This May could be considered as a big breakthrough month for Wen Run.



The ratings of the first broadcast of the “Jinling Terrace” broke one, and after that the ratings steadily rose, reaching a peak of 1.72. And the simultaneous broadcast of the online version, the cumulative number of plays, ratings and webcast grew together. Although the show had been on air for less than half a month, the buzz on all platforms was very high, and the word of mouth was also a virtuous cycle, with a starting score of 9.1 on highly recognized rating sites, and then slowly declining to a stable 8.7. From the whole drama to the actors’ acting, reviews were very high.



And among them, the big bang was Wen Run.



The main actor and actress had already won awards, their status was very stable, They couldn’t explode any more, but Wen Run and Shen Muxun had a low starting point, they performed well and played roles that appealed to the audience.



Because of the role persona, Wen Run as Yan Wu was more popular than Shen Muxun as the Prince of Zhenbei.



In the last half month of the broadcast of “Jinling Terrace”, Wen Run was on the hot search list almost every other day, his Weibo followers rose and broke through the 15 million mark.



In this moment of attention, the broadcast of “Eat Chicken Tonight” had added another firewood.


The “Eat Chicken Tonight” was an old variety show, from the beginning of the broadcast and the ratings were very stable.



When the program hired Wen Run, they wanted to take advantage of the “love triangle” fiasco at the time, with the three together, there was absolutely no lack of topics. Therefore, at the end of the recording, post-production, the official page of the program group deliberately put a lot of news out, many fans knew that the latest episodes was of Wen Run, Xie Yupan and Chu Yu, and excitedly waited.



And when it came to the day of “Eat Chicken” broadcast, whether it was fans who wanted to see their favorite stars or passersby who were watching, they were already guarding the screen before.



When the opening credits of “Eat Chicken Tonight” started, the comments started placing bets on which team would win this episode. It was a tradition for fans to place bets in previous editions, and the comments began to add up: [bet on Double Yu, a double bet].



[Bet on them, the Double Yu couple will win! The young master is a survival pro.]



[Add a spicy stick, the double Yu couple will eat chicken tonight! I’ll eat devil peppers live if they don’t!]



[Funny.jpg, did you guys ever think that the team might break up the couple? It’s not like the team hasn’t done this before.]


[Why doesn’t anyone bet on Xiao Run? I’ll bet my keyboard that Xiao Run will win! Xiao Run will win!]



[I’m sure I’ll bet on Xiao Run for a beauty pageant, but blind trust is not allowed, a bottle of Wangzhi bet on Young Master Chu!]




Betting was in full swing, several guests arrived on the island, while the director also began to announce the rules of the game: six criminals stranded on a deserted island, and the island had only one escape boat ……



That meant …… of the six people, only one could survive.



Comments: ???? This was different from the promise ah!



The program team was worthy of being the program team, this episode had different rules, not to mention, in order to create conflict and topics, they set them up against each other.



After the rules were explained, the comments were mostly, “you shocked this mother” and “I want to blow up the director team up”.



Of course, it was impossible to blow up the director’s team, so they could only comment crazily.



After the six guests took their places, the camera cut into six small squares. The cue in the guests’ headsets was played as a voice-over, and after a mechanical start, the guests began their respective journeys of desert island exploration.



The team knew that most people’s attention was on Wen Run and the double Yu couple, so the camera gave Xie Yupan a closeup shot first.



Xie Yupan put the fake ri-fle on her shoulder, then randomly picked a road to go forward, her character was lively and active and the island had unknown plants, when she saw anything she had to touch it, she didn’t even follow the cameraman’s hints.



The viewers were heartbroken for the cameraman. And as Xie Yupan asked” why” a 100,000 times, Wen Run had also set out. He was more pragmatic, while walking and observing the surroundings, he looked like he was playing the game seriously, at least he was more reliable than Xie Yupan, who acted like she was on an excursion.



The comment section was filled with relieved comments, praising Wen Run for not tossing the cameraman around, then he smiled innocently and turned back to ask, “Do you know where the director hid the hint clues?”




The comment screen: …………



Just now I was praising you!



The cameraman didn’t have a little defense, he blurted out: “The crew isn’t allowed to reveal.”


The post-production was particularly spooky, the voice added special effects into a gruff male voice, and it repeated three times “the team isn’t allowed to disclose”.



Wen Run smiled slyly, “so there really are clues ah?”


The viewers expressed doubts.



[Is this still my simple and lovely Xiao Wen?]



[Is this considered a collapse of the persona?]



[Is it too late to bet on Xiao Run to eat chicken?]



Perhaps it was because Wen Run had been showing a good image of a cute little puppy, now he suddenly blackened, which caught netizens and fans off guard, more viewers bet on Wen Run.



Just when they did, Wen Run stopped again, turned around and walked back.



If it was before, people might think he lost something OR got lost OR had a situation …… but after the conversation with the cameraman, people started to guess what he was up to.



They watched him go back to the original point, back in the waiting area, he looked around and surprisingly found a hidden stone tablet, the stone tablet was painted with a map and the specific location and time of the arrival of the boat on the island.


Comments: …… this can also be done?



Who had the unethical idea to hide the clues near the waiting area? Wasn’t this a situation of finding light in the darkness?



Wen Run found the clue and began his journey again, and the camera finally also cut to the other guests side. The remaining four guests, except Chu Yu, who was experienced in playing Survival games, searched the waiting area at the beginning, and the other three went on their way in different directions.



The later stage of the program group was also full of talents. In the early stage, several guests didn’t encounter each other. However, when exploring the desert island, they also made a lot of jokes, which were edited together. With the special effects in the late stage, it wasn’t like a desert island survival program at a time, it looked like a picnic food program.


Especially in Wen Run’s side, when other guests were still struggling to eat their own bread, he had found the brook and started to light a fire to roast fish.


The steps were rough, but the angle and light of the cameraman was well chosen, even if it was a barbecued fish without any seasoning, it looked delicious.



The show was broadcast at night, and the comments were full of protests.


[The program team is forcing me to crave food!]



[Welcome to the big outdoor food show – eat chicken tonight.]



[Just mentioning that I just ordered grilled fish, i’m eating with Xiao Run hehehe].



When the viewers were salivating over the grilled fish, the camera suddenly cut to Xie Yupan’s side and they heard her excitedly shout, “I smell grilled fish!!!”



Then she rushed in front of Wen Run.



The viewers: Oh, no!



Wen Run alertly raised the gu-n. Just when everyone thought there would be a good show, the BGM suddenly changed. Cut to a miserable suona tune.



[TN: BGM — Background music]




Xie Yupan threw the snatch to the ground without the spirit of the game, “Well, now I’m a prisoner, you can’t mistreat a P-O-W!”




[TN: Prisoner of w-ar]



[Shocked this mom, I’ve never seen such a tawdry operation.]



[Fat Jade’s eating persona will never collapse.]





[A woman who can sell her pride for a fish, funny.jpg]



However the lower limit was only lower, there was no minimum. The viewers in front of the screen thought that this was the most degrading thing, but never thought that there was something even more degrading than this waiting for them.


Wen Run’s eyes rolled at Xie Yupan, who had finished eating and wanted to eat more, and made a condition, “You have to promise me something.”



The two muttered for a while, Xie Yupan hesitated for a while, but with a gnash of her teeth and a stomp of her foot, she agreed.



Beyond Xie Yupan’s line of sight. Wen Run once again showed a small fox-like smile, post-effects also deliberately gave him a sinister expression.


[What did they say? Why do I have a bad feeling?]


[It can’t be what I think ba? How could Fat Yu sell her husband for a few baked fish?]


[Oh, no. I have a strong feeling that my CP is going to be broken, someone wake me up!]



There were also comments that rose out of nowhere, [Is spring coming for YuRun girls!!! I’m high!!!]



[TN: YURUN Pairing — Xiao Yupan and Wen Run]


No matter how reluctant the double Yu CP fans were to accept the truth, at the end of the variety show, Xie Yupan confessed to Chu Yu the truth about her alliance with Wen Yun, they still had to cry and admit that the CP they loved, was just a little bit torn down by a few baked fish!



The CP fans burst into tears, crying while looking for sugar.



[Is Double Yu done already? Will I have a CP with grilled fish in the future? True love is actually grilled fish?]



[Shut up! I won’t accept any rebuttals. Young master dotes on Fat jade! Who dares to say it’s not true love!]



[Wuwuwuwan didn’t expect that the CP I ate could not even beat the grilled fish. Young master is so good! It’s all because Wen Run is so scheming!]




There was no doubt that Wen Run won, and the CP fans were covered in tears.


[I used to think that the difference between myself and a learning God was the score of the college entrance examination, but now I know that the difference is the brain. I wonder if it’s too late to change now?]


[What about eating devil peppers live in front? Please start your show.]



Even though the variety show had finished broadcasting, the discussion heat on the internet hadn’t come down. The crew of “Eat Chicken” really knew how to make things happen, they didn’t choose to fry the cheesy love triangle, but to let the three people hurt each other was more effective than taking advantage of the love triangle.



The effect was so good that the girls want to send rancid baked fish to the whole crew!



That’s right, it was so grudge-holding.



As for Wen Run, they realized that he usually looked as innocent as a white rabbit, but in fact, inside he was simply a sesame seed filling. Naturally no matter what, Wen Run’s fans loved him and even many people felt that the black-hearted white rabbit persona pretending to be a pig and eating a tiger was more interesting, and even the output of the various CPs of Wen Rn were affected, changing his image of good and soft, to bright claws and teeth.



But the network was big, and it didn’t have just one voice, there was no stopping the anti-fans that popped out.



But these couldn’t stop Wen Run from rocketing up to fame. During the whole May, Wen Run dominated the screen and the hot search list and his popularity multiplied, offers also fell like snowflakes.



“Two new endorsements have been negotiated, both are international first-line brands. One clothing, one car.” Zheng Xuan pushed the endorsement contract in front of him.



Wen Run only briefly looked through them and signed.



Zheng Xuan put four more printed scripts in front of him, “These are the new scripts sent recently, I picked the best four, see for yourself which one is suitable.”



The situation of Wen Run now was hotter than the fire, and he was already the leader of the “top four youngsters” in the Industry.



And he had just turned 20 years old, it was the best time of his age.



Wen Run took the script and flipped through it, and felt doubtful: “Didn’t you say before that the company invested in that drama for me?”


Star Media itself would also produce some dramas, mainly used to promote their artists. Earlier, Star Media and Mocking Wind Entertainment jointly invested in a historical drama “Taiping Tune”, which was set in the chaotic era of the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms, and told the story of a man who conquered the chaotic world, pacified the four directions and unified the mountains and rivers to become the emperor.



This was a big drama, Zheng Xuan previously said the company intended to use this drama to promote Wen Run.

Although the two played in which Wen Run was involved are not bad, but one was a supporting role and one was the second male lead, at that time he wasn’t popular enough for the role of male lead. Now the situation was very good, the invited scripts were all for the male lead, so Zheng Xuan intentionally let him pick by himself.



His first role as a male lead had to have a good reputation and audience rating. Of course, Zheng Xuan hoped that he could get both of them, which was also the reason why Zheng Xuan wanted him to challenge again.



“The script of Taiping Tune s good, but it is too difficult for this theme to get popular.” After all, it was a historical drama. Zheng Xuan had also seen the script, which restored the historical facts very well, and the costumes were excellent. But now the audience tastes changed too fast, and the audience of historical dramas had shrunk a lot.



Wen Run looked at the four scripts one by one, and finally left the script of Taiping Tune in his hands. Along with the information of the production team, Zheng Xuan was also listed. Wen Run knew about the director and was impressed by him. In the early years, he once shot another historical play with the Ming Dynasty as the background. At that time, the public praise and audience rating were very popular, it was still a classic.



The director’s work wasn’t much, only three dramas so far, but each one was a classic. In the industry he had a “ten years to sharpen a sword” reputation.


It was no wonder that with such an obviously unappealing subject matter nowadays, the two major entertainment companies, Starland and Mocking Wind, were competing for investment.



Wen Run pondered for a moment: “Let’s do this. Director Yuan’s dramas are not too bad, if I can participate, I can also learn more.” In contrast, he actually wanted to enrich himself more than to act in some eye-catching fast drama for the sake of ratings.



Zheng Xuan saw that he was also interested in it, so he stopped being greedy. Public praise and the popularity of the big male main show were very rare. Often one of them was already reason to burn high incense, so he stopped worrying and was ready to refuse other invitations.



“Another point is that although Director Yuan accepted the actors recommended by the company, he has the final decisions on the candidates. He has to see and agree before deciding.”


After all, if the leading actor’s acting skills weren’t up to the standard, it would smash his reputation.




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