Duan Hengye remembered that the notice issued by the marshal’s residence was that Meng Jinhuai was coming to An Luo on the thirteenth of this month, so why did he arrive four days earlier? Instantly, Duan Hengye felt the blood in his body freeze. No one noticed that his hands that were quietly hanging at his side were trembling slightly uncontrollably at this time.

“…Lord Marshal.” Duan Hengye called out like the original owner.

“Mm.” Hearing Duan Hengye call him, Meng Jinhuai, who was standing across the room, smiled before taking two steps forward and hugging him tightly in his arms. This was the first time that Duan Hengye had been hugged so tightly since he had grown so big, and instantly a familiar faint fragrance wrapped him up tightly.

Although forced by the desire to survive to act a little, the physiological reactions caused by nervousness were impossible to hide. Duan Hengye believed that right now at such a close distance, the other party definitely felt the uncontrolled trembling of his body as well as his unusually cold body temperature.

But Meng Jinhuai didn’t say it, he ended the hug as if nothing had happened, and even reached out his hand to touch the top of Duan Hongyu’s hair very intimately, with extremely gentle actions.

It was killing him! Marshal Meng was a natural born movie emperor!

Duan Hengye had envisioned ten thousand ways to face the furious marshal, but he didn’t expect that the other party was now clearly acting like he had already gotten out of his emotional shadow and was starting to think rationally about how to use him and… kill him.

If he didn’t know the rest of the story and hadn’t personally seen the part in Chapter 200 where the marshal executed the original owner himself, Duan Hengye might still have been deceived by Meng Jinhuai’s tenderness, but he was partial and watched him carefully.

As an undercover spy, the original owner had been secretly stealing intelligence since he married Meng Jinhuai. After several information leaks, the Marshal and his subordinates also had doubts about the original owner. However, because the original owner was skilled and didn’t leave too many clues, he survived those crises safely. But who would have thought that Meng Jinhuai would start writing a program by himself, and trace the person who was behind it.

Unfortunately, it didn’t take long for Duan Hengye to move his hands and feet on the other’s mecha after the program was written … So after the accident, Meng Jinhuai was completely disappointed with his spouse, and he counted the new and old hatred together.

When Meng Jinhuai touched his hair, Duan Hengye subconsciously avoided it. Seeing his performance like this, Meng Jinhuai even pretended not to know what happened and bowed his head and asked, “What’s the matter?” His eyes are full of concern.

Help … This man was terrifying.

Duan Hengye remembered that readers of Dumping Interstellar used the face pinching function of a game to build models for popular characters in the novel. After receiving the pictures, the author was very excited to post them. Meng Jinhuai was looking down at him at this time, because of the distance was too close, his facial features were magnified. However, even if it was so close, he still couldn’t find a defect on Meng Jinhuai’s face, even more delicate than the mold built by the game kneading system.

Don’t speak, he was too beautiful.

No, why did he start caring about his face? Duan Hengye hated the irony and gently pinched himself, dialing his thoughts back to the normal channel.

He took one more look at Meng Jinhuai, thinking that since the other party wanted to pretend with him, why not accompany him down?


 ”Nothing.” Duan Hengye steadied his breathing and he brought back Meng Jinhuai’s hand that was still resting on his hair without a trace. After noticing Duan Hengye’s movements, Meng Jinhuai smiled at him then very insistently half-hugged Duan Hengye once again.

It was now the end of class, but after seeing Lord Marshal come, no one else went out of the classroom. In other words… this exchange between Duan Hengye and Meng Jinhuai just now was all done in front of thousands of people in the classroom.

Many of the students were using the light brains they had with them to record images and upload them to the Starnet, and the people Meng Jinhuai brought along didn’t stop them. Duan Hengye finally understood why Meng Jinhuai had specially come to look for him in An Luo – the marshal’s love wasn’t just a show for him, it was a show for the royal family. The emperor wouldn’t have thought that the child who was so proud and refused to compromise back then had grown up, and after going through another deception, he could already turn his feelings into a bet of chips.

Six minutes later, the marshal’s showtime was over. Under the regretful eyes of the crowd, the Marshal and his people boarded the special starship.

On the way out, Meng Jinhuai also heard a student exclaim to his companions with excitement and envy – the relationship between the marshal and the professor was still so good after more than ten years…….

More than ten years ago, Meng Jinhuai, who was at the most downbeat stage of his life, met the young Duan Hengye at a banquet. Unlike the group of noble youths who bullied him, Duan Hengye didn’t dislike the downtrodden Meng Jinhuai, but instead played with him.

Although they didn’t see each other again for the next ten years or so, after the fermentation of time, the fond memories from back then coupled with the research results of the golden light later, Duan Hengye eventually became a piece of white moonlight in Meng Jinhuai’s heart. When the royal family revealed their intention to marry them, Meng Jinhuai accepted the arranged marriage without hesitation.

In that century wedding, he told the story in front of the whole star.


But strangely, Duan Hengye carefully searched the original owner’s memories and didn’t find this matter at all. Duan Hengye speculated that more than ten years ago, the original owner’s parents hadn’t had an accident, and his psychological state was normal, so this kind of banquet and which children he played with, the original owner wouldn’t pay special attention. So perhaps it was just that the Lord Marshal was the only one who was thinking about it all along….

On a side note, though, he managed to marry his own White Moonlight. But unfortunately, after the marriage Meng Jinhuai found that – compared to back then, now his spouse was like a completely new person, he couldn’t see a trace of life in him.

The good impression of the past was being eroded day by day, and after the original owner’s death, the past was finally abandoned by Meng Jinhuai and turned into a story, not a good memory that he would cherish for the rest of his life.

From this point of view, the original owner was really a scum.

Meng Jinhuai’s starship was parked just outside the classroom, and although the original owner had been on this starship more than once, Duan Hongyu was still shocked when he left the teaching building and saw it with his own eyes.

This starship was the size of two standard football fields, its black hull suspended in the air like a black python lurking in the jungle canopy, revealing an air of danger all over its body. Seeing the two coming, the starship slowly descended a long ladder, and the soldiers around it bowed and saluted.

The marshal’s work wasn’t easy, it was now nearly noon, and Meng Jinhuai, along with Duan Hongyu, would return to the Southern Stars to attend to business after having lunch on the starship. From an outsider’s perspective, it was really touching that the marshal had just finished a war and had come all the way to see his spouse. But Duan Hengye knew clearly, Meng Jinhuai roughly just heard about his “unusual move” to come to An Luo to teach and wanted to see, and by the way to send a false signal to the royal family.

The black starship had more than a dozen floors, and besides Duan Hengye, the other two Imperial generals who participated in the war were also inside the starship.

As soon as Meng Jinhuai entered the rest area located on the top floor of the starship, he was confronted with a glare… Before him stood a tall woman in a navy blue uniform, with long dark red hair neatly tied behind her head, looking very capable. The original owner’s memories told Duan Hengye that the person who was glaring at him was called Yu Xinren, one of the four generals of the empire and a loyal subordinate of Meng Jinhuai.

Due to not liking the original owner’s dull personality, Yu Xinren’s relationship with him was already bad, and now he was even more prickly in her eyes after knowing Duan Hengye’s undercover identity.

Probably sensing that Yu Xinren’s eyes were a bit too much, the other male admiral surnamed Dongfang coughed a bit stiffly to remind her, while Duan Hengye pretended not to notice anything and sat on the sofa along with Meng Jinhuai, the original owner didn’t care about Yu Xinran anyway.

And before two words were said, Meng Jinhuai suddenly coughed, and seeing the situation, Admiral Dongfang was concerned, “Marshal, are you alright?”

After all, he was his nominal spouse, and Duan Hengye who was originally sitting on the side nervous plus dazed, also cast his gaze over. Meng Jinhuai ignored the admiral as he turned around and gazed extremely deeply at Duan Hengye, explaining, “The armor suddenly had some malfunctions during this return trip…”

Hearing Meng Jinhuai talk about the armor accident, Duan Hengye immediately tensed his nerves. He then heard the other party say, “Although it was safe to return to the ship, the injury won’t be okay for a while.” Meng Jinhuai’s tone and its gentleness was just like before. In fact, the entire interstellar knew that Meng Jinhuai was not a gentle personality, and he would only reveal such a side when he was facing his spouse.

After this sentence, Meng Jinhuai smiled and looked at Duan Hengye then dragged his voice a little longer and asked, “Is Ah-Heng worried about me?” Meng Jinhuai’s voice was deep and magnetic, and even more sexy when he lowered his voice. The moment he opened his mouth, the words seem to materialize into a feather and tickled the listener’s heart.

…….Was Ah-heng worried about me?

Duan Hengye couldn’t even tell if this was a casual question from Meng Jinhuai, or an attempt to torture his conscience.

Duan Hengye was stunned, and he opened his eyes and lied, “Yes…” then added in his heart – he was worried about whether this chapter was different from the novel.

“That’s good.” Meng Jinhuai smiled smugly, then he gently rubbed the top of Duan Hengye’s hair once again. It was clearly a gentle look, but after seeing this bewitching smile of his, Duan Hengye’s body was permeated with chills.

Meng Jinhuai was really a scary person.

The gentler he became, the scarier he was.

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