Zheng Xuan felt that this was really self-inflicted.He was a motherly man, but he raised two white wolves, and now these two white wolves were united to anger him. Watching Ye Hansheng drink chicken soup mouthful by mouthful, he felt pain in his head, he didn’t want to interfere with these two people. He simply went downstairs to eat angrily.

He left and  only Wen Run and Ye Hansheng were left in the ward.

Ye Hansheng was drinking chicken soup with his eyes downcast, while Wen Run sat on the side, but felt that the atmosphere was getting more and more awkward since Zheng Xuan left. In the end, he didn’t really know Ye Hansheng well.The two of them had only met twice, and they hadn’t said much, with Zheng Xuan gagging in the middle, but with Zheng Xuan gone, they were cold.

Wen Run desperately rotated his head to think of a topic, and finally whispered, “What does Mr. Ye like to eat?I’ll make it and send it over tomorrow.”

Ye Hansheng listened, but his voice was cold, “Whatever you want to plot from me, it’s all in vain, I advise you to give up.”

Wen Run was stunned, he didn’t know why it suddenly changed when it was all good just now, he was speechless, he looked at Ye Hansheng, with eyes that were foggy and filled with panic.

Ye Hansheng averted his gaze from him, just thinking about his wet eyes, he couldn’t help softening, many difficult words on the tip of his tongue turned a circle and was swallowed back, and finally he said faintly: “Go back, don’t come later.”

So when Zheng Xuan returned from eating, he found the atmosphere in the hospital room somewhat dull. Ye Hansheng was lying on the hospital bed, his eyes half-closed. Wen Run on the other side packed up the insulated lunch box and the trash on the table, shrugging his head like a bullied little pup, he dropped his eyes low and said to Zheng Xuan, “Brother Zheng, I’ll go back first.”

Zheng Xuan opened his mouth to ask him what happened, but he was interrupted by Ye Hangsheng, “I want some water.”

Zheng Xuan could only swallow his question to get him some water, so Wen Run took the opportunity to carry his lunch box and left listlessly like a small frost-beaten eggplant.

With him gone and Ye Hangsheng not drinking the water, Zheng Xuan heaved the water cup on the table and said angrily, “What are you mad about again?”

Ye Hansheng was a little irritated, he felt that he shouldn’t have gotten this kid here today, Wen Run was always on his mind, he coldly looked at Zheng Xuan and impatiently said, “My business is none of your business, don’t get him in front of me in the future.”

Zheng Xuan almost laughed at him, “Ha”, “If you don’t like it, why do you always mess with people for him overtly and covertly?”

Ye Hansheng was silent for a moment and said in a soft voice, “Don’t you know what my situation is?”

Zheng Xuan paused, the anger he had just felt seemed to be doused by a pot of cold water, he looked at Ye Hansheng who was lying on the hospital bed with a tired face and suddenly couldn’t say anything.Ye Hansheng’s situation was indeed no clearer than his.

Wen Run was different from them, pure and clean, and with Ye Hansheng secretly backing him up, his path to stardom was also open. And with Ye Hnsheng, he was mixed up in enough of the Ye family’s disgusting affairs, there was no need to bring anyone else into it.

He thought of Ye Jia lying in bed, who had once been just like Wen Run, good and sweet, simple and wonderful.But in the end, she was lying in a hospital bed, like a wilted flower, wasting away day by day, not knowing when she would wake up, or perhaps, never wake up again.

“I see.” Finally, Zheng Xuan said.

He always thought that Wen Run would make Ye Hansheng a little calmer, but forgot that the Ye family stared at him like a poisonous snake.

Ye Hansheng tiredly closed his eyes, his mind went over those things again and again.

He was a Ye, and his mother Gu Siyu was married to his father Ye Maokai for business. Although there was no emotional foundation before the marriage, his mother was gentle and took good care of the family. The Ye family was once harmonious. Ye Maokai wasn’t bad to the mother and son. He didn’t speak much, but he respected his father in his heart.

Until he took over the company after graduating from college, he accidentally discovered that his father had raised a mistress outside. Father. Father had the courage to hide it. Ye Hansheng secretly checked it for a long time, only to find her. It turned out to be Qiu Jihe, the personnel director of the company.

He went on searching, and found that Qiu Jihe turned out to be Ye Maokai’s classmate and his first girlfriend. When he was a child, he vaguely heard his mother mention that Ye Maokai had quarreled with the Ye family for that woman at that time, but Father Ye had a strong means, forcing him to either give up his inheritance and marry whoever he wanted, or to break clean with that woman and marry a suitable wife.

Ye Maokai couldn’t leave the power of the Ye family and chose to break up. Later, about a year later, the matter subsided, and he met Gu Siyu. The two families were suitable for each other and they got married naturally.

Ironically, Ye Maokai not only didn’t break clean with Qiu Jihe, but got together again one year after marriage. Qiu Jihe’s son and daughter were only three to five years younger than him.

Ye Hansheng gave all the evidence to his mother. Although Gu Siyu was sad, she couldn’t stand being deceived like a fool. She was the only daughter of her family. After the death of her parents, the large family was handed over to the daughter. Although Ye Maokai had been in charge all these years, the equity was in her hands. Now that her son had grown up, she was not afraid of blooming.

Gu Siyu volunteered for divorce.

It was useless for Ye Maokai to apologize and plead. He didn’t agree to sign the divorce agreement, and Gu Siyu could only sue for divorce.

As a result, on the day of the court session, when he drove his mother and sister to the court, he had an accident on the highway. A large truck full of heavy goods ran straight into him and ran over it. Luckily, he only broke a pair of legs, but his mother died on the spot, and his only sister became a vegetable and could only lie in a hospital bed forever.

When he was in hospital, Qiu Jihe came to see him and smiled proudly at him.

He knew that the driver of drunk driving was instructed, but because there was no evidence, he could only watch the murderer get away with it. Ye Maokai came to see him hypocritically, while reassuring him, he married Qiu Jihe three months after his mother died, and took two illegitimate children through the door.

At that time, he lost his mind. After he was discharged from hospital, he hid a dagger and wanted to die with the Ye family. However, because his leg injury was not good, he only had time to stab Qiu Jihe, and he was caught by the security guard.

Ye Maokai broke into a furious rage and sent him to a mental hospital.

Later, Zheng Xuan turned and looked for him and got him out. Ye Maokai was mindful of the shares in his hand and did not dare to fight with him thoroughly.

The time the truck driver really wanted to kill the mother and son, the truck drove very fast and crushed them because of the inertia of the forward momentum caused several cars to collid with each other, Ye Hansheng hired the best lawyer, the truck driver was sentenced to eight years, but unfortunately the truck driver was convinced that the accident was caused by drunk driving, and did not admit to intentional murder.The first thing he did was to look for his family, but they were already gone. He searched for that driver’s family for more than four years, and now that he finally had a little clue, he not only wanted Qiu Jihe’s blood revenge, but also the Ye family’s destruction, as long as Ye Maokai cared about everything, he would destroy it.

Closing his eyes, Ye Hansheng restrained his hideous expression and laughed to himself, he could feel the longing in the eyes of Wen Run looking at him, maybe it was adoration, maybe it was something else, but he thought that this child was seeing only the side he wanted him to see. If one day he saw through the viciousness and darkness beneath his disguise, he would probably fear him and stay away from him just like everyone else.

Ye Hansheng’s eyelids drooped with interest, thinking that he had pretended to be normal for a long time, it was as if he really did look like a normal person.

Even Zheng Xuan thought he was cured. But where was it that he got well so easily.

It was just that he had always been self-controlled, and the madness and bloodlust engraved in his bones were hidden away.


Wen Run went back and wilted a bit, he didn’t know why Ye Hansheng had suddenly changed his attitude, obviously he was fine when he was drinking the chicken soup, why did he seem like a different person after drinking it?

He couldn’t figure it out, and was a little sad.

When Shen Muxun saw him returning listlessly with an insulated lunch box, he looked moved and wondered, “What’s wrong? Bullied?”

“No.” Wen Run sighed and sat down on the sofa, feeling a bit too tired to lift his whole body.

When Shen Muxun saw him like this, he knew that he had something on his mind and didn’t want to talk about it, so he had to find another topic, “Is ‘Jinling Terrace’ about to start filming? When are you going into the group?”

At the mention of this, Wen Run decided to get a little more energetic and said, “Entering the group the day after tomorrow.”

Shen Muxun was concerned and said, “My contract will expire in half a year, and I’m not going to renew it.”

Wen Run was stunned, but he took it for granted. Shen Muxun made his debut earlier than Wen Run and Lu Zhan, and he had been in the industry for more than four years, and he had a little fame. He was different from the delicate appearance of Wen Run and Liu Zhan. He was tall, with sharp facial lines, and he was a quiet type. Coupled with his own hard work, his acting skills had also been honed, he had always been well evaluated in the industry, and he had accumulated some contacts. It was just that Song Li was bent on the artists he was working on to become popular overnight, and Shen Muxun, who walked one step at a time, he despised him. Most of the time, Shen Muxun was left to fend for himself.
If Shen Muxun could have a better home, he would be happy for him.

“Have you found a good company yet?”Wen Run asked.

Shen Muxun said that he hadn’t yet, “There are two that I’m in contact with, but the contract conditions are very restrictive, and it may not be better than Starland.”

Wen Run thought about it, wanting to say that if he didn’t find a suitable company, he could help by going to Zheng Xuan and asking. But when he thought that Zheng Xuan might not be able to help, he didn’t say anything and just put it out of his mind.

He chatted with Shen Muxun for a while again, and as he came home, his sadness was completely scattered. He was like a green sapling with fresh water and a straight back. After a while, he became full of vitality again.

Wen Run cheered up as he thought about entering the group the day after tomorrow, and then he found the curled script and continued to ponder. If he had new ideas, he wrote it in the blank space of the script …

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