From Chen Zhen’s studio, Ye Hansheng went straight back to Songhai Mansion.

He wasn’t in a good mood, and didn’t bother turning on the lights when he entered the house, he directly turned his wheelchair to the balcony. The floor-to-ceiling windows of the balcony reflected the colorful neon light from outside, making the silent and dark house look even more gloomy.
His fingers twitched, Ye Hansheng suddenly wanted to smoke.

He didn’t smoke before, but when he suffered from both physical and mental torture, he gradually learned to use nicotine to numb himself. And then he didn’t want to rely on nicotine, so he quit smoking, until now, he hadn’t smoked for nearly two years.

At this moment, as he sat in the dark and looked across the balcony, at the vague warm yellow lights, he felt guilty for wanting to smoke.

Ye Hansheng twisted his fingers, went back to the house and looked through the box for a while, then found a box of Golden Voice Lonzenges. He picked one and put it in his mouth, its unique spicy taste went straight to his head.
He went back to the balcony to see the light from the opposite balcony. Wen Run was probably in the house.
He was sitting in his wheelchair, watching without blinking.

He actually listened to Chen Zhen’s words.

He knew his situation, and knew exactly what he should do and what he shouldn’t do. But people’s feelings were sometimes often not bound by reason, even though he knew it wasn’t right, he wasn’t able to retract his raging feelings.

To him, he was like a traveler who was n*ked in a very cold place. When he was hungry and cold, he suddenly found a bunch of flames, and he wanted to take it for himself in spite of everything. Not caring whether the flame was strong enough, or how long the flame could warm him, even whether the flame wanted to or not. Because he wanted to possess it, he set many traps, circling the flames step by step, until it couldn’t escape.
The person who had been cold for too long revealed his selfishness and meanness without realizing it.

The thought of Wen Run’s smile crossed his mind, Ye Hansheng raised his hand to cover his eyes, not allowing himself to look across the warm light, he whispered in the dark, “I’ll give you one last chance ……”
As long as he no longer tried to get close to him, he would let go of him and give him freedom.

Wen Run had hugged the pillow, curled up in the sofa and fell asleep. When he woke up the next day, the lights in the house were all still on.

After a night of curled up sleeping, his bones felt sore. He shook off his head, threw the pillow aside, went to the bathroom with bare feet, then hurried back to put on his slippers. When he got to the sink, he rinsed his mouth, and then put the electric toothbrush into his mouth. After the brush vibrated for a while, Wen Run took out the toothbrush, only to find that there was no toothpaste on it.

He suddenly wilted, then he listlessly squeezed the toothpaste, and re-inserted the toothbrush into his mouth.

In the clear and bright mirror, the young man’s eyes were puffy, his hair was disheveled, like he had stayed up all night for three days.


Wen Run froze as he looked at himself in the mirror, he gradually became doubtful, why should he care so much about Mr. Ye’s personal affairs? Even if they were good friends, there were things that would be personal, wasn’t his possessiveness too strong,  just because he didn’t know the woman, he started sulking?

Besides, as a friend, if Mr. Ye could find a lover, he should be happy for him. What he was looking forward to was him having a good life, wasn’t it?


He spat out the foam, rinsed his mouth, then splashed cold water on his face, finally feeling a little better. He stretched out his finger to point at the person in the mirror and said seriously, “This is not right.”


Rekindling his spirits, Wen Yun tidied up his messy hair and changed into formal clothes, ready to go to the office.


— Zheng Xuan told him that Wei Ye would be at the company this morning.

Wei Ye had been giving him lessons for so long, and the two of them had basically been communicating online. When he heard he was coming to the company, Wen Run, as a student, naturally had to go and meet him to express his gratitude.

He went out in a good mood, but accidentally met Ye Hansheng at the entrance of the elevator.

Ye Hansheng was in his wheelchair, and when he saw him, he greeted him casually, “Good morning, going out?”

He surveyed Wen Run’s particularly formal outfit and tried guessing what he was going to do. He knew all of Wen Run’s schedule, and today there was nothing on it, so his outing was a personal matter.


“I’m going to the company, Brother Zheng said that Mr. Wei will be in the company in the morning.” Wen Run smiled.


Wei Ye? Ye Hansheng’s expression became slightly cold, he lowered his eyes and said lightly: “Is that so? Since it’s on the way, let’s go together.”

Their relationship had gotten to the point that they didn’t need to be polite, Wen Run had no reason to refuse: “Thank you, Mr. Ye.”

Ye Hansheng nodded slightly and turned his wheelchair forward. His bodyguard was already waiting downstairs with a car.

Ye Hansheng sat in the back seat, while Wen Run sat in the passenger seat. They both had different thoughts, and for the first time since they met, the atmosphere seemed awkward and a bit distant.


The bodyguard drove the car directly into the parking lot, in order to avoid suspicion, Wen Run and Ye Hansheng separated in the parking lot. Ye Hansheng took the special elevator to go upstairs, while Wen Run went from the normal elevator.

Wen Run went directly to Zheng Xuan’s office, when he arrived, Wei Ye wasn’t there, only Zheng Xuan was in the office. Wen Run poured himself a cup of tea and casually found a seat before he remembered to ask, “Why did teacher suddenly decide to come to the company?” He remembered Zheng Xuan said Wei Ye didn’t like coming to the company.


Zheng Xuan smiled, “To find someone to help.”


“Oh.” Wen Run took a sip of water and didn’t ask what kind of help he needed, if he could help, Zheng Xuan would definitely talk to him. Since he couldn’t help, it was useless to ask.


After a while, Wei Ye arrived. He didn’t come alone, he was followed by a young man, who was shorter than Wei Ye, he looked like he was also in his twenties, but his expression was cold.


Wei Ye and the two greeted, before he introduced him: “This is my lover Lin Xu.”

Zheng Xuan remained indifferent, but Wen Run’s mouth opened in shock, he was stunned for a moment before he quickly reacted, and his mind quickly as he wondered how to address him, calling him ‘teacher’s wife’ would be a little strange. His mind turned sharply. Finally, he held out his hand and said with a smile, “Hello, Mr. Lin.”

Lin Xu recognized him from the door, and had been quietly watching him. Seeing that he reached out his hand very quickly, he smiled gently at him. When he didn’t smile, his expression was a little cold, but when he smiled, it seemed like spring was blooming. Wen Run didn’t notice at first, but Lin Xu was very good looking. He wasn’t good-looking in an ordinary sense, he looked like an immortal fairy.

After getting to know each other, the four people took their seats. Except for Lin Xu and Wen Run, who met for the first time, the others were familiar with each other, so there wasn’t much ceremony. Wei Ye cut to the chase: “Ah Xu is preparing a movie recently. There is a role in it that Ah Xu thinks will fit Wen Run, so I’ll take the lead and ask if you want to try it.”

Wen Run froze for a moment, “A movie? Me?”

Wei Ye smiled, “Yes, you still remember when I asked you to act that little clip? That was actually a small part of the script that I picked. Ah Xu overheard it and thought you were perfect for that role.”


“But ……” Wen Run was a bit hesitant, with Wei Ye’s connections, he could have picked someone more suitable than him, why did he come to him who had no big screen experience at all?

Seeing his doubt, Wei Ye helplessly looked at Lin Xu.

Lin Xu explained, “This is a film I prepared myself, you don’t have to look at Wei Ye’s face.” He then added: “And the cost of this movie isn’t very big, the fee that can be offered won’t very high.”


Wen Run immediately understood that Lin Xu didn’t intend to borrow Wei Ye’s name. He then asked, “Can I read the script first?”


Lin Xu nodded and took out the script from the briefcase he carried and handed it to him, “You can take your time and read it, there’s no rush. The movie is still in preparation, the earliest it will start filming is the end of the year.”


Wen Run put away the script and nodded, “I will look at it carefully before giving you an answer.”


After they finished their business, Wen Run saw that Wei Ye and Lin Xu had the intention of leaving, so he took the initiative to say, “It’s just in time for lunch, why don’t I be the host and treat Teacher and Mr. Lin to a casual meal.”

He continued, a little embarrassed, “Teacher has taught me many things, but I never had the chance to show my appreciation.”

Lin Xu had a good impression of him, so he didn’t push back at his words and nodded, so the four of them went out to eat together.

Ye Hansheng had a gloomy expression all morning, he couldn’t read any documents, all he could think about was that Wen Run had purposely dressed up in order to meet Wei Ye, when Wen Run was with him, he had never seen him purposely dressed up. He was jealous and annoyed, he seemed like a balloon full of gas, at any time, the surging emotions could make him burst.

Sitting in front of the desk with a gloomy expression, Ye Hansheng stared coldly at the phone on the right, and finally pressed the internal line to call his assistant in.

The little girl didn’t know why Mr. Ye was in a bad mood again, she had been scared all morning, she didn’t dare raise her head.

Ye Hansheng was deliberated silent for a moment before he asked, “Has Wei Ye come to the company?”


The assistant nodded, relieved, and coincidentally, they had been gossiping about Wei Ye just now, so she cautiously replied, “Mr. Wei was here to find Brother Zheng. Just now after talking about business, they seem to have gone out for lunch.”

“Where is …… Wen Run?” Ye Hansheng’s fingers tapped the desk heavily, his mood was bad.

The assistant froze, not quite sure: “Wen Run and …… They seem to have gone together.”

Ye Hansheng lightly hummed, then he turned the wheelchair to face the window, concealing his emotions, “Okay, you can leave, when Zheng Xuan comes back, call him up.”


The assistant quietly sighed with relief and retreated in response.


The four of them drove around the company and had a casual dinner, chatting while eating, and soon warmed up. Even though, Lin Xu looked cold, he was actually good-tempered, and very knowledgeable, but he wasn’t good at talking to people. Wen Run happily chatted with him, and the two even added each other on WeChat, and agreed to meet again for dinner next time.


After the meal, Wei Ye and Lin Xu went first, Zheng Xuan drove Wen Run back to the company. As he drove them back, Zheng Xuan took the time to talk about his recent arrangements.

“Jinling Terrace” will soon be  broadcasted, “Planting” in May will start the recording for the second season, there are two high luxury endorsements in the recent talks …… and in the company’s side, we recently invested in a historical drama, the senior management is interested in you as the main …… Rest well, get in good spirits and adjust your state, you will be busy soon.”

He rambled on about the work arrangements, with Wen Run’s sudden rise in popularity, and the fact that he didn’t have any scandals, his development was rapid, and he had a good reputation. As long as he kept going, when the two dramas broadcasted one after another, he would have a solid record and he would be completely stable.

And next May there was the “Orchid Awards”, “Golden Terrace” and “Folding” were good works, and Wen Run’s performances were good, if he could be nominated for the best supporting actor, his position in the industry would be unbreakable, his resources would also go up another step.

Of course, it was still a bit far for him to mention it, but Zheng Xuan didn’t want to give Wen Run pressure. Wen Run had worked very hard, he didn’t need him to create pressure.

The two of them went back to the company. Wen Run was fine, he was ready to go back. He and Zheng Xuan said goodbye, he hesitated for a long time in front of the car door, seeing Zheng Xuan about to enter the elevator, he finally couldn’t help but call out to Zheng Xuan.

“Brother Zheng!”

Zheng Xuan turned around and looked at him suspiciously, “Is there something else?”

Wen Run quickly walked over, trying hard to adjust his facial expression, so that he looked a little gossipy, “I just want to ask about something ……” he pretended to be curious and asked, “Does Boss Ye have a girlfriend? Yesterday I saw him with a lady, they seemed very intimate.”

Zheng Xuan didn’t react at once, he was still thinking how Ye Hansheng could be with a woman, and then heard Wen Run jokingly said, “Should we go ask Boss Ye for wedding candy?”

With how astute Zheng Xuan was, at first, he was fooled by his acting skills, but after thinking carefully, he immediately smelled the jealousy in the air.

“Well …… I’m not really sure ……”

Zheng Xuan deliberately said: “I haven’t heard anything, when I go to his office I’ll ask, if they’re really a couple, I will remember to help you ask for wedding candy.”


It wasn’t enough in the end, even the best acting skills would reveal flaws if the actor was upset. Hearing Zheng Xuan’s words, he was suddenly worried, he forced himself to smile, “OK, then I’ll go back first.”

Zheng Xuan saw him like that, and uneasily reminded him, “Drive carefully on the road.”

Wen Run waved his hand and said he knew.

Zheng Xuan watched him drive away, he finally couldn’t help but reveal a strange smile, Ye Hansheng actually thought Wen Run didn’t have him in his heart.

However, he was too tender, he had probably never talked about love. If he wanted to understand, Ye Hansheng still had to do something.

He was in a good mood and didn’t return to his office, instead he directly went to the president’s office.


The assistant heard that he had returned, she called but no one answered, so she took the elevator downstairs to find him. As a result, just after she left, Zheng Xuan came out of the elevator by himself, swaggering into Ye Hansheng’s office.

He deliberately closed the door, sat down, took the time to boil water and make himself a pot of tea.

Ye Hansheng looked at him with gloomy eyes and asked eerily, “What was Wei Ye doing here?”

Zheng Xuan didn’t understand why he suddenly mentioned Wei Ye, he casually replied: “Lin Xu is preparing a film, he liked Wen Run, so he brought Lin Xu over, to ask Wen Run.”


Ye Hansheng didn’t know who Lin Xu was, when Zheng Xuan’s words reached his ears…. It wasn’t enough for Wei Ye and Wen Run to be Master and Apprentice, and now he had to look for Wen Run to give him a script. He had to see too many examples of people falling in love because of the roles they played. When he heard those words, his expression darkened as if he had been smeared with black paint.

He had already begun to regret his decision last night. Wen Run could only be his, even if he didn’t want to, he would try to tie people around him.

Zheng Xuan brewed tea, poured two cups, after putting a cup in front of Ye Hansheng, he finally noticed the president’s ugly expression and immediately reacted, “You’re not getting jealous of Wei Ye again, right?”

What was wrong with Wei Ye this time? Why should he be jealous? ? ?

He couldn’t help feeling sorry for Wen Run. What kind of person was this?

“I remember you said Wei Ye likes men.” Ye Hansheng looked at him and sneered, “Find a reason to push the movie, and then find another teacher for Wen Run, and let them have less contact in the future.”

Zheng Xuan: “???”

He was baffled, someone went with his lover to talk about cooperation, how come the situation suddenly sounded different from the mouth of Ye Hansheng.

He wasn’t happy: “You’re too narrow-minded, in this industry there are so many people that like men, they aren’t  allowed to contact Wen Run? You might as well lock him up to save some trouble.”

“I would like to lock him up.”

Ye Hansheng gritted his teeth, his  stern eyes revealed a hint of madness, “If you won’t give up ……”

Zheng Xuan choked, re-measured him, finally realising something was wrong, he frowned: “What happened to you and Wen Run? Did you quarrel?”

Ye Hansheng closed his eyes tiredly and said in a low voice: “I went to see Chen Zhen ……”


“Why did you suddenly go to see Chen Zhen? You can’t control your emotions again? The woman you were with yesterday was Chen Zhen?”

“Yesterday?” Ye Hansheng narrowed his eyes, “How do you know it was yesterday?”

Zheng Xuan smacked his lips for a moment and finally figured it out. Most likely after going to see Chen Zhen, Chen Zhen said something that made him unhappy, and today he started acting crazy.

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