“Did he really ask?” Ye Hansheng slightly leaned forward, carefully measuring Zheng Xuan’s expression, as if he wanted to see whether he was making up a story to deceive him.


Zheng Xuan ignored his gaze, he calmly held the cup of tea and took a sip, “He asked, believe it or not, it’s up to you.”


The question in Ye Hansheng’s eyes dispersed a little, he knew Zheng Xuan wouldn’t joke with him about such things. He leaned back heavily on his wheelchair, his fingers tapped rhythmically on the armrests of the wheelchair, and after a long time, he suddenly let out a deep laugh, and whispered: “This is your choice.”


Zheng Xuan didn’t hear what he said, only that his laughter gave him goosebumps, he quickly drank the rest of the tea, and dragged the swivel chair away from Ye Hansheng a little: “What type of game are you two playing? If you’re interested, can’t you say it openly? I’m tired of watching you get jealous. At work, Wen Run has given me a lot of peace of mind. You can do whatever you want in private. I don’t care, as long as you don’t give me trouble. ”


He thought that since he had spoken to this point, Ye Hansheng would be encouraged by him, but who knew that this person wouldn’t even lift an eyelid, he casually looked at him with lowered eyes, he didn’t know if he heard what he said.


What should be said had been said, Zheng Xuan felt unable to control this young master, so he quickly went out and continued working. Ye Hansheng pondered for a long time, and then gave Chen Zhen a call.


He rarely reached out to her, so she sounded surprised, “Why did you suddenly call me?”


Ye Hansheng softened his tone, which was extremely rare, “Aunt Zhen, I want to ask you for a favor ……”


Wen Run regretted asking that question. He felt that Zheng Xuan looked at him strangely. His thoughts ran back and forth on whether his expression and tone of voice were too strange. Brother Zheng shouldn’t misunderstand him….


Thinking about it, he was startled again, why was he afraid that he would misunderstand him? He was just casually inquiring about the boss, what could be misunderstood? The staff were always curious about the boss, it should be a very normal thing, right?


He didn’t even notice that the red light in front of him had turned green until the sound of a car horn came from behind him, he snapped out of it and hurriedly withdrew his thoughts and continued driving. But he didn’t want to go back, after driving around aimlessly on the road. He decided to go see Shen Muxun.


After a night plus a morning, he finally remembered his good friend that he had forgotten.


Yesterday at the dinner table, his mind was clouded by his unintentional discovery, he didn’t even notice what Shen Muxun and Guo Congfei talked about, thinking about it, he finally realised that yesterday when leaving, Guo Congfei’s face didn’t seem to look good.


Wen Run felt apologetic, again and again, he scolded himself for thinking about Ye Hansheng, he turned the direction of the car, and drove to Shen Muxun’s home.


After him, Lu Zhan and Shen Muxun had also moved out of the company dormitory.


The reason was that Lu Zhan was an idol, as his popularity got bigger, he attracted a lot of fanatic fans, so he was often followed, for his safety, his agent arranged a separate security tight residence for him; Shen Muxun moved because he bought a house. The house’s location and supporting facilities were very good, although it wasn’t as good as the Songhai Palace, it was also a high-end community. For this reason, Shen Muxun almost emptied his savings. Wen Run knew that he would probably be strapped for cash, that was why he agreed to be the middleman when Guo Congfei came to his door.


Yesterday’s meeting didn’t seem very pleasant.


Wen Run still felt a little guilty when he arrived at the gate of the estate. When he saw Shen Muxun, he glanced at his face carefully, and he didn’t find any obvious displeasure. Finally, he calmed down.


“Why didn’t you tell me you were coming in advance? The house is still in a mess and nothing is ready,” Shen Muxun said. “Tea or juice?”

“Tea.” Wen Run quietly responded: “Yesterday, what did you and Guo Congfei talk about? I had other things on my mind, I was distracted.”


Shen Muxun laughed as he gave him a cup of tea, “Yesterday, when you left, you looked soulless, I even had to call you three times before you reacted.”


Wen Run scratched his face, feeling even more apologetic, he moved to sit next to him, “Let’s not talk about me, you didn’t like the script?” With his understanding of Shen Muxun, he thought he’d be interested in it.


Shen Muxun pondered for a moment, he felt no need to tell him about Guo Congfei’s motive, since he had already refused, he didn’t want Wen Run to be caught in the middle, “I’m really interested in the script, but that Boss Guo doesn’t look very reliable.”


Wen Run thought about it carefully and agreed. He heard Ye Hansheng mention that Guo Congfei was the second in his family and he was always idle. Although he didn’t know why he suddenly turned to invest in TV series, it was probably a game to him. Guo Congfei wasn’t short of money, even if he screwed up in the end, he would only lose some money.

But Shen Muxun was different.


Shen Muxun was a serious and dedicated actor, he would take each role seriously, even if the script was good and he was short of money, he probably wouldn’t be willing to take it. He cherished his career.



“Then if he looks for me again, I’ll refuse.” Wen Run said.



Shen Muxun smiled, “Okay. Let’s not talk about him, since you’re here today, how about eating at my place? I got preoccupied with moving, I haven’t even invited anyone over.”

After that, he made five dishes and one soup. Before Wen Run ate, he specially took photos and sent them to their small group chat of three.


Lu Zhan’s popularity was rising rapidly, his first concert was already in preparation, every day he was as tired as a dog, and when he was able to rest, he complained bitterly in the group chat. The pictures from Wen Run instantly stimulated him, he hurriedly sent a middle finger emoji: You two wait for me!



After returning from Shen Muxun’s house, the next day, Wen Run concentrated on the homework that Wei Ye left for him. Wei Ye had been teaching him for a period of time, seeing that his progress was great, Wei Ye adjusted his teaching style, and started assigning homework less frequently, but it became more difficult. Each time he had to think about it for a long time.

After settling down to ponder on the homework, Wen Run finally had no time to think about other matters, and he became much calmer. However, after two days, Guo Congfei called him, and his voice was full of sorrow. “I inquired again, Shen Muxun doesn’t have a schedule in June, he lied to me!”

Shen Muxun really didn’t take a job in June, but Wen Run couldn’t tell him that, “That shouldn’t be so, Shen Muxun wouldn’t lie. Maybe your information is wrong again.”


Guo Congfei felt indignant, “Between I and Shen Muxun, who are you helping in the end?”


Wen Run didn’t hesitate: “Of course I’m helping Shen Muxun.” After saying that, he added: “I’ve known Shen Muxun for almost two years, and you, for less than ten days.” Wasn’t it obvious who he’d help?


Guo Congfei: “……”


This little father didn’t treat him as his own!


Guo Congfei received a hundred thousand blows, but he was still persistant, he was reluctant to hang up the phone, “He’s obviously free, why didn’t he accept? I invited him with such sincerity, there must be a reason, right?”


Wen Run hesitated for a moment and politely replied, “Shen Muxun is very serious about filming, for a drama, in addition to the script, the production team is also very important, relying on a script alone won’t impress him.” His intention was to say that Guo Congfei didn’t seem very reliable, but he didn’t have the heart to say it so bluntly.


Guo Congfei pondered for a while and understood, Shen Muxun was afraid that he would find a random small director and make a drama that wasn’t good.


He said happily, “I understand, I’ll come back to you when I’m ready.”


Wen Run: ????


He didn’t understand what Guo Congfei understood, but Guo Congfei had already hung up. His homework was interrupted by the phone call from Guo Congfei, so Wen Run put the phone aside, stretched, and simply relaxed.


He habitually walked to the balcony nestled into the recliner, his eyes fell on the opposite balcony, the thoughts that had been suppressed for two days came up again.


These two days were the weekend, Ye Hansheng didn’t go to the company, right? He wondered what he was doing? Was he on a date?


Wen Run used to watch as his classmates asked their girlfriends out for dinner or a movie on the weekend. Would Ye Hansheng do the same?


He tried to imagine for a moment, but couldn’t imagine Ye Hansheng doing that.

The rocking chair swayed, and his heart swayed with it.


His doorbell rang just as his thoughts spread. Wen Run struggled to collect his thoughts and put on his slippers to open the door. When he opened the door, the person at the door was the person he was just thinking about.


Wen Run felt a little surprised, “Mr. Ye?”


Ye Hansheng observed him and nodded slightly, “Is it convenient? I would like to ask you a favor.”


“It’s convenient.” Wen Run welcomed him in, “Come in and talk, what can I do to help?”


Ye Hansheng didn’t go in, he spoke from the doorway: “In the evening, I’ll be hosting a very important guest, I want to personally cook a meal for her, but I have never cooked ……” he slightly lowered his eyes, “I wanted to ask you to teach me. ”


Losing his smile slightly, Wen Run almost asked him if the guest was the woman from the other day. But the words were swallowed back, he regained his smile, closed the door behind him and walked with Ye Hansheng to his apartment, “Yes, is everything ready?”


Ye Hansheng nodded, “Yes.”


Wen Run followed him into the house, since he was familiar with the way to the kitchen, he quickly walked over, the refrigerator had been stuffed with a variety of ingredients. He casually looked at it and asked naturally, “You have enough ingredients, is the guest a gentleman or a lady? Is there anything that is taboo?”



Ye Hansheng’s eyes followed him and saw that although he tried his best to pretend to be natural, his left hand hidden in the back was inadvertently twisting the corner of his coat, he quietly laughed. He originally half believed Zheng Xuan’s words, now that he personally saw him, he finally believed him, Wen Run more or less, liked him.


Even if it wasn’t yet like, then at least, he cared about him.


That was enough, it was much better than his preconceived scenario.


Ye Hansheng held back a faint smile,: “Her taste is relatively light, she doesn’t like spicy and greasy food, she’s very health conscious.”


Wen Run subconsciously let out a sullen “oh”, “Then let’s make a soup and serve it with a few light and refreshing dishes.”


He quickly sorted out the ingredients, “I’ll teach you how to handle the ingredients first.”


Ye Hansheng looked at him deeply and nodded.


Wen Run’s thoughts were scattered, he calmly taught Ye Hansheng how to cook, and at the same time, he pondered on whether the guest who was coming was the lady he had met last time or not. Thinking about it, it was very likely that it was that lady.


Wen Run didn’t understand what he felt in his heart, it was just like lemon that was crinkled and squeezed in his hand, crinkly and sour.


As Ye Hansheng quietly observd him, his smile became wider.


Just as the meal was ready, the doorbell rang. Wen Run glanced at the time, ten minutes short of six o’clock, the guest was punctual and arrived early. Ye Hansheng was adding salt to the soup when he heard the sound and said to Wen Run, “Please open the door.”


Wen Run was very reluctant but he still nodded.


Opening the door, the person standing there was indeed the lady he met last time. She was tall, estimated to be almost one meter seven, wearing a champagne-colored dress, with a small white jacket, her long black hair was coiled behind her head, she looked elegant.


Wen Run froze for a while, before he greeted her, “Hello, Mr. Ye is in the kitchen and asked me to help open the door.”


Chen Zhen looked at him curiously, with surprise in her gaze, she didn’t expect the person Ye Hansheng had his eye on to be a boy of modest age. She hid her surprise and showed an affable smile, “Hello, my name is Chen Zhen. Are you a friend of Hansheng’s?”


Her voice was also very nice, and she directly called Mr. Ye’s name …… their relationship seemed really close.


Wen Run made an effort to smile, “My name is Wen Run, I’m Mr. Ye’s neighbor.”


As he spoke he welcomed her into the house, poured water and handed it to her. Only when he got closer did Wen Run realize that although Chen Zhen looked young, the corners of her eyes had fine wrinkles, she was obviously older than Ye Hansheng.


Could it be that Mr. Ye liked older women? Wen Run guessed haphazardly.



Just when he was observing Chen Zhen, Chen Zhen was also secretly observing him. Two days ago, when Ye Hansheng called to ask her for help, she didn’t agree. Even though Ye Hansheng called her “Aunt Zhen” for the first time in history.

She and Ye Hansheng’s mother were good friends, although after marriage, they each had a family and career, their usual interaction became less, but their friendship never faded. This was also the reason why she had been trying her best to cure Ye Hansheng all these years, her good sister was no longer around, she couldn’t watch her child also follow her footsteps.


Ye Hansheng asked her to cooperate with him. But she didn’t approve of Ye Hansheng devoting all his emotions to an uncertain person, whether as his counselor or as his elder, she didn’t want to see Ye Hansheng fall deeper and deeper.


But Ye Hansheng finally convinced her, or rather, her heart softened.


In accordance with Ye Hansheng’s request, she came here and met Wen Run, and she finally understood why Ye Hansheng was so obsessed with him.

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