C5—– Thunder Of The Heavenly Staff


At 3:00 p.m., the rainstorm arrived as expected.


Fortunately, the scene had been protected and all the exhibits had been put indoors.



Listening to the sound of torrential rain pouring outside the window, it was as if the glass was about to be knocked through, while inside, the atmosphere was so quiet and stark that it was hard to breathe.



All the guards were gathered in front of the cell corridor, no one spoke, with gloomy eyes, they examined the prisoners in each cell, as if certain that the death of the guard Tang Jieming, was definitely related to these prisoners.



“The prisoners here, all have problems with old Tang.” A prison guard spoke up.



“Old Tang was never soft on those prisoners who violate the rules, anyone caught would be punished with electric batons.”



“Actually …… it’s not necessarily only the prisoners who have problems with Old Tang.” Another prison guard suddenly spoke up, he lowered his voice, “During the day when doing the examination, the prison warden named the new inmate.”



“The surgeon?”


“That’s him.” The prison guard nodded, “You know what’s in this man’s head, Old Tang, thought the warden was going to handle that surgeon, he smiled especially le-wdly, I saw the warden become cold-faced all of a sudden, like he was going to chop Old Tang up.”



Other prison guards all sucked in a breath.


Then someone whispered, “I heard that the warden seemed to have retired from a position of a forensic doctor. One time, he went to the police and, for some unknown reason, completely destroyed the scene of the crime, but it didn’t work out. Finally, he was released to us.”



“In that case, our prison warden can also do the corpse into that whole look, right?”



“And ah, the evidence could have been arranged by the prison warden ……”


Seeing that the topic was getting out of line, the old prison guard scolded: “It’s enough, don’t talk nonsense!”



The conversation stopped there, but they began to mutter in their hearts.


The warden, who was on the minds of the guards, was in the basement with the new inmate.



The death row prison had a tunnel that was built during the wa-r to avoid bo-mbing and enemy troops, and was now used as a severe punishment room and cold storage.



The two men were now standing in front of two long stainless steel tables in the cold storage room, one table with the body parts of Tang Jieming, and the other table with environmental evidence collected on site in separate categories.



Yu Rui looked at Feng Huai, “What do you have in mind?”



“Why only ask me?” Feng Huai asked rhetorically.



Yu Rui smiled and walked around the long table to Feng Huai. He tapped the table with his knuckles and said quietly, “The first night you came, one person died in the next cell and one person pulled out his tongue. In your cell, a lot of bl-ood and water were found washing away in the sewer. The mirror inside the cell was broken and there were obvious signs of fighting.”



“Is this not enough to make me pay more attention to you?” He looked at Feng Huai.



Feng Huai paused, it wasn’t easy to explain, whether it was about that thing, or about the bl-ood fusion ants.



He selectively ignored the man’s words and turned to the table of wreckage, following up on the other man’s earlier question, “Tang Jieming’s corpse, small parts of the internal tissues showed a semi-dissolved state, similar to the condition of the other prisoners who died.”



“It may be a matter of time before the internal organs were completely dissolved.” Feng Huai said.



From the time the prisoners were escorted back to their cells, to the time of labor reform later, it was at most less than an hour’s work.



In other words, Tang Jieming’s death also happened in this less than an hour’s time.



“It took less than an hour to k-ill a sturdy man and decompose the body evenly and set up the scene like that.” Yu Rui’s expression remained unchanged, “It seems the k-iller is quite skilled.”



Feng Huai looked at Yu Rui: “The death method is consistent, but the presentation method is very different. Maybe there are two killers.”



“Then it seems that this person is quite hated.”



Feng Huai didn’t deny it.



Yu Rui changed into a set of white overalls, put on a transparent goggle mask, and said to Feng Huai: “There is a new set over there, go and put it on, we will do the autopsy first.”



“Autopsy?” Feng Huai was slightly unfamiliar with this word, but he got some basic information from this body’s memory, with a slight nod, he changed into a work equipment.



“Just talk with me.” Yu Rui faintly spoke, his voice was blocked by the mask, making it more low than usual, “with so many fatal accidents here, waiting for the forensic and criminal – police brigade to arrive, and then line up for them to produce the autopsy report, would take at least three weeks.”



“To improve efficiency, the first autopsies are performed by me.”



A small sharp knife in his hand was turned slightly in one direction at his fingertips, and the tip of the knife rested against the suture of the corpse block.



“Here we go, Feng Huai.”



The autopsy process was more or less rudimentary, with the lack of professional equipment here, the environmental evidence couldn’t be analyzed, so only the body parts were done.



As Feng Huai initially concluded, the tissues in the separated body pieces were not completely dissolved.


The most serious part of the dissolution was in the stomach, so it could be concluded that the dissolution started from the stomach.



“From the liver temperature of the deceased, it can be presumed that the time of death was between 12:30 pm and 1:00 pm.” Yu Rui paused, “that is, within half an hour after the dissolution, the resting time period after the guards have gathered the prisoners.”


Feng Huai took the photos of the corpse taken during the autopsy to observe and said, “The sutures on the deceased’s body are made of special surgical material, and the sutures are quite skillful and sharp.”



“But there is one thing, the closing knot presented at the end is not the technique used in any surgical stitching.” He said with a frown, finding it a bit odd that he couldn’t recognize what kind of knot it was.



“It’s a butcher’s knot.” Yu Rui interjected, meeting Feng Huai’s slightly puzzled gaze, and added, “A mini version of it. Usually a butcher will use this knot to bind the fleshy joints, and here, it was used to bind the interface between the stem and the flesh of the rose.”


The k-iller was very precise and skilled. Besides surgeons and forensic doctors, there were also butchers in the slaughterhouse.



The corpse, which had been cut into uniform pieces of flesh, didn’t actually avoid human bones very well.



When he and Yu Rui performed the autopsy, they observed that the exposed exoskeletal part had multiple messy white knife marks.


In other words, the cut wasn’t good.


“Good harvest.” Feng Huai trailed off, glanced at Yu Rui, then he turned towards the door, “The next step shouldn’t have much to do with me, I’ll leave first.”



“Wait a minute.” Yu Rui called out.



Feng Huai turned slightly sideways: “What is it again?”



Yu Rui slightly pursed his lips, stared at Feng Huai’s eyes, his fingers moved slightly, only to think of when he dodged, he froze then said lightly: “Prisoners are not allowed to move alone. I’ll take you back.”



Feng Huai’s expression sank slightly, and after two seconds, he gave a light “snort”.



He raised his hands, revealing a white wrist, and asked, “Do you need shackles?”



Yu Rui looked at him, then he approached Feng Huai and grabbed Feng Huai’s wrists: “No need.”


Feng Huai gently struggled twice, but the young prison warden’s palm was tighter than the handcuffs.



As he walked through the tunnel, Feng Huai heard a “whimpering” sound coming from a closed room, and he stopped, suddenly remembering that the goateed man had been taken to the underground severe punishment room.



He looked over there, “What’s going on in there?”




“It’s to discipline the violators.” Yu Rui replied, “Want to go in for a visit?”



“That’s not necessary.” Feng Huai said, “I just heard that the last time a prisoner went in, he died that night. There are many legends among the prisoners.”


“Nonsense. It’s just a coincidence.”



“I guess so.”



The two men spoke as they walked into the elevator in the tunnel.


The elevator was of a very early style, with iron bars around it, and operated by primitive pulleys – with a strange creaking sound when it was started.



When it rose to the ground, you could see through the bars to the outside –



Outside the thunder and lightning, the wind and rain, a sycamore tree standing in front of the door was blown off the branch, the old gate was blown by the wind drum as if it would fall down at any time, emitting old and broken groan -.



Looking in the direction of the hillside, there were vague rocks moving slowly like a river flow.



Soon, the elevator took the two up to the second floor.



“Meal release time. Let’s eat first.” Yu Rui pulled Feng Huai out of the elevator.



Those who cooked in the prisoners’ canteen were also prisoners, and were also equivalent to labor reform.



The one who cooked today was Arthur.



He came out of the kitchen when Feng Huai was first in line, put his head out of the small window and said with a big white teeth grin, “I hope you still have a good appetite today.”



After he finished, he turned to Yu Rui behind Feng Huai: “I didn’t expect that the high and mighty prison warden would come to eat our meal. Rabbit Hair, give the Lord Warden a little more meat to add to his meal.”



The prisoner shivered at the words and scooped a spoonful of meat into Yu Rui’s lunch box.



Yu Rui swept a glance at it and looked at Arthur: “The meat is well cut and well proportioned.”



After he finished, he and Feng Huai walked to a table and sat down.



Arthur reddened slightly, then spat a mouthful of spit, and turned around to go back to the back kitchen.



Feng Huai used the tips of his chopsticks to pick at the pieces of poorly colored braised meat, he lifted his eyelids and looked at Yu Rui: “Is it Arthur?”



“Not necessarily. Eat.”



The Emperor Feng Huai, who was used to tasting the sea and mountains, had always had a picky taste, not to mention this bowl of unappetizing and bland rice.



There were a few prisoners sitting around, each not eating, just looking at him and Yu Rui, when he looked, they withdrew their eyes.





——It seemed that it was incredible for him to share a table with Yu Rui.


Bright thunder flashed outside the window, illuminating the entire cafeteria for a moment with white light, the next second, the ceiling lights flickered for a moment then extinguished.



“Power failure?”



“Behave yourself! Don’t try to do anything!” A few guards immediately flash their electric batons, the light seemed unreachable in the darkness.


Obviously, there were no honest prisoners.



A few seconds after the lights went out, Feng Huai heard the sound of people yelling in pain, fighting sounds, tables and chairs colliding …… the whole cafeteria was in chaos.



Feng Huai wasn’t moved, he sat quietly where he was.



In front of him Yu Rui laughed lightly and said softly: “Good boy. Don’t move around, you shouldn’t fight without eyes.”



After he finished, Feng Huai felt like a gust of wind had passed before his eyes.



Feng Huai thought, maybe soon the surroundings would be quiet.



However, unexpectedly, there was more commotion around, stainless steel tables and chairs were overturned with a violent sound, the sound of prisoners screaming hurt the eardrums, and the chatter of irritable and angry curses was incessant.



Feng Huai frowned, how come this person moved and it became more noisy than before?




“Finally found the flashlight!” Someone shouted in the darkness.



A few beams of flashlight light pierced through the darkness, Feng Huai looked over and saw Yu Rui coldly dislocating a prisoner’s jaw.




The man’s saliva was dripping down uncontrollably, and his mouth was still slurring something about “selling-body-bitc-h”.




Yu Rui yanked the man’s hair.



He forced the man to bend in pain, and his voice was low, like a murmur from hell: “Even if you die here, no one will say a word. Mind your tongue, if you don’t want it, I can sew it into No. 8’s mouth.”



Prisoner number 8, the poor man who had his tongue pulled out.



The man’s eyes open wide with fear in them, “You won’t ……”


“You can try.”



Yu Rui pulled out the Swiss pocket knife from his waist, the tip of the knife stabbed into the man’s mouth without mercy, they heard a scream, the man covered his bl-oody mouth, rolling on the ground in pain.



A few of the prison guards on the side with flashlights gulped in unison, the flashlight beam was shaking, like a power shortage, illuminating the face of Yu Rui, making it more obscure and indistinguishable, which made people fearful.


A few seconds later, the flashlight also completely went out of power. The entire second floor fell back into darkness.


“What a stupid flashlight!” “I asked you to check the emergency equipment more often! Look at this!” “I clearly remember that the battery was replaced the day before yesterday…”


The guards were clamoring among themselves, fearing that the warden would press the blame on them.


Just then, there was another bright thunder outside the window, illuminating the second floor like daylight for a few seconds.



“…… Holy s-hit!” Shivering in fear, a man suddenly stared at the front with wide eyes, “What is that thing?! Prison warden! It’s right behind you! Get out of the way!”



The man’s words were followed by a third bright thunderbolt falling.



This time more people could see clearly, it was a huge shadow with a hunched body, covered with what looked like flesh tumors, only the shadow-like outline was visible.



The thing was a dozen meters away from Yu Rui, but the next second, it flew up behind Yu Rui.



Yu Rui’s expression changed, sensitive to a horrible threat, he quickly leapt and lifted a table to block his back.



Just as he landed, a bright lightning wrapped in a terrifying force fell with a bang.



But this time it didn’t fall outside the window, it appeared without warning as if in response to a call, and smashed precisely on the huge shadow.



The whole floor shook viciously, and several prison guards fell to the ground seven times, staring dumbfounded at the direction where the dust flew up.



“Did you guys see that? That Ray …… actually hit indoors?!”




“It hit that monster! It’s too much of a coincidence!”



“The warden wouldn’t be buried underneath, would he?”



The moment the lightning hit the ground, Yu Rui’s back hit the stainless steel table, blocking the flying bricks and broken tiles.



“One hundred thousand thunderbolts, all listen to my order ……” The extremely light chant was engulfed in such darkness and noise, but it was like a heavy sound smashed in Yu Rui’s ears.



He snapped his head up to look in Feng Huai’s direction. He saw him holding a long staff, with a long stance, standing in place, seemingly looking straight through him to the ruins, as if there was no semblance of him in his eyes.



“Surprisingly, it is the cross heaven staff ……” Yu Rui muttered, he thought this long staff had long been lost by Feng Huai.



When he returned to his senses and looked at Feng Huai again, the staff in Feng Huai’s hand was gone.



Feng Huai was huddled in the corner as if he had nothing to do with it, playing the poor, weak and innocent. Beside him, were two prisoners who were really – scared into a ball.








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