The anti-smoking film was shot in two groups, but together, it was a complete story. Wen Run, Chen Xi and Huo Guangzhi played a family of three in the short film. Wen Run and Chen Xi were a couple, while Huo Guangzhi was the younger brother.



The short film started with the underage brother hiding in the stairwell to smoke, and gradually showed the evil consequences of a teenager’s addiction to smoking, after Huo Guangzhi was finished, the camera switched and the narrator started explaining why the brother was addicted to smoking, it turned out that the brother and sister-in-law were smokers. The younger brother grew up and also learnt to smoke, and his smoking addiction was particularly strong. He would even sneer at his brother and sister-in-law when they asked him to smoke less, “You guys are smoking too, why should I be in charge?”



The brother and sister-in-law were speechless.



At the end of the film, the younger brother was diagnosed with bronchial lung cancer due to excessive smoking, the originally healthy and sunny teenager was wearing a hospital gown, his body was thin and his expression was numb after being tortured by chemotherapy and pain. The brother and sister-in-law who took care of him were sad and regretful, and could only shed tears.



The video was a strong warning that smoking wasn’t only harmful to one’s own body, but also to the loved ones around him, setting a bad example for children.


In order to maximize the promotion effect, the Health Department chose Wen Run as the actor.


Wen Run looked at the haggard Huo Guangzhi on the sickbed, it was really right to cast Huo Guangzhi as the younger brother.



Huo Guangzhi started a child star. His parents were still old actors with superb acting skills. After being influenced by them since childhood and honed in the performing arts circle for nearly ten years, his acting skills weren’t bad. In addition, he was very good looking. Although he deliberately acted as a bad boy in the short film, when he was haggard and couldn’t bear to lie on the hospital bed, even though his face looked a bit yellow and horrible because of special makeup, his dead eyes still made people pity him.



His fans were mostly teenagers. After the short film was released, the warning effect shouldn’t be too bad.


Wen Yun sat on the side, watching Huo Guangzhi shoot the last scene, this kid wasn’t actually bad, he just felt an inexplicable hostility towards him, perhaps they could be friends.



While he waited, he put his name and Huo Guangzhi together on the search list, the content was either comparisons or their fans fighting.




From family background to debut time, from acting works to endorsements, and even high school entrance exam results and school. Wen Run looked at the comparisons, he was mostly amused. He also understood why Huo Guangzhi was so concerned about Q University.





According to the trend on Weibo, everyone thought that Huo Guangzhi would apply for the examination of the Diying Film and Television Academy in City B. Diying was the largest and most professional film and television academy in China. Many artists were from Diying. Everyone thought that Huo Guangzhi would take the examination of Diying, but they didn’t expect that he was ready to apply for the Q University.



Wen Run turned off the search interface, and the previous little unhappiness was forgotten. He guessed that Huo Guangzhi should have seen the comments on the Internet, so he wanted to take the Q university entrance exam. At the same time, he wasn’t very pleased with his comparison object.





In the end, it was still a child’s temper. He was two years older than him, already a mature adult, so he wasn’t concerned about this matter.




Even when Huo Guangzhi walked over, he smiled at him in a friendly way.



But when this smile fell in the eyes of Huo Guangzhi who came over, it looked like a provocation. But he still remembered his persona, barely pulling the corner of his mouth to smile.



He turned his face, but in his heart, he cursed Wen Run a hundred times.


Ch! He could really pretend.


He had noticed Wen Run for a long time. No, he should say, from the time Wen Run became popular, he noticed him. Because from that time, there were people constantly comparing the two of them.



At first, it was that Wen Run was inferior to him, a lower version of him. Later, it evolved into he wasn’t as good as Wen Run, he, the former wave, was slapped to death on the beach.



Wen Run came from a mountain village, he had no outstanding works; while his parents were old actors, most people in the circle had to greet them, he started out as a child actor, his first TV drama, was still a classic. His later dramas weren’t as explosive as the first one, but they were also good. It was reasonable to say that he should be stronger than Wen Run everywhere, Wen Run wasn’t qualified to compare with him, but every time those people compared the two of them, they had to say, if Wen Run had Huo Guangzhi’s resources, he’d certainly be stronger than him.


Those people felt that Wen Run was more delicate looking than him and had a better body proportion. Although he was born in the countryside, he was a genius who entered Q University at the age of fifteen. Although he was in the industry for more that a year without making a splash, but his acting skills showed visible progress, to appear in the “Jinling Terrace”, it showed his acting skills were no worse than his.


Even Faith Jewelry, which had been cooperating for several years, didn’t renew the contract with him after Wen Run’s fame. Instead, the spokesperson was changed to Wen Run. He still couldn’t forget what the person in charge of Faith said when his agent took the initiative to lower the endorsement fee, “It’s not a matter of money, Faith’s positioning is elegant and noble, as a top brand, the spokesperson naturally has to be the best. We feel that Wen Run’s image is more suitable for our positioning.”



An artist from a rural background, but the brand felt that he was more noble than him who was raised in an aristocratic school.



How could he not hate?


Moreover, this historical drama co invested by Jifeng Entertainment and Xingyu Media was robbed by Wen Run. According to the information from the broker, Xingyu wanted to use this drama to promote Wen Run to a higher level.



Huo Guangzhi felt that since Wen Run appeared, almost everything had been taken from him.



He coldly glanced at Wen Run, Huo Guangzhi grinded his teeth, one day, he would trample Wen Run underfoot, so that everyone knew that in the entertainment industry, only one Huo Guangzhi was enough!





Huo Guangzhi gnashed his teeth with hatred, but Wen Run knew nothing. He was saying goodbye to them and preparing to go home.



The shooting of the short film lasted three days in total, and it ended in the afternoon of the third day. During this period, he stayed in the hotel. It had been two days, he didn’t know whether Ye Hansheng had had a good meal and slept well.



After getting along with him for a long time, he gradually found that, although Mr. Ye often bluffed with a straight face, he was actually a little childish. He had to be coaxed to eat and sleep. If he wasn’t there, he would certainly do as he pleased. If he asked, he would lie without blinking an eye.



It happened that he had a good temper, and the most he could do was stare angrily. Wen Run had to strictly supervise Ye Hansheng’s life at home.



He quietly planned in his heart, Ye Hansheng had adapted to his massage, the next step, he could try to help him massage his legs. In his spare time he looked up a lot of information on leg care. Knowing that some patients would have low self-esteem because they felt that their disabled legs were too ugly and horrible, and thus they were unwilling to let people look at them. That was why he planned to take it step by step and let Ye Hansheng accept it slowly.



After doing some calculations in his heart, Wen Run and Zheng Xuan went back to Songhai Mansion together.


Zheng Xuan went to buy food, and after Wen Yun cooked a few dishes that Ye Hansheng liked, he familiarly went next door to call him.



Directly entering the password to open the door, Wen Run glanced at the balcony, Ye Hansheng was really there handling official business. He smiled and walked over: “I’m back.”



Ye Hansheng’s back stiffened, he quickly placed his phone down on the table, and then turned his wheelchair, “Zheng Xuan said you were on set?”



Feeling the warmth of their ten fingers together, Wen Run’s smile became more brilliant, “Work was very smooth, I finished early, so I decided to come back earlier.”



Wen Run checked and saw that he looked good, but he still asked, “Did you eat and rest on time while I was away?”




If there was no one to supervise, big president Ye would definitely not eat and rest on time.




Ye Hansheng pulled him to his lap and kissed him, Wen Run withdrew and his ears were slightly red, but when he tried to speak, he pressed the back of his head, deepening the kiss.



Their tongues hooked and tangled, and Wen Run let out a “uh-uh” sound of protest. Ye Hansheng held his waist, tongue licking his upper jaw, he vaguely replied: “I did as you said. Ate well and slept well, now I just want you to ……”


Wen Run shivered, his fingers clutching his lapel, then he eagerly surrendered ……



Zheng Xuan waited next door for half a day, Wen Run hadn’t returned. He pinched his brow and went next door to ring the doorbell.



The doorbell finally woke up the two, Wen Run blushed and pushed away Ye Hansheng who still wanted to continue and whispered, “The meal is ready, Brother Zheng is still waiting next door.”




“Why is he here again?” Ye Hansheng frowned, very resistant to his friend who had no eyes.




Wen Run smiled, then he withdrew from his arms, and straightened his messy clothes, seeing the slight abnormality below his abdomen , he blushed a little more, and pretended not to notice, then he turned to the back to push his wheelchair, “Agent Zheng sent me back, so I asked him to eat together.”



Ye Hansheng lightly hummed.



The phone, which was fastened to the table with the screen facing down, was left behind by Mr. Ye. He was already here, so his pictures didn’t matter.





At this time, he forgot about the matter on Weibo, but Wen Run’s fans didn’t.





Just a few days ago, “Xiao Xiao Wu Ye” sent two posts in a row, then she was mocked by the fans. She disappeared, neither deleting her account, nor fighting with the fans for 300 rounds.



After posting that, she seemed to have disappeared.




Some people began to speculate whether the money fan was driven away by the fans, perhaps she got angry and stopped being a fan. In the comment section, everyone eagerly speculated. The disappeared “Xiao Xiao Wu Ye” sent another post.



[Xiaoxiao Wuye: this palace won’t die, you will always be a concubine. #Yi Ye Zhi Wen]



The link was a CP page, the name was “YiYeZhiWen”. It was obvious that it was the CP name of Xiao Xiao Wu Ye and Wen Run.


People gathered in the comment section: [who can’t do that? I’m going to build a hundred of them].



There were also people who were curious enough to go in and look, and when they saw the various CP pictures and hom-oeroti-cism, there was even a Xiao Xiao Wu Ye fanfic, they collectively lost their voice.



This shouldn’t be.



Wasn’t this built in two days? Why was there so much content.





The fans were quiet for a long time, and finally someone spoke up.



[Money can really do whatever it wants.jpg]



[I lost, I declare that from now on I am a pro-mother fan, not even CP fan, I don’t deserve to be a wife fan.]



[Is it great to be rich?! Oooooooooooh money is really great! I also want to have a wife to write my husband and I’s fiction, I’m so jealous ah.]





The group’s fans was confused by this wave of operation, except for the jealous fans, the rest were stunned.





She had money, most people quickly admitted defeat Liao, they couldn’t afford to mess with her.



Perhaps this wave was too big, after a long time, surprisingly, someone in the new CP page secretly made a post.



[So what …… do you guys think …… this CP actually …… Seems good ah?]


Although there was a lot of content in this super remark, but there was no comment from anyone except the people who spammed. It was all fake viewers.



However, after this post suddenly emerged, many fans who secretly peeked at the words of the traitor finally couldn’t help but burst out.



[1, and have you ever thought… she’s so rich, maybe she knows…]



[She’s so lucky. There was someone who really caught up with the star and got married to him…]



[In this case, it seems that she is a good sister-in-law… Maybe she will join us in helping to fight the w-ar (bushi)]



A small group of fans quietly appeared, and the CP fans began to rise slowly, they began to leave some praise and comments.





“Finally, it’s working.”



The girl sitting behind the computer exhaled, logged out and went to contact the artist and the writer to settle the final payment.



After all this, she just got up and went to make herself a cup of coffee.



After Mr. Ye called her into his office and asked her to sign a confidentiality agreement, she moved to this separate office and took over the account “Xiao Xiao Wu Ye” as well as the new CP page.



After three years in the PR department, Cheng Wei had thought about being promoted many times and a pay rise, so she could rise to the top of her life and marrying a rich man, but she never thought this moment would come true.



She took a sip of coffee and opened her mobile bank to see the balance on her card. Once again she sincerely praised the generous Mr. Ye a few times.



With this bonus, she would definitely make #Yi Ye Zhi Wen # climb to the first place on the CP list!



This was to live up to the bonus given to her by Mr. Ye!



After finishing her coffee, her colleagues in the PR department’s small group started @Cheng Wei again.



Cheng Wei took a look, smiled faintly, and replied to all the questions at once.




[Not dead, not kidnapped, doing great things, confidential. Can’t say.]



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