Zheng Xuan had completely lost his temper with Ye Hansheng, that dog, and whispered bb[complaints]: “Forget being so mean to me at ordinary times. Anyway, my skin is tough. If you are so fierce towards Wen Run in the future, I am afraid that you will make him cry. “

Ye Hansheng looked at him with raised eyebrows and dismissed his words, thinking that the child was so good in front of him that he could do whatever he wanted. Zheng Xuan was always bothering  him with something. How could he be like the youth?

Although he thought so, Ye Hansheng did not speak and knocked on the table impatiently. “I’ll give you three seconds, get out if you won’t say it.”

Zheng Xuan tsked when he saw that he was really angry. He didn’t dare to deliberately tease him again. “I’ll say it, don’t be angry.”

He leaned forward slightly and said with great joy, “Just now, in the form classroom on the third floor, three young newcomers got together to speak ill of you.” He repeated what he had heard, “Boss Ye, his legs are broken. Who knows if it’s okay …”

“I heard that those men who can’t do it are a little abnormal …”

He said these sentences in a decent way. He didn’t worry about hurting Ye Hansheng’s self-esteem like Wen Run. They had been friends for many years. Ye Hansheng didn’t become like this when he broke his leg in a car accident. He was like this in college, but he used to pretend to be a big-tailed wolf and cheated a bunch of little girls to be fans for him. Later, he had an accident, and his family was restless. He didn’t even bother to install his fake persona directly.

To say so much was to say that Ye Hansheng was a man who could pretend, had a thick face and a hard heart, and this little thing couldn’t hurt his iron heart.

He lamented that the current little newcomers were really terrible, and he didn’t dare say anything until Ye Hansheng’ s loosened brow wrinkled up and quickly got into the topic. “Wasn’t Wen Run going to the form classroom? He heard it all at the door.”

When it came to this Zheng Xuan was also surprised, “Do you know what Wen Run did? He rushed in directly and took his hand to come to you to make it clear. The three little newcomers thought that you guys really had something, and they were afraid that he would complain in person and apologized like cockroaches. “

Ye Hansheng listened to Zheng Xuan’s story, but his mind was imagining what it was like see Wen Run at that time. Was the angry little sheep also so lovely and soft …

  Zheng Xuan had no idea what his best friend was brainstorming in front of him, continuing to browbeat the story, “You didn’t see it, that kid was really defending you, earlier they said he crawled into your bed, he stood at the door with no movement, I thought he was going to put up with it, the results was when it involved you, he was so angry and rushed in to teach them a lesson. He also said he wanted to take advantage of you and blow wind….”

The more he said, the more he felt that Wen Run looked really interesting, so he looked at Ye Hansheng suspiciously, “You two aren’t really getting along, are you? If it’s true, I’ll be able to prepare ahead of time, he’s just starting out, he can’t pop out so early…”

 Zheng Xuan droned on about how hard it was for him, how Ye Hansheng had to hold back, not spoil his good fortune and ruin his good seedling….

  Ye Hansheng’s thoughts were glued to the “blow wind”.[tn: probably seduce, not sure]

  He also thought of the last time in the office, he had teased him a lot and did not see him resist, but instead looked shyly accepting. At that time he thought the other party also wanted to climb his bed for him to hold him, and then lost interest, but then he didn’t have the luxury of making demands, and his round eyes were clear and clean.

  And then there was the scene where he accidentally ran into him in Lan Hai Ting and threw the room card given by the producer into the trash with a disgusted face. He vaguely felt that Wen Run was different in front of him. Now Zheng Xuan said that he was defending himself outside, confirming his suspicions even more.

  Ye Hansheng guessed with interest that the kid liked him, or worshipped him?

  The possible scenarios were guessed over and over again, he vetoed them one by one.

  Not to mention that he looked like a cripple to outsiders now that he had a broken leg, but his terrible temper, not to say that everyone feared him, but at least no one dared to mess with him easily. He didn’t think that a little sheep like Wen Run had that much guts.

  ”Are you listening to me or not?” Zheng Xuan made a long speech by himself, and had even considered how to hide the relationship between the two when Wen Run was popular, but at a glance at Ye Hansheng, this person wasn’t even listening and was dazed.

  Zheng Xuan was unhappy, “You should also think about Wen Run.” What he meant was that if the two of them really had something, they had to hide it well, and definitely couldn’t pop out and affect Wen Run’s future.

  But Ye Hansheng thought of somewhere else to go, he agreed with his friend’s words for the first time, nodded and said, “Then, as he wishes, let him bully the others for a while, you go deal with those people.” It was just a couple of small newcomers, it wasn’t at the point where he needed to step in.

  Zheng Xuan: “??”

  He glared angrily at Ye Hansheng, “You didn’t listen to a bit of what I just said?!”

  After listening to the story, Ye Hansheng lost his patience. “Well, you can get out.”


Zheng Xuan … Zheng Xuan angrily went out.


On the way back, he regretted it.

He remembered the vicious words he said to Li Jue, and what “I am a dog fighting” and “I want to blow wind” … If the few people really made trouble in front of Ye Hansheng, let alone confront the other, he estimated that he would be the first one would be ashamed to drill into the ground first.

Others didn’t know, didn’t he count? His contact with Ye Hansheng, that was, the last time he was inexplicably called to the office. But they were so rumors outside. If they said it out and it reached Ye Hansheng’s ears, he didn’t know what he would think of him. Would he be angry?

The more he wanted to think, the more empty his heart became. He went back to the dormitory with his thoughts. Shen Muxun was shocked to see his face flushed. “Have a fever?” He said, he stretched out his hand to touch his head. Guiltily, Wen Run didn’t dare let him check, he avoided his hand and said “nothing” and quickly hid in the room.

Holding the pillow and wallowing madly in bed as he buried his red-hot face in the soft pillow, feeling blue, he had to inquire with Brother Zheng tomorrow.

The next day, Wen Run didn’t have to find him, Zheng Xuan came with his new assistant Liu Feng. Liu Feng wasn’t tall, had a round face and a little round figure, and looked very lovable when he smiled. When he saw Wen Run, he revealed a brilliant smile first and politely greeted.

Zheng Xuan mainly wanted them to become familiar. After all, he had many things, so he couldn’t stay with Wen Run all day, and he was the assistant who would follow Wen Run most in the future. So he wanted them to know each other first, and see if they would get close to each other.

Liu Feng’s personality was extroverted and warm, so the meeting went very smoothly, and then Liu Feng followed him.

After settling down as an assistant, Zheng Xuan talked about variety shows with Wen Run again.

The variety show this time was called Farming Together, which was a Slow variety focused on rural life. This kind of slow-paced variety show had risen in foreign countries, but it was still rare in China. The program group took hard-core pastoral life as its gimmick, and spent a lot of money to create a unique pastoral life program. It also invited Qu Haowen, a traffic bringing star, and Xie Yupan, a pretty flower, to participate.

Five guests were originally scheduled for this program, but unfortunately, one of them received a better invitation and broke the contract directly. Although the program group was angry, they had to find someone to make up for it quickly, so Zheng Xuan seized the opportunity and stuffed him in.

Variety mainly focused on hard-core rural life. Zheng Xuan knew that Wen Run was born in the countryside, but he wasn’t worried that he couldn’t adapt to rural life. He was worried that Wen Run’s character was too soft and simple, and he would be trapped.

During the recording of the first program, the program group not only invited traffic stars, but also invited the topic-oriented net popular Huang Ziyu. Strictly speaking, Huang Ziyu could only be regarded as half an entertainer. She got angry in a live broadcast. Since she got angry, she had been talked about constantly. After signing the contract for Huanqiu Entertainment, she relied on a backer, and he didn’t know how many male stars were tied up with her for hype. Zheng Xuan told Wen Run to guard against her. He had just started now. If he accidentally made any news, his fame would rise in the future, which would become his black spot.

Wen Run said he would be careful. Then stared at Zheng Xuan awkwardly.

  Zheng Xuan didn’t notice at first, his eyebrows raised after being looked at a few more times by him, “Something you want to tell me?”

  Wen Run held his red face, his eyes dodging as he fidgeted.

  Zheng Xuan thought he felt embarrassed to tell him that he had gotten into trouble outside, so he encouraged him, “Gotten into trouble? Don’t be afraid, any problem brother can set it right for you.” Even if he couldn’t set it right, wasn’t there still a big president Ye.

  Of course he didn’t say this sentence.

  Wen Run repeatedly cheered himself up in his heart before he overcame his shame and whispered, “It’s just that someone said… that I’m with president Ye…”

  Zheng Xuan was stunned, he didn’t think he was going to say this, so he smiled, “They are jealous of you, I will deal with it, and it will be clean in two days.”

  Wen Run didn’t want to ask that, his ears were also red, as quiet as a mosquito he asked: “If it spreads to Mr Ye, will he be angry ah?”

  Zheng Xuan: “………………….”

  He was worried about this.

  Zheng Xuan was in a complicated mood and couldn’t speak, thinking that his Mr Ye was not only not angry, but even seemed to be happy.

  But that couldn’t be nonsense, the relationship between the two people looked looked like it was in the clouds, he felt it was better not to blindly dabble, so he could only casually perfunctorily say, “Mr Ye won’t mind these trivial matters.”

  Wen Run was so relieved when he heard that. Otherwise, if Mr Ye would have been angry, he would have had to find a way to explain things to him.

  It was good to know now that he wouldn’t be angry.


  After two days in the classroom, Zheng Xuan quietly took away the three newcomers who were gossiping. Because no one knew about the quarrel, everyone thought that the newcomers were not sensible and provoked the gold medal broker, and they became even more envious of Wen Run.

Wen Run didn’t know about it.

After that, he went to the form classroom for several days, and did strength training with the coach. He didn’t want to look extremely muscular, but at least he had to make his thin arms and legs look a little defined. Otherwise, when filming, during a scene that showed a little skin, he would look like a young bodyguard with high martial arts but with the body of a pampered young master.

During the fitness training, Wen Run also took a publicity photo for a certain popular tea drink, and after practicing for a few days, Zheng Xuan informed him that <<Farming Together>> was about to start recording.

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