The crew’s hardcore idyllic life was not to be blown, they really found a small remote village in the neighboring countryside to record the show.The guests first went to the hotel to meet up, waited together after the program team went to get the bus, pulled everyone on board and headed to the remote village.
The program invited a total of five guests, three men and two women, traffic youngster Qu Haowen, traffic flower Xie Yupan, well-known host Zhang Lu, net popular Huang Ziyu, and then there were a small transparent Wen Run.
In the beginning, when they heard that he was going to experience the countryside life, they were quite happy and discussed enthusiastically whether the program had to find a small farmhouse with beautiful scenery, but when they arrived at the place, they found that they simply thought too much.
The green mountains and green water, farmhouse, didn’t exist.
The only thing in the village was the highest three-story building, built on both sides of the road, because they were all self-built houses, and naturally there was no aesthetic sense, just a small square building.Behind the buildings was an endless expanse of farmland.
And the first thing the guests did upon arrival was to go down to the field to cut rice.
 The program team was very perverted, not even the most basic survival supplies of rice, guests were required to go into the field to cut the rice, ten jin of rice could only be exchanged for one jin of pounded rice.As for the meat and vegetables, they had to exchange them with labor, for example, if they wanted to eat chickens, they had to go to a house with chickens to help with the work, and only after they finished the work could they get a chicken back.
 When the problem of rice and vegetables was solved, one had to cook for oneself..
 The show was recorded for five days, and the guests were running for food every day.Either they went down to the fields to cut rice, or they went to clean the chicken coop, or they followed the fishing boats to the river to catch fish….
 In a nutshell, it was that the show was really hardcore.
After the five-day festival, Wen Run felt that he had not delayed his fitness at all these days of recording, and even the effect was quite good.
The day the program recording ended was the day Liu Feng came to pick him up, Wen Run sat in the back row with his eyes closed, while Liu Feng reported to him some things about the company as well as the trip.
“Brother Wen, you weren’t there for a few days, something big happened in the company.”After talking about the main matter, Liu Feng gossiped in passing.
Wen Run opened his eyes, “What big event?”
 ”President Ye was beaten up by his father, Old President Ye, and went into the hospital.”Liu Feng thought of that scene and felt creeped out, “Just yesterday, old President Ye suddenly found his way to the company, after that someone heard a lot of noise in President Ye’s office, then heard the sound of things being smashed and then after that President Ye came out with a bloody face, and let Brother Zheng send him to the hospital.”
 Wen Run was stunned, his inky eyebrows slowly furrowed, “Is the injury serious?”
Liu Feng said he didn’t know, “It just looked pretty scary, with blood all over his head and face.”
 Wen Run didn’t make a sound, he felt his heart being tugged, as if he was back in his senior year of high school, seeing Ye Hansheng lying on a stretcher on the news and being carried to an ambulance.
He hurriedly sent a WeChat message to Zheng Xua and anxiously and waited for ten minutes, but the news seemed to sink like a stone.This time he couldn’t resist calling directly.The phone rang for a long time, but still no one answered.
 He pressed his fast-beating heart, thinking that he would return to the company first, and then find out which hospital Mr. Ye had gone to.
  In the VIP ward.
Ye Hansheng’s head was wrapped in gauze and he laid on the hospital bed. Zheng Xuan, who couldn’t get in touch with Wen Run, stood beside the hospital bed. He was like an enraged beast, and there wasn’t a smile in the peach blossom eyes, only anger remained.
“Do you have to be so masochistic?” He was angry and couldn’t help pointing to Ye Hansheng’s nose. “Can’t you hide? Is it comfortable to let that old thing give you a beating? “
Ye Hansheng looked down and said with no emotions: “If i didn’t let him give me a beating, I’m afraid I wouldn’t be able to control myself and kill him.”
Zheng Xuan understood and his tone softened. “There are already clues. It is only a matter of time before the Ye family is finished. You can’t do it yourself.”
Ye Hansheng was noncommittal, and his eyes fell on his legs, which used to be healthy and full of strength, but he never stood up again because of a premeditated car accident.
At first he couldn’t stand up, then he didn’t want to stand up.
He was afraid that his legs would heal, and he would carry a knife and die with the Ye family.
He couldn’t do it. His mother asked him to live well and his sister Ye Jia hadn’t woken up yet and needed his care. He had to stay awake at all times and couldn’t go crazy.
“Ye Laosan, have you sent him back?” Zheng Xuan remembered what he had done and was annoyed. “Why did you suddenly tie him up?”
“I sent him back.” Ye Hansheng was a little depressed, and he frowned and replied, “I wanted to cut off his leg and give my good father and stepmother a big gift.”
“If you are still ill, continue to see a doctor!” Zheng Xuan jumped up to scold him again. “What’s the use of this trick of hurting one thousand and losing eight hundred! If Jiajia wakes up and finds that her mother is gone and her brother is in prison, what will you do with her?!”
Ye Hansheng was a little annoyed by him, but he lost too much blood and had no spirit. He could only be annoyed, “If you have nothing to do, go and see Jiajia, don’t get in my way.”
Zheng Xuan shivered. But looking at him, he didn’t care about anything, he felt uncomfortable, so he could only bite his teeth and turn around and go out.
He and Ye Hansheng were college roommates. When he was in college, Ye Hansheng was still a wolf with a big tail. Although his temper was unbearable, he was far from being as crazy as he was now.
If it weren’t for the Ye family … If it weren’t for the animals in the Ye family, he wouldn’t be like this.
Zheng Xuan gnashing his teeth, at that time, if Ye Hansheng, who had been diagnosed with mental illness, stabbed all the Ye family members to death, he might get it.
He still remembered four years ago, when he inquired about it, he finally found Ye Hansheng in a mental hospital in B city. At that time, half a year had passed since his car accident, his mother died on the spot, and his only sister became a vegetable, but he broke his legs and was sent to a mental hospital by Father Ye.
At that time, Ye Hansheng’s eyes were full of malice, and it wasn’t too much to say that he had climbed up from hell. He got him out and invited the best psychologists in China to treat him for half a year before he finally became like a normal person.
Only his temper was much worse than before.
Zheng Xuan was sometimes confused. Was Ye Hansheng cured? He always felt that the madness in Ye Hansheng did not disappear, but was well hidden by him.
As he sighed, Zheng Xuan took out his mobile phone and looked at the time, only to see a row of information sent by Wen Run and a phone call.
Wen Run asked about Ye Hansheng.
Zheng Xuan looked at the emotionless person in the ward and hesitated as he called back.

Wen Run was holding his phone tightly. After returning to the company, he went to inquire about Ye Hansheng’s situation, but no one knew which hospital he was in. He couldn’t find out the news, so he could only watch his phone painfully, hoping Zheng Xuan would send him a message back.
The result was that Zheng Xuan called. Wen Run licked his lip, trying to press down his impatient mood, ” Brother Zheng? Are you in the hospital? “
Zheng Xuan replied, “Yes”.
“Is Mr Ye’s injury serious?” Wen Run’s brain turned quickly, thinking about finding a reason to visit him.
Zheng Xuan listened to his careful tone and smiled secretly, but his mouth said: “He’s okay for the time being.”
Wen Run was a little confused. He didn’t know if it was good or bad. He turned his head a few times and whispered, “Brother Zheng, have you eaten yet?” I’ll bring you dinner. “
After that, he felt that this reason was too ridiculous. Can’t he order takeout by himself if he wanted to eat? Why did he need him to deliver food? He secretly sighed.
He didn’t expect Zheng Xuan on the other end of the phone to say seriously, “Well, come here. It is best to get a soup for replenishing qi and blood. I will send you the address. “
Wen Run slowly replied and hung up the phone and started preparing soup in a hurry.
There was still half black-bone chicken in the refrigerator of the dormitory. It would be enough to stew a red jujube black-bone chicken soup.
Zheng Xuan sent the address to his WeChat as expected, and waited anxiously for more than an hour. When the soup was ready, Wen Run quickly picked it up and poured it into an insulated lunch box, and then hurried out to take a taxi to the hospital.
It took more than an hour to go to the hospital. When Wen Run found the ward, it was already evening. Zheng Xuan hung his head and sat playing games at the bedside. Ye Hansheng’s head was wrapped in gauze and his eyes were closed. He was sleeping.
Wen Run glanced at him and walked in lightly, but did not expect Ye Hansheng in the hospital bed to suddenly open his eyes and his tone was weird. “Why are you here?”
Wen Run looked at his eyes with some distress. He put the insulated lunch box on the cabinet and overcame the tension in his heart. He said, “I, I came to give Brother Zheng a meal.”
Ye Hansheng’s brow wrinkled, his eyes swept Zheng Xuan, and he said coldly, “Can’t you order takeout if you want to eat? Do you want someone to send it in person? “
He only thought about Ye Hansheng, who liked Wen Run. He tricked him into coming to make Ye Hansheng normal. He didn’t expect Wen Run to be so honest, so he sold him.
“I heard that Wen Run’s cooking is delicious.” Zheng Xuan grinded his teeth as he smiled. “I especially want to try it today.”
Ye Hansheng’s eyes sank, his eyes swept over his head and he didn’t know what was going on, and scoffed.
Zheng Xuan angrily opened the insulated lunch box. As a result, there was a box full of chicken soup, which was quite fragrant, but obviously not for him. Zheng Xuan looked at Wen Run at a loss, and hated iron for failing to produce steel [disliking someone for failing to meet up to their expectation]. “Why is there only soup?”
“Ah?” Wen Run’s eyes rested on the chicken soup, and his face and ears turned red little by little. He lowered his eyes and said, “I forgot.”
He was in such a hurry that he only wanted to come to the hospital to see Ye Hansheng and give him the chicken soup.
Ye Hansheng frowned and looked at the chicken soup. “Is this for me?”

Wen Run nodded, feeling like he wanted to find a hole to drill down. Obviously, he came to send dinner to Brother Zheng, but the result was only to make chicken soup. His guilty little eyes floated around and he said to Zheng Xuan: “Do you want me to send it to you tomorrow?”
Ye Hansheng unscrupulously took a sip of chicken soup. The delicious chicken soup slipped into his stomach. He took another sip and lazily said: “He has hands and feet, won’t he go downstairs to eat?”

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