C27— Discovery


Tiny mention of sui-cide .


As usual, Cheng Hao went to the fighters’ lounge to rest.


In the lounge, there were a few fighters he knew, and a few he didn’t know.



The last time he came, Cheng Hao and Carpenter had a good exchange, and this time he also wanted to find Carpenter, but Carpenter wasn’t here, and neither was Gerald or Dace.



Cheng Hao wasn’t familiar with the people here, so he just listened to their chat, but he just listened for a while, the fighter Carpenter introduced him to, who was an insurance salesman, came over to talk to him.


The boxer named Nick was very eloquent, talked to Cheng Hao, cared about Cheng Hao’s life, and then began to sell insurance: “People like us, whether it’s medical insurance or accident insurance, it’s all necessary! This will allow us to have no worries, so that our family can have protection ……”



He spoke with great eloquence.



Cheng Hao felt that what he said was very reasonable, he bought a lot of insurance in his last life.



But he had no money now.



His money was spent, Lin Yuxun’s entire family left with more than 100 yuan …… this money wasn’t enough to buy insurance.



Since he couldn’t afford it, Cheng Hao didn’t want to hear it, he tried to change the subject: “How come I haven’t seen Des and Jellal today?”



“Des, he was wounded last time, it’ll take some days for him to come, as for Jellal …… you don’t know? He’s dead.”



Nick spoke with a very calm expression, but Cheng Hao froze: “Dead?”




Nick continued: “Yes, he died, he borrowed a large sum of money from Blake, but couldn’t pay back, his health was still so bad, selling him to the black coal mine was a waste of money …… Blake was angry and sent people to break his legs, but because he couldn’t get money to fund his dr-ug addiction, he ki-lled himself. ”



Old George’s fighters, all knew about Jellal, so they joined the conversation: “It’s really not surprising …… I knew something would happen to him sooner or later.”



“Cheng, the last time Jellal fought you and was able to fight for so long, he was on dru-gs, otherwise he definitely wouldn’t have lasted so long.”



“Unlucky Jellal, but in a few more years, I reckon I’ll be the same.”



“He actually should have s-hot himself a long time ago.”




The expressions on these fighters’ faces as they chatted were relaxed.


Gérard was dead, yet none of them actually took it seriously.


Cheng Hao, however, listened somewhat distractedly.



He had little contact with these fighters before and only knew that Jellal was the weakest among them, but he didn’t know about Jellal’s situation.



Although it was self-inflicted that Jellal would end up in this situation, the sudden death of his opponent from not long ago still made him feel a little uncomfortable.



What was more, the people here talking about Jellal’s broken leg surprisingly didn’t feel strange at all, and there was no idea that the k-iller should be punished as such.



Thinking about the occasional g-unshots that he would hear these days, and the occasional people with gu-ns that he would see on the road, Cheng Hao became more and more determined about one thing – he had to take Lin Yuxun and Danny out of here as soon as possible.



Children should not live in such an environment.



While Cheng Hao was thinking this, old George came over and discussed with the boxers present about the arrangements for the fights later.



Cheng Hao’s opponent this time, was with the police officer Cyrus.


Cyrus was also black, and unlike Nick, he was very quiet.



His job as a police officer was enough to make a good living, and he came here to fight, no one was sure if it was a hobby or for other reasons.


When Cheng Hao stepped into the ring once again, his mood was not quite the same as before.



Today, he suddenly learned about the death of Jellal, and his mood was a bit complicated.



Although after standing in the ring, he discarded those emotions that he shouldn’t have, but more or less he still collected the effects. Probably because of the bad state, he couldn’t enter that transcendent state yet.



When the whistle sounded, Cheng Hao fought back and forth with person in the ring.



Cyrus was an amateur, but he was very cautious and physically strong, but Cheng Hao …… has a wealth of skills, but his body was too thin.



The two sides fought in the ring indistinguishable from each other.



And at this time, Lin Yuxun had found old George’s bar.



The address was given to him by Chester.



Those people that Chester admired who were calling the shots in this community liked to come to Old George’s bar to spend their time, that was why Chester and the others, wanted to enter the bar so much.



They even often wandered around the bar …… if not for that, on Tuesday when Cheng Ho came out of the bar, he wouldn’t have happened to bump into them.



Lin Yuxun sought out the entrance to the bar and wanted to go in, but was stopped: “Boy, we don’t let minors in here!”



The vast majority of U.S. states, where you could get a driver’s license at the age of sixteen, and even some states where you could get married, had always frowned upon underage drinking.




Of course, Old George’s bar didn’t let minors in, not because of such regulations, no one here cared about these regulations …… The bar didn’t let people in casually, mainly because they were afraid that those children would go in and cause trouble.



It wasn’t uncommon for teenage kids in poor neighborhoods to rush into a store and grab something and leave, so if Old George’s bar just let people in, it would probably be a mess.



The people who stopped him looked so fierce that Lin Yuxun felt scared from the bottom of his heart.



If it were before, he would have left in a huff.



But now, Cheng Hao was inside.



When he thought of Cheng Hao, Lin Yuxun had endless courage.



Moreover, Cheng Hao said that one shouldn’t retreat at the first encounter, but face it bravely.



He believed in all of Cheng Hao’s words.



Lin Yuxun plucked up his courage, “My brother is inside, I am here to find him, can’t I go in too?”



“Your brother? You are Cheng’s brother?” The man on guard asked.



“Yes, my brother’s name is Cheng Hao.” Lin Yuxun said.



The watchman said, “You can go in, but you have to be careful not to mess with those guests.”



Lin Yuxun was stunned, he didn’t think he would be let in so easily. …… Chester said he couldn’t get in.



He didn’t know that for the bar, a punk like Chester needed to be stopped, but a harmless one like him, it was okay to let in.



That watchman also said, “Your brother is very good!”




“Thanks.” Lin Yuxun thanked him and was about to go inside when a black man called out to him, “You’re Cheng’s brother? Let me take you in.”



Lin Yuxun looked at the man, “Then I’ll trouble you!”



This man who appeared was none other than Carpenter.



Carpenter’s source of income basically depended entirely on boxing, so he didn’t just fight here in Old George, he would also go to other places to fight.



Today he just came back from somewhere else.



Originally he was planning to rest at home, but thinking of Cheng Hao, he came.



“Your brother is a great fighter.” Carpenter said to Lin Yuxun.



Lin Yuxun liked to hear people praise Cheng Hao, but such a praise wasn’t what he wanted.



He was silent and didn’t say anything, then soon, he saw the ring that was surrounded by the audience, and also saw Cheng Hao in the ring.



Cheng Hao and the other boxer were both wearing only shorts, and they were wearing gloves as they fought with one punch and another.



Lin Yuxun’s heart was beating “thump, thump, thump”.


Cheng Hao in the ring, looked particularly attractive, but he was also particularly worried about ……



“Carpenter, you’re here?” Nick, the insurance salesman, came over to greet Carpenter.


“Hmm.” Carpenter answered.



And Nick, at this time, noticed Lin Yuxun: “Oh, he …… came to see Cheng?”



“He is Cheng’s brother.” Carpenter said.



Nick then greeted Lin Yuxun, “Hello, Cheng’s brother.”



However Lin Yuxun didn’t respond to him, his eyes fell on the ring, his eyes couldn’t hold anyone else except the man in the ring.



Cheng Hao had received another punch!



Lin Yuxun’s one hand clenched up tightly and his face turned white.



Seeing Lin Yuxun like this, Nick shrugged his shoulders and stopped talking, instead he turned to Carpenter.


“Carpenter, who do you think will win today?” Nick asked.



Carpenter had already made one wrong prediction after another and didn’t want to talk now.



But Nick insisted on asking, “Carpenter, tell me, who do you think will win?”



Nick insisted on asking, and Carpenter could only say, “I think Cyrus will win.”



“Why?” Nick asked.


“On Cheng today, there’s not the same ruthlessness as last time.”



“Also …… actually he’s doing very well now, to my surprise.” Nick said, “Cheng is really still a child, before learning the news that Jellal died, he looked so shocked, I thought he would not be able to participate in the game because of fear.”


Carpenter said, “So he’ll mostly lose …… he’s a bit young in the end.”



As the two were talking, Cheng Hao accidentally fell down when Cyrus punched him solidly on the shoulder.



Cheng Hao’s movements were flexible and very good at dodging, thus Cyrus never hit him in the vitals, except that Cyrus was so strong that even if he didn’t hit him in the vitals, he could still knock him down.



“Cheng Hao!” Lin Yuxun finally couldn’t help but call out.



Cheng Hao didn’t go into oblivion this time, and the sounds around him could naturally be heard.



When Lin Yuxun called out this distinctive Chinese phrase, he heard it clearly.



Then Cheng Hao was a bit confused.



Lin Yuxun came?


How could Lin Yuxun come?



Cheng Hao rolled over and got up from the ground, looked around, and saw Lin Yuxun standing beside Carpenter.



He was in shock when a fist struck towards him …… Cheng Hao subconsciously dodged, but even though he dodged the vital point, he still received a blow on the shoulder, he staggered several steps before stopping.



It was at this time that Cheng Hao suddenly thought of one thing.





Lin Yuxun must be very upset when he saw that he was beaten, he knew him, Lin Yuxun would feel uneasy if he owed others. If it were not for this, he wouldn’t hide the fact that he came to fight.



Now Lin Yu had found out….



Cheng Hao no longer had time to think about what Jellal, he felt that he had to win.



Otherwise Lin Yuxun would certainly not want to spend the money he took back.



In fact, against Cyrus, it wasn’t that he couldn’t win …… He had a good body, but he shouldn’t have fought many boxing matches and was slightly lacking in skills.



He could definitely win!



Cheng Hao charged fiercely towards Cyrus.



Cyrus scored one after another and already felt that he would definitely win, but he didn’t expect that just then, Cheng Hao suddenly made his move and was very fierce ……



This match was extraordinarily exciting, and there were countless people cheering around.



The audience loved the drama of Cheng Hao falling at the beginning and then rebounding desperately.



They were shouting with great excitement.



When Cyrus was knocked to the ground by Cheng Hao, the cheering sound was as if the roof of the bar was going to be overturned! Of course, the sound wasn’t only cheers, but also the curses of those who had lost their bets.



Carpenter, who failed another prediction: “……”


Nick looked to Carpenter: “Carpenter, you’re wrong again!”



Carpenter kind of wanted to hit someone ……


Lin Yuxun didn’t make a sound no matter how worried he was after he called out and ended up causing Cheng Hao to be distracted and receive a punch.



When Cheng Hao won, he finally put his heart down, but both legs had gone soft.



But he did fall to the ground.



As soon as Lin Yuxun gritted his teeth, he went forward and waited for Cheng Hao to get out of the ring.



When Cheng Hao won and came down from the stage, many spectators came over to greet him, and some asked, “Cheng, do you want a burger?”



If put in the past, Cheng Hao would definitely want a burger, but now …… Cheng Hao looked at Lin Yuxun sheepishly.



However, he was only nervous for a short while, and then he didn’t feel that way anymore.


He liked to box, and would only box, Lin Yuxun would know sooner or later.



But he originally planned to wait until he was in better shape, to participate in a competition such as the “American Youth Boxing Competition” to win a prize, and then go to talk to Lin Yuxun about it, but the result …… He hadn’t even seen a competition’s shadow, yet Lin Yuxun found out.



But this was good, at least he could exercise at home in the future.



“Are you okay?” Lin Yuxun rushed towards Cheng Hao and checked Cheng Hao’s body.



“I’m fine.” Cheng Hao said.





Lin Yuxun didn’t breathe a sigh of relief, his expression was serious as he helped Cheng Hao check his body, the more he examined, the more heartbroken he felt.



Cheng Hao’s body was covered with bruises.



Lin Yuxun’s eyes reddened.



Cheng Hao quickly spoke, “Let’s go to the rest room first.”



Lin Yuxun nodded and followed Cheng Hao into the lounge.



Lin Yuxun had a lot of things to say in his heart, but he didn’t know what to say.



His hands were covered in sweat when he helped Cheng Hao check his body just now, and now, the sweat that originally belonged to Cheng Hao seemed to burn his heart.



When he entered the lounge, Lin Yuxun quickly found Cheng Hao’s clothes, and also found Cheng Hao’s towel from it. He helped Cheng Hao wipe his sweat, and brought clothes for Cheng Hao to put on.



Cheng Hao said, “You don’t have to do this, I’m fine.”



Lin Yuxun quietly responded, “You’re injured.”



“It’s just a light injury, I’m not hurt at all.” Cheng Hao laughed.



When Lin Yuxun heard Cheng Hao’s words, he could no longer restrain his tears, it slipped down from the corners of his eyes …… He reached out and wiped the tears off his face, “In the future, don’t box, okay?”



Cheng Hao was stunned, then said, “No.”



Lin Yuxun asked, “Why?”



Cheng Hao wanted to say something random to fool Lin Yuxun, but he also knew that sometimes deception didn’t solve the problem.



“Lin Yuxun, something happened to my family, so now I have no education, no place to live, no savings, nothing. For someone like me, there are very few paths that I can choose if I want to live a good life, and boxing is a path for me that I like and that will allow me to achieve fame and fortune.” Cheng Hao said seriously, “Boxing is the earliest professional sport and the earliest sport used to make money, and I can live a good life as long as I walk on this path.”



“But ……”



“I know what you are worried about, boxing can cause injuries, but other professions, are they safe from danger?” Cheng Hao said, “We live in this community, surrounded by people with guns, sometimes it’s more dangerous than me coming out to fight.”



“If it wasn’t for us, you wouldn’t have to fight, you know a lot of things.”



Cheng Hao calmly looked at Lin Yuxun: “Even without you guys, I can still box, what I can do doesn’t allow me to find a good job, and I don’t want to live at the bottom of the poor community, I hope that in the future I can live in my own big house, drive my own car, and can buy whatever I want. Of course, I also hope that you can live well, can go to school, can have a legitimate career.”


“I can stop studying.”



“If you don’t study and find a good job, do you want me to support you for life?” Cheng Hao asked.



Cheng Hao was actually not interested in a luxurious life, and he didn’t mind raising Lin Yuxun and Danny for the rest of his life.



But if he really wanted to ignore Lin Yuxun and Danny’s studies like this, he would only waste Lin Yuxun and Danny, and he didn’t want that.



Lin Yuxun said, “Its really not necessary for you to raise us ……”



Cheng Hao interrupted: “I don’t have a family anymore, I consider you as my family, you are so separate from me, you don’t want to be my family? Don’t want to be with me?”



Lin Yuxun looked at Cheng Hao and said without thinking, “I want to be with you!”



And at this time, Nick, who was listening with a foggy head, finally couldn’t help asking, “Cheng, what are you talking about?”



Cheng Hao and Lin Yuxun were talking in Chinese, and he couldn’t understand it!



Cheng Hao looked to Nick: “We are speaking the language of our country …… By the way, how much money did I earn today?”



Cheng Ho said he had no family and was thinking about the little money he had earned by boxing hard, when Cheng Yanqi got on the plane.



He was going to New York.



Because there was no direct flight, Cheng Yanqi had to transfer twice this time to get to New York, which took about two days.





This was already the fastest, but Cheng Yanqi still felt that it was too slow.



He regretted immensely at this time, regretting that he was so focused on grieving that he forgot about his own child.



After Cheng Yanqi returned home, he learned that his son, Cheng Jinhao, had been sent to the United States by his brother.



Just knowing this, he felt unhappy that his son was too young to go to the United States alone and would definitely not have a good time.



But he was already in the United States, he couldn’t help …… Cheng Yanqi didn’t quarrel with his brother, he just wanted to contact his son.



As a result of this contact, something happened.



He couldn’t contact him.



He contacted his friends in the United States, so that his friends could find his son, but they simply couldn’t find his son …… his son didn’t go to that school to report!



Where did his son go?


Cheng Yanqi had always respected his elder brother, but after finding out about this, he was furious and ended up having a big fight with his elder brother.



His elder brother was equally guilty, but by this point, the quarrel and guilt were useless …… they couldn’t find Cheng Jinhao!



Cheng Yanqi realized the seriousness of the matter and immediately booked a flight, intending to personally go to the United States to find him.





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