been refunded, and there are still ongoing orders being refunded.”


Although Hanfu wasn’t yet considered a popular clothing item, it had been gradually gaining popularity in the past two years. Previously, all Hanfu items had to be pre ordered, and now some large Hanfu stores also produced them in bulk.

Qiluoge was one of them, every quarter they would launch some affordable style Hanfu mass production, they also accepted some more expensive high-definition Hanfu.


Their business had always been good, even if it was affected by Xu Tianshen, it wasn’t so bad that in less than an hour, the order was backed up by 70%, which could put Qiluoge in a straightforward predicament.


Shi Fei asked: “You did it?”


Fang Haozhou: “I wanted to ask if you did it? If I had this ability, would I have let the Qiluoge bounce around for so long? I was planning to swallow the Qiluoge, but not to die with it.”



Shi Fei said, “Oh, I didn’t do it either.” Of course, Shi Fei knew that it wasn’t Fang Haozhou who did it. There were many ways to swallow the Qiluoge, but Fang Haozhou used a slow nibbling method.


Lan Lianfang and Qi Luoge were originally in the same trade, and Qi Luoge was a bit unscrupulous in their business dealings. Several times, they collaborated with other colleagues in the industry to suppress Lan Lianfang, and the two companies had been feuding for a long time.



Qiluoge was an old Hanfu store, which had been a brand for ten years.


Lanlianfang only entered the clothing industry four years ago and had only been involved in Hanfu for two years, but with its excellent design and color matching, it had gained the admiration of many Hanfu lovers.



There were also a lot of finished cloths with registered copyright patterns that belonged to Lan Lianfang, which were liked by women who loved Hanfu.


In a short period of time, the company had developed rapidly to be on par with Qiluoge, and according to this development, it would soon surpass Qiluoge, an old Hanfu store.


Now this kind of direct cut-off orders, was the fastest, but also a method that burnt money rapidly.


Lan Lianfang wasn’t yet to the point where they could be so capricious.


Fang Haozhou was puzzled: “Not you, then I can’t think of anyone else? In the Hanfu circle, is there such a powerful company that can stop all of Qiluoge’s business at once?”


“I don’t think so, but there should be someone outside the circle who can.” Shi Fei slightly paused, then continued: “I guessed who it is, you don’t need to care about this matter, you are ready to take over the business of Qiluoge, take advantage of the opportunity to swallow Qiluoge.”


“It’s reliable? Are you sure?” If things are really like what Shi Fei said, then Lan Lianfang would be expanded by another circle, and would be busy in this period of time.


“Nine out of ten, I will send you an update later.” Shi Fei said.

Fang Haozhou listened and quickly hung up the phone. Anyway, if a Qiluoge collapsed, there would always be someone to divide up the market they left.


After ending the call, Shi Fei took his cell phone and sent a message to a certain big president: [prospective boyfriend, what are you doing?]


The other side replied quickly, [can you remove the word ‘prospective’?]


Shi Fei: [so urgent ah. Regret that you didn’t eat me that day?]


Gu Yueze: I regret it


Shi Fei could feel his gritted teeth as he inputted these words, it was really fun.


Subsequently, he sent another message: ‘Did you do the work of Qiluoge?’

Gu Yueze: [Hmm.]


Shi Fei: [It sounds like you’re very busy and you don’t have time for me, then I won’t bother your work.


Shi Fei saw the phone constantly displaying the words ‘the other party is typing ……’, but nothing was sent, Shi Fei happily covered his mouth and laughed.


He could imagine him with a tangled expression, it was too cute.


Shi Fei simply changed the note name of Gu Yueze to ‘Mr. Gu’.


Shi Fei sent an emoticon packet over, which he had secretly taken when he was on the phone. It was a simple stroke, and the person on the left sucked the flesh from the face on the right.


The words on the emoji packet were ‘take a bite of Gu Yueze’.



President Gu, who was originally feeling a bit depressed when Shi Fei suddenly stopped chatting, was stunned when he received the emoticon package and looked at the picture.


For the first time in his life, someone sent him an emoticon package. His phone was basically for work, and no subordinate dared to send him an emoticon package to tease him so boldly.


Looking at the picture, the corner of his mouth slightly raised, he reached out and clicked to save it. Then, he sent it to Zhang Mengmeng and asked, ‘Where did this kind of picture come from?’


Zhang Mengmeng: “These emoticons are usually made by fans. If you like it, you can see them on Super Talk or fanpages on Weibo, there are many.”


Since then, Gu Yueze had gained an additional interest and hobby, which was to collect images on Weibo, and his favorite type was interactive emoticons between him and Shi Fei.



Sitting in the living room, holding a guitar while playing and writing music, Shi Fei quickly received a series of emoticons from Gu Yueze, who sent out more than a dozen in a row. It seemed like he still planned to continue.


Shi Fei hurriedly sent a message, “Are you discovering a new continent?”


Gu Yueze: This emoticon pack is very cute


Shi Fei smiled and typed back, ‘You can even use the word’ cute ‘. It seems that you’ve seen a lot of emoji packs.’


The emoticon pack attack was indeed cut off over there, and soon he replied, ‘I have to work overtime tonight and I will be back later.’



Shi Fei: Didn’t you say you were going back to your own house to sleep? It’s only been two days


Gu Yueze: I miss you


Shi Fei: Okay, then come back early. I want to have your tomato and egg noodles for dinner


After finishing the chat, Shi Fei resumed playing the guitar and creating music.




In the apartment full of smoke, Wu Ziqiang looked at the rapid change of wind direction on the Internet, while quickly smoking a cigarette, he reached out to slide the screen, the more he looked, the more serious his expression became.


Upon seeing the messages cursing Xu Tianshen, Wu Ziqiang cursed, and in anger, he swept down the contents of the coffee table.


Cigarette butts and ashes were scattered all over the floor, Wu Zigang was still not relieved, while fuming he ruthlessly kicked the sofa: “Why is this, why why why why ……”


The sofa was kicked out a meter away, Wu Ziqiang’s expression remained fierce.


He never thought that he would be victimized to such an extent by a boy who was only 18 years old.


“Shi Fei, I will definitely not let you go.” Wu Ziqiang’s five fingers were clenched tightly, and the veins on the back of his hand were visible one by one.


The bottom of his eyes carried a hint of killing intent.



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