C6— The Strongest Shady Deal

[I went to “The Strongest Idol” with my dream of music. I thought it was a place where I could find my dream and set sail, but I didn’t think it was a place that taught me reality. Some people can be easily promoted with popularity first, and even change the rules of the game on the spot, forcing people out. Is this the slogan of the program group to help everyone find the way of music? 】
Although there was no name on it, one could know who it was by paying a little attention to the popularity list of The Strongest Idol.
When the news came out, only a few people saw that they didn’t want to help Qin Zhi throw insults at first. The VCR of Shi Fei at that time was the most popular, and it was also gathering a number of face fans. His fans also helped those passers-by go back.
As a result, after two hours, it suddenly went on a hot search, and quite a few water army fans began to fight. When Shi Fei’s fans gathered, they were the opponents of the water army, and they were fiercely beaten.
“A player changed the rules of the game? It’s amazing. What is his background? “
“It’ s quite nice to see the VCR, but I don’ t know the effect of his beauty on a few degrees.”
“This is the competition of” The Strongest Idol “.It is impossible to have only face value. How can one be an idol without ability?”
“I bet on a pack of spicy strips. This time must be a fake amateur from a big company. In fact, they just want to borrow this talent show.”
“I don’t think this program wants to create” The Strongest Idol “,but want to create the strongest traffic?”
“I don’t know what uneducated parents can teach this kind of rude person and let him out as a disaster.”
On the Internet, when they scolded Shi Fei, they also scolded the program group, which was extremely cruel.
Players basically had high-intensity training during the day, and they trained one by one until more than 10 o’clock in the evening. They were too tired to return to the dormitory like dogs before they found out the news.
He Xiaobei couldn’t take a bath, he looked at the messages nervously with his phone. The more he watched, the more worried he was. “How can these people be like this? If they didn’t understand things, they would call names. This is even more excessive. Even if they’re swearing, they don’t have to bring your whole family together. Who is this online? “
When Shi Fei came out of the shower and saw this scene, he directly took his phone and put it aside and said, “Hurry and take a bath. Aren’t you tired after practicing for a day?”
He Xiaobei: “Brother Fei, people on the Internet are talking indiscriminately. Aren’t you in a hurry?”
Shi Fei dried his hair with a towel and said carelessly, “There is nothing to worry about. I don’t know them.”
When the program “The Strongest Idol” began to be recorded, it was revealed that there was a strong team of star promoters who were on the hot search, and the previous program group had also made preparations to warm up.
They didn’t expect him to be on the hot search because of a student who hadn’t made his debut yet. Many people even clamored below that such a person should quit the competition.
There were more and more messages about letting Shi Fei retire from the competition, if he didn’t retire from the competition, it would be heinous.
Even other contestants were wondering whether Shi Fei would be retired because of this.
“Elder Brother Fei, don’t you care? Or will you find the program group to let them release the original video? ” He Xiaobei said in a hurry, he couldn’t let people scold him for no reason.
Just after he finished speaking, his phone displayed another prompt. He Xiaobei opened it and said, “Brother Fei, this Qin Zhi posted something again.”
Qin Zhi Weibo: [I was just too depressed to express my feelings. I didn’t expect so many people to support me. Even if the night is dark and long, there will still be dawn. Thank you for your support. I won’t give up my dream. The following song is dedicated to the netizens who support me. 】
He also posted a video of him singing at the bottom.
When this message was sent, many people sent messages to support him, and a bunch of people said that it was their loss to lose him as a player in The Strongest Idol.
He Xiaobei blushed with anger and gnashed his teeth. “This Qin Zhi is too shameless. He had the face to say such a thing, even his singing level is not as good as me. His voice broke during the last note. ” It was a pity that even as he got angry, he didn’t look imposing.

“Ok, don’t be angry, then I will post something.” Shi Fei grabbed his mobile phone from the bedside.

He Xiaobei thought that he wanted to send a video to prove himself. He nodded very much and rushed to his bed to get his guitar. He said, “Yes, Brother Fei, you can send a video of playing and singing, I will record it for you, and then send it online, and netizens will soon know who is taller and who is lower.”
As a result, when he looked up and saw him, Shi Fei was on his phone typing.
He Xiaobei was surprised: “Brother Fei, what are you doing?”
Shi Fei said naturally: “Posted on Weibo, it’s done.”
He Xiaobei suddenly had a bad feeling. When he had paid attention to it, he heard the prompt from his phone and looked down quickly.
Shi Fei: [As far as your singing level is concerned, “The Strongest Idol” would have been the biggest shady scene if you were promoted. 】
A post from Shi Fei suddenly blew up the whole Weibo again.
Those netizens just took a break and were brought up again.
“He’s too arrogant. Being prideful before he is even popular. Even if such a person sings well, I won’t listen to his songs.”
“I wish a man like you won’t be popular all your life.”
“I strongly urge you to fly out of this program, otherwise we will boycott it.”
“Letting such a person enter the entertainment circle, it is simply to go in and stir up trouble.”
“If you are so capable, why don’t you come up and sing? Just talking about others. If you can’t do it, you should quickly quit the stage. The stage needs to be reserved for more powerful people.”
The evaluation on the Internet went on in a lively way, but Shi Fei put his phone down and got ready to go to bed after posting on Weibo.

He Xiaobei was so worried that he couldn’t help staring when he saw Shi Fei under the quilt.
Zhuang Xinran and Dai Liang came in and saw him sleeping on the bed. Dai Liang was speechless.
Of course, they also knew the things on the Internet. Dai Liang whispered sarcastically: “It’s good to be able to sleep at this time.”
Qin Zhi didn’t expect Shi Fei to go back to Weibo to kill him. He was a little scared at first, but he was relieved to see the one-sided support of netizens.   

Even seeing so many messages supporting him, Qin Zhi thought that he was really better at singing than Shi Fei and it was really a shady scene that he was eliminated.
He thought that Shi Fei didn’t send the video of him singing because he was afraid to compare with him.
It was not terrible for a person to lie, but it was a bit of a problem to lie to himself.
When Shi Fei hung on the hot search for one day, the people in the program group talked with him the next day.
In a conference room, on a rectangular conference table, opposite Shi Fei, there were director Teng Cong, the chief director of The Strongest Idol, and director Wu Ziqiang of Tianxing Media.
Teng Cong was holding a thermos cup, drinking tea slowly, while Director Wu was also drinking coffee slowly, and neither spoke.
Shi Fei didn’t try so hard, he just sat there and didn’t say anything.
Finally, Teng Cong spoke first. “Shi Fei, do you know what we came to you for?”
Shi Fei: “I know, for the hot search on the Internet.”
Teng Cong took a sip of red jujube tea and said, “Shi Fei, there are discussions about your promotion in the dark all over the Internet, which has caused a very bad influence on our program group.”
Shi Fei asked, “Did I have a shady promotion?”
Teng Cong coughed lightly and said: “Netizens don’t care about the truth. They only want to see the gossip they want to see. They say that your shady promotion is a shady promotion, because your affairs, together with other players, have been suspected. Resistance has brought a very bad influence to the program group. What do you say?”
Shi Fei thought for a moment and said, “Isn’t this something that the program group should manage? There are always various problems when a program is broadcast and recorded. It’s just an eliminated student on Weibo, but suddenly there is a large-scale outbreak of speech. At first glance, someone is pushing behind it. I wonder if it’s a ghost of your competitors? “
A burst of applause sounded, and Wu Ziqiang clapped his hands and said with a slight appreciation, “Shi Fei, you are very smart. Then we won’t beat around the bush with you. You can rest assured that we will get rid of the online discussion and hot search soon. I have seen your first video and feel that you have great potential to become a high-quality star in terms of appearance and strength, so I want to sign you to our Tianxing Media to focus on building. What do you think? “
“It didn’t take long for the program to start recording. Are you so sure that I can become a potential star?”
“I have been in this business for more than ten years, and I believe that I look at people myself.” Wu Ziqiang said with a little confidence: “And your strength is very good. As long as you keep this level, it is not impossible for us to make you the strongest idol?”
With such a big bait thrown out, Wu Ziqiang believed that no player would be indifferent. He wanted to sign a contract with this recruit. Whether he could be a champion in the future was another matter.
Shi Fei cocked his head, gnawed his fingers, and looked tangled. Then he asked with difficulty, “Can I think about it first?”
Teng Cong said: “What else do you need to consider for such a good condition? You know, He Lulu was promoted. Last year, “Burning Girl” came out, and now there are more than 10 million Weibo fans in one year. This year, she became the official of “The Strongest Idol”, and his resources are good. If you sign a contract with Tianxing Media, you are likely to become the next He Lulu. “
Shi Fei bit his lip, hesitated for a while, and then said again, “I want to wait, I’m not sure.”
At this moment, Wu Ziqiang said, “Well, after all, it’s a big deal, and it’s normal for you to think about it, so let’s talk about it next time. You prepare for the game with peace of mind, don’t be affected, we will deal with the online things. “
Shi Fei nodded with a grateful smile on his face.
After leaving the conference room, Shi Fei immediately put away his grateful smile, his face was indifferent, and he stepped to the training room.

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