Wen Run of course understood what he meant, “The crew has already started casting, right?”


Zheng Xuan looked at the crew’s schedule, “The important supporting characters are already decided, only the male lead and male second lead haven’t been decided.” The second male lead was the main lead’s brother, they had to wait for the main lead to be chosen, so that the second male lead could be decided.



“Then I’ll try, see when director Yuan is free.” Wen Run had confidence in his acting skills, after following Wei Ye for so long, he was no longer that new little actor.



“Okay, then I’ll go arrange it.” Zheng Xuan looked at the time, “I guess it’ll be just a few days to the audition, you can think about the script. It’s not early today, let the assistant send you back?”



“I’ll go back by myself.” But Wen Run thought of something, then smiled wryly, “Go ahead, I’ll stay in your office for a while.”



Zheng Xuan didn’t know what he wanted to do, but Wen Run wasn’t the kind of artist who loved to make trouble, he was always confident with him, so he left him in the office, and went to work on other things.



After he left, Wen Run looked at the time, six o’clock in the afternoon. This time Ye Hansheng should also be almost back. He sent a message to Yu Biao, who was taking care of Ye Hansheng, asking him if he was off work.



Yu Biao said no, there was about half an hour left.


Wen Run’s lips curved: [Then please send the keys of Mr. Ye’s car down to me, don’t tell him yet].


Yu Biao often followed Ye Hansheng, so he already knew the relationship between the two of them, seeing Wen Run’s message, he glanced at his busy boss and hesitated.



Being a subordinate, he had to be able to figure out the mind of his employer. He thought about it, even the boss listened to Wen Run, it wouldn’t be good if he didn’t listen.



So he sent the key to the first floor.



Wen Run at this time had been disguised, mask sunglasses and inconspicuous sunscreen, he was very well equipped. He wrapped himself up and explained to Yu Biao, “When Mr. Ye is off work, notify me in advance by weibo.”


Yu Biao didn’t know what he was going to do, but he could only agree.


Wen Run tucked away the keys, thinking there was still half an hour, so he slipped out of the inconspicuous side door of the company building, went to another street to buy a cup of iced milk tea, before joyfully going to the negative first floor parking lot.



Ye Hansheng’s car was the one that was commonly used. He saw it at once, opened the door and got into the passenger side, he drank milk tea waiting for Ye Hansheng to leave work.



At 6:30 pm, Yu Biao sent him a text, [Mr. Ye is off duty, you can come down].



Wen Run quickly hid the milk tea, and then turned off the car and then hid in the back seat.


The parking lot light was dim, through the car glass, Wen Run watched as Ye Hansheng slowly turned the wheelchair over. Yu Biao went up to him to pull open the door of the back seat, he froze when he saw the hidden Wen Run. Wen Run’s index finger was held up to his lips to indicate that he shouldn’t make a sound. Yu Biao then pretended not to notice and retreated to the side.



The light on the negative first floor was dim, and the parking space happened to be next to a load-bearing pillar, the shadows were obscured, and the back seat was even dimmer.



Ye Hansheng was lost in his thoughts as Yu Biao pushed him nto the car, when a figure suddenly lunged, “Ro-bbery!”


Ye Hansheng’s body subconsciously reacted. His hand had already clasped the wrist of the caller. When he got a delicate touch, he quickly reacted and pulled the figure into his arms instead of clasping it.



Amused, he vaguely rubbed the skin on the inside of his wrist, “What do you want, Great warrior?”



Wen Run failed to ro-b, but instead was forced to sit on him.



Ye Hansheng’s car was deliberately modified, the back seat was removed, the front seat and the back seat between the added baffle, even the car door was changed to open up and down, all to facilitate the wheelchair’s movements. Originally Ye Hansheng alone in the back seat was quite spacious, now there was an additional Wen Run, it was suddenly cramped and crowded.



Wen Run uncomfortable twisted a little, but his head accidentally hit the car roof.



“Don’t move around.” Ye Hansheng reached out to protect the top of his head to prevent him from hitting it again.



“Why are you waiting for me here?”




After they established a relationship, Wen Run was spoiled by him and he became bolder, he also adapted to his new identity of Ye Hansheng’s boyfriend, although his face was red, he still spoke calmly: “to pick you up from work.”



Ye Hansheng’s eyes moved slightly, the palm of his hand protecting the top of his head moved down and pressed the back of his head to kiss him.



His tongue swept a circle in his mouth, then Ye Hansheng pulled back and raised an eyebrow, “You secretly drank milk tea?”



Wen Run pleasingly grabbed his hand, ears a little more red, his eyes turned left and right, “No, Brother Zheng didn’t let me drink.” Milk tea was too high in calories and had been on Zheng Xuan’s blacklist.



Ye Hansheng lightly laughed, his desire to hide was cute, he couldn’t wait to rub the person in his arms. He lowered his voice: “Zheng Xuan doesn’t let you drink, I’ll let you, where is the milk tea hidden?”



Wen Run blinked, he stared at him for a moment and knew he couldn’t hide it, then twisted his body and knocked on the fender and told Yu Biao in the driver’s seat to hand him the milk tea.




The milk tea was still half a cup left, Wen Run rarely drank milk tea, so it was very cherished.



The palm of his hand wrapped around the hand holding the milk tea, Ye Hansheng used a little force, told him to bring the milk tea to his mouth, and then lowered his head and drank a mouthful. He actually didn’t like this sweet drink, but looking at Wen Run’s appearance, he felt that the taste of milk tea was really good.



Ye Hansheng had a soft, waxy pearl in his mouth then he moved closer to kiss him again.



Wen Run hummed and put his hand on his shoulder. He wanted to refuse but couldn’t refuse. Finally, he softened and let him tease him with the pearl.



At the end of the kiss, the poor pearl was finally eaten by the bad Boss Ye. He gently kissed the tip of Wen Run’s ear, “Next time you want to drink milk tea, don’t steal it. Tell me, I’ll feed you…”




“……” Wen Run’s face was red and hot, he almost wanted to fall back. Unfortunately, Ye Hansheng’s arm was firmly around his waist, he couldn’t go anywhere.





Back to Songhai Haoting, when passing Ye Hansheng’s apartment, he kept going and followed Wen Run into his.



How could people who fell in love help it? They lived next door. It was unrealistic to want to be neighbors for a long time without doing anything. Zheng Xuan’s warning had long been forgotten.




Of course, the premise was that the agent didn’t know yet.



“Now you’re not short of exposure, Zheng Xuan doesn’t need to make your schedule so full, right?”



It had been almost a month since they confirmed their relationship, and the time the two of them spent together wasn’t even a third.




“I was the one who wanted to take on more work.” Wen Run smiled and looked at him, “Don’t go looking for trouble with Brother Zheng again.”



Ye Hansheng frowned and became more and more dissatisfied, “Why are you moving so fast?”



Wen Run winked and smiled, “I’ll tell you later.”



He didn’t say, Ye Hansheng also couldn’t force him, in retaliation, he hurriedly bit his lip.





Ye Hansheng had his own room here, of course. Wen Run prepared a complete set of supplies for him. Seeing that he had changed his pajamas after taking a bath, he took out a wooden basin, “Xie Yupan gave me a foot bath a few days ago. Together with the Chinese medicine bag, it can promote bl-ood circulation. It is said that a bath before going to bed can also help sleep.”





“Let’s soak together, okay?”



Before saying these words, Wen Run had already rehearsed many times in his heart, he tried his best to act casual, but his eyes secretly glanced at Ye Hansheng’s reaction.



Ye Hansheng frowned slightly, and his drooping eyelashes blocked his eyes. Wen Run was afraid that he would refuse, so he deliberately went up and kissed him on the cheek, and said petulantly “Will you accompany me?”




Fingers subconsciously gripping the armrests of the wheelchair, Ye Hansheng wrinkled his brows for a long time without speaking.



Wen Run peeked at him, seeing him silent, he was afraid to force him too much, he silently sighed and slightly backed away, he continued with a smile: “If you don’t like it, then I’ll do it alone.”



After he finished, he moved to carry the wooden basin to put hot water.



“Together.” Ye Hansheng grabbed his wrist, wrinkling his eyebrows with some difficulty, but he was very firm: “We’ll soak together.”



His palms were damp, Wen Run felt it, but pretended not to notice, “Okay, then I’ll get water first.”



The herbs were prepared in advance in the medicine bag, hot water poured in, not long after the rich fragrance of herbs. Wen Run inhaled and found that the smell wasn’t unpleasant.



With the wooden basin out, Wen Run saw Ye Hansheng sitting still, so he first rolled up his trouser legs and put his feet in. The water temperature was a bit high, he hissed twice and lifted his feet. And then added cold water, the temperature was better now, so he turned to Ye Hansheng: “The temperature is just right, try it.”



Ye Hansheng’s back was very straight, seeing Wen Run smiling, he stiffly bent down, and rolled up his trouser legs slowly. Then he put his two feeble feet into the wooden basin with his hands.



Both legs had been disabled for five years, it no longer had much feeling, but at this moment, he seemed to still feel that rolling hotness ……



The two pairs of feet sat in the wooden basin, one large, one slightly smaller.



Wen Run saw that he was silent and didn’t say anything, so he used his own feet to step on the back of his feet and rub gently. His feet were smaller than Ye Hansheng, the palm of the foot white and thin, but the toes were fleshy, it turned pink in the hot water.




In contrast, Ye Hansheng’s feet looked uglier. The palms of his feet were unhealthy and thin, his toes were curled feebly, and the backs of the feet were slightly bulging with green veins. Further up, there was an atrophied calf with hardly any muscle. Only a hard leg bone, it more or less proved that this man, was once strong and full of strength.




Wen Run looked heartbroken, but didn’t show half of it.



It was as if he didn’t notice the difference in those feet at all, he mischievously splashed the water with the palms of his feet, and from time to time he rubbed Ye Hansheng’s feet with the soft corner of his feet. At the same he talked about his work, “In just a few days, I will have to go to the cast audition. If it goes well, it is estimated that I’ll be in the group from the middle and end of June.” He had some regrets, the time the two could spend together was too little. But the good thing was that he already had a plan in mind, step by step, they wouldn’t be so far apart.





The “Peace Tune” was invested in by Ye Hansheng, his stiff expression eased a bit: “This script is good. I was very optimistic earlier, don’t worry, I have said hello to director Yuan, he also saw your movie. The audition won’t be a problem.”



After the words, he couldn’t help but touch his face, thumb rubbing his cheek, “You’re too busy lately, don’t always care about me, take a good rest yourself.”



Wen Run pursed his lips and smiled, his eyes were crystal bright, like the shining stars in the night, “I’m not tired.”



He felt good right now. There was a career, a lover, and a goal to work for and strive for. Just thinking about their future, he didn’t feel tired at all, his heart was sweet, as if he drank ten cups of milk tea.



They talked while soaking their feet, in the blink of an eye half an hour had passed, Ye Hansheng wasn’t as tense as at the beginning. Wen Run first dried his feet, put on slippers and squatted on one side, and naturally picked up another towel, fished Ye Hansheng’s feet out of the water, and gently wiped him.



It was clear that there was no sensation on his feet. Ye Hansheng was stunned, he fiercely bent down to his wrist and spoke with a hoarse voice: “I’ll …… do it myself.”



Wen Run stared at him for a moment, pulled away his hand, and slightly hummed in dissatisfaction: “I’m almost done, don’t mess around.”



He naturally dried the water stains on his feet, then put down the rolled up trouser legs, then put on the house slippers, and placed the feet that weren’t mobile on the footrest of the wheelchair. The other foot was dried, just like the other one.



Ye Hansheng looked at him with downcast eyes, and there was neither dislike nor pity in his eyes. There was no emotion that would sting his heart, he just plainly finished wiping his feet, and then raised his face, smiling as he asked; “Isn’t there a very relaxed feeling after soaking?”



Ye Hansheng nodded with a stiff expression. Although there was still a lack of sensation below his calf, but soaking with herbs for half an hour wasn’t useless, the hot water promoted bl-ood circulation, now even his body was flooded with warm laziness.



Wen Run smiled, then he lifted the wooden basin to pour out the water, “Then we’ll soak together in the future.”



Ye Hansheng looked at his back, his chest rose and fell violently, finally he leaned into the wheelchair, slightly closed his eyes and said in a hoarse voice: “Okay.”



If it were him, he would be able to put up with those unwarranted embarrassing emotions.



Wen Run emptied the water, put the wooden basin away, washed his hands, and let out a soft sigh of relief when he looked at himself in the mirror. He made a cheering gesture toward himself in the mirror, the first step was easier than he thought.



The next step was to persevere.



Wen Run sorted out his emotions and went out. Then he was smiling again. Ye Hansheng didn’t go back to the next door, and stayed in the second bedroom. Before going to bed, Wen Run gave him the usual essential oil incense, ready to massage him. But this time Ye Hansheng was extraordinarily uncooperative, Wen Run bent down, then he was yanked forward.



His lips were vigorously sucked and nibbled on, Wen Run while propping up his body for fear of pressing him, could only make protesting sounds.



Ye Hansheng fiercely kissed him, until the person on his body let out a cry, then he lightened up the action, tenderly licking his lips and the wound on it.



Wen Yun vaguely perceived his hidden emotions, remembering the pair of thin and feeble feet, he felt like his heart was seized into a ball, he wanted make up for the pain he once experienced.



He propped up his arms, shy as he actively kissed him.



Ye Hansheng opened his eyes, deep dark eyes full of his figure, then he gently pulled him up. Wen Run rarely summoned up the courage to take the initiative, but was rejected, he was bewildered and aggrieved as he looked at him.



“If you continue, I can’t put it away ……” Ye Hansheng propped up his body, palms attached to the back of his head, his warm lips lightly kissed his closed eyelids, then he helplessly said: “I’m not ready. ”



Not ready for you to see the weak and ugly side of me.



He always thought he was unafraid, until today he realized that he was actually still afraid, he and those with low self-esteem and cowardice, in fact, there was no difference.



Ye Hansheng smiled self-deprecatingly, but his voice was extremely gentle, “Give me a little more time, okay?”



“Okay.” Wen Run sniffed and fluttered over to hug him, “Even if you need a lifetime, I’ll stay with you.”




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